The Importance of Rehearsal

The Importance of Rehearsal

“How hard can it be?” Vivi rolled her eyes. “It’s a haunted house… We jump out and say boo. I can handle that.”

“It isn’t quite that sim…” Shay tried to explain.

“How many shows have I been the star of?” Vivi demanded. It was a bit insensitive, really… Shay had spent a long time in her shadow, auditioning to be the lead in show after show, only for Vivi, most often, to get it over her. They were still friends, and Shay knew it was just part of being an actress… Vivi was aware of how much the other girl wanted those roles, though, and how much it stung to lose them time after time. “I can handle a haunted house.”

Even though they’d decided to do this together, as a way to earn a little extra money, Shay almost hoped the people running the house would hear that news, see that Vivi refused to show up for their test runs, and fire her. It would teach her a lesson, at the very least… Like Vivi had said, it couldn’t be that hard; someone else could step in for her in whatever scene they had together.

But the owners were familiar with her from the theater, and willing to put up with her being a diva, apparently. “Just decide on what you want to do with your scene,” they told Shay, “and we can get her sizes from the costumer at the theater. I’m sure she’ll fit right in when we have her.”

The set was already done, although she was allowed to decide on the set dressing, depending on exactly what she came up with. It was going to be set at a doctor’s office; beyond that, it was up to her, unless the owners hated what she came up with. There were quite a few possibilities with that set-up… But she decided, without her partner there to stop her, on something a little different.


“Wow,” Vivi eyed Shay in her nurse’s uniform, sounding genuinely impressed. “That looks great! What am I wearing?”

“We can actually work with that,” Shay shrugged, gesturing at Vivi’s outfit.

“Really?” Vivi wrinkled her nose, looking at the nice clothes she’d put on. She didn’t really want to spend all night in some dusty old haunted house in those; they’d get dirty! Besides, half the fun of acting was getting to play dress-up as an adult, and it wasn’t fair for Shay to get some sexy costume, and have her stuck in her normal outfit.

“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine,” Shay reassured her, leading her down the hallway to their room. “If you wanted something else, you should have showed up and rehearsed.”

“Whooo…” Vivi wiggled her fingers. “I’m gonna get you! There, I’m all rehearsed.”

“Well,” Shay smirked, “that isn’t quite it… But don’t worry. I’m sure you’ll catch on… You’re a natural, after all. And don’t worry… You’re still the star. Everyone is going to remember you.”


“Wow,” Vivi looked around the set. “This is actually not bad.” It looked much more like an exam room at a doctor’s office than she would have expected for some little haunted house… It wasn’t just a table and some curtains, all splashed in blood.

“Thanks,” Shay smiled. “I worked hard getting it just right.”

“Why? Once the lights go out, you aren’t going to see most of the little stuff anyway.” If that was the kind of silly little thing they were worried about at their ‘rehearsals’, she was glad she’d skipped out after all. That would have been a waste of her time. “So, what are we doing? Do I need to be up on the table?”

“No, we’ll start out here,” Shay told her.

“Start out?” Vivi frowned. “I mean, they’re just gonna be walking by… We don’t have time to do much.”

“Oh, we don’t?” Shay raised an eyebrow. “How nice of you to tell me… Funny how you knew that, when I’m the one who’s been…”

“All right, all right,” Vivi raised her hands in surrender. “Am I wrong?”

“You are, actually,” Shay seemed pretty pleased to be able to say that. “I’ve tried to tell you, it’s a little different… It’s a more mature haunted house, for grown-ups, so there are…”

“Whatever,” Vivi rolled her eyes. “It’s still a haunted house.”

“That’s true,” Shay agreed. “Oh, looks like it’s almost time to start. Just follow my lead, and you’ll be fine. Let me take a look at you… Hmm… Now that I think about it, we might want to switch out your skirt. Go ahead, take it off.”

“All right,” Vivi nodded. She’d done enough theater that she was used to changing in front of her friend, and it would be nice to at least have some wardrobe to wear… It was probably a miniskirt, or something like that, hopefully cute… Shay tucked the skirt away somewhere, but when she returned, she didn’t have a new one with her. “Umm…” Vivi furrowed her brow, “Where’s…”

“Actually, those need to go, too,” Shay pointed at Vivi’s panties.

“What?” Vivi did blush at that. “Why?!”

“Just get them off!” Shay ordered, grabbing at them, using her taller size to push her friend back onto the table, yanking them down.

“Shay!” Vivi hopped up, covering her bare crotch with her hands, Shay holding the underwear up like a prize… As, to to little starlet’s horror, their first audience appeared, filing in, staring at her standing there, half-naked.

“What are they doing here?!” Vivi hissed, cheeks burning. “The lights aren’t even off yet!”

“That’s because it isn’t beddy-bye time yet,” Shay answered at full volume, happily playing along already. “I know you’re scared after what you saw further on in the house, but that doesn’t mean you can just run home and go straight to bed… Especially not with the state your panties are in, young lady.”

“What?!” Vivi squealed. “There’s nothing wrong with them!”

“Oh, so you’re just used to them being soaked by now?” Shay teased. “Don’t worry, dear… I have just the thing for you.”

Vivi watched as her underwear were set on a shelf, not daring to reach for them and uncover herself. Unfortunately, that quickly became the least of her worries, as Shay started to pull off her jacket. “What are you doing?!” Vivi demanded, eyes widening as her friend moved on to the shirt beneath it. “Shay, stop!”

“That’s Miss Shay to you,” the other girl smirked, easily avoiding the one hand Vivi managed to convince herself to move away from her crotch to attempt to use to keep her shirt. “I don’t care how scary the house is… Anyone who pees themselves doesn’t deserve to address me as an equal.”

“But I didn’t!” Vivi insisted, squirming desperately, stripped to just her socks and shoes in front of a bunch of strangers. “Stop it! You can’t do this to…” She gasped as Shay turned her around, and she saw the diaper spread out on the exam table. She’d seen them folded up on the shelves next to it, though she hadn’t recognized them at first… Now, laid out, ready for her bare bottom, there was no mistaking it. “No! Stop it!”

Vivi sniffled helplessly as her larger friend shoved her over, bending her over the table, her face landing almost right in the middle of the diaper, smelling the sweet scent of baby powder, almost distracting her from the slight prick of something being injected into her squirming backside. “What did you do?!” she demanded.

“Nothing you don’t deserve,” Shay informed her, turning her around, half helping, half forcing her onto the table, pushing her down onto the padding with a loud, ominous crinkle. “I hope you like your new panties… You’re going to be in them for a long, long time!”

“No, I won’t!” Vivi wailed, pouting. “Shut up!”

“Oh, yes, you will,” Shay taunted. “Anyone who wets themselves here gets a visit from me, and my little friend…” She held up an oversized, old-fashioned syringe, “and a lifetime of diapers.”

Vivi tried to fight it, to push the diaper away as it was being pulled up between her legs, but it did her no good… In no time, she’d been snugly diapered in front of a bunch of people who thought she deserved it, that she’d earned it. And that wasn’t even the worst of it… She gasped, one hand shooting to her crotch as she felt something trickling into the padding, heart thumping as she realized what was going on. “I-I’m peeing!” she squealed. “I-I can’t stop it!”

“And you’ll never be able to again,” Shay grinned. “Now come on… It’s time to get you to the nursery…”

Vivi was so upset, she barely noticed the audience leaving, as she fought to regain control. “That wasn’t funny, Shay!” she whined. “What did you do to me?!”

“Don’t worry,” Shay chuckled, “It’s only temporary… Of course, after getting it over and over again all night… Who knows?”

“That’s not funny!” Vivi stomped her foot as she got up off the table. “Give me back my clothes!” She threw on her shirt and jacket, then ripped off the diaper. “I’m not wearing this! And I’m not doing this, I…”

“Maybe next time, you’ll show up to rehearsals, then, and you can pick your own character,” Shay shrugged.

Vivi wanted to say something nasty, but the next group was already walking in, and Shay was already lifting up Vivi’s panties again, ready to re-start the scene, not giving Vivi a chance to get away, her protests only making her appear like she was even more in-character… Especially once it came time for the injection, knowing exactly what it was going to do to her now, and terrified of what all of them could, collectively, mean for her later.


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