The Kids’ Table

The Kids’ Table

“Oh, come on,” they had begged. “For old time’s sake!”

“This is silly,” Adrianna laughed. “We aren’t kids anymore… We don’t need to sit at the kids’ table.”

“We can make our own. We’ll use the nursery!” Sasha insisted. “Come on, don’t you remember all the good times we had?”

“Well, yeah,” Adrianna admitted. It had been a blast, being the oldest of the cousins, getting to boss them around, make them do whatever she wanted… “You’re hosting, though, you can’t just hide with us all day.”

“I can pop out here to check on things from time to time,” Sasha told her.

“Can I at least bring Paul?” Adrianna started to cave. “I don’t want to abandon him here…”

“He’s doing fine,” Apple insisted, gesturing over to where Adrianna’s husband was chatting with Sasha’s at the table.

“Besides, no boys allowed!” Lolette giggled. It was true, there had never been any male cousins in the family, and as soon as the girls were old enough to  start bringing their boyfriends to Thanksgiving, they’d stopped being banished to the kids’ table.

“Okay,” Adrianna shrugged. “Why not?!”

She got her answer almost right away, as Sasha led her down the hall and into the nursery, then shoved her roughly inside, starting to undress her. “Hey, what the hell..?!” Adrianna yelped as Apple and Lolette pushed in, shutting the door behind them. Sasha wrestled Adrianna to the changing table, which looked quite a bit larger than any Adrianna was used to seeing, much bigger than Sasha’s toddler would need…

“Yeah, real funny,” Adrianna fumed. “Give me back my clothes, right now!” she demanded. Instead, she was pushed, now nearly naked, onto the changing table, where the other girls happily helped out, cuffing her wrists to the side of the table, while Sasha grabbed something that was also much bigger than Adrianna was used to seeing.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Adrianna gasped, staring up at her younger cousin as the realization slowly began to dawn on her, staring up at the thick, crinkly, plastic garment being held over her, then slowly unfolded and slid under her. “Don’t you dare!”


“Now, now, that won’t do,” Sasha scolded her, grabbing a pacifier from the corner of the table. Adrianna’s eyes widened and she tried in vain to squirm away; she was outnumbered and restrained, however, and it was only a matter of time. She opened her mouth to yell for help, only for Sasha to push the pacifier inside instead, strapped it around Adrianna’s head.

“That’s better,” Sasha smiled down at her. “Come on, girls, let’s get to work.”

Adrianna wriggled helplessly as she watched Apple and Lolette move closer, grabbing up bottle of baby powder and lotion, watching Adrianna’s silent, enraged reactions with glee.

“We’re just keeping up with the tradition,” Apple told her as she squeezed a healthy dollop of lotion into her hands, rubbing them together before starting to massage it into Sasha’s skin. “After all, since you were the oldest, you always decided to use Thanksgiving to show us all the great babysitting tips you’d acquired over the year.”

Sasha mumbled wordlessly into her pacifier gag, watching as Lolette, the youngest, sprinkled far too much baby powder onto her privates. “Well, we’ve picked up a few tips of our own,” she giggled. “Do you want us to show you?”

Adrianna shook her head desperately, for all the good that was going to do her… Her cousins had obviously already decided this was going to happen, and there wasn’t much she could do to stop it at this point. She tried to force an, “I’m sorry,” past her gag, but Sasha was already pulling the diaper up through Adrianna’s legs, taping it securely in place, giving the bulky padding a loving pat as she finished.

“Now, are you going to be a nice, quiet baby?” she asked, reaching for the gag. “After all, you wouldn’t want the rest of the family to see you like this, would you? Especially Paul?”

Adrianna’s cheeks burned at the thought of her husband coming in right now, finding her in a diaper. She shook her head obediently, and Sasha unhooked the gag, sliding it back out of her mouth. “Good girl!” she praised Adrianna, unhooking her from the table as well. “It would have been very hard for you to eat your Thanksgiving dinner like that, wouldn’t it? Now, you wait right here while I get it ready for you.”

“B-But I already…” Adrianna started to protest, looking over at her plate; Sasha was already across the room, picking it up and taking it away, making Adrianna worry about what she would be getting when the girl returned.


Adrianna stared after her plate forlornly, thinking about all the tasty things she’d piled on there, things she’d been looking forward to all year… She always looked forward to Thanksgiving – it might have been her favorite holiday.

Food was definitely a big part of that, but she had to admit that what the girls were talking about, and getting her back for, was another. She’d always gotten a thrill from ‘playing’ with them every year, until they got to be too old and left her alone. Of course, it happened gradually, with Sasha leaving first, making it all the easier to torment Apple and Lolette.

“Come on, stop daydreaming!” Apple told her, giving her a crinkly smack to the rear of her diaper. Adrianna gasped, turning to give her a dirty look, only to see that she and Lolette had been busy, setting up a high chair. Like the changing table, it was much bigger than Sasha’s child could need, and she could see the restraints on this one right away.

“Apple, no,” Adrianna whined. “Don’t make me eat on that…”

Apple and Lolette grabbed a hand each, forcing the struggling girl to, and into, the chair, strapping her wrists and ankles in place before locking the tray in front of her. Adrianna whimpered, squirming helplessly in place, the plastic of her diaper sliding across the plastic lined, padded seat of the chair easily, doing nothing but making a loud crinkling sound to remind her of her situation.

“Do you remember that year after Sasha moved to the big table?” Apple asked her. “I told you how much I had been looking forward to Grandma’s turkey for weeks, and you decided that was the best time to show me and Lolette the best way to feed a fussy baby…”

Adrianna’s eyes widened as the nursery door opened; she turned her head, for a moment grateful to see it was only Sasha, until she saw the tray of plastic bowls she was carrying, all full of various colors of mush.

“I tried to tell you no,” Apple continued, “or that, if you had to, you could just use the applesauce, or the mashed potatoes, but those just weren’t good enough, you said… So you took me and Lolette’s turkey into the kitchen and blended it up, then spoonfed it to us.”

“I was a mean kid, okay?” Adrianna tugged on the wrist straps again as she examined the tray, slowly recognizing what each of the colors was. “I’m sorry!”

Apple began to tie a green, plastic bib around Adrianna’s neck. “We decided to take it a step further, to make sure you really know how to feed a spoiled, bratty little infant… We blended up all of your dishes, and you’re going to sit here in your high chair until you finish every single one.”

Adrianna looked over at the tray, at the nearly liquid messes that the meal she’d been waiting for since last Thanksgiving had been turned into, as Apple picked up one of the bowls and a spoon. “Open up!” Apple smiled. “Here comes the airplane!”


Adrianna was fed bowl after bowl of unappetizing mush, mush that she knew had been a delicious Thanksgiving dinner only moments before. She supposed some of it didn’t taste that bad, but the texture, and the situation she was currently in, made it all seem horrible.

Almost every bowl was washed down with a bottle of warm milk as well, with Lolette rushed out to refill it as soon as Apple had forced Adrianna to drain it, and before long, every crinkly slip of her diaper against the high chair’s seat made her bladder slosh uncomfortably inside of her. She was going to have to use the bathroom eventually… Surely they’d let her do that… Wouldn’t they? They couldn’t mean for her to…

But it was starting to look like she wasn’t going to have a choice… The food, and the bottles, just kept coming… Every time she tried to ask to be let out, her mouth was filled with a bottle or a spoon, until her stomach was starting to feel just as full as her bladder.

Finally, it stopped. Slightly dazed as the girls removed the tray and undid her restraints, she looked up at Apple pitifully. “C-Can I go to the bathroom now?” she asked. She’d never once felt intimidated by any of her cousins, but after what she’d just been through, she really was feeling like a toddler, staring up at people far older and more mature than her.

“Oh, of course!” Apple exclaimed. For a moment, Adrianna felt relieved, glad that the girls hadn’t expected the game to go any further than this… Then Apple pushed a pacifier, luckily one without a strap attached to hold it in, into her mouth and took her hand, starting to walk towards the door.

Adrianna tried to stand her ground, but she was so shocked by the action that she was forced to take a step to try to keep up. “W-Wait!” she gasped, the word muffled by the pacifier.

“What’s that?” Apple asked. “I thought you wanted to go to the bathroom? Or is it already too late?”

Adrianna shook her head, cheeks darkening at the insinuation that she’d already used her diaper. She looked over towards the door, knowing the rest of her family was somewhere on the other side, doing who knows what by now… What if one of them was on their way to the bathroom? Or just glancing down the hall at the wrong moment while Adrianna and Apple walked by? She couldn’t leave the room like this!

“You don’t want to use the potty? Is that it?” Apple asked.

“I do!” Adrianna replied quickly. “But….”

“Well, that’s where it is,” Apple told her, tugging her hand again. “Let’s go! We don’t want you to have an accident, do we?”

“No!” Adrianna gasped, getting pulled another step or two before she could stop it, ever closer to the door, and the possible exposure waiting on the other side of it.


“Oh, I can help!” Lolette offered, only to scurry away out of the room. This had obviously been planned out in advance, as Sasha took that as her cue to approach the changing table, attaching two things to the wall, then grabbing Adrianna’s hands and cuffing them to the straps she’d just put there, as Apple forced Adrianna to her knees.

“Hey, what..?” Adrianna spit out her pacifier, this new bondage feeling much more concerning than either of the past ones, especially when little Lolette returned, carrying a bulging enema bag. “No!” Adrianna’s eyes widened, tugging at the straps keeping her in place at the wall. “You wouldn’t dare!”

“Remember that year, after Apple and Sasha were both at the big table?” Lolette asked. “But you still insisted that the two of us ought to eat off on our own?” She slid Adrianna’s diaper down, making the older girl gasp as she began pushing the tube into her backside.

“I’m sorry about that!” Adrianna blurted out, not wanting to hear the rest of the story, or for Sasha and Apple to, although she had a feeling Lolette must have already told them by now…

“You told me I had always been so tiny and cute, you bet I could still fit into baby diapers… And you just happened to have brought one with you that you stole from your last babysitting job.” Adrianna gulped as her own diaper was pulled back into place, and the younger girl looked her right in the eye, grinning as she released the clamp, letting the warm water start flowing into Adrianna’s rear.

“I didn’t want to, but you insisted, and you’ve always been so much bigger and stronger than me… You were right about the diaper fitting, and you made me wear it the whole meal… Then, when I was done, I started to get up, and you asked me where I was going. I told you I had to use the bathroom, and you grabbed my arm and told me I didn’t have to worry about that… I was in diapers, which meant I was just a baby, and babies were too little to use the potty. I started crying, but you said it was time I learned the right way to change a diaper… But I didn’t just have to pee, and you just wouldn’t let me go, so finally… You were almost rolling on the floor, you were laughing so hard, but when I was done, you told me it was too gross, and I had to clean myself up. I’d been babysitting for ages by then, so I knew how, but I’d never expected to have to do it on myself…”

Adrianna groaned, thrashing in place as the water continued to pour into her. Already, she could feel the cramps starting, letting her know, in no uncertain terms, that she wasn’t going to have long once the enema finally drained before she found herself in the same position Lolette had been in.

“I wasn’t so good at doing it that way,” Lolette continued. “I missed a spot and wound up staining my panties when I put them back on, and my mom found them in the laundry… I’d already been having some bedwetting problems, and she assumed that meant I’d started having accidents during the day, too… She took away all my underwear. started making me wear Goodnites to school! I was so humiliated!”

“I’m sorry,” Adrianna gasped as Lolette gave the bottle a squeeze, sending out most of the remaining water in one big rush. “I didn’t know!”

Lolette slid her hand into Adrianna’s diaper, pulling the hose free, then freeing Adrianna from the cuffs… Not that it mattered now. Her stomach was bloated, full in a whole different way than it had been before, and she knew she was ready to burst… She could still remember watching Lolette fill her diaper, and it really had been hilarious to watch. Being on the other side, however, felt nowhere near as funny.


“Well, I think this trip down memory lane is just about over,” Sasha said. “We’d better get back to the rest of the family.”

Adrianna gasped, looking down at herself, still in nothing more than socks and a diaper, a diaper that she knew she was mere minutes away from using in the most humiliating, infantile way imaginable.

“No, I’m not..” she protested, only for Lolette to shove the pacifier back in her mouth.

“Don’t worry, we aren’t going to let you go out there like this,” Sasha promised. “Even if you act about as mature as one, you aren’t really a baby, so you can’t run around naked.”

Apple walked over to the closet, pulling it open to reveal a whole wardrobe of oversized baby clothes. Adrianna’s eyes widened as she saw her cousin look through shortalls, onesies, rompers, footed sleepers, everything a baby could need, before finally stopping on a dress. Even looking at it, Adrianna could tell it wasn’t going to cover her diaper, but after a moment of consideration – giving Adrianna enough time to hope she would change her mind – Apple pulled it off the hanger.

It was white with pink frills, with a matching diaper cover, and despite Adrianna’s pacifier-muffled protests, Apple began dressing her in it. Adrianna was too busy struggling with herself, trying to fight back wave after wave of cramps, to try to make her cousin stop.

And, despite pooling all her concentration on it, she knew it was a losing battle. She gulped, feeling a gush of liquid escape her, soaking into the thick padding between her legs. She looked nervously behind her at Apple, buttoning up her dress, hoping she hadn’t noticed, but she knew the worst was still to come.

“Kneel,” Apple commanded, sitting in a chair by the table. Adrianna fidgeted in place for a moment before her cousin repeated the word more harshly. Carefully, she did as she was told, wincing as another spurt of water, and, considering how sticky and icky she felt afterwards, much more, came out. Apple began braiding her hair, taking her time, watching the squirming girl in front of her gasp as she lost all control, the contents of her bowels suddenly sliding into her diaper in one huge mass, squishing and squelching messily in the seat of her diaper.

Adrianna was still stunned as Apple finished up, topping her work with a plastic tiara. She thought that, for sure, that was the worst of it…

“What is going on here?”

Adrianna whimpered, almost not daring to turn around at the sound of her husband’s voice. She scrambled to her feet, nose wrinkling as the movement caused the mush in her pants to shift, trying to will the dress to lengthen to hide what she was wearing underneath. Instead, she tried in vain to cover it with her hands; a moment later, one of her hands darted upwards to snatch her pacifier out of her mouth while she stood there, in front of her husband, looking, and smelling, for all the world like a toddler not yet potty trained.


“Daddy, no!” Adrianna squealed as she was pulled into the nursery. She knew right away she’d made a mistake – babies weren’t supposed to tell their daddies no – but before she could even apologize, he had pushed the pacifier into her mouth.

She blushed as she heard giggling, seeing the actual kids there, eating, confused but delighted to see this older woman being given a pacifier like she was the same age – actually younger, since they’d all grown out of those already – as them.

Adrianna wrinkled her nose as Daddy pushed her down onto the changing table, feeling a mushy squelch in the seat of her pants. He reached for her skirt and she desperately tried to hold it down, staring up at him pleadingly, not wanting him to do this here.

She was less than surprised to see her cousins make their way in, pretending to be checking to make sure their kids were doing okay, that they didn’t need seconds. Daddy strongly, expertly, pulled her up, her resistance only making things worse as he instead made her face the changing table, lifting the back of her skirt.

“What is this, young lady?” he demanded. She whined behind her pacifier, trying to tug her skirt back down, but he caught her hand easily, holding it in place. He clearly knew, but that didn’t stop him tugging at the waistband of her diaper, checking her in an even more humiliating way. “You told me you were going to be a big girl today, that we could let you sit at the grown-ups table… Now look at you! We aren’t even halfway done with dinner, and you’ve already messed your diaper!”

“It was an accident!” Adrianna whimpered.

“Well, then it’s a good thing I didn’t listen to you and let you wear big girl panties,” Daddy told her sternly. “Big girls don’t have accidents like these, do they?”

“But Daddy…” Adrianna pouted.

She could hear the giggling starting again… She could hear Lolette’s plainly, but she wouldn’t have been surprised if the other cousins were joining in, too.

And why not? They were the cause of this… A year ago, they’d convinced Paul that this was a tradition, that Adrianna loved dressing up like a baby and being treated like one by them, and that they just did it to humor her… They claimed Adrianna had bought all those clothes, and the oversized baby furniture, and stored them at Sasha’s house once her baby had outgrown the nursery.

They didn’t have room for the furniture, but Paul had taken the clothes home, and many of the diapers they had bought to fit Adrianna. She tried to tell him the truth, that she didn’t want this, but the cousins were very convincing, and there were three of them… They had told him that it was part of the game, pretending she wanted to be a big girl… The full diaper made it a very easy story to believe.

She’d been allowed in big girl panties only a handful of times since then, and by the time she convinced Paul to let her, she was so used to her diapers that she wound up ruining every pair she wore. She was incontinent now, no matter how hard she tried to deny it, like she had that morning, not wanting to be stuck here, at the kids table, where girls who wore, and needed, diapers clearly belonged.


Adrianna gasped as Daddy pushed her further over the table, looking behind herself, hand automatically moving into defensive position. “No, I’m sorry!” she whined.

“I’m sorry, sweetie, but you have to learn your place,” he told her, lifting her skirt and pushing her hand easily aside. She squealed, more from humiliation than pain, as he smack the back of her messy diaper, squishing the mass in her pants against her roughly. “This is what bad little girls get.”

She only got a few spanks, but they were more than enough to get her blushing as he helped her up onto the changing table, quickly changing her into a fresh diaper, then leading her over to the kids’ table, where her spectators were eagerly waiting.

“Everyone, this is Adrianna,” Daddy told them. “She’s going to be eating with you guys, okay? Make sure to help her if she needs it.”

Daddy pushed her down into a chair, patting her on the head and heading out to the main table. Adrianna’s cousins smirkingly watched her squirm for a few more moments before following, leaving the kids alone.

Adrianna looked at her new dining companions, hardly able to believe she’d wound up here, again. She was back at the kids’ table, but it was obvious she was no longer the one in charge. She was obviously older than all of them, but after what had just happened, she was still the baby of the group… And, she had a feeling, that wasn’t going to change for a long, long time….


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  1. Hey how’s it going? Another collection coming out soon? I miss seeing your posts. I hope all is well and have a Merry Christmas.

    Diapering Daddy


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