Smashing Pumpkins

Smashing Pumpkins

“Come on, live a little!”

It was a refrain Kelsey had heard many times, especially over the past year. She’d always been a good student, and a good girl… And now, not even halfway through her senior year, she’d already gotten an early acceptance letter from her college of choice, she was cruising through all her class, like usual, and, at last, she felt like she had time to just relax. It was probably her last chance, too, since she knew college was going to be much tougher than high school ever was.

She’d had friends, but mostly just other kids from the various clubs she’d been in previous years, and she mostly hung out with them at official meetings. This year, she’d told her parents that she wouldn’t have time for all that, with college prep, though really she just didn’t want to have to put up with all of it anymore – and why bother? Her extracurriculars were already well-stocked, and clearly good enough to get her into whatever school she wanted.

So she’d started making new friends. Senior year was pretty late, since most everyone else had their own little groups formed and solidified by then, but eventually, she’d managed to break into one. She’d always thought of them as the ‘bad kids’, always sitting off by themselves in the cafeteria, or sneaking out of classes… Normally, she wouldn’t have even considered hanging out with them, yet, now, she almost felt like it was her duty, like she should see what it was like to be them.

They’d encouraged her to try all sorts of new things, and she’d enjoyed most of them, much to her surprise. She was still new, though, still felt like she had to prove herself, which helped them push her into some stuff she normally would have said no to… Like roaming the streets on Halloween, in a cheap, slutty witch costume she’d bought at a drug store because it was the only thing she could find in her size and they insisted they all had to dress up somehow, looking to cause some light mayhem.

She was expecting some egging, or some TPing, something like that… She’d seen that sort of thing in the movies, and she could definitely imagine it being very satisfying, even if she’d never have done it herself. Their first stop, however, was at the end of a long driveway, with a pair of cheery, smiley-faced jack-o-lanterns sitting on either side.

“Smash them,” she’d been told. When she’d protested, they told her, “It doesn’t matter… They’re just going to throw them out tomorrow morning, anyway. We might as well have some fun now. Live a little!”

And, against her better judgement, she did. Her friends chuckled as she gingerly bent down, taking out the battery-operated candle and setting it to the side, before stomping the pumpkin, feeling strong and powerful as it splintered below her foot, collapsing in on itself and breaking into pieces as she brought her foot down again and again…

She was so into it, in fact, that she didn’t notice the door of the house open, didn’t think anything was wrong until her friends began to scatter, one shouting, “Get out of there, Kelsey!”

But when Kelsey tried to do just that, her foot refused to move. She frowned, thinking that, somehow, her foot had gotten stuck in the pumpkin… That seemed impossible, since it was basically flat at that point, yet there didn’t seem to be any other explanation. She gulped, trying desperately to yank herself free as the owner of the house grew closer and closer, quite slowly, since she was an older woman.

“What do you think you’re doing, young lady?” she demanded.

“I-I just… I was…” Kelsey’s mind raced, for once utterly devoid of the correct answer.

“Halloween isn’t over!” the woman told her. “I still need my jack-o-lanterns tonight… How dare you do this?! Did you think it was funny?” Despite herself, Kelsey found herself nodding honestly. “Only a silly child would be amused by this!” the woman raged. “Is that what you are?!”

Kelsey wanted to tell the woman that she was an adult, that she was already eighteen, already accepted into her college, but when she tried to open her mouth, she realized something was in there, blocking her from speaking. She also noticed something else, under the short skirt of her witch’s costume. She frowned and fidgeted, hearing a strange crinkling noise, feeling her thighs being pushed apart, even as they slid easily across something that was definitely not her panties.

“Well, there’s no fixing this,” the woman shook her head. “I still need another jack-o-lantern… So I guess it’s going to be you.” Kelsey gave the woman a strange look, before noticing a draft even further up her legs than before. She looked down at herself, cheeks reddening as she saw her witch’s dress had somehow been replaced by a jack-o-lantern costume, one that barely reached past her waist… Which made the diaper that she was somehow wearing underneath very, very visible.

“You’re going to stand out here in front of my house for the rest of the night,” the woman informed her. “I don’t care who comes by, or who sees you… If you step one foot off of my property, I’ll hollow your memories out, just like I hollowed out those pumpkins, and you’ll be needing those for much longer than just tonight.” Kelsey scoffed as the woman pointed at her diaper, before realizing, to her horror, that they felt different, heavier, warmer… Was she peeing in them?! “And don’t you dare let anyone else hurt my other pumpkin, either, or you’ll regret it! Oh, and you might as well use that broom to clean up the mess you made.”

With that, the woman hobbled back towards her house. Kelsey whimpered, a hand brushing worriedly against her diaper, gulping as she felt what definitely seemed like a wet spot. She wanted nothing more than to run away from here, find somewhere to hide… If the woman couldn’t find her, she couldn’t do anything to her… Right? And yet, somehow, she’d already done all this… Kelsey was a smart girl, she knew magic wasn’t real… But she didn’t want to risk it, either. She would just have to hope that trick or treating was almost over… And that her friends didn’t come back to check on her when they saw she hadn’t caught up with them… This night was already going to be long enough without anyone witnessing it.

Smashing Pumpkins

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A Tale of Two Costumes

A Tale of Two Costumes


Cheshire told herself to ignore it, but it had obviously been said loud enough to make sure she heard it; she had no idea who had said it, yet clearly they’d wanted to involve her in the conversation somehow. She looked around, expecting to find some distasteful monster costume, or someone dripping in fake gore… She found neither.

“Well, it is Halloween,” she shrugged, turning back towards the woman who had said it, not wanting to be rude, while also not wanting to get caught in some longer conversation. “It’s the day for disgusting things, so…”

“Is that what you tell yourself?” the woman asked harshly.

Cheshire was taken aback. Her?! She looked down at her blue dress, thoroughly confused… This was probably the most innocent, least offensive costume she’d worn in years – how could anyone find it disgusting? “I’m Alice,” she pointed out, in case the woman had mistaken her for something else. “From Wonderland?”

“I don’t care who you are,” the woman sneered. “Somebody your age shouldn’t be running around in that sort of thing, especially when you know there are going to be all kinds of children around!”

Finally, Cheshire realized what this was all about, and rolled her eyes. “I’ll keep that in mind,” she shook her head.

“Are you aware your underwear is visible?” the woman asked, refusing to let the conversation die. “Anyone could see it!”

Cheshire hadn’t realized that – the dress she’d gotten with the costume was short, sure, but she hadn’t thought it was THAT short. Maybe it was just in the back… It was harder to judge that in the mirror. Or maybe the woman was just looking for excuses to be mad. Either way, she resisted the urge to tug at the skirt. “Maybe I like it that way,” she shot back. “I’m trying to corrupt all the kids by making them stare at my underwear!”

It was a ridiculous statement, and the only way she could think of to punctuate it was sticking out her tongue at the woman, to really emphasize that. Maybe then she’d realize how dumb her complaint was? She hadn’t been sure it would work, and judging by the scandalized expression on the woman’s face, it didn’t.

“Look, I’m not going trick or treating or anything, I’m going to a party, and I promise, there aren’t going to be any kids there, so just buzz off, okay?” she marched off, done with all this.

“The only people who should be that unconcerned with who’s able to see their underwear are babies… Is that what you are?” the woman demanded.

Cheshire didn’t bother to turn around, just threw up her middle finger at the woman behind her, muttering, “Bite me,” not even caring if it was loud enough to be heard. She didn’t stop as she heard the woman respond, especially since she couldn’t understand what she was saying… Not until she felt something between her legs, frowning as the thing fabric of her panties seemed to grow and stretch, blooming out between her thighs… Only then did she gasp, turning around in confusion.

“I guess you are,” the woman smiled.


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Daughter Knows Best

Daughter Knows Best

“Oh, hi, daddy! You’re finally back! How was the trip? Go on, sweetie, say hi… You still remember how to do that, don’t you? Aww, such a shy little baby…

“What’s going on? Well, that’s simple, daddy… I’m showing you how helpless and immature your wife is. Just look at her… Does this look like an adult to you? Oh, hold on… She got baby food all over her boobs! Let me clean that off… I’m sure you want to see those, since that’s the only reason I can think of why you would have married her. Silly baby, you’re supposed to drip your food onto your bib, not everywhere else!

“Oh, please, daddy… Have you ever even had a real conversation with her? I mean, you can’t really now, through all her baby babble, but even before then, it was hardly any more interesting. If I’d been here, instead of off at college, when you two first met, I would have told you right away that she was no good for you; I could tell as soon as I met her at the wedding, though it was too late, then, and I didn’t want to ruin your big day.

“And she’s only gotten worse from there! I’ve barely seen her since then, because she was always off on some trip with her friends when I was home from school; when I actually did, she always had some new, expensive jewelry she just had to show off. Where did she get the money for all that, hmm? She definitely didn’t have a job! As far as I can tell, she didn’t do anything… Ever!

“Well, of course you gave it all to her… But why? You were constantly showering her with presents, like it would have been some great tragedy to lose her, yet I never heard the two of you actually talk, and the only trip I’ve seen pictures of both of you on was your honeymoon… I get that she’s pretty, but you can do better than her!

“And now, you’re going to have to. She could barely take care of herself before, but now, she certainly can’t… I’ll look after her until summer is over, but then I’m off to grad school, so you’ll need to get her a nice Nanny… I’ve been making up a list of single ones in the area that I think would do a good job, and who you might like…

“Daddy, don’t be silly… She’s just a baby! She definitely needs a Nanny… Here, feel her diaper. I just changed her before supper, and she’s already soaked… And I have a feeling that, as soon as I let her out of her high chair, she’s going to poop her pants, too. If she’s even a little smart – which I doubt – she will, because if she waits until after her bath, she’s going to be stuck in that messy diaper until morning, because it’s right off to bed for her!

“Don’t act so surprised, of course she uses her diaper! Why else would I have her in one, especially one this thick? Just wait until you see her diaper pail… I already emptied it once this week, and she’s almost filled it back up already! She’s a little fountain!

“Yes, I know she wasn’t like that when you left. But she had that plastic surgery scheduled, and you told me to look after her while she recovered… And that’s just what I’ve been doing. Of course, I may have gotten the surgeon to do something a little different from what she had planned… Then, I sold off all that jewelry she’s been leeching out of you, and used the money to furnish our guest room for her. Just wait until you see it! It suits her perfectly, and I found the cutest crib…

“Hmm? Oh, just simple stuff… He numbed her tongue, to make it harder for her to talk – she can still do it, with the sweetest lisp, if she concentrates hard enough, but mostly it’s just babble – and weakened her legs and hands, so she has some trouble walking on her own, holding stuff, or grabbing small things, like those pesky tapes on her diapers! And speaking of her diapers, he made it so she uses them a little easier, though you’d think he removed her ability to hold it altogether with how many changes I’ve given her! All those nice, warm bottles and mushy baby food goes right through her! I don’t think she even tries to hold it… Which is too bad, since I bought her a cute little pink potty to use…

“Look, I know you’re mad, daddy, but trust me, this is for the best. You’ll be much happier once you find someone else. And this will help! If she’s mature enough to take care of your little baby here, then I’m sure she’ll be mature enough for you, too… Now, do you want to help me give her a bath? Or do you want to start calling potential Nannies?”


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Take One, Please

Take One, Please

Lolette smirked as she sauntered past a group of kids on their way up to the porch, knowing there were only a few pieces of candy left in the bowl there, labelled ‘Take One, Please’ – far less than there were people in the group. Maybe she should feel bad, or offer to share the couple handfuls she’d just taken from there with them… But she didn’t. She just kept walking, searching for the next house with the unattended stash of candy.

Besides, it wasn’t like she had a choice… Those kids could go up to any house and ask for candy, and they’d give it to them, no question. She could maybe do the same, especially if the person guarding the candy was a single guy, seeing her there in her naughty schoolgirl outfit, skirt short enough for her to flash her black panties at them if she thought they needed a little more persuasion, skirt unbuttoned low enough to show off a good bit of her matching black bra… But there was just as good a chance that she’d get a dirty look instead, a lecture on how she was way too old for trick or treating.

Sure, she could have gone and bought her own candy, and if she waited until tomorrow, it would all be on sale, so she could buy even more of it… It wasn’t the same, though. Halloween candy just didn’t taste as good if you got it for yourself! So, despite being well out of her teens – the beginning of which she knew a lot of people thought was when kids should stop trick or treating – and even out of college, she still dressed up and walked around to scavenge candy from wherever she could get it.

She paused at the next house where she didn’t see somebody waiting on the porch, trying to figure out if it had candy sitting out somewhere or not. She didn’t see a bowl, yet the light was on, and the yard was decorated quite festively, the gate standing wide open, inviting her in.

She shrugged, told herself it was worth a shot, and made her way through the faux graveyard, plastic skeleton arms reaching up from the ground, some of them wiggling around in what she had to admit was a pretty cool effect, even if the batteries on some of them were clearly starting to wear down. When she got closer to the porch, however, she could tell there was no candy bowl there, and also that the front door was open…

With a sigh, she nearly gave up, certain there was somebody inside, probably watching a scary movie, waiting to pop out and offer what they would assume was a child some candy. Maybe it was worth trying, probably not… Luckily, before she could turn back around, she spotted a plastic cauldron sitting on the floor, with a sign over it. It was too far away to read clearly, but she was sure there were just three words on it, three words she knew quite well…

It was strange that they were keeping the candy outside, and it made her a little anxious, yet she could tell, even from here, that the cauldron was still full, ripe for the taking. With a grin, she quickened her pace, slowing down only as she stepped up onto the porch, not wanting to give away that she was there. If the door was standing open, surely somebody was there in the house… Maybe they were having a party in another room, and wouldn’t be able to hear her anyway, or perhaps they had simply stepped to the bathroom for a minute, and would come rushing out at the sound of a trick or treater.

She didn’t hear any party sounds as she crept into the house, but, fortunately, she didn’t hear anything else, either. She walked over to the cauldron and grabbed a handful of the treats inside, stuffing them into her bag. Instantly, she felt a touch dizzy, but she tried to shake it off, glancing around to ensure nobody was watching before reaching in again, and again, not noticing her skirt lengthening, her shirt buttoning itself up chastely, before they both combined, colors changing from white and plaid to bright pastels.

It wasn’t until the skirt began to shorten again, joining up with itself between her legs, that she realized something was happening. She frowned, feeling something else changing, her formerly skimpy underwear growing, expanding, turning quite bulky and smooth between her legs, pushing her thighs apart… Then, as if to ensure she noticed, it began being pulled tighter to her crotch.

She bent down to take a look, only to lose her balance, falling flat on her stomach, knocking the candy cauldron over, spilling its contents all over the floor. She tried to get to her feet, but could remember how to do anything but squirm ineffectually, barely able to even turn herself over onto her back. Something was definitely wrong, yet, when she tried to call for help, she realized she couldn’t, because there was a huge, black pacifier in her mouth that refused to budge.

“Well, well, well,” Lolette looked up, her cheek reddening despite her hopefulness at the sound of somebody else’s voice, “what have we here?” The woman who stepped into the room was on the older side, looking like the sort of person who wouldn’t have approved of Lolette trick or treating.

Lolette tried to explain that she’d just tripped and fallen while getting some candy for a sick younger cousin, and apparently hurt herself somehow so that she couldn’t get back up, only to be kept silent by the pacifier. She had no explanation for that, or the diaper and onesie her formerly sexy costume had morphed into, but she could always claim she’d dressed up as a baby, then hurry back home to change out of the humiliating things.

“Somebody can’t read, can they?” the woman shook her head, stepping past Lolette to the sign she’d completely ignored, and knocked over in her fall. “Let me give you a lesson, sweetie… ‘Take’… ‘One’… ‘Please’. Or maybe you don’t know how to count? That’s even simpler…” She held up a single finger. “One. There, that’s it!”

Lolette pouted, not able to say or do anything in response to all the condescension. She was stuck there, on her back, only able to wiggle her feet, wanting more and more to sink into the floor as, each time she did that, she heard a loud crinkling from her backside.


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It’s Only Milk

It’s Only Milk

“Now, now… Don’t be silly, baby,” Belle shook her head, having a hard time keeping a straight face, even while looking into the tearful eyes of her charge. “It’s only milk!”

“No!” Rhianna sniffled again, tears still streaming down her face from frustration. “You don’t understand… I’m not a baby! I don’t need these diapers! I don’t pee my pants, or drool all over myself if I don’t have my pacifier! I am an adult!”

Belle, of course, couldn’t understand the baby babble her mouth spit out instead; even if she could, she likely wouldn’t have taken the girl seriously. After all, she’d seen plenty of evidence to contradict all of that while taking care of her. She’d changed more than her fair share of diapers, spoon-fed mashed up peas and bananas to her, wiped her face for her, given her baths… Everything she would have done for a toddler.

What made it worse was that Rhianna could remember all of that. She could remember sitting in front of the TV, staring wide-eyed at the cartoon characters dancing across the screen, squirming just slightly, only to feel something oozing into her diaper, something she couldn’t quite recognize, but that was taking up all the empty space with its yucky squishiness. She was bawling even before the smell hit her, and she realized what it was; that just made her cry harder.

It had all been sort of fuzzy then, as she slept and played her days away in a happy haze… Now, it was all coming back in a horrifying, mortifying rush. So many people had seen her acting like a baby, oblivious to the world, using her diaper with abandon, sucking happily on her pacifier, or thumb.

Why was clarity coming to her now? She wasn’t sure how long, exactly, she’d been in that state, though it had to have been at least a couple months. The only thing she could think of was that, today, Belle had missed one of her bottles. They were all very carefully timed out, and usually, Rhianna, who was used to her schedule, would start crying if one was late, which also helped to remind her babysitter.

Today, however, Belle had decided it was a nice enough day that they ought to take a trip to the park. Rhianna had toddled around the playground, playing in the sandbox, going down the slide… When they got home, she’d been so tired, she’d slept right through her regular bottle time, and apparently Belle had decided it was better to let her nap than get her up to give it to her.

“Look, I’ll show you it’s okay,” Belle offered, looking around the nursery until she found a sippy cup, unscrewing the cap so she could pour some of the milk into it.

Rhianna calmed down a little, although she tried not to make it too obvious. What was she going to do? Could she really let Belle drink the milk? Maybe she was right, it was just milk, and her reawakening nothing more than a coincidence… Or maybe the milk was what had transformed her into such a helpless infant… There was really one one way to be certain.

At the same time, could she really let Belle try it, knowing what might happen? She had no idea if there was any real cure for this… Her thoughts were more adult again, but her brain still couldn’t force her tongue to spit out the real words she was formulating, and she’d felt her diaper re-warm itself in wet spurts several times already with no consent or knowledge from her. It might be better to just drink the milk and go back to obliviousness… Or, at the very least, knock it out of Belle’s hands before she did something stupid…


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“Fine, then… If you won’t believe me, I’ll just have to prove it!”

A normal woman might have just bought a security camera, hidden it, waited for the incriminating footage… Tabatha, however, was no normal woman. She was a witch, though her husband, of course, had no idea – there was really no need to tell a mortal about her powers, especially after seeing how much trouble it had caused her mother. She was sure, if she still lived near her mother, or talked to her on a regular basis, she would not be happy with the way Tabatha handled things, but that was a big part of why she’d moved so far away. Her mom had always lectured her about using magic to affect memories, but if it kept things pleasant and happy between her and her husband, she didn’t see any real harm in making a few adjustments.

It was going to take more than that, however, to fix this problem… And, while she was doing that, she could also take care of another little problem. She wanted a baby, as did her husband, yet things with her career were so hectic, going through a pregnancy and then those crazy first few months would be nearly impossible. To be honest, perhaps that was why she’d been so suspicious, almost like she was searching for an excuse to do this…

She really did think their housekeeper was up to no good, however. There was always just enough of the house clean when she got home to make it look like the woman had done something, but it was never spotless… And she was positive that pieces of her jewelry were going missing. So, the solution was simple: set a trap to prove the maid had sticky fingers, then… Well, then she could take care of her other problem.

She considered enchanting her jewelry box itself; that seemed dangerous. It wasn’t a constant stream of jewelry vanishing, so it might take a few days before the woman struck next, and until then, Tabatha wouldn’t be able to open the box herself, which would be a pain. She could take all the actual jewelry out and hide it elsewhere, but if the maid stumbled across that stash, she’d have no reason to go to the box.

Instead, Tabatha chose one bracelet and began to weave spells into it, first to expose and humiliate the maid, then to ensure that, of everything in the box, it would be the thing the woman chose to steal next. It was the perfect plan…

At least, until, a week or so later, she opened the box herself to choose a piece of jewelry to wear to work. She’d been sticking with the same stuff since setting her trap, but now she was starting to get bored with it, so, assuming that she’d be fine, she decided to look for something to switch it up a little.

The spell was more powerful than she’d expected, however, after lying in wait for a week. Her eyes were immediately drawn to the bracelet, and, despite knowing what it was, she couldn’t resist picking it up. After all, that was what the magic had been intended to do – make it irresistible. Even though she knew better, she just had to see what it looked like on her wrist…

As soon as the clasp closed, she realized what a huge mistake she’d made. Instantly, the other magic on the object kicked in, making the bracelet grow and stretch, covering her hand in a thick, heavy mitten, ensuring she couldn’t steal anything else. She gasped, looking down at it, and the twin appearing on her other hand, opened her mouth to try to stop it, to cancel the spell, hoping she could be faster than it…

She wasn’t. As soon as her mouth opened, just as planned, a bar of soap from the bathroom whizzed into the room, jamming itself into her mouth, to keep her – or, ideally, the maid – from spouting any excuses, or saying anything to make Tabatha’s husband question what was going on before the next stage of the magic hit. She looked up in a panic at the vanity mirror, watching helplessly as her clothes melted away, leaving her in only her panties, before they began to expand, ballooning outwards into a diaper before, as a final touch, a maid headband appeared on her head, just to make sure her husband would know who this was.

She almost didn’t notice she was moving until she realized her reflection was getting further away – only then did she feel her feet shuffling backwards, dragging her out of her bedroom, to the living room to put herself on display. She groaned and cursed behind the soap, but its job was to keep her silent, and unless she could manage to bite through the whole bar, it wasn’t going to fail. Her mother had been able to cast spells with the twitch of her nose, yet that was a trick she’d never quite been able to master, needing words to use her magic… It had been a nuisance before, though never as much of one as now, while she climbed up onto the coffee table to wait to be discovered.


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A Little Help

A Little Help

“No, I don’t want to do that!” Lucy fumed, pushing her agent’s tablet, and – more importantly – the pictures on it, away. “That stuff is ugly… I want to model cute things, like I used to.”

“It isn’t that bad,” her agent told her, scrolling to the next picture. “Look, this one is…”

“No!” Lucy knocked it aside again, more forcefully. “They’re all gross! Why are you even showing me this?! Why can’t I work with…?” She paused, thinking back through the list of designers she’d modelled for in the past, trying to come up with one who hadn’t gotten angry at her at the photo shoots for trying to be a little creative.

“Listen,” the agent sighed, “I know this is tough, but you have to accept it: in this business, you’re just getting a little…”

“Don’t you say it!” Lucy shook her head. “I am not old!”

“No, you aren’t,” her agent agreed. “Not really. But in this job, there’s always someone younger coming along, and… Well, like it or not, you can’t help aging, not without some… help.”

“I don’t wanna wear old people stuff! I want to go back to the way things used to be! This crap is going to make me look, like… Thirty!” Lucy whined, looking again at the photos of the outfits. She’d never honestly considered doing anything to enhance her natural beauty – she’d considered it cheating, almost – but maybe her agent was right… Maybe, if she wanted to stay competitive, she had to cheat, just a bit. “If I was to get some… help… how would I do that?”

“I know the perfect person,” her agent smiled. “I’ll make you an appointment…”

Two days later, Lucy was waiting anxiously outside the doctor’s office, foot tapping against the floor as she wondered if this was really the right thing to do, or if she should just walk out the door. She was a natural beauty, that was what everyone told her, and had ever since she was a kid. She shouldn’t have to do any of this, and yet…

Maybe it was time to give up, to find another line of work. But… What would she do? She’d been modeling for as long as she could remember, and never had any other sort of job. She’d barely bothered to finish high school, had certainly never went to college – she’d never even applied, though, if she had, she doubted, with her grades, she would have been accepted. What else could she do?

Finally, before she could make up her mind to leave, her name was called, and the nurse led her back to an examination room. “All right, go ahead and strip, please.”

“O-Okay…” Lucy waited for a few moments, only to see that the nurse wasn’t moving. “Right now?”

“The sooner the better,” the nurse replied. Lucy sighed and began to undress, pausing after every item of clothing to glance up, only to see the nurse still watching her, still nodding her encouragement to go on. When she was done, she expected to be given a gown; instead, the nurse had her lie down, still naked, on the exam table.

Lucy was hesitant, expecting to have to endure hearing the doctor – once he or she arrived – talk about which parts of her weren’t good enough anymore, what they would need to change… She was so worked up, she hardly noticed what the woman was doing, until she felt something closing around her ankle… By then, it was too late, as the nurse locked the cuff into place. “Hey!” Lucy tried to jerk her foot free of the restraint, while the nurse fastened the other one in place, then moved on to the girl’s hands.

Then, the nurse pulled out something thick and white, decorated with pink teddy bears, letting off a soft crinkling sound whenever the woman’s grip on it shifted. Lucy had no idea what it was until the nurse unfolded it, sliding it under her backside. “H-Hey!” she gasped. “No… I don’t need diapers!”

“No,” the nurse agreed, quickly and expertly taping Lucy into the loud, bulky thing. “Not yet. The doctor will be in shortly.”

Then, she left, leaving Lucy struggling against the restraints, her cheeks darkening with every pull, as her diapered bottom crinkled beneath her, sliding on the padded surface of the examination table. She was there for what felt like hours before the door finally opened again. For a moment, she felt relieved; then she remembered how she looked, and was mortified at the thought of being seen this way.

“Your nurse is crazy!” she yelled as the doctor stepped in. “Get me out of these things!”

The doctor looked down at the chart she was holding, shaking her head. “She was right, you are an annoying one… No matter…” Lucy’s eyes widened as the woman picked something up, something she didn’t recognize until the woman began to push it towards her mouth. She tried to protest, which simply made it easier for the doctor to force the pacifier into her mouth, before locking the strap behind her head. “That’s better. Now, you want to get the sort of jobs you got when you were younger, correct?”

Lucy, overwhelmed, and a little scared, nodded slowly. “All right, then…” the doctor turned pages on the chart. “Well, here’s the picture your agent sent over… We’d better get to work. We have a lot to do…” Lucy gasped behind her pacifier as she saw the photo, trying in vain to be heard – or, at least, understood – before it was too late.


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