Dress Code

Dress Code

“Ugh, I knew I should have just gone without letting you see it,” Mackenzie rolled her eyes. “I knew you wouldn’t understand…”

“I understand perfectly,” her mother told her, “but that doesn’t mean that dress is appropriate to wear to your school for anything, even prom. I don’t think it’s appropriate to wear anywhere, to be honest… Just look at you… You might as well not have on anything.”

Mackenzie had to admit, it was a bit on the skimpy side, but that was the point, really… And what did that matter? After twelve years of being stuck in stupid schoolgirl uniforms, she was more than ready to branch out. Besides, her friends had been sending her pictures of their prom dresses for weeks now, and theirs showed off quite a bit of leg, or cleavage… It had almost felt like a competition, seeing who could find the most revealing one; Mackenzie was pretty sure she’d won, so she hadn’t taken any photos, wanting it to be a surprise.

“Well, like it or not, mom, I’m an adult, so I can wear whatever I want,” Kenzie informed her.

“There are still dress codes,” her mother replied.

“Not for prom,” Mackenzie shook her head. “I’m not going to wear this Monday, so what do they care?” She had given a little thought to wearing it on the final day of classes, when she knew the only reason she’d ever have to go back to that place again was for graduation, but she hadn’t decided for sure yet… It depended partially on how good a reaction she got from her friends tonight.

“I know you’re eighteen,” her mom sighed, “And I’ve been very lenient about letting you buy whatever clothes you like…”

“As if it matters,” Mackenzie responded with a sigh of her own, shorter and more annoyed. “I can only wear them here, or during the summer, or weekends, or whatever…”

“However,” her mother fixed her with a motherly glare, unimpressed at being interrupted, “sometimes I wonder if that was a mistake…”

“Well,” Mackenzie shrugged, “I guess it’s too late now!” Fighting the urge to roll her eyes again, she lied, “I think I hear the limo outside… I’ll see you later.”

She hated to ruin the surprise, but she also didn’t want to have to continue this conversation, so, instead, she stomped her way across the street to her best friend, Lia’s, house, since it was her boyfriend, Ben, who had rented the limo for that night. It was really intended for just him and Lia, but Lia had pestered him until he agreed to let Kenzie ride with them, since she hadn’t managed to get a date.

“I’m taking her as much as I’m taking you,” Lia informed Ben. They’d been going out for a while, so Mackenzie doubted that was a huge surprise… He knew how close the two girls were, having been best friends for most of their lives, partially out of convenience, since their houses were so near to one another’s.

Mackenzie wasn’t surprised when Lia’s parents seemed slightly shocked at the sight of her, since they were pretty conservative, but she’d thought Lia herself, at the very least, would like it. Instead, she gawked at it for a few moments as she adjusted her own dress before finally managing a weak, “It looks nice…”

Mackenzie almost doubted herself, and her choice of dress, until a glance in her friend’s mirror reminded her of just how hot she looked. No, Lia was just jealous, that was all… Her mom probably was, too, jealous that Mackenzie was still young and hot, and could pull off an outfit like that; even though Lia was the same age, she didn’t have the body for it, either. It was too bad Lia was letting that bother her, since she still looked beautiful, though it still annoyed Mackenzie enough that she replied with a clipped, “Yeah, yours, too.”


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Gone Swimming

Gone Swimming

“Are you seriously going to wear that?” Beth giggled. “You’re so frumpy… It’s no wonder people think we’re sisters! If you go out like that, people will probably think you’re the older one!”

Stephanie bit back her true thoughts – that the real reason was her father had remarried to a girl only a few years older than her – and shrugged. “I feel more comfortable in this…” She fidgeted in her one piece swimsuit, knowing that her step-mother was right, that there weren’t many girls her age who would wear something like that, but still not wanting to switch over to something more revealing.

“I’d be happy to take you shopping,” Beth offered. “Don’t you want to look hot and glamorous, like me?” She struck a pose, flaunting her bikini-clad body. “It would be fun…”

“I said no!” Stephanie furrowed her brow. The ‘woman’ never listened to her… She seemed to think that, just because she was close to her age, she knew exactly what Stephanie wanted, despite the two of them having very different tastes. Stephanie had no desire to be more like her step-mother, either, no matter how hard she pushed. “I’m going like this, or I’ll just stay home!”

“Well, I’m not sure I want to be seen with you anyway, if you’re going to dress that way,” Beth stuck out her tongue. “So if you want to just sit at home with your nose in your books, that’s fine with me! I was just trying to be nice, but if you want me to tell your dad you aren’t even trying to get along, I’d be more than happy to do that!”

“I am trying!” Stephanie insisted. “I just don’t…”

“You know you’re supposed to be nice to me!” Beth reminded her.

Stephanie rolled her eyes; Beth was slightly older than she was, yet sometimes it didn’t seem that way. Maybe that was why she’d done it… That, and it was so easy just to slip a few extra songs into Beth’s work-out mix. She felt guilty about it from time to time, only to remind herself that it might not even work, that even if it did, it wouldn’t start until Steph herself said the main trigger phrase to activate everything else.

“Whatever!” Beth huffed. “We’ll see if he’s still going to pay for you to go to college this fall with you treating me this way…”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Stephanie shook her head. “You want me out of here just as much as I want to get out!”

“Try me,” Beth shrugged. “I can also let him know you haven’t been helping out with the chores around the house… I wouldn’t mind you sticking around if he made you take care of the dishes and vacuuming and all that boring stuff.”

Stephanie’s lips pressed into a thin line as she eyed the other girl’s expression, seeing that she was serious. Beth didn’t want a step-daughter, she wanted a maid, even if it meant denying Stephanie her education. Well, if she wanted Stephanie to take care of her, Stephie was willing and able to do just that.

“Bethy-poo,” Stephanie said, looking her in the eye. “Time to go bye-bye.”


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Playing Dress-Up

Playing Dress-Up

“Wow, you’ve gotten so big!” Odette exclaimed, smiling at her charge, Rosa. It had been so long since she’d seen the girl… Back then, she’d had to look down at her, because she’d actually been shorter than her. Now, Odette was forced to glance upwards at the unamused looking tween, just like she had to for just about everyone else.

“Yeah, I guess,” Rosa shrugged.

There was really no guessing required, as far as Odette was concerned, but she wasn’t going to push the issue. She hadn’t seen the girl since she’d started college four years ago, and the difference was pretty striking; before, she’d been a cute, little girl, more than happy to spend time with Odette whenever she came over to watch her. Now, she just wanted to go off to her room and be left alone. There had been a brief flash of excitement when Odette had first shown up, though it hadn’t lasted long at all.

Rosa retreated to her room, leaving Odette in the living room to wander around and reminisce. She’d spent plenty of time here, years ago, and she’d always enjoyed it… Rosa had been such a sweet kid, and her parents were pretty well-off, so they’d paid nicely. They still did, in fact… And maybe this would be even easier, with Rosa, really, old enough to take care of herself, mostly. Odette wouldn’t have to worry about keeping her entertained, or watching whatever silly kids’ show she was into at the moment, she could just do what she wanted.

As she walked around the room, however, she spotted the doorway, a smile cracking her lips as she spotted the lines crawling upwards, slowly inching higher and higher, a date inscribed next to each one, several in her own handwriting. She hadn’t really gotten close enough to Rosa to judge just how tall the girl was, compared to her, though now, staring at that latest line, there was no doubt she’d been outgrown. She almost stepped up to the wall herself to see by how much, but she wasn’t sure she really wanted to know.

Seeing those lines, however, she remembered how much fun she’d had, playing with Rosa. She’d been such a sweet little kid… Surely, there had to be some remnant of that left! Part of Odette knew that, at the girl’s age, she would have been much the same, more annoyed at still having to prove she didn’t need a sitter than anything, but she chose to ignore that.

“Hi,” she said, pushing open the girl’s bedroom door. “Are you just going to sulk in here all day? Why don’t we play something?”

Rosa rolled her eyes. “I’m not a kid anymore,” she told her sitter. “I’m too old for peek-a-boo or hide and seek, and…”

“But not for dress-up?” Odette winked, walking towards the dress-up chest. Rosa used to love that – and Odette had, too, since it gave her an excuse to raid the girl’s mother’s closet, and try on some of her fancier things – although Odette was surprised to see it still there.

Rosa blushed, then, a moment later, shrugged. “I-I mean, if that’s what you want to play, we could…”

“Sure!” Odette smiled, glad to see her babysitting skills hadn’t rusted that badly while she was off studying. Rosa hopped down from her bed and marched over to the chest, opening it and starting to dig through it, occasionally pulling out a princess dress, or a superhero costume, before shoving something blue and pink at Odette. “Here, this is yours.”

“Oh… Okay!” Odette nodded. Now that they were around the same size, she supposed it made sense that they’d share these costumes, instead of her borrowing some clothes from the girl’s mom. Those had always been too big for her anyway, although that had hardly mattered that much, when she got to try on those beautiful, elegant evening gowns that she knew she couldn’t afford on her own.

That was definitely not what she wound up with this time… It was cute, sure, a blue shirt with a kitten, and a blue skirt lined with pink lace, and it fit well, other than the skirt clearly being too short, leaving Odette tugging at it, trying not to flash her panties at her charge. What it was meant to be a costume of, however, she had no idea.

“And here’s mine,” Rosa smirked, grabbing Odette’s discarded clothes and changing into them. They fit her quite well… Maybe even better than they fit Odette. Odette’s skirt was a little short on her, though, unlike the one the sitter was currently wearing, there was no danger of panty-flashing, it just left a bit more of her legs exposed. The shirt was a touch too small as well, but in a way that showed off a touch of her midriff, making it seem intentional. The clothes almost seemed to have aged her up some, made her look like a full-fledged teenager, while Odette’s had taken her in the opposite direction.

“I’m bored of this game,” Rosa declared, after examining herself in the mirror. “Let’s play house…”


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The Interview

The Interview

“Oh, my God,” Peach gasped, pulling the pacifier out of her mouth, too shocked to be embarrassed, at least for the first few moments. “I’m not dreaming… You are real…”

She had no idea how long it had been since she’d seen another human, any sign of life at all. For somebody who had spent so long in the thick of things, getting her hands dirty and finding something to report about – even if she had to sometimes make details up so her story would sound better – that was almost as bad as these diapers she’d been forced to wear… Almost.

As the man approached, however, shame began to creep in, almost overriding her relief at knowing there was someone else, someone who knew she was here, who could help her escape, hopefully. She became fully aware of the fact she was wearing only a pair of rainbow socks and a large, wet – it was always wet, or at least seemed that way – disposable diaper, with nothing to cover or hide it, or any of the rest of her.

“You have to help me,” she begged. “I have to get out of here… I don’t know what happened, but the machines, they…”

She paused, a tiny, nagging thought in the back of her mind suddenly resolving itself. She knew this man… Well, had met him, anyway, once, interviewed him. She might have felt bad for not recognizing him right away, had she not interviewed so many people, back when she’d had an adult life, away from the clinical, pristine whiteness of this place, interrupted only by the colorfulness of her socks, and her toys – and, when it was time for them, the bright colors of her crib, changing table, and high chair.

And the arms, of course. Even if she couldn’t see them, she knew they were there, somewhere, lurking just on the other side of the walls, and floor, and ceiling. There were hatches of some kind they could come through, but she’d never been able to tell exactly where they were, until they opened, and once they were closed again, they vanished, blending perfectly in with the rest of the whiteness.

She shook her head, trying to get her mind back on track. Usually, all she had to think about was the way this place worked, attempting to figure that out so that, maybe, she could find a weakness to exploit, some way to get out. She wasn’t used to there being other things to think about, at least, something other than her simple baby toys – which, admittedly, she had taken to playing with from pure desperation – and whatever food and drink she was given, nearly all of which was as bland and boring as her surroundings.

This man… She had spoken with him at least once, but what about? That was harder to recall. From the lab coat – white, but a different shade than the walls – Peach assumed he was a scientist, though he couldn’t have been the person running this place. That was who she’d come to interview, at the start of all this, and she hadn’t recognized the name she’d been given. From what little research she’d done, though, that was a woman, so that was a pretty big hint that this guy wasn’t it.

“C-Can you help me?” Peach gulped. “Pl-please, I have to get out of this place… I can’t take it! Just look at what they’ve done to me!”

She gave a weak gesture down at her body, though she didn’t really want this man, or anyone, to see her this way. Even if she wasn’t sure when she had interviewed him, Peach knew she had been a cool, calm, collected, svelte, sexy, and sultry woman then, one who had been willing to use her looks to get the story, if her other skills failed… Surely, she’d made enough of an impression on this guy that she should have stuck in his mind, especially if she still had a faint memory of him.

Now, after however long she’d been stuck here, being given whatever was in the thick, unappetizing goop she was forcefully spoonfed, and drinking bottles and sippy cups full of bland, artificial tasting milk, and getting nearly no exercise, she had gained more than a little of her baby fat back… Though, to be fair, given her usual attire, it seemed to fit her.

“Do I know you?” the man finally spoke up, frowning. Peach was a little offended, at first – how dare this lowly geek forget her, of all people, after she’d deigned to grant him an interview for whatever boring ‘discovery’ the man had made – though, after a moment, she was glad this new, infantile form she was being forced into was so different from her real self.

“I-I don’t think so,” Peach shook her head. “But I don’t belong here! Th-That’s why you’re here, right? To get me out?”

“Well, maybe,” the man shrugged. “I started getting errors from this room, so I’m here to check them out…”

“Yes!” Peach nodded. “There are errors, because I don’t belong here.”

“Well,” the man said, with a hint of what could have been a smile crossing his face before it vanished without a trace. “We’ll just have to see about that…”


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But First, A Selfie

But First, A Selfie

“Are you ignoring me?”

Ashley wanted very much to answer, to say no, but she didn’t dare… After all, she had no idea how much longer she would be stuck like this, so, even if she let him know she wasn’t meaning to be so unresponsive, that wouldn’t change the fact that she couldn’t see him.

What made it even worse was the fact that this whole ordeal only made her want to see him more. Spending her days wrapped in a thick diaper, under the complete control of her bitchy co-worker, Janice, she would have loved to go on a date, to let him take her back to his apartment – there was no way he was going to hers when her underwear drawer was completely full of the crinkly, plastic underthings instead of her usual panties, and a full package of them was still sitting beside her dresser.

Her real underwear was at Janice’s house, along with any outfits that had the slightest chance of keeping her diaper hidden. She had to drive over there every day in tight pants with a very obvious bulge beneath, or a short skirt that let the diaper peek out from beneath, praying she didn’t get stopped by the police for any reason, or have to run into the store, or do anything at all before she reached her destination. Once she got there, she’d have to beg for her own clothes, agreeing to whatever Janice said in order to get them.

Most of the time, it meant acting as the woman’s maid after work, complete with tiny, frilly dress, or letting Janice take her out for supper dressed however she wanted, with Janice ordering for her, and treating her like a child the whole time, or eating her out, being told that if she didn’t do a good enough job, she wouldn’t be getting any changes that day. Whatever Janice chose, they all required Ashley to let her put a pair of locking plastic panties on before she changed into her more discrete clothes, leaving her completely at the other woman’s mercy for getting changed during the work day… Or at all, as she’d found out the first time she’d tried to refuse one of Janice’s demands, and she’d refused to unlock them until the next morning.

That had been miserable – not to mention mortifying – since that was the only time Ashley had been forced to mess herself. Usually, she could wait until she got home, where she could take her diaper off and use her toilet, although there had been a couple other close calls. That time, however, there was no getting out of her padded prison, which was already quite soaked by then… She could get to her toilet, even sit on it, but there was no way she could actually use it, rather than her diaper. Then, once it was over, she’d been stuck, forced to try and sleep in it… Normally, she just slept commando, since Janice had taken her panties, and threatened punishment if she ever went over and found that Ashley had bought more, then just put a diaper back on before going to Janice’s place in the morning.

Trying to get to sleep in a diaper at all was bad enough, with its bulk constantly there, between her legs, impossible to ignore, the heat trapped inside making her all hot and sticky, the plastic of its cover, and the panties lock over top, crinkling loudly… Adding a thick, mushy mess to it made it far, far worse, as it shifted and squished further any time she moved, reminding her of the shameful, infantile thing she’d been forced to do. She’d been more than willing to go between Janice’s legs the next morning in order to get out of that diaper.

Some days, Ashley wondered if it was really worth it, if she shouldn’t just tell their boss the truth – that the big report she’d done, that had pushed her over the top and won her the big promotion, had been mostly done by Janice, and not her. If she was really apologetic about it, perhaps she’d get by with just a demotion, rather than getting fired… As strict as the boss was, however, the latter seemed far more likely, and potentially losing him as a reference would make finding a new job a lot more difficult.

Today was one of those days… Janice had refused to tell Ashley what she expected of her, had just made her agree to be obedient that afternoon. That definitely got Ashley feeling anxious, wondering if she could find some way to spin the story to her boss to get him to understand how sorry she really was. Whatever Janice was planning, she was positive it wouldn’t be good.

She couldn’t get up the courage to approach her boss, especially when Janice refused to change her during their lunch break, like she usually did, leaving her in a wet diaper for most of the day, which made it far harder to find the confidence to even look the man in the eye when he came out to check on her progress, much less confess anything.

“All right,” Janice said, once they were back at her place after work. “Here’s the deal… You’re starting to bore me, so I’m going to end our little arrangement.”



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Declaring Independence

Declaring Independence

“I know your secret.”

It was a disconcerting thing to hear from anyone, although from your lazy roommate, who spent most of her days at the apartment, it was even worse. There was every chance she could have snuck into Ida’s room and found… Well, who even knew what? There were plenty of things that she kept from Brooke, for a variety of different reasons.

“Do you now?” Ida asked, doing her best to act like it was no big deal, telling herself it very well might not be. Brooke could be bluffing, or could have found some silly little thing that didn’t actually mean anything.

“I do,” the other woman nodded. “And, I have to say, I was surprised at first, but then, honestly, it made a lot of sense. Just so you know, I don’t mind… Honestly, it’s kind of cute.”

“O… Kay…” Now Ida was really confused. What had Brooke found out that she would consider cute? “And how did you find out this secret?”

“Well, I was in your closet…” Brooke began.

“And what were you doing in there?” Ida asked indignantly. “I’ve told you, my room is my personal space, and I don’t appreciate you…”

“I was looking for something to wear for a job interview,” Brooke shrugged. “You told me I needed to dress up more if I actually wanted to get a job, and I didn’t have anything clean… I didn’t want to bother you at work to ask…”

Ida still wasn’t happy about it, though it was hard to argue; she had told Brooke that, after she’d gone to her last interview in a miniskirt and t-shirt, and she’d also asked her to stop calling her at work so often, when she would boredly do it all the time, under the guise of asking if it was all right for her to call a repairman when the Internet was being kind of slow, or seeing what Ida wanted for supper, not that she was likely to cook it if it was anything more complicated than mac and cheese. Really, Ida knew she was just lonely, which was why it had taken her so long to say anything about it… But, if she would just find a job, she would have something real to keep her busy.

“And how did it go?” Ida asked instead.

“Oh, I borrowed that one skirt, you know, the black one with…”

“No,” Ida rolled her eyes. “The interview.”

“It was fine,” Brooke shrugged. “Anyway, while I was in there, I found your little stash.”

“My… stash?” Ida frowned.

“Come on, stop pretending,” Brooke urged. “I know already. And, like I said, I think it’s fine… I can see now why you said you wanted so badly to be able to show your real self at work.”

“Do you?” Ida had said that, sure, only because she had to be so strict and no-nonsense, to prove she deserved her promotion, despite how young she was.

“Yes, silly,” Brooke shook her head. “And I thought today was the perfect day for that… It’s Independence Day, after all. Why not declare independence from lying about who you really are, from hiding your true self, from your boring, monotonous adulthood…”

“Wait, what?”

“I have the perfect outfit picked out for you for that little picnic you told me about. It’s nice and simple… It will really get the point across.”

“What point? What the hell are you talking about?!” Ida was truly baffled.

“I know you’re going to argue,” Brooke soldiered on, not bothering with an answer. “But it’s private, right, and adults only? I know you may not exactly qualify, though I bet they won’t mind too much… It’ll be the perfect place to debut the new you!”

“Brooke, would you just tell me what is going on?” Ida insisted. “You aren’t making any sense! There is no new me…”

“You’re right,” Brooke agreed. “It’s more like the old you, isn’t it? Now, I’ll be coming with you, of course…”

“Oh, that’s what this is about,” Ida rolled her eyes, finally sussing out the true motivation. “I told you Tony was going to be there, and you wanted an excuse to go flirt with him…”

“No,” Brooke blushed – just slightly, to her credit. “I mean, that will be a nice little side benefit, but I’m going to support you. Unless you just want to jump right in and let them change you… I thought it would be better if I was there to take care of that, at least for the first few times. You can always ask someone else once you’re a bit more used to it…”

“Change me?” Ida shook her head. “Seriously, what the hell are…?!”

“Sweetie, I let it slide once, because you’re new to this, and it’s a holiday, but if you keep saying naughty things like that, I’m going to have to punish you.”

“You are not punishing me,” Ida told her. “What you are going to do is explain what is happening, and…”

“I already told you,” Brooke said. “I know the truth. Now, here, we’ve waited long enough, we’re going to be late if you keep fussing. Here’s your outfit for the party… Do you want to help me by getting undressed?” She reached down, picking up something from beside the couch and setting it down beside Ida.

‘Simple’ was one word for it… Even before she realized what, exactly, it was, Ida could tell it wasn’t enough, that she’d be, essentially, almost nude. And then, she figured it out.

The hairband, she recognized right away; it was plain, a bit childish, though nothing awful. The second item was far more baffling, although it was what finally helped her piece together what the third one was… She wasn’t sure she ever would have guessed it without the little hint of the pacifier lying on top of it. Even then, she could hardly believe it.

“Are you crazy?!” her eyes widened. “I am not wearing a…” She couldn’t even say it out loud, it was so ludicrous. It took her another moment to recall where Brooke would have even found the thing… She’d bought them a long time ago, as a favor for a friend whose grandmother was moving in with her, then, before she’d had a chance to get them over there, her friend had told her she’d been able to pick some up on her own after all. Ida had thought nothing of it, tucking them away in the corner of her closet, planning on returning them when she had the chance, then forgetting all about them.

The pacifier had been the same; it was part of a baby shower gift, one she’d replaced with a much nicer, cuter pacifier, then stuck in her closet to return, only for it to be lost to the sands of time… Until now.

“No arguing,” Brooke reprimanded her. “Come on, get those pants off, or I’ll do it for you…”

“No,” Ida shook her head. “This is a big misunderstanding, you don’t…” She whimpered indignantly as her roomie stuffed the pacifier into her mouth.

“Stop it,” Brooke said gently. “Today is about declaring your independence from having to rely on those lies… And from those scary toilets.” She giggled. “I think you’re going to look absolutely adorable, and I’m sure all your work friends will, too.”

Ida tried to bat away Brooke’s hands as the other woman began unbuttoning her shirt, peeling away first it, and then the padded bra she always wore underneath. It was impossible not to notice that there wasn’t anything waiting to replace them, in that so-called ‘outfit’.

“Don’t worry,” Brooke smiled, sensing her uneasiness. “Nobody cares if babies run around naked, especially on warm days like today… We’ll just make sure to keep you nice and slathered up with sunblock.”

“Brooke, stop!” Ida whined, spitting out the pacifier as her roommate began unbuttoning her pants.

Brooke grabbed the pacifier from where it had landed on the couch, shoving it back into place. “No, young lady! That is staying in until an adult takes it out, just like your diaper is staying until an adult decides it’s ready for a change. You’re just a baby now, you have no say in what you wear, where you wear it, what you do… And, if you forget that again, I’ll take you over my knee, wherever we are; I packed my hairbrush. The only thing you’re in charge of now is being a cute, obedient little baby.”

Ida gulped, staring up at Brooke, really noticing, for the first time, how much bigger the girl was than her. Ida usually wore heels everywhere, minimizing the difference somewhat, but she had a feeling, like her bra, that was something she’d be leaving behind when they left the apartment for the party… And now, without them, as Brooke went back to work, getting her pants off and starting to slide down her panties, Ida felt truly tiny and helpless. Brooke wasn’t joking… Everyone was going to see her in diapers, and there would be no mistaking them, since they were, basically, all she’d have on. There was no way anyone would be able to think of her as anything more than a baby from then on… She could only hope that the higher-ups’ vague ‘maybe’s about coming to this party meant they wouldn’t be there, that at least only her subordinates would see her this way…

In all honesty, she thought… Maybe this was what she had wanted, after all… Maybe there was a reason she had never gotten around to returning those things… Maybe, somewhere, deep in her mind, she’d wanted someone to take control, to strip away her independence, and all the stress and worry she had to shoulder at work, and turn her into their little baby…

Either way, she realized as the diaper was slipped under her, her bottom nestling into the soft, crinkly padding, whether there was a part of her that wanted it or not, it was already happening… And there was nothing she could do about it, not without getting spanked like a naughty little girl. She squirmed, watching the bulky garment being pulled up between her legs, and, barely even noticing, began to suck on her pacifier, rather than just letting it sit in her mouth.

“There!” Brooke declared, massaging the last tape into place, sitting the stunned Ida up, and slipping the hairband onto her head like a tiara. “Perfect. Now, toddle your little bottom over here so you can see yourself… Aren’t you cute?” She smiled, watching the shocked look in her roommate’s widening eyes in the mirror. “Say ‘thank you’.”

Ida fidgeted for a moment, then reached for her pacifier. Brooke smacked her hand away gently. “No,” she shook her head. “Leave it in… You can talk around it.”

Ida blushed, squirming some more, then, finally, managed a slightly muffled, “Fank yew, Mommy.”

Brooke’s smile widened, wondering if Ida had even realized what she’d just called her, without even having to be told. She’d been sure she was right about all this before, but now, she was absolutely positive. “You’re welcome, baby girl,” she kissed her on the top of the head. “Now… Let’s go to this party!”


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The Phone

The Phone

Lara giggled as she lifted the toy telescope to her eye, knowing that, to most people, it would look like she was just being goofy and playing around… Her intended target, on the other hand, knew exactly what it really meant – she was keeping an eye on him.

She almost felt bad… Almost. She’d never have figured it out if he hadn’t decided to help her out that day. He’d looked so nervous, walking up to her as she stomped her foot and raged in the parking lot… And for good reason. She’d barely even noticed him the whole time they’d gone to school together – which was all the way from kindergarten to now, as seniors – because he was just some creepy little nerd.

She was having a bad day, though… Her friends had already left before she’d locked her keys in the car, she dropped her phone and broke it when trying to call her dad to bring the extra set he had, and she had no idea what to do. When he’d first appeared, she almost thought he was going to offer to break into her car for her, but apparently he wasn’t that kind of nerd. He did offer to let her use his phone, though, and even gave her some privacy while she called her father and explained things. She could hardly even remember his name – Jared – when she sniffled out a thank you to him.

With that done, she would have preferred he just leave, but she felt bad telling him that, so, instead, she kept his phone, playing around with it to distract herself, while he stood there, clearly wanting her to give it back, yet too timid to actually ask for it.

He definitely should have, though… He should have known, with enough poking around, she’d find his secret folder. At first, from the thumbnails, she couldn’t tell what was going on, only that there were some topless women. “Oh, is this your porn stash?” she teased, before tapping one of them, as he begged her to stop.

She saw right away that this was no regular porn. She smirked, then started to laugh as she scrolled through the pictures, seeing shot after shot of women wearing big, bulky, puffy diapers, of all things, acting like babies… And, there, at the end, a few selfies of Jared in diapers himself. “Oh, my God,” she snorted, quickly e-mailing them to herself before he could snatch his phone back. “I can’t wait to show these to everyone at school… I knew you were a freak…”

She wasn’t sure if she really would have done it or not, although it was tempting. If anything, agreeing not to do it would be a good way to make sure he didn’t ask for any creepy favors in return for helping her out. As she stood there, however, watching him beg her not to do it, she had a better idea. “I’ll think about keeping them to myself,” she told him. “But I’m going to need something from you…”

Her parents were constantly bugging her about getting her grades up for prospective college, even though she didn’t really care about it, and knew they could afford whichever school she decided to go to, if she even wanted to go to one. If she could get someone else to do the work for her, though…

Jared had been hesitant, at least until Lara convinced him she was serious about her threat. Even then, she was constantly worried that he was going to crack under pressure and tell one of the teachers the truth, and ruin everything… So, she was keeping an eye on him, making sure he didn’t run off and tattle like the little baby he apparently wanted to be so bad. This was not the time for him to break on her… They had a big test, and she’d worked hard figuring out a way for him to send her the answers without them getting caught. If he thought she was going to let that be all for nothing, he was dead wrong.


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