Independence Day

Independence Day

“Mom, please!” Felicity whined, trying to pull away from her mother’s hand desperately.

“Felicity, you remember what happened last year,” her mom told her firmly, her grip only tightening. “I’m not going to let you humiliate me like that again!”

She did remember, though she’d graciously almost forgotten until earlier that week, when they’d gone out shopping… Even then, she’d hoped it was just a joke, not something that they’d actually go through with. Surely, the rest of their family had forgotten, too… But, that morning, her mother had been in her room with them, and now she was wearing them, under a much too short old dress, and her mom had what was unmistakably a diaper bag slung over her shoulder…

“I-It won’t happen again!” Felicity promised, just as she had last year, as she stood next to the blanket with the huge puddle, pants drenched, as her relatives suggested that, next year, she do just what was happening now. It hadn’t even really happened then…

Well, it had… It was hard to deny that, really, but it hadn’t been her fault! Not that anyone had believed her when she’d told them that, especially when her cousin, Val, had marched back out of the house in fresh, perfectly dry shorts, after Felicity had told them all the truth, that Val had snuck away from the family get-together to do some kind of drugs or something, and that was why she’d been so startled at the loud fireworks that she’d wet herself as she sat on the blanket the two of them had been sharing.

Val was the only other person in the family around Felicity’s age, so she wound up spending most of her time with the girl at family parties, whether she liked it or not. The girl had always been bigger than her, prettier, more mature… She was actually a few months younger than Felicity, but when they were younger, Felicity had always looked up to her for doing things she’d never be brave enough to try. As they got older, Felicity had realized she was also kind of a bully, especially to her timid, older cousin. That was really what had eventually convinced Felicity to agree to pretend she’d been the one to pee herself while Val snuck back into her house to change…

She hadn’t been pleased to find that Felicity had backed out after some teasing and tried telling the truth… Not that she’d gotten anywhere with her claims, despite them being true. After all, Val had forced her to wet herself before leaving, so the evidence was pretty clear. And Felicity had only gotten more upset when the actual culprit joined in on making fun of her, which everyone seemed to take as a tantrum, and further proof of her immaturity… Even so, Val had promised her she was going to make her regret turning on her.

Felicity was already regretting getting involved at all, as she toddled her way to the car, heart thumping in her chest as she sat, leaving even more of her diaper visible to anybody who might look through the window on the long drive to her aunt, uncle, and cousin’s house out in the country… She was not looking forward to what else Val might have in mind for her…


At first, she almost thought she was off the hook, as she saw only her aunt and uncle in the house when they arrived – a wet diaper drooping between her legs, humiliatingly enough, after the lengthy trip – but after her mother took her to the bathroom to change her, her aunt said, “Your cousin is waiting for you in the backyard! She already has you two’s blanket set up!”

Felicity glanced over at her mother, hoping she would insist that she stay close to her, and the diaper bag, but the woman just waved her off, telling her to go ‘have fun’. She waddled to the open back door, knees shaking as she saw everyone else gathered outside, waiting for the food the hosts were preparing inside, or getting ready to grill. She tugged at the hem of her dress, trying to force it to grow long enough to hide her diaper as she wove through the edges of the crowd, doing her best to avoid as many as possible, and not draw attention to herself.

She wasn’t sure what her plan was – she usually hung out with Val by default, until the girl ran off to do something she shouldn’t, trusting Felicity to cover for her if anybody asked – but with her cousin potentially still looking for revenge, she didn’t know if that was the best idea… Especially if the girl was already waiting for her.

Before she could decide, she heard a sharp, “There you are, pee-pants!” behind her. She froze for a moment, but there was little point not turning… It was obvious she’d been seen. She took her time, nibbling on her bottom lip, wondering what Val had in store for her…

“Val?!” Despite her own predicament, Felicity almost couldn’t stop herself from giggling when she saw the girl. She had a blanket, all right, and it was covered with baby toys, which was appropriate enough, since Val, herself, was in a frilly, pink top, plastic pants, and a huge diaper, even thicker than Felicity’s.

“Yeah, it’s me, dummy,” Val sulked. “No thanks to you!”

“B-But I… I…” Felicity stammered.

“Yeah, you did pee yourself,” Val declared, much louder than was really needed, making Felicity shuffle anxiously, sure she felt the attention of her extended family turning towards them. “But your stupid story actually made my mom and dad curious, so they looked through our laundry after you left and found your wet pants from earlier that day that I’d helped you hide so nobody would notice, and they thought they could have been mine, and you might have told the truth! So, even though you peed yourself twice, and I was just trying to be nice, now we both have to dress like this so we don’t have any accidents during the fireworks!”

“N-No, I didn’t!” Felicity insisted, although it was likely not as effective as it could have been, since she didn’t dare turn around to face the people who she actually might have been able to convince. “I-I only…”

“Oh, just sit down,” Val stood up from her toys and grabbed Felicity, pulling her down to the blanket. “We might as well make the best of it…” Once they were down, Val pulled her closer. “You’re staying close to me, you little brat… You see this?”

She picked up what looked like a tiny, white plastic vial with a long nozzle. Once Felicity had nodded fearfully, she set it back down among her toys. “Once everybody is distracted, I’m putting that up your stupid, tattletale backside… Do you know what it is? It’s a mini-enema, so it’s going to make you fill your diaper to the brim, way before the fireworks even start… But it’s a special one, with a little anesthetic in it, so you won’t even be able to hold it. Everyone will see you’re the real baby, and you were just lying last year. I hope they put me in charge of looking after you after they let me put my real panties back on… I’d love to babysit you! Maybe I’ll just let you stew in your poopy pants all day, and tell everyone you just won’t let me change you because you like the feeling so much. Nobody’s going to trust you at any family functions from now on without some nice, big Pampers.”

“Y-You can’t!” Felicity gasped.

“It’s right there,” Val shrugged. “You could always prove you’re the big girl by doing it to me, instead… Or be a baby and tattle on me again.”

“B-But…” Felicity stared at the little enema, squirming, then glancing back towards the house, which her mother was apparently still inside. If she grabbed it and took it to her mom, would she know what it was? Would she believe her story? Or would she think she was trying to frame Val? She really didn’t know, but that was almost definitely less risky than letting Val go through with her plan… Right?

She turned, reaching for it, but her hand grabbed only blanket. She gasped as she felt a hand on her back, lifting her up, and before she could do anything else, something was sneaking into her diaper, then her bottom. She let out a squeal as something squirted inside of her, then, before any of the nearby family members could turn, it was all gone, and Val was sitting innocently, toy hammer in hand.

“Too late,” she smirked. “You can try to get to the toilet if you want… Maybe you’ll make it all the way to the house… Maybe you’ll make it to your mom, to let you out of your diaper… Maybe you’ll even make it to the toilet… But I wouldn’t guarantee any of those. At any point, your body could just give in, and give whoever’s nearby a show. Or, you can just sit here, where only I’ll know.”

Felicity whimpered, her eyes widening as she realized she’d already lost. “Oh, I forgot to tell you… Happy Independence Day,” Val grinned. “Congratulations… You’re about to be totally independent from your pesky adulthood.”


3 thoughts on “Independence Day

  1. Oh my, Val looks so damn cute in her nappies… a pity her nasty plan means she won’t be wearing them anymore. ^.^


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