Growing Pains – Part 1

Growing Pains – Part 1

Growing up was always hard… Emma didn’t realize that her sister growing up would be even harder.

The whole time she’d been away at college, on the other side of the nation, whenever she’d text her younger sister, Maggie, she’d call her ‘baby sis’, even though, on the rare occassion she had the chance to head back home for a holiday or whatever, it was clear that her sibling was growing quite quickly, hitting a few growth spurts that the petite Emma had missed out on.

It wasn’t until she graduated – then moved back home when it was clear no job offers were on their way in the near future – that Emma realized how bad it had gotten. She stumbled her way into the living room, following after her father, who had picked her up at the airport, and dropped her luggage on the floor. “Hey, baby sis!” she said, smiling at Maggie, who was sitting on the couch.

Then Maggie stood up, and Emma’s jaw nearly dropped. Her little sister now towered over her! She gulped as she saw a mischievous light in the girl’s eyes…

Maggie took every chance to introduce Emma to her friends – at least, those Emma hadn’t met before – as her younger sister, who had been off at a boarding school for the past four years. Emma always corrected her, but Maggie, and her friends, always laughed her off, and her frustration just made her seem more like a little sister trying desperately to seem cooler to fit in with her big sister.

Finally, Emma got fed up with the whole thing. “Stop telling people I’m younger than you!” she demanded. “You’re always going to be the baby sister, so get over it!”

“Oh, really?” Maggie smirked. “Look at you… I bet you could fit into my school uniform from when I was 12.”

Emma was willing to take that bet… She’d still been living here when Maggie was 12, and she knew she had been taller than the girl then… She couldn’t remember for sure how much, but she was certain it was enough to make a difference. “And when I can’t, you’ll drop this whole thing?”

“Sure,” Maggie shrugged. “And if you can, you’ll play along however I want, for however long I want.”

Emma agreed, sure that winning was the only way to make her sister drop this whole charade. Maggie went to the basement to dig up her old uniform, ordering Emma to strip down and change right in front of her, to make sure she didn’t ‘try anything’. Emma felt extremely self-conscious to be undressing in front of her sister, especially when Maggie held up a pink polka-dotted bra – one that was clearly little more than a training bra – and said, “This, too.” Emma turned away and unhooked her actual bra, embarrassed, but feeling certain that this would help her out, since there was no way she’d fit into…

To her shock, it fastened easily. Suddenly, she began to worry about this whole thing… Then, to make it even worse, once she was able to easily button up the uniform shirt, Maggie stopped her again, handing her something big and thick and crinkly, with cartoon animals on it.

“Don’t you remember?” she asked. “I was still having some bedtime accidents then, and sometimes even during the day, so I had to wear these to school a few times… There were still a ton left over, and mom kept them, like she does with everything…”

“But…” Emma tried to protest, but Maggie’s mind was made up. “I don’t know how to put them on,” she said finally. Unfortunately, Maggie was quite an avid babysitter, and she was all too happy to help. To Emma’s horror, the diaper fit, as did the rest of the uniform. The skirt was maybe a little shorter than it was intended, but otherwise, none of it even felt particularly tight. “It doesn’t count!” Emma protested, refusing to give in. “Nobody would ever believe I’m actually this young!”

Maggie looked her over and frowned. She snatched up a brush and did Emma’s hair, pulling it into two ponytails, then looked her up and down again. “Maybe you’re right…” she said. “But there’s only one way to find out!”

Before Emma could protest, or try to stop her, Maggie had grabbed her hand and pulled her out to the car, driving her – squirming uncomfortably the whole way, trying to get comfortable in the strange, bulky diaper – right to the mall. Keeping a firm grip on Emma’s hand, she marched the girl through the front entrance, up to the second floor, and all the way to the far side of the mall.

“Okay,” Maggie told her, “here’s the deal. You’re going to walk all the way back through the mall and to the car… If nobody stops you to ask you where your Mommy is, I’ll believe that they think you really are an adult, and that will be the end of that. If even one person does… Then you’re the baby sister from now on. I’ll set your bedtime, and I’ll expect you to follow it. Every night, you’ll come to me for your nighttime diaper, and then I’ll lock the bathroom door until the next morning, to make sure there’s no reason for you to get out of bed… And you’ll be doing that even if I have friends over. If you’re really bad, I might even let them help. Anytme we go out, I get to choose what you wear. Oh, and you’ll have homework to keep you busy, too… Mine. And you’d better do a good job, or you might have to start wearing those diapers for more than just your bedwetting problem. Got it?” Emma started to shake her head, but Maggie stopped her. “If you say no, then I’ll just assume it’s because you know you can’t do it, and I’ll just assume that I won.”

Emma glared up at her, almost wishing she’d just admitted defeat at home… Maggie could have easily argued that, since the uniform fit, Emma had lost, but she had a feeling that her little sister had just wanted to make her run around the mall dressed like this. “Fine,” she sighed, glancing down at the first floor of the mall below her. She might have a chance, really… It wasn’t that busy, so she could probably avoid most of the people, and hope that the ones she couldn’t weren’t the type to talk to strange children they saw running around in public… “Fine,” she sighed.

“Great!” Maggie grinned. “Oh, just one more thing…” She stepped up behind Emma, pulling the back of her skirt up, then pinning it in two places. Emma blushed bright red as she tried to look behind herself, not sure how much of her diaper was being shown, but sure that it was enough for it to be obvious what the garment was. “Whenever you’re ready. Oh, and don’t touch that, or it’s a loss.”

Emma looked back over the crowds, gulping, sure that the crowds had grown in the past few seconds. Unfortunately, she’d already agreed, and the only chance she had of avoiding an even more humiliating fate was to get out of there as quickly and quietly as she could… All the while, knowing her diaper was on full display, just begging for someone to notice it and say something.

Growing Pains

Part 2

Commissioned by one of my Patrons, who gave me permission to post it here as well. Find dozens more exclusive captions and three exclusive in-progress stories here!

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