Try It

Try It

“Would you care to explain yourself, young lady?”

Claire really didn’t have an answer… She was just as confused as the woman she was babysitting for, to be honest. One moment, she’d been trying to help potty-train the woman’s daughter, telling her about just how fun and exciting it was to wear big girl panties instead of diapers; the next, she was sitting on the floor, naked, on a large, adult diaper, as the girl’s mother stared down at her.

“I-It wasn’t me!” Claire gasped, scrambling to cover herself as best she could. “I-I didn’t do anything!”

“I hired you to help teach my daughter to get out of diapers, not to parade around in them yourself!” the woman told her sternly, grabbing Claire’s hand, and, much to the girl’s dismay, pulling her down over her lap.

No way… She couldn’t be… Claire yelped as she felt the woman’s hand slap down across her backside, almost definitely leaving a pink mark on her tender flesh. “N-no!” she cried. “It’s not my fault!”

“Then whose is it?” the woman demanded, giving Claire’s bottom another spank. “I can’t believe you would expose my daughter to… whatever this is!”

“I-I wasn’t! I didn’t! I was just…” Claire whimpered, squirming on the woman’s lap as she began the spanking in earnest, unable to do anything to escape, or block, the blows.


“Well,” the woman said, letting the still sniffling Claire slide off of her lap at once, “if you want to wear diapers so badly, I suppose I should let you see what it’s like.”

“B-But I don’t!” Claire insisted, though that didn’t stop the woman from pushing her down towards the still waiting diaper. Claire caught herself on the giant teddy bear, not wanting to let her bare – and now throbbing – flesh touch the infantile garment again.

“Please, you have to listen… I don’t want to wear these… things…” Claire blushed, not even able to say the word ‘diaper’ out loud, not when it applied to something she might be about to wear herself. “They aren’t mine!”

“Hush,” the woman commanded, sliding a pacifier into Claire’s mouth. “I’ve heard just about enough out of you, I think. Of course they’re yours, silly. I can see from here…” She reached down, picking up Claire’s backpack.

Claire had packed all her schoolbooks, and her notes, having hoped to get some studying done while her charge took her nap…. Instead, the little girl’s mother unzipped it, pulling out another huge diaper.

“It looks like you thought you needed two, but maybe it would be a better idea to go even thicker,” the woman said. “After all, why would you have brought it if you didn’t want to use it?”

“I didn’t!” Claire insisted from behind her pacifier, but that didn’t stop the woman from pushing her down onto the waiting diaper.

“Hush now,” she said. “You’re already up to three diapers… It looks like you have a couple more, if you want to keep pushing me.”


So, much to Claire’s dismay, she found herself getting triple diapered, right there on the nursery floor, where she’d changed her charge’s diapers many times. It was hard for her to accept what was happening, feeling layer after layer of bulky padding pulled up, pushing her thighs further and further apart…

She was almost in a daze when it was finally finished and the woman pulled her into a seated position, her diapers at least giving her sore backside plenty of padding. “Well, is that what you wanted?” the woman asked, plucking the pacifier out of Claire’s mouth.

“N-No,” Claire pouted.

“Well, it’s all you’re getting from me,” the woman told her. “Now, where are your clothes? I don’t know why you thought it was okay, running around my house nude…”

She managed to find Claire’s shirt and bra quickly, dressing the girl in them as if she didn’t trust her to do it herself, but Claire’s pants were nowhere to be found.

“You’d better tell me where they are, young lady, or I’ll send you home like that!” the woman threatened… But, of course, Claire had no more of an idea of what had happened to them than the woman.

“All right, fine,” the woman said finally, grabbing Claire’s backpack and pushing it over her arms. “If that’s what you want, then get going…”

“What?! N-No!” Claire wailed, looking down at her huge, fully exposed diaper. “Please, can’t I just borrow something?!”

“I know you had pants when you got here this morning,” the woman told her sternly. “If you won’t just tell me where those are, I’m not going to trust you with any of mine… Besides, I doubt they would fit over those diapers of yours.” She gave Claire’s diapered bum a swat. “Go on.”

“No!” Claire gasped. “You can’t make me go outside like this! Y-You can’t!”

It turned out that was quite untrue, and quite easy provable as well. The walk back to her dorm had always been a bit long – she always got out early enough that she could make it back before dark, though, and told herself it was good exercise – but it had never felt as long as that day, as she waddled her way back in her triple diaper, praying nobody she knew would be driving by as she hurried down the sidewalks.


She thought that would be the worst of it, or at least the end… She still got teased on campus, and she saw pictures of her in the get-up more often than she’d like, but she’d managed to convince most of her friends that it was a dare.

Then she got the call… When she saw the name on her cell’s caller ID, she expected to get yelled at; to her surprise, the woman practically begged her to come back. She could overlook Claire’s indiscretion, she said… She could give her another chance, because her daughter loved her, and hated all the other babysitters the family had tried.

Claire could have said no, since she still had no idea how she’d wound up in that humiliating situation in the first place, but this was the only babysitting job she’d had here, so losing it on bad terms meant no local references for future babysitting gigs… She could try to get a real job, but that seemed much more difficult to maintain while in school.

So, against her better judgement, she agreed, promising to leave her diapers behind – after trying, again, in vain, to explain that they hadn’t been hers.

The little girl could hardly wait for her parents to leave. “Didja see?” she asked, giggling. “Aren’t diapers great?! I just knew that once you tried them, you’d see that…”

“No!” Claire’s cheeks burned. “W-Wait… Did you…?”

The girl frowned. “It must have been those diapers you had, then. I guess you should try mine…”

“No, I will not!” Claire’s head was spinning, trying to figure out what was going on, but she still knew she wasn’t about to let herself get put into diapers again… Especially not the same diapers she put her charge into, when she wasn’t trying to potty train her… Not that it should be an issue, obviously, seeing as the girl was…

Her mouth fell open as she saw the little girl begin to grow, her body growing larger, and older, as Claire watched in shock and horror. She wound up, Claire would guess, around the same age as her, yet noticeably taller, more mature looking.

With a single touch of the now grown girl’s hand, Claire’s pants vanished, making it that much easier for the larger girl to tape her into one of her old baby diapers – which, to Claire’s embarrassment, actually fit perfectly.

“There, those ought to be better!” the girl declared. “Aren’t you cute? Hmm… This could be better…” She ran a hand through Claire’s hair, and Claire felt it wriggle on her head, pulling out of its simple ponytail and curling itself. “And these shoes aren’t cute at all!” Claire could only shuffle her feet as her sneakers transformed into Mary Janes, her socks shortening, gaining ruffles… “And these… They aren’t much, but they’d be even cuter if they were smaller…”

“W-Wait!” Claire squeaked as the girl began to unbutton her shirt, apparently aiming for the breasts underneath. “Y-You were right! I love these d-diapers…”

“Really?” the girl eyed her suspiciously. “I don’t like liars…”

“Y-Yeah,” Claire nodded, as convincingly as she could manage.

“Great!” the girl smiled. “You know, I usually don’t like being a big girl… That’s why I regressed myself and erased my parent’s memory so they’d think I was still a toddler… But you’re just so cute like this… Even cuter than I’d expected! I’ll tell you what… I’ll make sure you keep your position here, but since you love your diapers so much, and I love you in them, you get to be the baby! And if you ever don’t show up… Well, you really will be one.”

She grinned, making Claire feel certain that she was capable of doing that, of actually turning her into a toddler. “O-Okay,” she agreed, not sure that she really had any choice in the matter. Somehow, she’d stumbled across somebody with real magical power… And now she had little choice but to do as she was told. She’d already suffered plenty of humiliation at this girl’s whims… The last thing she wanted was to find herself back young enough to truly need these diapers that she, apparently, was going to have to get used to wearing again.


As always, you can find more captions, as well as now four exclusive stories (two complete, two in progress) at my Patreon!

One thought on “Try It

  1. Excellent work, really fitted story around the lovely photo’s, playing into Claire’s embrassment, the feelings on her spanked bottom, her reluctance for diapers. Loved how she explained away her trip home but that it still came back to annoy her at times. Good twist ending

    Liked by 1 person

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