The Easter Spirit

The Easter Spirit

“Did I what?” Ms. Kline scoffed, looking out at her class. “Are you serious?”

“I-I just thought,” the unfortunate student stammered, quaking under the eyes of his art teacher.

“I’m not three years old,” Ms. Kline said coldly. “I don’t decorate eggs. Do you?” She smirked as the boy squirmed in his seat uncomfortably. “Aww, how cute? Did you bring some pictures to show the class?”

She snickered, then blinked, sure she’d seen something dart across the corner of her vision; when she turned to look, it was gone. Shaking her head, she chuckled again and faced the chalkboard.

“All right, enough of this… Now, we were talking about the… impressionists, weren’t we?” She shook her head again, frowning at a strange feeling, and the low giggling coming from the room behind her. She shot the students a dirty look. “Do you want twice as much homework over your Easter weekend?” she demanded.

“Okay, so…” she picked up the chalk, trying to remember what she’d been planning to teach them. “Well, if you want to draw a bunny, then you just go like this!” It was so simple! Why did they need her for this?!

“Umm, Ms. Kline?” a student spoke up.

“What?” she spun, hearing an odd crinkling noise, fixing them with an icy glare. “Am I going too quickly?”

The student gave her a hurt look before shrugging. “Nothing, ma’am.”

“What would your Easter eggs look like, if you were big enough to decorate them on your own?” the first student asked.

“I’m plenty big!” Ms. Kline pouted, fidgeting at the sensation of warm liquid trickling into the thick padding between her legs. “And I can decorate Easter eggs real good! They’d look like this!” She began drawing, turning and giving her class a good look as her diaper began to droop more and more, almost in time with her speech growing more and more childish, never noticing the bunny ears on her head…


“These are empty!” one of the kids complained, staring into the plastic egg she’d just found and split open.

“You didn’t put any candy in them?” Rachel’s co-worker looked at her in disbelief.

“Of course not,” Rachel rolled her eyes. “Like these little brats need more sugar… Besides, Easter candy isn’t all that good, anyway.”

“I mean, Peeps aren’t great,” her co-worker agreed, “but you can’t tell me Cadbury eggs are bad… And even if they were, that’s not the point! Where’s the fun in the hunt if they don’t get anything?”

“They’re just dumb kids, they’ll be happy having any excuse to run around,” Rachel waved off the protest. She paused as something ran by her, vanishing by the time she turned her head to follow it to the fence at the edge of the daycare’s yard.

“But we bought all that candy to put in the eggs already,” her co-worker reminded her. “Are you just going to throw that away?”

Rachel’s stomach rumbled, her mouth watering inexplicably. “Y-Yeah,” she nodded. “I-I’m going to get right on that…”

She headed into the daycare, her pace picking up as soon as she was out of the other worker’s sights, despite the strange, noisy bulk between her legs. She scrambled to the kitchen, where all that candy had been stashed…

It looked so good… One little piece wouldn’t hurt, would it? She unwrapped a chocolate coin with a bunny printed on it, hands shaking, and slipped it into her mouth. It was like heaven… Frantically, she unwrapped another piece, a tiny chocolate bunny, and ate it, too…

The next thing she knew, she heard people approaching… The ground around her was covered in candy wrappers, and her clothes and hands were smeared with chocolate. They were going to be so mad at her!

She quickly stripped out of her clothes, knowing the chocolate would be a dead giveaway of what she had done, dropping them carefully over the wrappers before darting off to the play room, knowing the kids would be in the nap room next. By the time they found her in there, she’d be done with all the candy and she wouldn’t have to share any!

“Rachel! What are you doing?!” her co-worker demanded, much sooner than Rachel had expected. “What are you wearing?”

“Nuffin,” Rachel mumbled as she stuffed the last egg into her mouth, hoping the other woman hadn’t seen it in time, her stomach rumbling from all the candy she’d eaten… She grunted, feeling her diaper begin to expand beneath her, filling with warm mush that didn’t concern her nearly as much as being caught there, eating the candy.

“I din’ ea’ nuffin’,” she claimed, still chewing while her co-worker stared at her, open-mouthed, while she continued pooping her Pampers obliviously.


“No, mom, I didn’t buy an Easter dress,” Amy sighed. “This old dress is just fine… We’re just going to church. Nobody’s going to remember if I wore it before.”

“But it’s tradition, Amy,” her mother told her insistently. “It’s part of getting into the Easter spirit, getting yourself something nice and new… I’m sure you could say it symbolizes rebirth or something, if you want to get into it.”

“It symbolizes commercialism,” Amy grumbled.

“What was that, dear?” her mom asked.

Before Amy could answer, she saw something run past, spinning to watch it just in time to see a tiny, fluffy tail vanish around the corner of the hallway… Had her mom gotten a pet rabbit for Easter? The woman was into the holiday, sure, but Amy didn’t think she was THAT bad…

“Oh, let me go make sure everything’s ready to go in the oven when we get back from church,” Amy’s mother said, walking away as Amy frowned, reaching up, sure she felt something on her head. Had she worn a headband this morning? She didn’t remember putting one on… Especially not one that was fuzzy, and, as she felt along it with her fingertips, with something sticking out of the top… No, make that two somethings…

She blinked, an odd sensation flowing over her. She looked down, surprised to see her plain, black heels had somehow morphed into white shoes, decorated with bows on the toes, her pantyhose morphed into thick, white tights. Her old purple dress was now a childish yellow and purple, much shorter…

Something else was changing, too… She squirmed, feeling her skimpy underwear seeming to grow as she fidgeted, the cotton transforming, turning thicker around her privates as she gasped in disbelief. How was this happening?!

She wanted to think she was going crazy, that maybe it was a dream, yet, as she slid a hand under her skirt, the surface of her new underthings felt strangely solid beneath her tights, giving off a strange – though not entirely unfamiliar – noise.

She sank to the floor, mind reeling. She couldn’t be… She was an adult, she’d left the apartment that morning in a perfectly ordinary pair of underwear… She grabbed her skirt, wanting to confirm it, yet too scared to do it, not wanting it to be true… She twisted the fabric in her hands, not realizing how short it was, and how much she was showing off, until her mother walked back in.

“Everything is good to go!” the woman chirped. “Now, are you… Oh, you did get a new dress! Why didn’t you…? Amy, what are you wearing?!”

Amy stared up at her, just as shocked as she was. “I-I…” she stuttered.

The two looked at each other for a long moment, then Amy felt the same strange sensation she’d felt earlier, but when she looked herself over, she didn’t notice any other changes.

Her mother shook her head, then stared down at Amy anew. “There’s no time to take you to the potty now!” she declared, reaching down to grab her hand. “And you aren’t getting up in the middle of service, either! You’d better hope you don’t use that diaper, young lady, or sitting down for Easter dinner is going to be very uncomfortable for you, and you won’t get those Pull-Ups back for a long time… I’m too busy today to deal with this!”

“Y-Yes, Mommy,” Amy nodded submissively, a thumb making its way to her mouth as she followed obediently behind her mother, hoping she was just imagining the damp spot she already felt in her diaper…

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