A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

Adriana shouldn’t really complain too much… Steve had warned her, after all.

“My family can be a little… strange,” he’d told her when she’d agreed to go home with him for Thanksgiving. “They’re…”

He hadn’t been able to find the right word for it, so he’d drifted off, leaving Adriana hanging, waiting for a better description of what she should expect once they got there. After all, pretty much everybody thought their family was weird, so him telling her that wasn’t exactly surprising, and certainly not enough to change her mind.

“I’m sure it’ll be just fine,” she’d said, giving him a kiss. “You’ll be there, right?”

“Well, yeah,” he’d chuckled. “But still, I don’t know how much I can…”

“I’ll be fine,” she’d assured him. “Don’t worry about it!”

Apparently, he should have worried about it a little; as should she. It was a long drive there, so Adriana was hardly in the greatest of moods when they finally stepped into Steve’s parents’ house, letting him introduce her, then take their bags to their room. She’d intended to follow, but Steve’s mother intercepted her with a smile, pulling her over to the table.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you!” his mother told her. “And I’m so glad you guys got here today, before all the craziness tomorrow… Now, Steven has told me you used to be a cheerleader, is that right?”

Adriana blushed, curious why he would have mentioned that to his mother. “Yeah, back in high school,” she shrugged.

“How fun!” the older woman smiled. “Now, we all get very into the football game after dinner… It would be so great to have our own little cheerleader! Would you mind doing that? We have an outfit and everything, and…”

“Umm… No, thanks,” Adriana shook her head. Steve’s mother looked crestfallen, and she felt bad for a moment, but she hadn’t cheered in years… In front of her boyfriend’s family on Thanksgiving was hardly the time to start again.

“Well…” Steve’s mom backpedalled, clearly not expecting that answer. “Well, that’s all right. I’m sure you’ll be a big help in the kitchen!”

Adriana wrinkled her nose. “Yeah, I’m not really much of a cook,” she admitted, starting to feel a little uncomfortable, so she pulled out her cell to distract herself. “It would probably be better if…”

The woman’s pleasant demeanor was rapidly wearing off. “How about dishes, then? Surely you’re capable of helping with that?” she asked, lips pressing tightly together afterwards.

So, Adriana thought, the word Steve had been searching for to describe his family was, likely, ‘old-fashioned’. The women belonged in the kitchen, slaving away over the ovens for their men, then cleaning up, like obedient little robots… Steve had never struck her as thinking that way, so it was a surprise, but that was definitely the vibe she was starting to get.

“Don’t you have a dishwasher?” Adriana rolled her eyes. She wasn’t the biggest fan of washing dishes, no, though this was really more about the principle of the thing… Or maybe just her bad mood after spending all day in the car…

Either way, it was the wrong response. “So, you’re planning on coming into my house, eating my food, and contributing absolutely nothing? And you won’t even give me the courtesy of paying attention when I speak?!” the woman asked, snatching Adriana’s phone out of her hand, any pleasantness in her expression now completely gone. “There’s only one kind of person I accept that from, young lady, and I didn’t think you were one of those… If you are, then you aren’t dressed appropriately at all. Let’s go take care of that.”

Adriana had no idea what she meant, and before she could ask, or reply any other way, the woman reached out, grabbed her ear, and dragged her down the hall to show her.


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The Distraction

The Distraction

“Nicola!” The girl turned around from speaking with her friends, for a moment having forgotten that she was still in school. “Can you repeat back what I just said, young lady?” the teacher asked impatiently.

“Well, you were just talking about… umm…” Nicola squirmed, having hoped the confidence from her opening words would somehow carry her through the rest of the speech, only to have it sputter out as she had to admit that, in fact, she had no clue.

“That’s what I thought,” the teacher sighed. “Sit down and be quiet, please… And stay after class to talk to me.”

A series of snickers and, “Ooo”s rose from her classmates, though Nicola wasn’t too worried… After all, what could the woman really do to her? She was 18 now, a senior, an adult… Not that Nicola had ever had a huge respect for school, but now, it seemed even more pointless, just one more hurdle to jump through before joining the adult world.

Her lack of worry didn’t stop her from trying to sneak out after class, however; whatever her teacher had to say was, no doubt, going to be boring and stupid, and she was sure she didn’t really need to hear it. The woman grabbed her by the wrist as she tried to walk past, fixing her with an icy glare as she escorted her back to one of the desks, directly in front of her own.

“I’ve had just about enough of you, young lady,” she informed Nicola. “Believe it or not, there are some students still trying to learn here, and your constant distractions…”

“I’m sorry, okay?” Nicola rolled her eyes. “There… Can I go now?”

“No, you may not!” the teacher said sternly. “But you may stand up!” Nicola was thrown off briefly, although a pointed glare got her scrambling out from the desk. “Just as I thought,” the teacher shook her head. “That skirt is much shorter than school standards allow for…”

“Whatever,” Nicola huffed. “I’m an adult… I can wear what I want.”

“Not here,” the teacher countered. “There are rules, and as long as you’re a student here, you’re expected to follow them!”

“I’m fine with not being a student, then,” Nicola shrugged. “I’ve learned all I need to know…”

“Oh?” the teacher raised an eyebrow. “Do you really think you’re ready to go out and support yourself, and your little, if you can manage to find one? Because it seems like all you’ve learned is how to be a distraction, and attract attention to yourself… Which sounds more like something a little would need to know than an Amazon.”

Nicola’s eyes narrowed. “I am nothing like those little brats!”

“We’ll see,” the teacher told her cryptically. “You have a choice, young lady… You can either prove to me, right now, that you really have learned something from your time at school, and if you can, I’ll excuse you from this class for the rest of the year… Or I can escort you to the principal right now. I’m sure you know his stance on those who break the uniform rules…”

Nicola hesitated, just slightly. “Fine,” she gave in.

“Good,” the teacher smiled, reaching behind her desk. “Now, put this on…”

“But…” Nicola’s eyes widened. “I might as well just go to the principal, then!”

“You’ve already agreed,” the teacher’s smile morphed into a grin, and Nicola began, for the first time, to really worry. “Besides, this test is to punish you for distracting your classmates… Your uniform violation needs to be punished as well, and I happen to agree with the principal – the only one who need to wear skirts that short are littles who need to have their diapers easily accessible. You’re just lucky I’m not going to spank you first, like he does… Unless you waste any more of my time. Get moving!”


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The Hospital

The Hospital


Ten minutes ago, Naoko had felt on top of the world – ready, after years of training, to start her new job, to start helping people, saving lives… And now she was lying on an exam table, shivering in fear as she watched a nurse slide a disposable diaper under her and begin to tape her into it…

She’d gotten dressed up nicely that morning, wanting to make a good first impression, hardly able to wait until she got there so she could put on her new lab coat to complete her look. She was so short and young looking, it was sometimes hard to be taken seriously without an outward symbol like that, although she had high hopes for this hospital… It had also hired her friend, Kumi, who was on the shorter side as well, so it seemed clear to her that the people working here were able to see past physical looks.

She’d only been to this hospital a couple times, for interviews, so she didn’t know her way around very well. She would have liked to report straight to her superior, or go right to her office, but, instead, she stopped off at the nurse’s station – it was probably a good idea to get to know them as well, anyway.

“Hello!” she smiled at the bespectacled nurse behind the counter. “My name is Harada Nao…”

“Oh, Nao!” the nurse cut her off. “We’ve been expecting you!”

Naoko blushed, for a moment debating whether she should even bring it up, especially so early, before reminding herself that she was a doctor now… She deserved at least enough respect to be called by her preferred name. “Actually, if you don’t mind…” she began.

“We’d better get you ready,” the nurse told her. “We can’t admit you looking like that.”

“Admit?” Naoko frowned. “No, I don’t think you understand, I…” Once again, she failed to complete a sentence, this time because she felt a sharp, but brief, pain in her arm as the nurse bustled out from around her counter and past her. “Ow! H-Hey, what did…?”

“Come along,” the nurse gently led her to a room, as Naoko felt her feet growing heavier, harder to move correctly. “We’ll get you all taken care of…”

“N-No, I’m not…” Naoko whimpered, feeling a sense of overwhelming fear start to wash over her. “I’m not a patient…”

“That’s right, Nao,” the nurse told her. “You’re not just any patient… You’re a very special patient.” Naoko gasped as the woman began to undress her, trying in vain to keep ahold of her shirt, her pants, her underwear… Anything! In no time, she had been pushed back onto the exam table, totally naked as the nurse looked her up and down. Self-consciously, Naoko tried to cover herself with her hands.

“This isn’t quite right,” the nurse said, gesturing at the doctor’s hair. “It’s cute to see such an adorable little thing with such a mature style, but it just doesn’t suit you.”

“I-I like it that way…” Naoko protested weakly, not that it did her any good, or stopped the nurse from tying her hair up into a pair of ponytails.

“That’s much better!” the nurse declared. “Now, let’s… Oh, are you still bashful?” she asked, seeing that Naoko was still trying to cover her chest and her crotch with her hands. “I’ll see what I can find to help you with that…”

“W-Well, I-I have…” Naoko looked over at the clothes she’d just been stripped of. Instead, the nurse produced a cute, but very childish, shirt.

“Now,” the nurse’s tone shifted, sounding more serious. “I know you might not like this, Nao, but it’s for the best…” Naoko’s eyes widened as she saw the nurse wheel an IV stand over, bearing a bag with a hose dangling from it… She shook her head, which did nothing to stop the woman from turning her over on the table and inserting the tube into her backside.

Naoko gasped as she felt a rush of liquid begin to pour into her as she was flipped back over, this time onto something soft, and thick, and crinkly… The flow lessened as she laid on the hose, although that did little to make her feel better when she looked down and saw what she was now lying on.

She gasped, instinctively drawing the shirt up to her face, wanting to hide behind it, to make all of this go away.

“Don’t you worry, this is all for the best,” the nurse reassured her, which Naoko could only manage to respond to with a squeak. This couldn’t be happening… This had to be a dream, a strange, very vivid dream…

Naoko winced as she watched the nurse pull the diaper up between her legs, expertly taping one side into place before moving on to the other. Her heart thumping loudly in her chest, Naoko realized she had to do something, had to say something… She felt so small, so timid, it was hard to force any words out, especially the confession she knew she had to make. However, if she didn’t, things were only going to get more mortifying in the very near future…

“I-I’m a doctor!” she blurted out. “Not a patient!”

“Nonsense,” replied the nurse, not even pausing her work, earning another whimper from Naoko as she started taping up the other side of the diaper. “A doctor would never have allowed me to do any of this.”

Naoko had to admit, normally she wouldn’t have… What was wrong with her? She still couldn’t make herself act, or do anything except watch helplessly while the woman finished putting her in her diaper, whining in wordless humiliation as the nurse patted the front.

“All done!” she announced. “That’s a good girl… Now, let’s go get you admitted!

“Admitted?” Naoko gulped.

“Yes. Now, get up,” the nurse instructed, coaxing her up.

Naoko could still see her real clothes, tried to remind herself that she was a doctor, that she needed to take charge… Then, as soon as her back lifted off the table, released the pressure on the tube going into her, the liquid began gushing into her at full force again, making her freeze and whimper, reminded of her powerlessness.

“Oh, let me get you some slippers,” the nurse said, pulling out a pair and setting them on the floor. Naoko slowly got to her feet, tugging self-consciously at her shirt, trying to cover her diaper. “Now, you’ll have to take this with you out to the station to wait for me while I make my rounds,” the nurse told her, helpfully adjusting the back of Naoko’s shirt, for all the good that did, before sliding the IV stand a little closer to her. “Do you think you can do that?”

“D-Do I have to?” Naoko whimpered, even as her hand slid to the awful thing that was filling up her insides, and was bound to cause something very humiliating in just a matter of time.

“Yes,” the nurse replied. “Now, get going!”

Obediently, Naoko began to trudge out of the room, pulling along her enema bag behind her. Her cheeks darkened as she stepped out of the room, knowing quite well just how obvious her diaper was. She approached the nurse’s station and saw the nurse walk past her, briefly hoping she’d just been joking about her rounds before the woman simply grabbed a pen, then headed down the hall, leaving the doctor there, on her own, to wait.

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“This seems like a bad idea…” Jessa grumbled, staring out at the old, dilapidated building.

“No, it’s perfect,” Corey told her from the front seat, again, as if repeating it would make it true, as he adjusted his ascot. “We have the costumes, it’s Halloween… Why wouldn’t we take advantage of it? Don’t worry, I’m sure any ghosts that are in here are just some creepy old dudes in masks.”

“That doesn’t sound much better,” Jessa pointed out. “Besides, ghosts aren’t what I’m worried about… What if this place’s floor is rotted out? It would take forever for somebody to find us out here if we all fell…”

“Well, trick or treating is over, and all the good parties were this weekend,” Whitney rolled her eyes. “What else are we supposed to do?”

Jessa would have said they could simply go back to the dorms and get some sleep for classes the next day, but it was pretty clear that wasn’t an option. Besides, that would just make her look more like the nerdy killjoy, which had already landed her with the Velma costume instead of the Daphne one, she was sure… Though Whitney was taller, so that probably helped, too.

“What about you, Norville?” she turned to the guy in the back seat with her, in a Shaggy costume. “Do you think this is a good idea?”

“Are you going to give me a Scooby snack?” he asked, eyeing her in a way that made Jessa pretty certain he was high, and that she didn’t want to know what he meant. “Nah, I guess it’s cool. Whatever.”

“Fine,” Jessa conceded. “If we all die, it isn’t my fault…”

They climbed out of the car, heading towards the building. Jessa didn’t even realize she was still clutching her prop magnifying glass until they were almost at the door, as if she was actually going to use that in here, and by then she wasn’t about to turn back and look like she was scared. She was, a little, but she didn’t want anyone else to see that…

“We’d better split up,” Corey smirked, hand on the doorknob. “Whitney, you come with me, we check the right side… Norville and Jessa, you look at the other one…”

“The left?” Jessa rolled her eyes. She should have known this was just an excuse for those two to make out… Why couldn’t they have done this on their own, and left her out of it? “Fine, let’s go…”

She almost hoped the door wouldn’t open – though that probably would have meant she’d have to crawl in through one of the broken windows instead, in her short skirt, so that wasn’t much better – but instead, it nearly fell off its hinges as soon as Corey gave it a push. The four looked at one another, then stepped inside, splitting into pairs to ‘investigate’.

Jessa stepped into the nearest room, looking around. “So, what was this place, anyway?” she asked. She was from a few hours away, just here for college… Norville lived in town, so if anyone knew the actual history of this building, it would be him.

“It used to be, like, a clinic of some kind, I think,” he shrugged. “Then it closed down for a while, and then it reopened as something… I can’t quite remember what…”

“A daycare?” Jessa suggested, as she opened another door, finding a room filled with cribs, somehow looking far cleaner and newer than the entryway, or the room they were standing in.

“Yeah, that sounds right,” Norville nodded. “Have you heard this before?”

“No, I just looked in here,” she gestured into the doorway.

“I guess that could have been a daycare room,” Norville shrugged. Jessa frowned… Was he joking? It was hard to tell with him sometimes… “Anyway, the owner died here, and supposedly she still haunts this place… You know, usual small town ghost story…”

“Which owner?” Jessa shut the door into the next room nervously, pretty sure she already knew the answer.

As if to confirm her suspicions, off in the distance, she could have sworn she heard a voice, calling out, “Naptime!” She froze, staring towards it, heart pounding… Something felt strange, different, not right…

“I think it was the daycare one? Yeah, that was it… There’s some legend, where if more than one person enters, she claims one of them as her own, to take care of forever… I don’t remember what it was… The most scared, maybe?” Norville scratched his scraggly beard thoughtfully.

“W-Well, I’m not scared!” Jessa declared, shifting her weight uncomfortably, still trying to place what had changed, what was making her feel this way.

“Nah, that wasn’t it,” Norville corrected himself. “It was something else, like… The smallest one, maybe? Because they were closest to the kids she took care of? I don’t know, it was just some silly story anyway… Hey, were you always wearing that? I don’t remember that from the show?”

Jessa wrinkled her forehead in confusion, then followed Norville’s gaze down to her skirt, her cheeks heating up quickly at what she saw there. She spun around, gasping as she saw the door open – she’d just closed it, hadn’t she? – and then again as somebody stepped in front of it. She was tall, stern looking, and very, very pale… Almost see-through…

Jessa let out a scream, only for it to stop partway through as something – a pacifier, she realized, a moment later – was shoved into her open mouth. Her arm felt cold as the woman’s hand closed around it as she tried to turn, to run… Before she could do either, she was yanked into the other room, door slamming shut behind her, closing out the confused shouts of Norville.

She almost wondered what exactly he’d seen, if the ghost had been visible to him, since he hadn’t been able to see the cribs before, then she realized it really didn’t matter. “Such a naughty girl,” the ghost told her, grinning as it lifted her into one of those cribs, definitely very real, very solid, very tall, much too tall for her to climb out of… “Playing when I told you it was naptime… Such a silly girl… I’ll have to keep a very close eye on you, won’t I?” The ghost plucked the magnifying glass Jessa had forgotten all about out of her hand, then glided away, over to the door.

Just as Jessa had suspected, as she opened it, the room on the other side wasn’t what she’d just been standing in – an empty, graffitied mess – but a brightly painted playroom, with plenty of toys scattered around, including all around a large chest that the ghost walked to, placing the magnifying glass inside. There was no sign of Norville, or any of her other friends there… Even though she’d been wide awake a moment earlier, she felt herself drifting off to sleep anyway, no matter how hard she tried to keep her eyes open, her diaper – which felt strangely warm, which made it feel oddly comforting, since otherwise she felt quite chilly here – crinkling softly as she curled up in her crib.


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The Bears and the Bea

The Bears and the Bea

“Hmm…” Beatrice mused, “What should I be?”

She wasn’t used to waiting so long to answer that question – generally, she knew what she was doing well ahead of time, so she had the chance to plan out the perfect costume, find just the right pieces for it… This year, things obviously weren’t going to happen that way.

It didn’t help that she was throwing a Halloween party, though it probably wasn’t fair to blame it all on that. It had seemed like the perfect idea, really; she loved Halloween, she knew most of her clients did as well… Why not throw them a nice little party? True, it had taken up a lot more of her time that month than she’d expected it to, but it was hardly the only thing she’d been doing, and she’d had plenty of moments to come up with, at the very least, an idea.

Yet, she hadn’t. Maybe she was losing her touch… She hated repeating herself, and she’d already done so many wonderful costumes, it was getting more and more difficult to top them. Or, maybe, especially with the added stress of party planning this year, she was starting to get tired of Halloween. That sounded impossible, but she did have to admit she’d been having a harder and harder time getting into the spirit of the holiday the past few years.

Even if that was the case, it was certainly too late to back out of the party. She’d been promising it since last month, and her clients had been telling her all about their costume ideas ever since. She had no idea they’d all be adorable… Maybe that was part of the problem. Usually, with her costumes, she went for clever, or sexy, or both, and what she’d heard about what everyone else would be wearing was cute instead. Perhaps she just didnt know how to switch into that mode of thinking of what to wear.

She should have expected as much from her clients, though, the bunch of babies. Not literally, of course… She preferred her babies able to tell her exactly what they wanted when they were upset, and not likely to wake her up in the middle of the night. It was also quite a bit more profitable, she was sure, running a nursery for adult babies, rather than actual ones.

She was alone in the nursery now, although it was late enough that she felt slightly uneasy as she looked around. Probably, she should just head to her own bedroom and go to sleep for the night, but there were only a couple days left, and she’d always thought better when she was up and moving.

The nursery was pretty typical – or as typical as it could be, given those who were taken care of there – with her hiding most of her more risque toys away in the closet, away from her more innocent clients, yet close enough to be on hand for the ones who liked that. There really wasn’t much around to inspire her…

Or so she’d thought, the last hundred times she eyes the room. This time, on the other hand, something finally jumped out at her. “That’s it!” she exclaimed out loud. “I’ll be a teddy bear!”

It was the perfect solution, she thought. It was something cute, like the rest of the partygoers’ costumes, and also just a little bit clever – on their first visit, her clients always commented happily on the number of teddies she kept around the house, though mostly in the nursery itself. She wouldn’t say she collected them, exactly, yet it had somehow turned into quite the collection anyway. She had them in all shapes, sizes, and colors; the only thing they all had in common, in fact, was that she always found a way to diaper every single one of them. Some of them in baby diapers, some in the same adult diapers she used on her clients, others in doll diapers… No matter what size they were, she always managed to find something. It just made them cuter, she thought, and she always told her clients it kept her in good practice for diapering them… Some of them liked to play at being adults, too, and she would let them change the teddies.

Even better, she knew she had a headband with bear ears somewhere in the dress-up closet. All she had to do was pair them with a cute dress of some kind, maybe paint her face, and she’d be done! If she were dressing up one of the babies, she had some nice, thick, fluffy paw gloves to put on them, but, as the hostess, she was going to have to be able to use her hands.

“Let us help you with that,” a voice rumbled from behind her. Bea gasped, spinning around fearfully… She’d thought she was alone in the house, and, sure enough, at first glance, she was. She didn’t see anybody there, despite having just heard those words.

“Who’s there?!” she demanded. “What are you doing in my house?!”

“You brought us here,” the voice said, behind her yet again.

She turned, eyes wide as she searched for the intruder. Still, she was nobody… Until something small dashed out of the darkness, leaping at her, knocking her to the floor with an “Oof!” as pain shot through her tailbone after a hard landing. In a flash, things were rushing out of the shadows at her, grabbing at her, pulling at her clothes… She tried flailing her arms, hitting at them, but they seemed to be well armored, as all she hit was something soft, and they never cried out in pain, certainly not after they shoved a pair of soft, fingerless mittens onto her hands… And all she heard was a soft crinkling…

“No, let me go!” she yelled as she felt something being forced around her ankles and wrists, recognizing it, after a moment, as one of her special toys from the closet, something that was going to leave her totally helpless. The attackers paid her no mind, locking her up in it, then starting to drag her across the nursery, over to the changing table.

It was only then that she was able to accept that, as strange as it seemed, whatever was doing this was small, and furry, and looked an awful lot like her teddy bears… Even as they all worked together to hoist her up onto the table, it still felt impossible, though that was exactly when it started to get real, as one of the bears sat behind her, resting her head on its rustling diaper as it held her in place, allowing another to work on the other end, and diaper her.

“No, you can’t do this!” she moaned, trying in vain to break free of her bondage. “I don’t belong in diapers! I don’t even like them!”

“Neither do we,” one of the bears spoke up, though, at first, it was impossible to tell which one it was. “And yet, you make us wear them all the time… But don’t worry, we know how to make them more fun for you…” She gasped, finally seeing the bear who was speaking, as it pushed through the others, crowded around, watching. It was very easy to tell which one it was… It was the only one carrying her Hitachi, aiming the head right at her diapered crotch…


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The Nanny

The Nanny

“I’m sorry, you clearly have the wrong house,” Luna began to shut the door, only for the strange woman outside to step closer, blocking it.

“I’m starting to lose my patience, little one,” she said, her formerly cheerful voice taking a darker tone. “It was a funny joke the first time, but we’re past that now… Or would you like me to tell your mama that you’re misbehaving?”

“I don’t have a mama!” Luna insisted.

“Of course you do,” the woman told her, a bit gentler now. “Just because she went on business trip doesn’t mean she abandoned you forever… That’s why she hired me to take care of you.”

“No, that’s not what I meant!” Luna blushed. “I-I do have a mom, but she doesn’t live here… I’m just house sitting for my friend, and she must have forgotten to call you and let you know that she was taking her daughter with her after all. But she never mentioned you to me, so you need to take this up with her, and…”

Luna yelped as she was pushed backwards, the woman easily shoving the door open despite her attempts to shut it. “All right, young lady, that’s enough of this game,” she said, stepping inside the house. “I gave you plenty of chances, but if you aren’t going to obey me like a good little girl, I’m afraid we aren’t going to have a very good week together.”

Luna gaped up at the woman; she’d seriously misjudged her size, and her strength – once she’d decided she was going to open the door, there hadn’t been anything Luna could do to stop it. “O-Okay, you can call her from in here,” she conceded, “but she’s just going to tell you the same thing I did!”

“Why would I need to do that?” the woman asked. “You’re obviously my charge for the week… I can’t believe your mama would trust the well-being of her house to somebody in these.”

Luna’s cheeks darkened, her eyes widening as the strange woman grabbed at her sleep-shorts and pulled them down with a slight rustle. “Hey, how dare..! What are..?” She frowned, something down there feeling very strange… She glanced down, gasping out loud as she saw that the underwear she’d had on had somehow transformed themselves, having changed into a pair of Goodnites. “No, wait! I don’t wear these!” she shook her head.

“Of course you do, don’t be silly,” the woman patted them, making Luna blush darker and shiver as the padding – so strange and thick compared to her usual panties – was pressed against her. “Don’t worry, I know all about your training… In fact, after all that time playing around with the door, it must be time for a potty trip now.”

“No, it definitely isn’t!” Luna insisted, blushing at the childish term, only for the woman to grab her hand anyway, pulling her through the house without even bothering to pull her shorts back up. Luna stumbled for a few steps as the shorts slid down her legs and around her ankles, finally having to kick them off to keep up, traipsing through her friend’s house in just her shirt and the Goodnites that had mysteriously appeared on her, until they came to the bathroom and the woman pulled those down as well, sitting Luna on the toilet.

“All right, cutie, show me what you can do!” the woman smiled at her. Luna shook her head, mortified; she wanted to sink through the floor, or at least get out of this room, but the woman was blocking her path, leaving her little choice but to sit there on the toilet awkwardly.

“I-I don’t have to use the toilet,” she mumbled, looking away from the woman.

“Of course you do,” the woman brushed off her protest. “I saw the way you were squirming there, on the other side of the door… I’ve taken care of enough little girls to know what that means. I’m surprised you didn’t wet yourself right then and there.”

Luna shook her head, but the more the woman said, the more she remembered that, yes, her bladder had been feeling pretty full… How had she not noticed until now? It was starting to get uncomfortable, in fact… But she’d always had a bit of a shy bladder, and that was just when somebody else was in a stall next to her – having somebody there, staring straight at her, was ten times worse. “C-Can you turn around at least?” she asked, biting her bottom lip.

“No,” the woman told her flat out. “It’s my job to watch you, and after that little stunt you pulled, I can tell I have to watch you very, very carefully.”

Luna tried to look away, to pretend she wasn’t there, but it was no good… After a few minutes, the woman picked her up off the toilet – quite easily, to Luna’s surprise – and examined the toilet, shaking her head before pulling the Goodnite up over Luna’s bottom and instructing her to wash her hands anyway. “Well, you can at least help me get my stuff in from the car,” the woman said, taking Luna’s hand and starting to lead her back through the house.

As soon as the woman turned away, Luna felt her nervous muscles loosen… A little too much. She squeaked as she felt a splash of urine escape out of her, soaking into the Goodnite around her. She blushed, trying to pull away from the woman’s hand, back to the bathroom, yet she didn’t even seem to notice. Luna planned on letting her know she had to go now once they stopped to get her shorts back on… But that didn’t happen.

Even as Luna’s attempts to stop her, or alter her path, or at least get away from her grip, grew more and more desperate, the woman didn’t pay her any mind, not stopping as she pulled the front door open, or yanked Luna through it and across the yard to the car parked in the driveway. “Don’t you dare try to run off, young lady,” she told Luna sternly, “or you’ll regret it.”

Luna wasn’t sure exactly what the woman meant, but she didn’t doubt that she meant it. As the woman opened her trunk and began rooting around in it, Luna’s eyes darted back to the front door, wondering if she could make it back inside and lock it before the woman could catch her… The woman’s legs were longer, though if Luna could get enough of a head start, she might have a chance…

“What did you do?!” Luna looked up, confused at the woman’s unhappy tone until she followed her eyes. Only then, as she saw the now sodden padding between her legs, did she realize her full bladder had fully given up the fight, that the tiny patch of warm wetness had grown, engulfing almost the entire pair of bedwetting pants… And, to her horror, it was still going. She blushed, pushing her legs together, trying to make it stop, even as the woman sighed and shook her head. “And I just gave you a chance to use the potty, too… I guess some children just don’t want to learn…”


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Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins

“Come on, live a little!”

It was a refrain Kelsey had heard many times, especially over the past year. She’d always been a good student, and a good girl… And now, not even halfway through her senior year, she’d already gotten an early acceptance letter from her college of choice, she was cruising through all her class, like usual, and, at last, she felt like she had time to just relax. It was probably her last chance, too, since she knew college was going to be much tougher than high school ever was.

She’d had friends, but mostly just other kids from the various clubs she’d been in previous years, and she mostly hung out with them at official meetings. This year, she’d told her parents that she wouldn’t have time for all that, with college prep, though really she just didn’t want to have to put up with all of it anymore – and why bother? Her extracurriculars were already well-stocked, and clearly good enough to get her into whatever school she wanted.

So she’d started making new friends. Senior year was pretty late, since most everyone else had their own little groups formed and solidified by then, but eventually, she’d managed to break into one. She’d always thought of them as the ‘bad kids’, always sitting off by themselves in the cafeteria, or sneaking out of classes… Normally, she wouldn’t have even considered hanging out with them, yet, now, she almost felt like it was her duty, like she should see what it was like to be them.

They’d encouraged her to try all sorts of new things, and she’d enjoyed most of them, much to her surprise. She was still new, though, still felt like she had to prove herself, which helped them push her into some stuff she normally would have said no to… Like roaming the streets on Halloween, in a cheap, slutty witch costume she’d bought at a drug store because it was the only thing she could find in her size and they insisted they all had to dress up somehow, looking to cause some light mayhem.

She was expecting some egging, or some TPing, something like that… She’d seen that sort of thing in the movies, and she could definitely imagine it being very satisfying, even if she’d never have done it herself. Their first stop, however, was at the end of a long driveway, with a pair of cheery, smiley-faced jack-o-lanterns sitting on either side.

“Smash them,” she’d been told. When she’d protested, they told her, “It doesn’t matter… They’re just going to throw them out tomorrow morning, anyway. We might as well have some fun now. Live a little!”

And, against her better judgement, she did. Her friends chuckled as she gingerly bent down, taking out the battery-operated candle and setting it to the side, before stomping the pumpkin, feeling strong and powerful as it splintered below her foot, collapsing in on itself and breaking into pieces as she brought her foot down again and again…

She was so into it, in fact, that she didn’t notice the door of the house open, didn’t think anything was wrong until her friends began to scatter, one shouting, “Get out of there, Kelsey!”

But when Kelsey tried to do just that, her foot refused to move. She frowned, thinking that, somehow, her foot had gotten stuck in the pumpkin… That seemed impossible, since it was basically flat at that point, yet there didn’t seem to be any other explanation. She gulped, trying desperately to yank herself free as the owner of the house grew closer and closer, quite slowly, since she was an older woman.

“What do you think you’re doing, young lady?” she demanded.

“I-I just… I was…” Kelsey’s mind raced, for once utterly devoid of the correct answer.

“Halloween isn’t over!” the woman told her. “I still need my jack-o-lanterns tonight… How dare you do this?! Did you think it was funny?” Despite herself, Kelsey found herself nodding honestly. “Only a silly child would be amused by this!” the woman raged. “Is that what you are?!”

Kelsey wanted to tell the woman that she was an adult, that she was already eighteen, already accepted into her college, but when she tried to open her mouth, she realized something was in there, blocking her from speaking. She also noticed something else, under the short skirt of her witch’s costume. She frowned and fidgeted, hearing a strange crinkling noise, feeling her thighs being pushed apart, even as they slid easily across something that was definitely not her panties.

“Well, there’s no fixing this,” the woman shook her head. “I still need another jack-o-lantern… So I guess it’s going to be you.” Kelsey gave the woman a strange look, before noticing a draft even further up her legs than before. She looked down at herself, cheeks reddening as she saw her witch’s dress had somehow been replaced by a jack-o-lantern costume, one that barely reached past her waist… Which made the diaper that she was somehow wearing underneath very, very visible.

“You’re going to stand out here in front of my house for the rest of the night,” the woman informed her. “I don’t care who comes by, or who sees you… If you step one foot off of my property, I’ll hollow your memories out, just like I hollowed out those pumpkins, and you’ll be needing those for much longer than just tonight.” Kelsey scoffed as the woman pointed at her diaper, before realizing, to her horror, that they felt different, heavier, warmer… Was she peeing in them?! “And don’t you dare let anyone else hurt my other pumpkin, either, or you’ll regret it! Oh, and you might as well use that broom to clean up the mess you made.”

With that, the woman hobbled back towards her house. Kelsey whimpered, a hand brushing worriedly against her diaper, gulping as she felt what definitely seemed like a wet spot. She wanted nothing more than to run away from here, find somewhere to hide… If the woman couldn’t find her, she couldn’t do anything to her… Right? And yet, somehow, she’d already done all this… Kelsey was a smart girl, she knew magic wasn’t real… But she didn’t want to risk it, either. She would just have to hope that trick or treating was almost over… And that her friends didn’t come back to check on her when they saw she hadn’t caught up with them… This night was already going to be long enough without anyone witnessing it.

Smashing Pumpkins

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