Laura & Holly – Chapter 10

Laura & Holly – Chapter 10

“What?” I gasped, backing away a step or two in shock. “No!”

“Yes,” she nodded firmly. “You should be happy, Holly… I came very close to deciding you should be in middle school instead. And I could still change my mind.”

The worst part of the threat was that I didn’t know which would be worse. I had hated high school the first time around, and I’d never even gone dressed anywhere close to as childishly as this. But, much as I hated to think I would be lumped in with a bunch of fourteen year olds, wouldn’t it be worse to not even be in high school yet? It wasn’t like middle schoolers were much nicer, and while I’m sure I wouldn’t pass for one anyway, just the idea of being taken to school like one was humiliating.

“Please, no,” I shook my head. “Don’t make me go back to high school.”

“Have you forgotten your spanking already, young lady? Or what you slept in?” The nanny put her hands on her hips as she stared down at me. “You are not an adult anymore, little missy, and children go to school! At least until you convince me you’re too young even for that… I was starting to think you’d learned your lesson enough that we wouldn’t have to do that, but if you keep arguing…”

My jaw fell open, eyes watering. “Please,” I sniffled again. She shook her head and grabbed my arm, dragging me outside and to her car, where I was put into the backseat and buckled in. I stared out the window miserably as she pulled out of the driveway and headed down the street, contemplating whether it might be worth it to jump out of the car and run away. She’d have to be going slow for me to risk it, making it easier for her to stop, but I’d still get a bit of a head start on her. Would it be enough? She was bigger than me, with longer legs, and she wasn’t dressed like a little kid with no ID to prove otherwise. And if she did catch me, I’m sure the spanking would make the one I’d gotten the night before look like child’s play.

“Oh, stop sulking,” she told me. “You’ll make plenty of new friends, I’m sure.”

That didn’t make me feel any better. I sighed and rested my head on the door until, at last, she came to a stop. Looking up again, I saw the high school, looming over ominously. It was smaller than the one I’d gone to, but I wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not. Most likely not, as rumors probably spread even faster.

“Please?” I tried one more time. When she just glared at me in the rear view mirror, I resigned myself and reached for the door handle, only to find that it wouldn’t open, and fumbling with the lock did no good. As I was doing this, the nanny got out and walked around the car, opening the door herself with no trouble. I couldn’t help but blush, even if I was the only one who knew that my little thoughts of escape had failed to take child safety locks into consideration.

“Come on,” she instructed, holding out a hand. I stared up at her, disbelieving. She couldn’t… Before I could fully process the idea that she might really be serious, she reached in, unbuckled my seatbelt, and pulled me out, clutching my hand and closing the door behind me. And then, to my horror, she began to walk towards the school.

“Stop it,” I whined, trying to stand still and wriggle my hand free of hers, failing miserably at both. “I’ll go in, I promise! You can watch me from the car!” All around us, in the parking lot, I could see teenagers streaming in, watching me, snickering, only some polite enough to try to hide it. How many of them were my classmates? They all looked so young, it seemed ridiculous that the nanny seemed to think I could pass for one of them, until I remembered I had been cast as the twin of a girl only slightly older than some of them. A girl who should be here rather than me.

Despite my best efforts to stop her, the nanny soon had me on the sidewalk, edging ever closer to the entrance. I redoubled my efforts, which, to my surprise, actually got her to stop. Unfortunately, it was just to hiss, “If you don’t stop it right now, young lady, I will spank your bottom right here. And then we can turn around and drive straight to the middle school… Or maybe the elementary school.”

A fresh tear rolled down my cheek as I began to trudge down the sidewalk, defeated. I hoped she would let me go once we were inside the building, but her grip stayed tight as she began leading me through the halls, letting more and more kids see me, looking for all the world like a scared little girl who had to be taken to class by her mommy. Even knowing I was a grown-up, knowing high school doesn’t really matter as much as the people in it tend to think, knowing none of them knew who I really was, the experience still made me feel nauseous.

Finally, she turned and pulled me into a classroom, one mostly full of young teenagers. They were freshman, too, so we should have all been at the very bottom of the ladder together, but even if I wasn’t the “new kid”, I knew that this entrance would have made me the lowest of the low. I was marched to the desk of the teacher, a young woman about the same age as the nanny, with short black hair and glasses. “This is Miss Holly Prescott,” the nanny announced, letting go of my hand at last, now that it was too late to escape. “Poor little thing has a terrible sense of direction, so I thought I’d better make sure she got here all right.”

The teacher smiled at me patronizingly. “This school can be confusing for anyone,” she told me, as if that would make me feel any better.

“You have the instructions for her?” the nanny inquired.

“Yes, yes,” the teacher nodded. “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of her. She’ll be just fine.”

I pleaded silently with the nanny not to humiliate me any further and kiss me on the forehead or anything else, clutching my backpack nervously. She watched me for a moment, then smiled gently. “Be a good girl,” she ordered. “And have fun.” Then she was gone.

“I’m Ms. Taylor,” the teacher told me. “You can just stay up here for now so you can introduce yourself. We have a couple empty desks for you to choose from… And we’ll find someone to help you get to all your classes. Do you have your schedule with you?”

“I… umm…” I mumbled uncertainly. Now that the nanny was gone, I almost missed her. At least with her there, I could use the threat of punishment to justify not blurting out my secret and trying to get someone to believe me and help me out. Now there was no reason I couldn’t, except that if nobody did believe, and she found out, that punishment could still happen. Not to mention that it was slightly better to be thought of as a fourteen year old in this get-up, rather than a businesswoman in her twenties. That didn’t do much to take the sting out of my own silence, however.

Ms. Taylor moved around her desk, gently taking my back-pack and un-zipping it, plucking a piece of paper from the very front. “It’s right here, hon. Don’t be so nervous, none of us bite!” She zipped my back-pack back up for me, setting the schedule on her desk. I was too scared to turn around and face the rest of the class, so I just stood there, staring at the chalk-streaked board in front of me while I squirmed, sure I was going to have a heart attack when the bell finally rang.

Instead, even worse, the jolt of the sudden, surprisingly loud, noise sent a spurt of urine into my pink panties. I heard myself gasp, and my cheeks felt as if they were stained permanently red, even though I knew, through all the layers I was in, there was no way that small of an accident would be visible. I knew it had happened, though, and it was just the cherry on my sundae of mortification.

“All right, class,” Ms. Taylor said, moving beside me and turning me, still blushing and clutching my back-pack, around by the shoulders to face my classmates. They looked almost impossibly young to be in high school, yes, but they also looked like they were on the verge of bursting into laughter. I was sure the ones who weren’t in there when the nanny brought me in had heard about that, or been in the halls to see that part of it. “This is Holly Prescott. She’s new, and here on a very temporary basis, so if anyone would like to volunteer to show her around, it would be very helpful.”

To my surprise, the hand of a very pretty blonde girl shot up almost instantly. “I’ll do it!” she announced, walking up to the front of the class for Ms. Ryan to hand her my schedule.

“Thank you, Molly,” Ms. Ryan smiled.

“Come on, you can sit next to me,” Molly offered. I was surprised by how sincere she sounded, not at all like she was mocking me. I looked up at her – which was rather embarrassing, knowing how young she must be – and saw a smile on her face, too. I tagged along behind her, back to the desk she’d been sitting at, only to find that the desks on either side were occupied. “Brittany, why don’t you go sit by Katie?” Molly suggested.

The fact that Brittany obeyed instantly, her only resistance a very brief nasty look in my direction, just confirmed what I’d suspected about Molly. She was popular, the kind of girl who would only have spoken to me the first time I was in high school if she needed help with her homework to avoid getting kicked off the cheerleading squad. She was just the kind of person I expected to be the meanest to me… So why wasn’t she? I knew it was probably pretty likely that this was a trick, but she looked so sincere it was hard to believe it. The other kids even seemed to be trying harder to hide how amused they were at my outfit.

As I slid into my new seat and glanced over at Molly, getting a reassuring smile in return, I couldn’t help but think that perhaps this wasn’t going to be as bad as I’d feared after all.

Laura & Holly – Chapter 9

Laura & Holly – Chapter 9

While it might have been nice for a moment of oblivion in the morning, a brief space where I forgot about where I was, and what had happened, my situation made that rather impossible. It was hard to wake up so thickly padded, trapped in my hot cotton prison, bottom still sore, and not remember that I wasn’t at home in my own bed, and why. I’d thrown most of the blankets off in my nighttime thrashing, leaving my sleeper and its obvious bulge almost entirely visible as soon as I opened my eyes.

It made me feel a little sick to my stomach, staring down at the ridiculous get-up. The night before, I’d been so tired and frustrated that, even though I’d been getting dressed in it, it hadn’t really hit me in full force exactly what was going on. I stared out of the window to the dimly lit world below. It was quite similar to how it looked every morning when I got up for work, making me feel confident that, despite having been put to bed so much earlier, my internal clok had still gotten me up at the usual time.

My stomach began to work itself up into knots inside me as I laid there, thinking about what I should be doing. I should be getting out of bed and stumbling into the shower, stripping off my nightshirt and panties on the way. I always started the shower off with a jolt of cold water to wake myself up before letting it warm up. I gave myself enough time to really enjoy it, to feel the water running over me, to get myself all nice and clean before stepping out and into a fresh, professional suit and heading out to work, munching a granola bar. I was almost done, too, just a few more days…Would they be all right without me? I had no doubt I’d be getting away from here before the opening, but what good would it do if my opening was ruined? Who knew how long it would be before I was trusted with another one then?

I stumbled out of the canopy bed and made an attempt to walk to the door. Since the night before I’d only had to sit back down on the bed, I hadn’t realized just how much the bulk of the diapers would change how I moved, and I nearly fell back onto the bed with my first step. I adopted a wider stance after that, though I couldn’t help feeling quite humiliated at the waddle I wound up with.

Grasping the doorknob was a nearly impossible task with one mittened hand, one I wasn’t up for, though I did try a time or two. Finally, I tried to sandwich the knob between both hands, which worked a little better, but I still wasn’t sure if it failed to open because it was still locked, or because I didn’t have enough of a grip on it. I stomped my foot in frustration, hot tears starting to pour from my eyes as I looked around the room, flushing as I saw the bay window. As quickly as I dared to move, I toddled over to it and fumbled with the curtain until I managed to get it closed, hiding behind it as much as I could. I peeked my head out once that was done, looking for my car, but it was gone after all, and with it any hope that the nanny would have figured out her mistake before getting me up for the day.

I stumbled back to the bed and flopped down on my stomach, sniffling softly. I grabbed a pillow and hugged it to my chest, feeling helpless as I started to cry. I knew it was useless, but then, so was anything else I might try to do. I knew quite well that the nanny wouldn’t believe me, and trying again to get her to see the truth would likely just make her more upset at me. I was trapped, completely at her mercy.

I was so wrapped up in feeling sorry for myself, I didn’t even notice the door opening and the nanny slipping inside, sitting down next to me on the bed, not until she started to pat my diapered bottom and say, “It’s all right,” and even those took me a few moments, as they were so soft. Embarrassed to be crying in front of her, again, I struggled to stop myself as she began to rub my diaper, then move her hand upward, to my lower back. “Did you have another accident last night?” she asked as I managed to calm down a little. “That’s okay, that’s why you’re in your diaper, sweetie.”

“I-I didn’t!” I protested, blushing, trying to sit up. Her circling hand turned firmer, pushing me back onto the bed, then reaching down and fumbling with the sleeper, making a strange popping sound. I turned my head, attempting to see what she was up to, just in time to see her peel a square panel away from my backside, revealing the thick diaper beneath. She slipped a pair of fingers past the tight legholes of the plastic panties and into the thick flannel below, wriggling around near my most private parts.

“No, you didn’t,” she announced at last. “What a good girl! Why are you so upset, then? Are you feeling bad for being such a naughty little girl yesterday?” Knowing the truth would only make things worse, I nodded. “Aww… It’s okay now, sweetie. That’s why I’m here, to help keep you from being so naughty. And this is a good first step.” She snapped the flap back up, then unzipped the sleeper, helping me squirm out of it, into the blessedly cool air beyond. “Now, come on, we need to get some breakfast in you.”

“Okay,” I agreed with a sniffle, rolling over to expose the front of my diaper, and the pins holding it closed under my plastic pants. Instead of starting to remove them as well, she grabbed my hands and pulled me up and off the bed.

“Come on,” she urged again, starting to head for the door.

“But…” I protested, poking at the diaper unhappily.

“We’ll take care of that after breakfast,” she informed me. “Now hurry up. Or do you need me to hold your hand?”

My temper started to flare up at the thought of being made to eat breakfast half-naked, with my other half in only a diaper, but I managed to suppress it as I toddled over to the door after her, thighs rubbing against the soft, yet unyielding, fabric. I slowed down even more as I reached the steps, standing on top biting my bottom lip for a minute as I shakily tried to figure out how not to fall down them. Carefully, I lowered one foot down onto the first step, then, grabbing ahold of the rail, slid the other down to join it. By the time I made it to the second step, the nanny was already all the way down, staring up at me impatiently, which made me feel even more nervous.

She let me get down two more before going back up and snatching me up, holding me on her hip and carrying me easily down. She didn’t bother to put me down there, either, instead carrying me all the way to the kitchen. “Go put your sheets in the dryer,” she instructed with a pat on the bottom, “and I’ll finish up breakfast.”

I did as I was told, shuffling into the laundry room and pulling open the washer, dragging out its damp contents and shoving them into the dryer. It felt like such a long time since I’d put them in, even though I knew it had only been a few hours. Still, when they’d gone in, I had never been spanked or diapered, at least not that I could remember, which I’m sure helped make it feel a lifetime away.

I didn’t really want to venture back out once I was done, but I knew I had to. I’d waited long enough that the kitchen was empty, and the nanny was waiting for me when I made it to the dining room. She was standing by one full set of dishes, so I climbed into the chair with the other, unable to hide a grimace as I saw what they held. I had a bowl heaped full of greyish mushy oatmeal, dotted with what I assumed were raisins, and a plate of scrambled eggs, lightly buttered toast, and small pieces of some sort of melon. She had much the same, though I noted she had some sort of dry cereal rather than my oatmeal. For someone who barely ate anything for breakfast normally, and wouldn’t normally want any of what was sitting in front of me, my stomach hurt just looking at it all, even though I hadn’t had supper the night before.

“Eat up,” she ordered when she saw me just staring at it. “You have a busy day.”

That only made the ache in my abdomen worse. What kind of a busy day would she have planned for Holly? “I’m not really all that hungry…” I said, stabbing at one of the pieces of melon with my fork.

“Nonsense,” she shook her head. “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and you are going to eat all of it.”

I groaned softly, but her stern expression didn’t waver. Sighing, I set to work, slowly chipping away at the seemingly massive amount of food, saving the oatmeal – the least appetizing part – for last. “I’m really full,” I tried to tell her once I’d cleared off the plate, only to find that she still wasn’t interested in my excuses. In fact, she was watching me even more intently, having finished her own breakfast already.

Wrinkling my nose before I even tasted it, I scooped up a spoonful of the mush, raising it to my lips, letting me see that the purple chunks weren’t raisins after all, but chunks of something larger, which I discovered, after getting up the courage to put it into my mouth, was a prune. It was a struggle to keep myself from gagging on the stuff, and I had to wash down every bite with a swallow of apple juice, until my cup was empty.

Finally, she seemed to take pity on me. “All right, that’s enough,” she said. I instantly put the spoon down gratefully, feeling extremely full, and even more relieved. “We don’t want you to be late. I’m not about to waste good food, though,” she continued, “so you’ll be finishing that up for supper, young lady.” I pouted, but she didn’t seem to notice as she picked me up and carried me back upstairs, setting me down on the bed and searching through the closet and the dresser, coming up with an outfit that I didn’t have a chance to look at before she started to un-diaper me, though I could clearly see that it was all pink.

Once I was naked, she had me step into a pair of full cut, bubble-gum pink panties, hemmed in lace and ribbons, and a fair bit thicker than my usual underthings, though blessedly less confining than my diapers had been. A matching vest went on over my chest, then I had a pair of light pink tights, and darker pink shorts pulled up my legs. The latter were rather tight, and short, and I squirmed in them self-consciously as she got the last piece of clothing ready.

It turned out to be a lighter pink dress, a little longer than the shorts, but still not quite reaching my knees, with a high neckline but no sleeves. Even with my diaper off, lying beside me on the bed, I felt like a toddler in this outfit, even before she set me down to brush my hair, holding it back with a dark pink hair band. Pink socks were put onto my feet, followed by a pair of – shockingly non-pink – saddle shoes.

“Look at how adorable you are!” she smiled. “Now, go brush your teeth and use the potty.”

I did as I was told, then followed her downstairs, finding it much easier to descend now, and towards the front door. I didn’t really want to go out dressed like this, but I told myself it might be for the best… While I hated the thought of being recognized by someone, at least that might lead to my real identity finally being revealed to this woman. My optimism quickly melted away when she handed me a clear backed pink plastic backpack.

“What is this for?” I asked anxiously, afraid of the answer I was going to get.

“It’s for school, silly,” she replied, confirming my fear. “It’s your first day of high school!”

Laura & Holly – Chapter 8

Laura & Holly – Chapter 8

Unable to help myself, fully aware of how stupid and pitiful it made me sound, I let out a whimper as I stood there, completely naked, freshly scrubbed, holding my wet sheets and pajamas. “Please, no,” I sniffled. “I’ll be good, I’ll…”

“The clock is already ticking,” she cut me off. She wasn’t wearing a watch, which made me even more apprehensive, since it meant she was just going to guess at how long I took… It seemed incredibly unfair to me, but other than a wordless whine, I didn’t dare say anything to that effect. Now, with the threat of a spanking looming darker than ever over me, I didn’t dare do much, other than shuffle past her into the hallway, heart thumping as I made my way toward the stairs.

As I reached them, I slowed down, taking my time, being as quiet as possible. I didn’t know how much of the conversation Holly might have overheard, but if there was a chance she had missed the whole part about the laundry, I didn’t want to squander that good fortune. As I made my way down the stairs, I debated whether I wanted to risk a detour through the living room on the off chance she was still there. It would add to the amount of time I spent wandering around, which would add to my spanking… But if she was there, I could avoid that altogether.

In the end, it wasn’t really a choice. I knew that if I had any shot of avoiding that punishment, I was going to take it, so I started creeping towards the living room, praying the nanny would keep quiet. She did – I’m sure she was just fine with the idea of me earning a longer spanking if I wanted to play around, though I hoped my commitment to my supposed lie would make her wonder if that was really what it was.

Unfortunately, and consistent with the rest of my luck, the living room was empty. My stomach churned and my heart thumped anxiously as I looked around, hoping to spot something, anything, that would suggest that Holly had been there, to show that I wasn’t a liar. Desperately, I moved through the room and into the foyer, slightly relieved to see my purse still there. At least she was probably still in the house, somewhere. But how was I going to find her? I felt like she was watching me, silently laughing to see my this way, how she was meant to be.

Then I had a thought that made me even queasier. What if she was watching me… And I’d just shown her right where to look? I’m sure she wouldn’t think it was a coincidence that I went there right after the place I’d told her the keys were, especially when the nanny was following me too close for me to even dream of trying to run away, even if I had the guts to try that nude. Mortified, and desperately trying to think of another plan, I just stood there for what I’m sure was far too long, until at last the nanny grabbed my arm and turned me around.

“Don’t think this is going to work,” she warned me. “You can run the clock up as much as you want… If there are too many for one night, I’ll just spread them out over the next few days. And if you don’t hurry up, you’re going to have enough for a freshly warmed bottom before bedtime every day for the rest of the week. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll hurry up.”

Squeaking at that thought, I followed her advice as I started to wander through the house. Holly knew the place and I didn’t, so, much as I’d have liked to, I had to resign myself to the idea that, outside of pure chance, I wasn’t going to find her. The house was even bigger than I’d imagined, and more beautiful, but I couldn’t afford to admire it as I rushed from room to room, desperately hoping to spot a washing machine through an open door.

Finally, I found the basement door instead, and, after another brief internal debate, I started down the steps. I hadn’t checked all of the upstairs, but I felt pretty confident that I’d seen enough to know that what I was looking for wasn’t there. Another maze of rooms greeted me there, including one with a pool table, another with an array of workout equipment, and one with some canned food and a large freezer… But no washing machine.

I almost felt like sitting down right there, among the jars of green beans and tomato juice, and giving up. I looked up at the nanny, but there was so sympathy there. “Are you having fun?” she asked. “Because I promise, you won’t be very soon.”

I inventoried the basement again mentally, trying to make sure there wasn’t some door I’d accidently overlooked. My memory didn’t seem to think so, but it was hard to know for sure. I started to bounce on my feet anxiously, trying to decide whether it was worth it to make another round, since I was already down there, or to go back upstairs. I wound up making another quick circuit, finding nothing new, before I went back up the steps, clumsily tripping over the sheets in my hands, which were starting to droop dangerously low after all their jostling.

I had no idea where to look next, so, just to keep moving, I went to the kitchen, walking over to the door on the far side that I’d assumed was a pantry. I juggled my damp, stinky load and managed to get a hand free, pushing the door open to find… the laundry room.

I almost wished I hadn’t, to be honest. To practically go straight for it after coming up from the basement was bound to look suspicious, as if everything up until then was a game, and only now did I realize how serious it really was. If the nanny hadn’t been sticking right by me, I’d have gotten myself a few extra spanks to do a bit more fumbling about, but it was too late for that.

I stumbled over to the washer, shoving all my laundry inside, then looked around for the detergent, again managing to find it right off when I checked the cabinet over the machine on tip-toe. I pulled the bottle down and unscrewed the cap, filling it and starting to dump it into the washer before feeling my wrist grabbed from behind. “You don’t need all that,” she told me, taking it from me and emptying part of it back into the container. “You only fill it up to that line,” she said, before putting it in and shutting the lid, starting the machine.

As it rumbled to life, I felt my knees grow weak and my mouth turn dry. I knew what was coming next, and as soon as I felt her hand close over my wrist, I knew there was nothing I could do to stop it, if there ever had been. I was crying even before we got to the living room, before she sat down and pulled me over her lap, bottom exposed, before I felt her hand rubbing my shivering bottom in a gentle circle. “I just want you to know,” she said, “that this isn’t for wetting your bed. This is for not telling me about it so I could be properly prepared for it, and then lying about it. I would have been happy to put you in some protection for the night, but you had to make things difficult.”

I didn’t dare try to explain that I hadn’t wet my bed, or that I wasn’t Holly. I couldn’t say anything but, “I’m sorry.” Her hand stopped rubbing, then moved away. I squirmed, waiting fearfully as I wriggled helplessly on her lap, eyes darting around the room, spotting both TVs again, and the shelves of knick-knacks, and a closet along one wall, its door open just enough for me to see inside. Some coats hung there, and the shelf above them practically sagged under the weight of all the board games on it.

It was while I was staring at them that I saw a movement under them. It was very brief, just enough to notice something shifting every so slightly behind the clothes. “She’s there!” I exclaimed. “Look, the real Holly is in the closet! Go, get her! She’s the one who should be getting this spanking!” Or I tried to say that, anyway, but as I began to speak, the woman began to spank, turning my words into a wordless yelp of pain. And that was when the real crying started. I thought the idea of the punishment was bad, but my sniffling at the anticipation of it was nothing compared to my response to getting spanked silly.

For the first few spanks, I was sure I could see Holly there, in the closet, watching me and smirking, but after that, my vision was too blurred to make out much of anything. And then, as it went on, smack after smack landing on my tender bottom with a loud slapping sound as I could practically see my skin reddening and swelling, I couldn’t see anything, couldn’t hear anything but that awful sound. I could tell that I was still kicking my legs and bawling, but it almost felt as if it was another person doing that…. All that mattered, all I could think about, was what was happening to my behind.

And then, at last, it stopped. Still crying, I collapsed across her lap, draped over it like a rag doll. For a long time, she rubbed my back and stroked my hair, reassuring me that it was over, that it had hurt her almost as much as it hurt me, though I found that very hard to believe. “This is why I just wanted you to be a good little girl,” she told me. “Maybe now you will, huh?” I nodded weakly.

Eventually, she got up, picking me up and resting me on her hips. Almost instinctively, I felt my legs wrap around her waist, as I whimpered and squirmed to feel her hand under my bottom, holding me up. She carried me up to my room and set me down on the bed, leaving for a few moments – during which the concept of escape, or even moving, didn’t even enter my mind – before coming back with an armful of supplies.

She rolled me over onto my stomach, on something quite soft, then began to spread something cool across my burning backside. After everything I’d been through, it felt good, soothing. I could feel myself drifting off to sleep until she rolled me over again, onto something just as soft, then lifted me up briefly to add even more softness. I smelled something vaguely familiar, then another cool sensation greeted my nethers, and she began to massage that into my skin as well. If I hadn’t been so worn out, my body might have reacted in a way that got me into more trouble, but just lying still was all I could manage.

I hadn’t even opened my eyes all the way before, so they didn’t have far to go to close again. I could feel her continuing to work on me, pulling something up between my legs, forcing them apart, then tugging it tight over my tummy and securing it there. Half asleep, I still managed to whimper as I felt another pair of plastic pants snapped into position, recognizing the heat and tightness almost instantly, made even more miserable by the fresh redness of my butt beneath them. I was relieved not to hear the click of a lock this time, however.

I felt her working something onto my feet, and up my legs, something soft and thick. “Come on, sleepy,” she said gently, “I need you to stand up for me.” Groggily, I did as I was told, sliding off the bed. As I stood, I was a little shocked to find just how far apart my thighs were being kept. I wiggled them while she kept pulling whatever garment she was putting me in next up, further and further up my body, slipping my arms into sleeves, then tugging it up over my shoulders.

I started to push my hands further through the sleeves as she knelt behind me and started to zip it up, yawning as my fingers slid through more and more fabric, looking for the holes at the end. As the zipper was pulled higher, I got some help as the whole thing was brought together in the back, and yet there was still nothing. Finally, I felt a ring of elastic and pushed my hand through.

The other side was different, yes, not as soft and fuzzy, but stiff and padded, and most definitely not what I’d expected. There seemed to be a spot for each of my fingers, holding them apart from one another, spreading my hand wide. Instinctively, my other hand balled into a fist beneath the elastic cuff of the other sleeve as my eyes blinked all the way open in confusion, glancing down at myself… I let out a stifled yelp at the sight that greeted me, just as the nanny slid the zipper the rest of the way up, turning me around to examine me, tugging my other hand into its mitten as well, poking at it through the sleeve until it did what she wanted. I was standing in a pink footed sleeper, made of thick fleece, and bulging in the middle in a way that could only mean that I was heavily diapered beneath, a thought that should have occurred to me before. But the absurdity of it caused me to ignore it, to assume there was some other explanation for the bulk between my legs. There I was, though, looking for all the world like a toddler about to be put to bed.

With my useless hands I pawed at the diaper beneath my heavy pajamas, whimpering. “Shh, I know,” the nanny cooed at me, pushing me back onto the bed. “I would hope you’ve already learned your lesson, but I don’t want to risk you playing with yourself.” That was certainly not going to happen in this get up. Even if I could have with my clumsy, mittened hands, to actually feel anything I’d have to get out of these diapers, and using a zipper would require an even more unlikely display of dexterity. If I could even reach where it was on my back.

I whimpered, squirming as she draped the clean covers over me tucking me in. “You’ll have to do without sheets for tonight,” she said, as if that really made a difference, considering how little of my skin was left exposed. “You look too worn out to wait for me to go fetch fresh ones and make your bed for you. And you should be, after that… You took that spanking very well, sweetie. I’m proud of you.”

I wasn’t sure what was worse, being told that my kicking and screaming was “taking it well”, or that the thing I was being praised for was my ability to take a spanking.

“Goodnight,” she said, kissing my forehead and slipping out while I was still too stunned to say a word. I wished I could have begged her to just go look in the closet in the living room, but even if I’d been able to get my mouth to work enough for that, I doubt I’d have had the courage. I whined and pouted, squirming under my covers, warm, sweaty, fighting to press my legs together despite the thick padding there, to maintain that little bit of power over my own body, and handily losing the battle, as I had every fight I’d attempted that night.

From outside the window, I heard a noise I was sure was my car starting up. I tried to sit up, to slip out of bed and waddle to the window, through which, I thought miserably, my whole diapering would have been fully visible to anyone out there and awake this time of night, to at least see that little bitch make her escape. But, weak and tired as I was from my long day, and even longer night, I couldn’t even wriggle my way free of the hot, confining blankets covering me.

I’d never felt more powerless, or more utterly humiliated, in my life. That morning, I’d been overseeing my dream project, just a few days away from completion. That night, I’d been betrayed, stripped, shaved, given an early bedtime, called a bedwetter, spanked, diapered, and confined to bed… And there wasn’t a thing I could do about any of it.

Laura & Holly – Chapter 7

Laura & Holly – Chapter 7

“No!” I blushed, pulling the blankets back over my lap as I realized how it must look. “Look, this isn’t important! You have to listen to me, Holly…”

“You should have told me you were a bedwetter,” she said, exasperated. “In all my time doing this, I’ve never had someone your age wet her bed, definitely not on the first night. That’s certainly going to make the later stages of your punishment a little more difficult. And the way you’ve been acting, I have no doubt you’ll be making it to those stages.”

“No!” I protested again, hardly hearding anything past her first sentence, the shame of that implication hitting me like a slap to the face. “I’m not a bedwetter! I just…” I shook my head, remembering what I was doing. “You have to go downstairs! The real Holly is there!”

“And I suppose its her fault you peed your pants, is it?” she raised an eyebrow.

“Umm… Yes…” I said, looking down, cheeks flushing. Even knowing it wasn’t a lie, her expression made me realize how much it sounded like one. “You have to believe me,” I begged.

“You?” The woman chuckled. “You’ve been trying to feed me that ridiculous story since you got home, you’ve been acting up almost constantly, you got me out of bed twice in one night, and you wet your own bed like a toddler. And you think you deserve to have this latest little tale of yours believed? I think it’s more likely that, deep down, you’re just a scared little girl, too afraid to take responsibility for her own actions. Which is why I’m here.”

“I didn’t,” I protested, horrified to feel warm tears starting to flow from my eyes. I was angry at her for not believing me, but her words made me feel too small and helpless to do much about it, as if her merely saying them somehow made them true. “Please, I’m not a bedwetter, I just…”

She shook her head. “The more you deny it, the further back it makes me think you need to be taken. You weren’t responsible enough to tell me about it in the first place, and now you aren’t responsible enough to admit to it. Do you really think this is how a grown up acts?”

I didn’t have an answer for that, or, rather, I didn’t have one that she would actually listen to. I shrugged listlessly, as it slowly dawned on me that not only had I landed myself in trouble, but the nanny was so sure I was lying there was almost no chance she was going to try to catch Holly. I’m sure she’d heard us by now, but what did that matter? That just meant she knew the nanny had her hands full with me, so she could safely continue her search. And eventually she’d find the keys and high tail it out of here, while I was stuck there like Cassandra, trying to get her caught to someone who was sure I was a liar.

Seeing that she wasn’t getting any more of a response from me, as I was too busy sulking and feeling sorry for myself, she began tossing my pillows and stuffed animals to the floor, peeling back blankets and examining them for a moment before deciding they could join the growing pile, too. Finally, she unhooked the corners of the fitted sheet and gathered it up, with in the center, lifting the bundle and carrying it across the hall and into the bathroom.

She set me down on the toilet, the hard surface beneath me sending a fresh torrent of wetness into the sheets wrapped all around me now, as I struggled to untangle myself from them. The nanny started to run the water in the bathtub, testing it with her fingertips, and I had a sudden renewal of hope. If she took my wet things to the laundry room, which I was sure had to be downstairs somewhere, while I was getting cleaned up, then maybe she’d run into Holly after all.

In the interest of hurrying that along, as soon as I managed to get away from the sheets, I started to get undressed, though all I could really do on that front was take off the nightshirt and wait obediently behind her, watching as she filled the tub. I had hoped for a shower instead, but it would do.

When she finally decided the water was deep enough, she turned back to me. “I’m going to go get the key to those,” she told me, nodding to the plastic panties. “And you are going to stay right here. You’re getting a spanking tonight, young lady, but if you try to run off, you’ll be getting it before your bath rather than after… If not both. It really would be best not to test me right now.”

My heart began to beat faster at the threat – no, the promise, this time – of a spanking, and even knowing I had one final chance to avoid it, the prospect was rather frightening. I looked over at the door as she shut it behind her, biting my bottom lip as I weighed my options. I wasn’t sure where her room was, though it couldn’t be far, considering how quick she could get to my – no, Holly’s – room. If I could catch Holly now, it was ensure the safety of my bottom… But what if she was gone already? Or hiding somewhere I couldn’t find her before the nanny found me? Or what if I was too slow, and the nanny caught me before I even made it down the stairs?

Before I could decide whether or not the risk was worth it, she was back, turning me around and unlocking the plastic pants. The cool air against my skin was a blessed relief as she carefully slid them down my legs, trying to keep what little urine remained in them from spilling out until I had stepped out of them, and she’d swept the wet sheets off of the toilet so she could empty them inside.

“When you take those to the laundry room,” I said quietly, wanting to leave nothing to chance now that I knew what was on the line, “could you please just look in the living room? Just for a second? And if there’s nobody there, I’ll shut up about it, I swear.”

She raised an eyebrow as she stared down at me, somehow making me feel even more naked. “You’re the one who had an accident on these sheets,” she informed me, as if I didn’t know. “You’re the one who’s going to be washing them, not me.”

“Oh,” I blushed. “Well… Umm… Could you just go look anyway, while I’m taking my bath?”

“I’m not going anywhere, young lady. After all the ‘maturity’ you’ve displayed today, I don’t even know if I can trust you know how to clean yourself properly. So why don’t you show me how it’s done?”

I had, of course, been washing myself for years, and as far as I knew there had never been any problems with how I did it. Still, it had been almost as long since I’d had to do so in a bath, rather than a shower, much less with an audience. The woman had already seen me naked, more than once, and I was a little scared at how desensitized I was growing to that, but actually having to take a bath with her watching me like a hawk was something else entirely. For a few seconds, I could just stand there, hardly able to believe it, until she started to move towards me.

Scared, and not thinking, I stepped into the tub, only getting one foot in before I felt myself being picked up again and set back down. “You’re not off to a very good start,” she told me, stepping in front of me and reaching into the tub for a washcloth, snatching it from the bar it was hung over and dipping it into the water. She lathered it up with a bar of soap, then turned to me, running the cloth up my legs and between them. “You’re not going to get very clean if you’re sitting in your own pee,” she said, rinsing off the washcloth in the sink before wiping most of the suds away and stepping back. “Go on, then,” she said after another moment.

I walked over to the sink where she’d left the washcloth and rinsed it off again, then took it with me to the tub, stepping in and gently lowering myself in. The water was much warmer than I would have made it, but I kept my complaints to myself. I draped the cloth back over its bar and picked up the bar of soap rubbing it over the parts of my body the nanny hadn’t already gotten to.

“This isn’t a race,” she said. “Are you looking forward to your spanking that much?”

I blushed, both for the critique and the insinuation. Really, I just wanted to get done so we would stand a chance of running across Holly, but I couldn’t very well say that. I slowed myself down as much as I dared, then grabbed the washcloth and ran it over my skin. Satisfied, I stood up, reaching for a towel.

Instead, the nanny walked back over and pushed me back into the water. “You need to scrub a little harder than that,” she told me. “And that’s three strikes. Since you can’t do it yourself, I’ll just have to take over.” Ignoring my protests, she grabbed a stool from the cabinet under the sink – she must have brought that herself, since I didn’t reconize it – along with a bottle of body wash and a large white mitten.

“No, I can do it,” I said, not quite sure if my pride was hurt more by the idea of being bathed by another woman, or that she didn’t think I was capable of doing it myself. “Just give me another chance!”

“It isn’t a race, but I don’t want to be at this all night, either.” She sat down on the stool and slipped the mitt onto her hand, letting me see that while one side was soft white fabric, the other was a rough looking light brown. She dipped it into the bath and squeezed body wash onto it, working up a lather before starting to scrub me. And I do mean scrub. I tried to wriggle away from her. I wouldn’t say the mitt hurt, exactly, but the texture was far from that of the washcloth, and even further from the soft body puff I normally used, and her relentless use of it made me feel as if she were trying to scrape off my skin.

I tried feebly to push her hand away as she rubbed the horrid thing over my chest, the action about the furthest it was possible to get from sexy, making it all the more humiliating when I felt a faint sense of arousal simply from the contact. It seemed to go on for far longer than she had spent on the rest of my body, though I’m sure it was just my imagination, since her expression stayed the same when she moved down to my tummy, which made me wriggle all the more, as I was rather ticklish there.

“Up,” she ordered, before continuing the treatment on my lower half. “You barely even touched your legs,” she lectured as she corrected my mistake. “A little wash to get your urine off of them is hardly all they need.”

Finally, she pulled the drain, letting the water drain out as she removed the mitt and grabbed the shower head instead, tugging it down from its hook and holding it over me, rinsing me off. I half expected to see bloody scrapes across my body, but instead my skin looked pink and fresh. I didn’t even bother trying to cover myself… Not only had she shaved my pubic hair, she’d now washed every inch of me, it felt like, so the whole idea of modesty seemed pointless. I didn’t protest when she started to dry me, either, wrapping me in a large, fluffy, pink towel and patting me dry.

She hung the towel back up, then re-gathered my sheets, folding them so the wettest parts were in the middle before handing them to me. She waited a minute before sighing and saying, “You can’t wait around forever.”

“Well, I… I don’t know where the laundry room is,” I told her, honestly.

“I’m getting sick of your games,” she sighed. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you still make your mother do your laundry, but I’m sure she didn’t take your dirty clothes there for you all the time, too.”

“I don’t live here,” I reminded her. “I don’t…”

“Holly. I am sick and tired of hearing that lie. Now, you are going to lead me to the laundry room, and you are going to put those in the washer – I’ll be there to make sure you don’t mess anything up, in case you really don’t have any idea what you’re doing. Then you’re getting a spanking. And for every minute you waste, you’ll be getting an extra ten spanks. Now get moving.”

Laura & Holly – Chapter 6

Laura & Holly – Chapter 6

“Quiet down!” she hissed at me as I squirmed angrily beneath the covers of her bed, determined to end this right now, prove I really was who I’d claimed to be, and get out of there. Holly wasn’t about to let that happen, however, and she pushed her hand harder against my face to keep me quiet, eventually straddling my thrashing form to keep me from standing.

“I know you’re probably pissed at me,” she said quietly, once my fight had died down a little. I glared at her from behind her hand, trying to let her know just how much of an understatement that was. “I’m sorry, okay… It was stupid… But would you please just listen to my side?” I seethed for another few moments, then nodded. She moved her hand slowly, ready to clamp it back down if I made any noise. Finally, she swung her leg back over me, sitting down normally on the edge of the bed again, watching her suspiciously.

“I’m not sure how much she told you, but I’m sure she’s ‘reminded’ you that you signed that contract, right?” she continued after a minute of collecting her thoughts. I nodded. “I’m not going to claim that I didn’t sign it, but I only did it because my parents told me if I didn’t pass this woman’s training or whatever, they’d cut me off completely.”

“Then why am I the one here?” I pouted, still unimpressed.

“Well, once the time came for the training to actually start… I kind of freaked. My parents had to be gone for this, so they went to the Bahamas yesterday. The ‘nanny’ was supposed to get here right before they had to leave, but her flight was delayed. So I was here by myself, and I was sitting here… They made me redecorate this room myself, too, you know. I mean, they picked everything out, but I had to paint it, and move out all of my old furniture and decorations, and…” She shook her head, looking around at the room in disgust. “Anyway, I was sitting here, thinking about that, and I just snapped. So I called a cab and got out of here before the nanny arrived. Even though I knew mom and dad had already withdrawn me, I hung out at the campus all day, because I wasn’t sure where else to go, then I managed to bum a ride to rehearsal.”

“And you saw me and decided to screw me over,” I filled in the rest of the story for her unhappily.

“No,” she shook her head. “Laura, I swear, I never meant for this to happen. I was nervous, yes, and too embarrassed to tell you the whole story… But I feel safe when I’m with you, and I thought maybe you could help me talk to the nanny, and tell her I don’t really want this. I mean, surely she can’t go through with this if I was coerced into signing, right? Once we were actually here, though, I was so nervous I just couldn’t stand to face her, even with you, which is why I asked you to talk to her alone. I never imagined she’d mistake you for me! When she came out to talk to me, I just… I don’t know. She was scary, and I knew she’d be mad at me if she found out what I did… I’m really sorry, Laura. Really, really sorry.”

I watched her, eyeing the earnest tears starting to crawl down her cheeks. They almost made me feel bad for her, until I remembered how easily she’d slipped into the role of me as I’d stood there on her lawn, begging her to tell the truth. If she could do that, surely she could pretend to feel bad about it. Still, if she had been forced into agreeing to this treatment, I couldn’t blame her for wanting a way out.

“Why are you here now?” I asked.

“Well, I couldn’t leave you here, now could I?” she shook her head. “I’m here to rescue you.”

I looked at her skeptically, wishing I could believe that. It would be nice if it was that simple, but it would also be foolish to assume it was, knowing who I was dealing with.

She saw the doubt in my eyes and accepted it, though she did sound a little hurt when she said, “I don’t blame you for not trusting me, but think about it – why would I be bothering to talk to you otherwise?”

It was a good question, I had to admit. “Let’s go, then,” I whispered, starting to scoot out of the bed before she stopped me.

“Stay still for a minute,” she instructed. “I tried to be quiet coming in, but I was hoping she’d forget to set the alarm, and she didn’t. It took me a minute to get to the control box from the back door.”

“Yeah, and she blamed me for it,” I sulked.

She nodded. “That makes sense… I hid for a little while, until I heard her stop walking around. That explains why she didn’t come downstairs to check it out. I was afraid she called the police or something. But I don’t know if she’s really asleep again already or not.”

My mood darkened as I heard that, sure that she thought herself quite clever. “So you think you should go scout ahead on your own to make sure she doesn’t catch both of us, huh? But only after I tell you where she left my keys.”

“Did she leave them somewhere? I assumed she put them with her stuff, and I was going to volunteer to be a decoy to get her out of her room while you went in and got them back. This makes things a lot easier!”

I winced, realizing I shouldn’t have told her that too late. It did give me an idea, however. I mulled it over in my mind, feeling like an evil traitor at first, until I thought about how, even if she hadn’t intended this to happen to me – and I wasn’t completely convinced of that – she’d still left me here when she’d had the opportunity to get me out. Sure, I’d like to get out and be able to help her, too, but how likely was it that she was really planning on letting that happen? To toughen my resolve even further, I told myself that if her parents were so dedicated to getting her this treatment, maybe she really did need it.

“Well, I don’t know,” I shrugged. “She could have moved it from the living room to her room after she put me to bed.” I flushed, raising a hand to my mouth, hoping I could sell my lie as well as she had hers when she was talking to the nanny in my car. It wasn’t even fully a lie, since she could have locked my things away, if she hadn’t forgotten about them. “Well, I guess you know now,” I sighed. “You’re not just going to go get my keys and leave me here, are you?”

“I wouldn’t do that,” she promised. “You can come with me to the living room if you want… It’s just, two people moving are louder than one, so…”

“No, you’re right,” I conceded. “We’d better go one at a time. Just leave the door unlocked, and I’ll follow you after a few minutes, and…”

“But if she hears me and comes to investigate, she’ll get suspicious if she sees the door isn’t locked,” she countered, just as I feared she would.

Feeling more confident in my plan, and the fact that I was justified in using it, I sighed again and nodded. “You’re right,” I said reluctantly. “I guess you’ll just have to go down and find it, then come back up to let me out so we can run for it once you have.”

“Right,” she agreed. I could almost hear the greed in her voice. It made me want to yell for the nanny right then and there, grab her and hold her until the woman came in, to prove I really wasn’t her. But Holly was a little bigger than me, and probably stronger, so she might be able to throw me off and hide somewhere… No, it was better to stick with my plan, even if I was having a little trouble executing it. “Be extra quiet,” she warned me. “We want her to think everything’s normal.”

“I got it,” I told her, squirming under her sheets.

She smiled at me, ruffling my hair. “I’ll have you out of here in a jiffy.” Before I could think of a reason to keep here from leaving, she was up and gone, closing the door behind her. My stomach turned when I heard the lock clicking again.

“Oh, come on,” I groaned at myself, biting my bottom lip. For as painfully full as my bladder was, my body was having a difficult time intentionally overcoming my decades of potty training, locking itself up tighter just when I wanted it to loosen up. I had a little extra time, since Holly should be looking in the living room instead of the foyer, but I knew it would only be a matter of time before she expanded her search.

I closed my eyes, breathing slowly as I imagined myself sitting not on a bed, but a toilet. A very large, comfortable toilet. “Come on,” I repeated desperately. “Just a little…” I didn’t know how much it would take to set the sensor off. At first I’d assumed not much, if she thought it would make a suitable chastity device, but then it dawned on me that she could have been bluffing about its accuracy. After all, I was sweating under my plastic pants, not a ton, but enough that I was starting to get suspicious that she wasn’t coming in to check on me. I guess the whole alarm thing could have been fake, too, for that matter… I certainly hoped not.

Finally, I felt a spurt of urine gush out into my panties, making me gasp slightly as I felt it soak into the fabric beneath me, then a little louder as a second came, this one without all my urging and fighting. The second one didn’t stop, either, even for a moment. As I squirmed, trying to stop what I’d tried so hard to start just a few seconds before, I felt my panties grow drenched and useless as the pee began collecting in the plastic pants, leaving me sitting in an ever-growing puddle. I wrinkled my nose as I wriggled my body, feeling a little grossed out as that sent a small rivulet of urine out of the leg-hole of my plastic pants and onto my leg, and the sheets below me.

At the very least, I quickly got confirmation that the alarm was, indeed, real as the woman came bursting into my room, demanding, “What do you think you’re doing, young lady?”

“The real Holly is here!” I hissed at her, even though I knew it was silly. Still, I didn’t want there to be any chance that Holly could overhear, realize this was something more than the nanny simply thinking I was still awake, and take the opportunity to run before she was caught. “She’s down in the living room, and if you hurry, you can…”

But if she heard any of it, she gave no sign of it as she came stomping over to me, throwing back my covers. Blushing, I grabbed for them, though a second tug snatched them out of my grasp easily. I blushed and tried to reach down to cover my wet plastic pants with my hands, but the pressure only set more of the contents out, expanding the small wet spot beneath my bottom.

“Holly Elizabeth Prescott,” she intoned, folding her arms in front of her chest and shaking her head, “what did you do?!”

Laura & Holly – Chapter 5

Laura & Holly – Chapter 5

Naturally, once the woman’s footsteps had faded far enough down the hall, and I’d given it an extra minute or so while I tested the strength of my plastic pants, just in case, I was up and out of bed, slowly jiggling the door knob to confirm that it was, indeed, locked. I hadn’t planned on trying to escape, since getting caught was sure to make my last few hours of this crazy, mixed-up experience even less enjoyable, but the thought that I didn’t even have the option was a bit scary. For a brief moment, I even forgot about the other lock and worried about what this would mean for my bladder.

Of course, even if the door hadn’t been locked, I still wouldn’t have been able to use the toilet, like I should have done a few minutes before, rather than sulking and plotting. I hadn’t expected this, but surely I should have realized the woman wouldn’t be terribly happy if I got out of bed to run to the bathroom not long after she tucked me in. It bothered me that I was so scared of her, when I knew she had no authority over me, that, come morning, this whole thing should be done. Still, she had the power to make the rest of my stay very uncomfortable and unpleasant.

I sighed and turned the door knob one final time, then wandered through the room, too bored and frustrated to think about sleeping, even if it hadn’t been so early. There wasn’t much to look at, especially since I was going by the glow of the nightlight, afraid the woman would see the other light under the door if I turned it on, so I quickly wound up at the bay window, sitting down on the bench and staring out into the darkness.

It was strange, in a way… Looking back at the shadowy room, especially the bed, and out through the window again, I began to realize it was just the kind of room I’d dreamed of having as a kid. I’d especially wanted this kind of window, something big and bright I could nestle down in front of and lose myself in a book. In fact, I mused, books were the reason I wanted that, or one book in particular. I’d always been disappointed by my own, small, window, knowing that if Peter Pan even came calling, he’d have a much harder time getting in to teach me how to fly and take me off to have adventures. It was silly, of course, but I’d been young, so that was kind of expected.

Of course, as an adult, I knew having a big window like that was somewhat impractical, not least of all because it made it quite easy for anyone to see inside, if the drapes weren’t closed. Which, I realized as I stood there, chills running up my spine as my cheeks stained themselves crimson, they hadn’t been as I was getting dressed. Anyone could have looked up and seen me standing there, naked. Feeling dirty and humiliated, I stepped back and started to close the drape – pink, unsurprisingly – that blocked off the whole alcove from the rest of the room, then stopped myself. I was clothed now, and from a distance, I’m sure I didn’t look much different from a little girl. Nobody around here knew me, anyway. It still didn’t make me happy about what had happened before, but there was no reason to freak out now.

Instead, I clambored up onto the bench and grasped the handles on the two sections that made up the center window, yanking them open. It made me feel like a kid again, reliving that silly little fantasy, pretending I was about to go to Never-never land. Of course, there was a screen in the way, beyond the glass, but it was still a fun thought, or would have been until I glanced down. Instead, I was snapped out of it by the sudden aggressive bleating of an alarm.

Frantically, I shoved the windows closed again, berating myself for not thinking that a house this nice wouldn’t be protected like that, even just for a second story window. Luckily, the noise stopped as I turned the handles to lock them, but almost before I turned around from doing that, the woman was standing in the doorway, seething.

“What do you think you’re doing, young lady?!” she demanded as I stood there, hands shaking.

“I was… I just… A little fresh air…” I stammered frantically.

“Your little butt is supposed to be in bed,” she reminded me, stomping over and plucking me from the seat, carrying me back to the bed and again tucking me in, this time even tighter. “And asleep. You’d better be glad I don’t think you have it in you to try to climb out of that window, or I’d suspect you lied to me as well. And good little girls don’t lie, do they? And they certainly wouldn’t go around sneaking out of windows, would they?”

I shook my head obediently, though it was a battle to keep myself from saying anything nasty, unhappy with the implication that I was a coward or something. The worst part was that she was right. I wouldn’t say I was afraid of heights, necessarily… But I could do without them. I’m not a fan of climbing down ladders, and trying to shimmy down a drainpipe or trellis or something was pretty much out of the question, especially now that I knew I had only a matter of seconds to do so, in addition to opening the window and finding a way to pop out the screen.

I didn’t dare ask if I could use the bathroom, or claim that the reason I’d wanted the window open was because the plastic panties were too hot, afraid either one would come out less pleasant than it should, maybe enough to push her over the edge. So I just stayed silent as she left again, leaving me to my pink prison. It took a little more effort to wriggle free from the blankets that time, and even once I had, I just sat on the edge of the bed, feet dangling and swinging. I still had nowhere to go, nothing to do.

Eventually I made my way back to the window and sat down on the bench, staring out at the night sky. Maybe it would be better to just go to sleep, I mused. Morning would come quicker that way, and my freedom with it. Even if it was early… And, eventually, I did just that, curled up on the window seat.


At first, I thought it was my alarm clock blaring, so I reached over to smack the snooze button, groaning, sure it couldn’t be time to wake up already. The first thing I noticed as my eyes opened was that it was still quite dark out. After that, I realized I wasn’t in my own bed, or any bed, for that matter. I sat up in shock, looking around at the pink nightmare of a room, groggily trying to puzzle out what had just happened.

Before I could even come close, the door was bursting open. The woman was in a nightgown now, a long, white one with tiny polka dots of various color. Her hair wasn’t in curlers, and she wasn’t sleeping in an avocado mask or anything, but, like anyone just woken up, she should have looked far less intimidating than normal. Instead, she was even scarier. “Just what,” she asked, “do you think you’re doing?”

“I was… I just fell asleep and…” My tired brain wasn’t helping me out, and barely even remembered the noise that had woken me, and, presumably, her, up, as it had stopped shortly after.

“You just won’t learn your lesson, will you?” she shook her head, marching over to me. “There’s no way you’re getting out of there without me catching you, young lady. Unfortunately for you, it’s past midnight now, so I can teach you in a way that might stick in your pretty little head better.”

My heart began to beat faster as her hand clamped over my wrist and pulled me away from the window seat, allowing her to sit there instead. I struggled against her grip, only to find myself draped over her lap. “No,” I whimpered. This couldn’t be happening, it had to be some sort of nightmare… After being stripped, shaved, given a time out, locked in a pair of sweltering, uncomfortable plastic pants, and put to bed early, I couldn’t be getting a spanking, too… It was too much! It would be too much for a real child, too, I was sure, though that didn’t provide any real comfort when I burst into tears.

“Please!” I begged, squirming and sniffling. “Please don’t! I’ll be good, I swear! I don’t need a spanking, I don’t, I don’t! I’ll be a good girl, I promise! Please don’t spank me!” It was a pitiful sight, I was sure, and perhaps even more embarrassing than taking the spanking would have been. There I was, bottom untouched, bawling my eyes out and begging for mercy. There was nothing adult about it, no telling her she couldn’t, or trying again to convince her of her mistake, just blind fear and childish pleading. I tried to tell myself it was because I’d just been woken up, but I’m not sure how much that can really be blamed.

“My, my,” the woman clicked her tongue at me, shaking her head. “For someone who tried to claim she was an adult, you’re sure acting like a baby about taking your punishment, aren’t you?”

I couldn’t deny it, so I just mumbled another tearful, “Please…”

“I don’t want you to think I’m soft,” she said, resting one hand on my shaking bottom, giving my cries a new urgency. After a light pat, however, she moved it away. “But I have the feeling you know that already, or you wouldn’t be so scared, would you?”

She lifted me up, setting me on my feet, tugging the hem of my nightshirt down as I stood in front of her, still sniveling. “You aren’t going to try to open this window without my permission from now on, are you?” she asked.

I shook my head, then managed a quiet, “N-No, ma’am,” when she gave me a look that told me that wasn’t enough.

“And you’re going to stay in your bed when I put you in it from now on, aren’t you?”

“Y-Yes, ma’am.”

“And you’re going to an obedient, sweet little girl from now on, aren’t you?”

“Y-Yes, ma’am.”

She smiled slightly at that. “We’ll see about that. It’s pretty rare for one punishment to really stick, especially when you didn’t actually get it… But I’ve never seen anyone cave as quickly as you, so maybe you’ll be an exception. I hope so… I don’t want you to think I enjoy having to spank you, sweetie, it’s just something I have to do. Now let’s get you back into bed.”

My pride stung a bit at that, but knowing that my bottom would likely sting much worse if I didn’t play along kept me complacent enough to go with her to the bed and get tucked in for a third time, sniffling the whole time. I didn’t even think to ask for the bathroom until she was gone, though my bladder was really starting to hurt by then. I laid in bed, squirming and whimpering, wondering how long I’d be able to hold it.

Then, like a miracle, I heard the door being unlocked. At first I thought I must have fallen asleep again and woken up the next morning, though the fact that it was still dark quickly quashed that. Then I thought it was a dream, or just the woman being perceptive about what happens when someone wakes up in the middle of the night. It might be embarrassing to think she was comparing my bathroom habits to that of a little kid, but if it kept me from peeing myself, I could live with it.

But when I rolled over in the bed, feeling a light pressure on the mattress as if someone was sitting there, it wasn’t the woman I saw perched beside me. My eyes went wide and I started to yell, only to feel a hand clamped over my mouth.

“Hey, twin,” Holly said, smiling from the shadows. “Miss me?”

Laura & Holly – Chapter 4

Laura & Holly – Chapter 4

I wasn’t about to do that if I could help it. Had I not just been stripped, shaved, and shoved into a corner, I might have assumed it was just an empty threat, that she wouldn’t dare do something like that, beyond the pair of swats I’d gotten outside, talking to Holly. Now I wasn’t so sure… Though thinking about it reminded me that Holly was surely still sitting out in the car, in front of the house. If I could just get the woman to look, surely she’d realize how suspicious that was!

Of course, if I said anything about it right then, I’d be risking her wrath, which I had a feeling I’d have to suffer through before she even thought about hearing me out. That thought only made me feel more helpless, which served to make me all the more angry at this situation. I was a grown woman… I shouldn’t be standing with my nose in a corner, fearing a bottom warming like some naughty toddler! And the fact that I was too scared to do anything about it fueled my rage and sense of childishness all the more.

I’m sure that had something to do with how long my time there felt. I’d never really thought about why a time-out would be an effective punishment, since I don’t have kids, nor do I have any siblings, so I didn’t have any nieces or nephews, and no reason to think about it. I could halfway remember being told that I was supposed to think about what I’d done as I stood there, back when I really was young enough for the punishment to be appropriate. Since I hadn’t done anything wrong this time, however, I was left with nothing to do but fume about that, which got boring very quickly.

As I fidgeted there, mind trying to come up with ways to keep itself entertained, I began feeling more self-conscious about my nudity. It had happened so quickly, I’d hardly had time to comprehend it before, beyond a weak attempt at fighting it, but I could feel my cheeks turning a fresh shade of red as I contemplated when the last time I’d let another woman see me naked had been. It must have been high school, in the showers, and even then I’d done all I could to avoid it. I always felt quite inferior to the other girls, and, as much as I told myself I’d fill out in time, it that did little to help. Even when I’d shared a dorm room in college, until I managed to get into a single, I was always careful about when I got dressed and undressed, and waited until late at night to take showers. I knew it was silly, but it made me feel just a little better.

Looking down at myself then, squirming in boredom, reminded me that I never really had done much filling out. The body I saw could easily belong to a highschooler, maybe even a middle schooler. The removal of my pubic hair only made it more obvious, and the ease with which it had been done only darkened my spirits further.One flick of the razor, and I’d been sent back to my early teens, as if living through that once wasn’t bad enough.

I tried to turn my thoughts away from that, but the only other place they seemed interested in going was back to the threat of a spanking. Even if I had been Holly’s age, it would be a ridiculous, degrading punishment. Since I wasn’t, that made it all the worse. The very idea of this woman pulling me over her knee, still naked, still wriggling, though no longer from the tedium of staring at the same bit of wall, but rather from fear and anticipation, waiting for the first strike, wincing, trying to prepare myself… It was enough to make my rethink my stance on spanking in general, which I supported only because of the rather annoying kids that always found their way to our mall re-openings that I was sure could use it.

Just when I was sure I couldn’t take any more standing around, the woman finally said, “All right, that’s enough.” Relieved, but newly bashful, I turned, trying to cover myself as much as I possibly could. “L-Look out the window!” I blurted out, hardly able to believe I’d managed to wait so long to say it. “My car is still out there!”

The woman gave me a cold glare that told me all I needed to know, though it didn’t stop her from adding, “Do you need to turn back around? I know you can’t see the window from there, and I’m sure you know telling stories is not something a good girl does,” to it. My anger and frustration at my situation, and at her, melted away when I got another look at her, with any that managed to survive being done in by her words, and, more importantly, her tone. It was clear she didn’t see me as an equal, or an adult in any way. In her eyes, I was a little kid, and a real nuisance at that.

“Now, come on,” she ordered, getting up from the sofa and holding out her hand. “We’re going to get you ready for bed.”

“Bed?!” I protested, eyes widening slightly. “But it’s…” I glanced around the room, searching for a clock, and feeling a little horrified at what it showed. Less than an hour ago, I’d been walking through my mall, showing it off proudly… It had felt as if I’d spent at least that much time just in time-out. “It’s not even nine,” I finished, hardly able to believe it myself.

“I told you I was putting you to bed early,” she reminded me. “I would have liked to have gotten you tucked in even earlier, but you were out doing God knows what past the time bad little girls usually go night-night.” I paled a little at that, the idea of being made to go to bed at eight in the evening. I’m not sure if she noticed or not before adding, “Because of that, I think you’ll have an early bedtime tomorrow, too. Which means that if you get in trouble, I’ll be moving straight to a more severe punishment.”

While I stood there, stunned, she sighed and walked over to me, taking my hand and guiding me through the house, up a staircase and to another bathroom, though this time, at least, she didn’t join me. “I’d better not hear this door open before I come to get you,” she threatened before pulling it closed.

I sat on the toilet, eager to relieve my aching bladder as I anxiously wondered how I was going to get out of this mess. I felt like crying, and a few tears even began to slide down my cheeks, but I forced myself to stop. That wouldn’t help at all. I had to get the woman to listen to me. All it would take is one little look out the window, but she was so sure I was a manipulative brat that she refused to listen to me.

Then I brightened, just a little. She didn’t have to listen to me… It wasn’t ideal, but if I just made it through the night, surely tomorrow she’d go outside at some point and see my car still there, see that I was telling the truth after all. Without my keys, Holly couldn’t take it anywhere, so, other than to preserve my dignity – and it was too late for that anyway – there was no real rush, no need to freak out. It would work itself out if I just gave it some time.

The door opened as I considered that, making me blush and hurry to block the sight of my body from her prying eyes. She hardly even noticed. “Did you brush your teeth already?” she demanded. I hadn’t, but I nodded anyway, the idea of using someone else’s toothbrush outweighing my desire to maintain my dental hygiene. “Really? Give me a big smile.” My cheeks flushed a little darker as I bared my teeth at her, hoping they’d pass her inspection.

“Well, if you did, you did a very bad job of it,” she said. “Get up off of there and do it properly, or I’ll do it for you.”

I swallowed a moan as I hopped down from the toilet and walked over to the sink, feeling her watching me like a hawk, reminding myself this would all be over tomorrow, if I could just stick it out until then. Obviously, I couldn’t brush my teeth and keep myself covered, so I sacrificed the hand hovering near my crotch to reach up and grab the toothbrush sitting in the holder at the corner of the sink. While she’d seen all of me already, I reasoned that she’d seen that part of me more.

I reached up and pulled open the medicine cabinet behind the mirror, fumbling through it to find the toothpaste, awkwardly squeezing some onto the toothbrush. I could tell she was getting impatient with me – from the corner of my eye, I saw her arms folding in front of her chest, and while I didn’t dare look up, I could practically feel her glare trying to bore its way through my skull. When the toothbrush fell over and I began to rinse it off, she’d had enough.

“Do it properly,” she ordered. When it was obvious I wasn’t sure what she meant, she clarified, “Use both hands. You don’t have anything I haven’t seen before, young lady. So stop stalling and just brush your teeth, now.”

Remembering, and believing, her threat to do it for me, I reluctantly moved my hand away from my chest and began to use it. It made things much easier, though I felt rather awkward staring at my naked form in the mirror as I brushed, which encouraged me to stop sooner than I normally would have, which earned me a throat clearing from her. I barely managed to hold back a sigh as I returned the brush to my mouth and kept going, waiting until she gave me a nod to stop that time.

It was still hard for me to comprehend the idea that I was about to go to bed, right around the time I’d normally pop in a movie, or start channel surfing. Still, I told myself as I rinsed the excess toothpaste from my mouth, that meant the worst of this was over. Hell, she might even see my car before I woke up, so that, by the time I did, she’d have my own clothes and an apology waiting for me.

For the time being, though, she grabbed my hand once I put the brush back in its holder and took me across the hall, to, presumably, Holly’s room, though once I was actually inside, it was hard to imagine it belonging to anyone over the age of four. It was like walking into a batch of cotton candy – everything was pink, and a rather obnoxious shade of it, too, from the desk and chair, to the dresser, to the canopy bed, which had pink cloth draped along either side and stuffed animals at the foot. A set of shelves sat along one wall, but rather than books, it held a collection of porcelain dolls, the kind that had always given me the creeps. A bay window jutted from the outside wall, with a padded seat that was also covered in plush toys. Did Holly really live here?! I couldn’t imagine the cool, confident young woman I knew waking up to this every day. Maybe it was a spare room, or maybe the woman had decorated it this way while Holly was out.

As I marveled at the place I was going to spend the night, the woman was walking to the bed and grabbing a pair of panties that was laid out there, alongside some other pieces of clothing. She bent down in front of me, holding them out. “Step in,” she told me.

I hesitated, considered telling her that I was capable of dressing myself, then reminded myself of my inevitable forthcoming freedom. What would it hurt to let her dress me? At least I wouldn’t be naked anymore. Carefully, I lifted a foot and slid it through the leghole of the panties, then repeated with the other. She did the rest of the work, tugging them up my legs and letting them snap over my bottom. They were full, much bigger than I was used to, and thicker, too.

While I tried to get used to them, she grabbed something else from the bed and gathered it up near my feet. Not really thinking about it, I stepped in, having second thoughts only when I actually looked at them and realized they weren’t pajama pants, or even shorts. I wasn’t sure what they were – bloomers, maybe, except that they were clear, and not made of cloth. They crinkled lightly as she pulled them up my legs, like plastic or something, though that didn’t make any sense. They fit strangely, too. The actual material was loose and baggy, completely engulfing the underwear below and then some, but the legholes were tight, almost uncomfortably so. I could feel them digging into my thighs once they were all the way up. The waist wasn’t as bad at first, at least until she turned me around and tugged on something there. I heard a quiet clicking noise, and then I was spun again to face her.

“That should do it…” she mused as she stared at me, reaching forward and tugging at the waist. It came out a little, though not much – certainly not enough to be able to pull them off, as I could already tell I would want to. Even in the air conditioned room, they were hot, and I was sure I had started sweating down there as soon as they were in place. “Since you were being a very naughty girl,” she said, “I have to make sure you don’t try to play with yourself while you’re in bed. Those panties are meant for bedwetters, but they ought to work for this, too… If they get wet, they send a signal to an alarm, which I will be keeping in my room. So don’t try anything, got it, missy?”

I had hoped the question was rhetorical, as I couldn’t even imagine trying to masturbate with her in the house, especially not while in this room, but her look told me it wasn’t, so I gave her a red-cheeked, “I got it.”

“Good,” she nodded, grabbing a pink, of course, nightshirt from the bed. “Lift your arms.” When I did, and she tugged the shirt over my body, I was unhappy to find that it just barely covered the inner panties. The legs of the outer pair stuck out from it, just slightly. Still, it wasn’t as if it really mattered, considering I was only going to be sleeping in it, so I kept quiet, which seemed to please her. “Now, into bed,” she said as she folded the covers back. I obeyed, sliding into the soft sheets and letting her pull them back over me, tucking me in, like I hadn’t been for many, many years. “I left you a glass of water on your desk,” she told me, “but only drink it if you’re very thirsty, because those plastic pants aren’t coming off until tomorrow morning.”

The thought that they indeed were plastic pants, like a baby would wear, and that the clicking I’d heard was them being locked on, which I confirmed as soon as she was gone by trying to pull them free, to no avail, made it harder than ever to just play my part and wait this out. I answered her goodnight with a strained one of my own, then watched as she walked away, flipping on a nightlight as she went. She closed the door gently behind her. For a moment, I felt grateful for the solitude; then I heard another soft clicking noise, this one coming from the door, giving me a bad feeling that it was locked, putting any thought of trying to leave as firmly out of my reach as my panties.