Laura & Holly – Chapter 16

Laura & Holly – Chapter 16

“You can’t do this!” I whined, wincing as the car went over a bump, jarring my tender bottom. “This is kidnapping!”

“No,” the girl replied, “this is what you get for telling lies about my baby sister and getting her into trouble.”

“But they didn’t!” I protested. “They were the ones lying, not me! I didn’t do anything wrong!”

She didn’t seem interested in hearing my side of the story. Instead, she looked over at me, for a moment or two too long, and asked, “You’re Holly, right?” There didn’t seem much point in not nodding, so I did. “My name is Shelly,” she informed me, “but you’re going to be calling me Ms. Shelly, like the other kids, you understand?”

I nodded again, getting a look that told me that wasn’t good enough in return. I tried a simple yes, then was met with approval when I mumbled, “Yes, Ms. Shelly.”

“The girls wanted me to put you in with the three year olds,” she told me, “which might not be a bad idea.” I blushed as she gave a pointed look to my still exposed diaper, frantically tugging my dress down over it. “But I’m in charge of the four year olds, so that’s where you’re going to be instead. If you cause any disruption in my class, I won’t hesitate to put you in the corner like one of the other kids. From what I hear, you’re some kind of a genius, so I’m sure you’ll know all about what we’re talking about, but the other kids might not, so let them participate, understand? You’re not here to learn about how the leaves change color this time of the year, you’re here to learn a lesson about what a bratty little girl you were apparently acting like. So your job is to sit quietly and watch, and not make a fuss. And maybe pick up a few potty training tips.”

I blushed at that, fiddling with the hem of my dress again. “I don’t need these,” I was quick to inform her. “It was just a misunderstanding…”

“Right,” she scoffed. “We have a few kids still in training pants, but you’ll be the only one in diapers. Even so, I expect you to use the bathroom when you need to like the other children. Do you think you can handle that?”

Once again, a nod was deemed not answer enough, so, cheeks burning, I had to say, “Yes, Ms. Shelly,” feeling very much like one of her four year olds. If I had really been a fourteen year old, or younger, as Molly and her group had thought me, I probably would have been even more mortified, though I could hardly imagine how that would feel. Just as soon as I got my old life back, I was going to report this bitch to her boss and get her fired. There was no way she should be allowed to do something like this just to help her little sister get back at someone… But I wasn’t about to say that to her now.

I passed the rest of the ride in uncomfortable silence, though I had to bite back a groan as I saw the sign for the Mt. Pleasant Nursery School appear before us. If I thought it would do any good, I’d have begged her to stop this now, but instead I just tried not to think too much about what was about to happen. She got out of the car and then helped me out, gripping my hand tightly as she walked inside, through the halls, and to a darkened room. It smelled like Play-Doh and crayons, and, despite what she’d said about her kids being potty trained, faintly of stale urine. She led me to the desk at the front and stood me there as she had a whispered conversation with the girl sitting there, watching the squirming children laid out in the dark.

After a moment, they began going around to all of the kids and gently waking them up before turning on the lights, letting me see the room in its full glory. There were chalkboards hanging around the room, many of them covered in crazy stick-man drawings and other random bursts of color, clearly done by the children. Where there weren’t chalkboards on the wall, there was shelves, stocked with toys and fingerpaints and all sorts of childish activities. Above them, the alphabet wound its way around the room several times in a cheery, bubbly font. Several large, brightly colored, low tables ringed the room, surrounded by small chairs.

I watched awkwardly as the kids got up from their nap mats and sleepily moved them to a pile in one corner of the room before getting in a line in front of a door which I could see once Ms. Shelly’s assistant unlocked it and opened it was a bathroom. It was nice not to be the most childishly dressed student anymore, though that victory felt hollow since my outfit was also not, by any means, the most mature, not to mention the diaper beneath it.

Finally, once all the kids had been shuffled through the bathroom and sat at their tables, Ms. Shelly returned to me, putting a hand on my shoulder. “All right, class!” she said, firmly but gently. “We have a new student with us today! Her name is Holly!” I blushed, hanging my head slightly as the kids all mumbled their hellos. “Now, she’s a little older than you all, but she’s… special… so I don’t want you to treat her any differently from anyone else, all right?”

“Yes, Ms. Shelly,” the class said, their response that time much more united and practised.

“You go sit over there,” Ms. Shelly instructed, pushing me off toward an empty seat at a table of giggling girls. Remembering my experience with Molly, I was a little unsure, but I still toddled over to them when my apprehensive glance back at the teacher was met with a pointed glare.

“Umm… Hi…” I told them bashfully.

“I’m Susie,” one of the girls informed me matter-of-factly. “You smell like my baby sister.”

I flushed at this information, fidgeting in my diaper, knowing it was probably all the powder and oil and lotion she was smelling. It did have an infantile scent to it, though I’d barely had time to think about that. Now that it had been pointed out, and by a toddler at that, it was my nose could notice. “Oh,” was all I could think to say, though Ms. Shelly was talking, so they weren’t really paying attention to me anyway.

“I’m sure you all know it, but what is this, class?” She held up a picture of a tree, which was identified quickly and chaotically as the kids clamored over themselves vocally to prove they recognized it. I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at the simplicity of it, hardly able to believe I was reduced to sitting in a class where this was going on. “Very good! What is this part called?” she asked, pointing to the trunk. The answers were a little more sporadic this time, but once one of them started to say it, more joined in. She worked her way up to the limbs, and finally to the leaves.

Bored, and in pain as the small, hard plastic of the chair pressed against my twice spanked bottom, I began to squirm in my seat, sure my table-mates were looking over at me because they could hear my diaper crinkling, but unable to stop looking for a way to soothe my aches. I was sure I had hit rock bottom, that it wasn’t possible for someone my age to feel any more babyish, until Ms. Shelly called me out. “Holly, do you need to use the potty, dear?”

My face turned bright red as everyone seemed to look at me at once. I shook my head, wanting to hide under the hot pink table. “Please sit still, then,” she said before continuing.

While I knew it was silly to assume anything about these little brats and their attention spans, it wasn’t lost on me that I was the only one who had been called out specifically about needing to use the restroom, and I had a feeling at least some of them noticed it, too. Susie, in particular, seemed to be watching me closer.

Self-consciously, I sunk down into my little plastic chair, comforting myself with the reminder that these were just babies, that it didn’t matter what they thought of me. “Just stupid babies,” I confirmed to myself, too caught up in everything to realize I was mumbling it out loud until I saw the hurt look on Susie’s face. I knew I should apologize, but it wasn’t my fault! I shouldn’t have had to be there, to deal with this! It was Ms. Shelly’s fault for agreeing to bring me here, Molly’s for being a vindictive little bitch, the nanny’s for taking me to high school in the first place, and Holly’s for tricking me into this whole mess. And definitely not mine. I sulked as I contemplated that, tuning out the boring lecture for as long as I could, until the kids started getting involved again.

“What kind of colors do you think the leaves change to?” she was asking, getting all kinds of absurd answers like purple and white, making me think they were just shouting out their favorite colors. Ms. Shelly, for her part, was very patient with them, not telling any of them they were wrong, simply nodding and instructing them to wait their turn. Once they were all done, she said, “How would you like to go see what colors you can find?”

The kids, of course, were ecstatic. Once they had calmed down, she told them, “Well, Ms. Marian is going to take you out into the backyard to look at the trees there, while I stay here with Holly. Since she missed naptime, she’s going to have to stay here. Now, whoever needs to use the bathroom, line up at the door.”

I noticed, of course, that she’d asked all the kids at once about the bathroom, rather than singling them out, and, furthermore, that she’d called it a bathroom rather than the potty. I was sure some of the kids had noticed, too, especially Susie, who I was feeling more suspicious of all the time.

“Come on, let’s get you a nap mat,” Ms. Shelly said as she showed up at the table, leading me away from the girls. I glanced back at them as I toddled away, feeling, as silly as it was, that they were up to something.

“You aren’t really going to make me take a nap, are you?” I whined once we were away from the other kids.

“You’re acting like you need one,” she pointed out, “so you bet I am. I don’t tolerate brats in my class, no matter how old they really are.” I opened my mouth to protest, and she closed it with a single look. “Don’t you argue with me, young lady.”

So, as the rest of the class bustled outside, I drug the soft mat into the middle of the floor and laid down on it. It had been a long day, and it was nice to be able to lie down on my stomach and take some of the pressure off my bruised backside, but the indignity of the situation made it difficult to appreciate any of that.

Then I heard a small knock on the classroom door, and when I opened my eyes, I saw one of the girls from my table came in, walking up to the desk. “Can I use the bathroom?” she asked.

“Didn’t you know you had to go when everyone else went?” Ms. Shelly asked, and the girl shook her head. “All right, then… Here you go.” She handed the girl a keychain with a pink, knit bunny head at the end, and the girl scooted off to the bathroom door. “Why are your eyes open, Holly? You’re supposed to be napping.”

I grumbled and shut my eyes, squirming. I knew there was no way I was going to be getting to sleep, not only because it was the middle of the day, but because there was just no way of getting comfortable enough. Even when I wasn’t sitting on it, my bottom was radiating pain, and I was sure a good portion of the warmness in my diaper was coming from that. And then there was the growing fullness in my bladder. This was probably going to be the best chance I got to ask to go, while everyone else was away, which would make the question a little less humiliating, but I had a feeling I’d only get berated for not being asleep.

After a minute or two, I heard the bathroom door open and shut. “It looks like they’re all still right outside,” Ms. Shelly said, and opening my eye a little showed me a sliver of sunlight as she pulled the curtain on the window aside. “Do you want me to go with you, Carla? Holly will probably be all right here by herself for a minute.”

“I know the way!” Carla chirped, and then she was gone.

I felt strangely jealous as I watched her go. It wasn’t that I wanted to join a bunch of pre-schoolers in staring at a bunch of trees, but it still would have been better than lying there, diapered, doing nothing, being lorded over and watched like a hawk by a girl probably five or more years my junior.

“Eyes closed, young lady!” she snapped.

And the worst part about it was that I was too scared to do anything but follow her orders right away.

Laura & Holly – Chapter 15

Laura & Holly – Chapter 15

I never expected to be glad for the diaper, but I very quickly proved myself wrong, as I was deposited into a hard plastic chair outside the principal’s office while the teacher went inside without me, leaving me to squirm on my padded bottom and fret. I really wasn’t sure what to expect, except that I knew I had to somehow convince the principal not to tell the nanny. I was bound to already be in trouble for wetting myself… Anything more than that would only ensure that my bottom got freshly warmed when I got home from school.

I was sure this worrying was part of why I’d been left behind, though I imagine I was supposed to be thinking about what I’d done. It was sort of like being put in the corner the night before, only a slightly more mature version. I very strongly considered just making a break for it, but the secretaries seemed to be watching me quite closely – enough so that I kept unconsciously tugging at the hem of my dress, sure it was showing off what I was wearing beneath it – and I had no doubt one of them could catch me if they needed to, especially padded as I was.

Finally, the door re-opened and the teacher stepped out, led by another man, this one a little older, but still fairly handsome. As the teacher left, he fixed his gaze on me, then beckoned me inside. Anxiously, I got to my feet and did as I’d been bid, finding another uncomfortable chair awaiting me inside, although this one was made of wood.

“Well,” the principal said, sitting in his own chair, “Miss Holly Prescott. Would you care to tell me your side of the story?”

I’d have loved to tell him the whole story, starting with my real name, but I can’t say that I felt very much like Laura with the diaper hugging my body and the slick coating of lotion and cream rubbing itself into my bald privates with every squirm. So, instead, I decided to stick to the story, like in Molly’s original plan. “I’m just visiting my big sister,” I told him, making my eyes wide. “I got lost, and…” I swallowed as, too late, I began to recognize the problem with that plan. If he knew my name, he was sure to know Molly’s as well, and he would surely know we weren’t related.

I swallowed a groan at myself, hardly able to believe I was stupid enough not to think about that before. I doubt pointing that out to Molly would have changed her mind about making me do it, but at least she would have known I wasn’t completely gullible. “Well, not visiting my big sister,” I corrected. “Just visiting to, you know… See the school…” Why couldn’t I think straight? There had to be some way to talk my way out of this! Maybe it would be better not to concentrate on why I was there, but why I was in the classroom. “I just walked in, that’s all… If the door was supposed to be locked, it wasn’t. Maybe the teacher just forgot to do it when he left.”

He looked at me for no more than a second before asking, “Would you like to try again? The truth this time, please, Miss Prescott.”

I started to wiggle again, unsure what to do. Obviously, I couldn’t get away without saying anything, like I had with the teacher. I had to tell him something, and I’d already had the real story rejected as absurd by one person… I didn’t think I could take someone else laughing at me again so soon. But should I tell him any of the truth? Tattling was never a good thing, but how long was I going to be here? The nanny had mentioned I could be taken even further back than freshman year of high school… Which might actually be preferable if Molly were to find out I’d snitched on her. Had that just been a bluff, though?

“I thought it was where my next class was,” I offered lamely. “This is just a misunderstanding…”

“You have one more chance,” he told me, reaching into his desk drawer and pulling out a large, wooden paddle, one with holes drilled through it. He set it on top of his desk, giving me a pointed look over it.

“You can’t!” I pouted, sliding back in the chair away from it. “You’re not allowed to do that!” His expression stayed stern, unimpressed. I was sure he wouldn’t actually go through with it, but that didn’t keep my bottom from starting to throb dully from the spanking I’d gotten the night before.

“I didn’t have any choice!” I whimpered. “There were these girls, and they made me go in and steal a test!”

“They made you?” he raised an eyebrow at me. I nodded. “You’re going to write their names down,” he told me, handing me a piece of paper, on which I scrawled every one of their names I could remember. “Now you’re going to walk this outside, give it to Mr. Barrett, apologize, then come back here. You understand?”

I nodded and hopped down from chair, toddling to his office door with my palms starting to sweat. What was he going to do when I got back? I knew it was probably just going to be a lecture, but the sight of that paddle still made me nervous enough that my voice was shaking when I opened the door and said, “Mr. Barrett?”

The teacher stood up from the chair I’d been sitting in a few blissful moments earlier, walking over to me. “I’m very sorry,” I told him, handing them the piece of paper. “These… umm… These are the girls who made me break into your classroom…”

“I see,” he said, staring down at me, making me feel about two inches tall. I glanced down at my shuffling feet, unsure of what to do next until he asked, “Shouldn’t you be getting back in there?”

I nodded reluctantly, mumbled another apology and turned around, getting only a step in before the principal told me, “Close the door, Miss Prescott.” I did as I was told, then slowly walked back to the chair. “I know you don’t think I’m going to spank you,” he said. “And normally, you’d be right. Usually, in this situation, I would have to put some serious thought into whether to punish you or not. But there’s something you don’t know, Miss Prescott.” He paused, leaning in a little closer to me, his voice quieting to a conspiratorial whisper. “I know who you are.”

At first I thought he really did, and I frantically began to search through my memory, trying to remember if I’d seen him at the mall for some reason, or run into him in town. Was this what I needed to get out of this mess once and for all? I was, of course, happy about that possibility, but I really wished it would have happened before I ended up in a diaper in front of this person who apparently knew me. Then I realized he didn’t mean ‘me’ after all.

“Now, I won’t deny that you may have been bullied by those girls,” he said, “but you are supposed to be an adult now, aren’t you? Surely you should be able to stand up to a bunch of girls four years younger than you. So, frankly, whether that is what happened, or whether this was your idea from the start, and you had to steal the answers to a test four grade levels below your real age and blame it on them, I think you’ve proven your immaturity, don’t you?”

“Umm…. I-I guess…” I stammered, unable to think of anything to do but agree.

“And while I am not allowed to spank our students – and wouldn’t want to if I could – you are not a student of mine. You are a favor, young lady, one that I’m doing for a colleague of mine, who you can be sure is going to hear all about this as soon as we’re done. I have a feeling she won’t be happy with all these calls she’s getting about you today, but that isn’t my problem.”

My heart began to beat faster as I listened. He was right – the nanny was not going to be pleased when I got home… And there was nothing stopping him from warming my bottom quite thoroughly with that paddle on his desk. “Please don’t do this,” I begged.

“I’ll tell you what. If you can give me one reason – one good reason – not to, I’ll let you leave right now and go back to class.” He settled back in his chair, watching me intently. “Just one, Miss Prescott.”

“Because I didn’t do anything wrong!” I insisted. “They made me do it, I swear!”

“Then you truly deserve just what your caretaker is putting you through, don’t you? An adult that is so easily intimidated by a bunch of children is little better than a child herself.”

“O-Okay,” I agreed quickly. “But that doesn’t mean I deserve a spanking, does it?”

The wheels on his chair squeaked as he rolled back from his desk, patting his lap. “You are supposed to be learning how to be a mature adult, how to take responsibility for your actions. And you clearly cannot do that on your own, or you wouldn’t be here right now. You need help, and right now, this is the form that help is taking, whether you can understand it now or not. Now, you can come over here on your own, or I can drag you over my knee, kicking and screaming. But I promise you, if that is what happens, that diaper of yours is coming down… And you’re going to want that cushioning in a minute.” I knew he was right – with my still red bottom beneath my diaper, I didn’t want another spanking without some sort of protection, certainly not one with a paddle.

I felt numb as I got to my feet, hardly able to perceive the idea of what was about to happen, again. I shuffled blankly around the desk, letting him guide me onto his lap, feeling a light breeze as he lifted my skirt, exposing my diaper. From the corner of my eye, I saw him reach across my body to the desk, bringing the paddle back with him. I closed my eyes, feeling a tear squeeze its way through my tightly clamped eyelids as I braced myself.

For what seemed like a long time, there was nothing, and then, like a bomber suddenly appearing in a clear sky, I heard a soft whistling sound. My whole bottom exploded into fire, even through my diaper, as I let out a loud yelp. I could have sworn the paddle had somehow hit every handprint left imprinted on my ass from the night before, re-igniting the pain they’d brought me mere hours before. As I continued to gasp for breath, I heard another whap as the paddle made contact again. I whimpered and squirmed through the next few, then, finally, realizing there was no escape before he decided I’d had enough, went limp, sobbing, waiting for it to end.

There was only one more after that, much softer than the others, a final seal on the deal. He rubbed my back as I cried, then set me on the floor and straightened my skirt. “I won’t be seeing you in here again, will I, Miss Prescott?”

“N-No, sir,” I squeaked.

“Good girl,” he said with a small smile. “Now, get a hall pass from the secretaries and go to class.”

I was more than happy to do as I was told, scrambling out of the office and grasping the piece of paper I was handed as I rushed out into the halls, before realizing that I didn’t have my schedule, so I had no idea where I was supposed to be going. I stopped, biting my bottom lip as I looked up and down the hallway, wondering what I was supposed to do now, without Molly leading me around.

As if to answer, Molly turned a corner, joined by her entourage. I wondered how she’d known where to find me, until I remembered that paper I’d written their names on. My relieved smile vanished instantly, my hands – having instinctively gone to the hem of my dress to tug it downward – turning into fists there. Before I could try to run away, they were surrounding me.

“There you are, little Holly,” Molly said, putting an arm around my shoulder. “I don’t suppose you know why we’re going to the principal’s office, now do you?”

“N-No,” I shook my head nervously.

She smiled. “I didn’t think so. Now, why don’t I get you to your next class before I go see what is going on with that. I’m sure the principal can wait a few minutes.”

“You can just give me directions,” I offered helpfully.

“I’ve seen you try to follow directions.” She exchanged glances with the girl I thought was Lacey, then peeled off from the group. “I’ll be with you in a minute, girls,” she called as she led me away, through the school, to a side door that, I was sure, didn’t lead to any classroom.

“Where are we going?” I squeaked.

“I’m going to the principal’s office, thanks to someone,” she told me, continuing to guide me down the front steps of the school, across the sidewalk. “And you… Well, you’re going where you really belong.” Her arm tightened around me as I started to squirm. “Luckily, it was nap time, so Lacey’s sister was able to get away to come pick you up. Oh, don’t worry… I’m sure some of the kids there are still in diapers, too.” She chuckled as she saw the look on my face, one hand shooting down to my skirt and hiking it up. “Oh, my God! You really are in them! I thought that was what the nurse said, but I didn’t believe it… That is just too precious…”

She dropped my skirt, then reached for her cell phone. “Why don’t you show it off so everyone else you screwed over can see what a cute little baby you really are?”

“No!” I shook my head, trying to thrash my way free from her. “Let me go!”

My heart sank as I heard a car pull up behind us, and even further when I turned my head to see a girl in her early twenties, if that, step out. She took me from Molly with no question, holding my arms firmly as Molly lifted my skirt, tucking it into the high waistband of the diaper so she could take a picture of it with her phone.

“Nobody,” Molly told me, “rats me out.”

Then, with that, I was wrestled into Lacey’s sister’s car, diaper still fully exposed, helpless to do anything but watch as the school, the one the nanny had put me in and expected to find me at later that afternoon, vanished in the rear view mirror.

Laura & Holly – Chapter 14

Laura & Holly – Chapter 14

Those words were enough to empty my bladder, though, luckily – or not so much, considering that it had gotten me caught – there wasn’t much left inside. I sniffled, squirming in place, the tights keeping the moisture against my legs, reminding me of what I’d done. And, even worse, what was about to happen.

“Please, no,” I shook my head, not moving from my spot in front of his door. “If I go to the principal’s office, something bad is gonna happen!”

“Then please explain to me what you were doing in my locked classroom, and maybe we’ll only have to make one stop,” he offered. That was even worse, but I couldn’t tell him about the consequences of either action. I had a hard time accepting them in my mind – I simply couldn’t say them out loud, and certainly not to him. His voice hardened a little as he added, “But if you don’t get moving, I think we’ll have to go both places anyway. Come on, we don’t have all day.”

“You don’t understand!” I told him, stomping my foot, tears running down my cheeks.

“Then make me understand,” he said, tone gentle again. “I don’t want to get anyone in trouble if they don’t need to be, but I can’t just let you kids run amok, either.”

That got a fresh sob from me. I knew he had to see me as a student, but actually hearing him confirm it by calling me a kid was even worse than I’d imagined. Then again, wouldn’t him knowing the truth be even worse? I didn’t want to be a teenager again, but wasn’t that better than being an adult dressed like one, pushed around by them, and in wet underwear that was about to be replaced with a diaper? I really had fallen quite far, hadn’t I?

“Come on,” he said again, reaching out and taking my hand, guiding me through the halls as I cried, too upset to even think about who must be seeing me. There wasn’t much I could do about it anyway, so there wasn’t much point in worrying, though I can’t say I was actually thinking that at the time.

Before I knew it, we were stopping. “I didn’t hear any explanation,” the teacher said quietly. “I can tell you feel bad, but I think you’re going to have to see the principal after all, won’t you?”

“Nooo,” I wailed, glancing over to see that I was back at the nurse’s office. My stomach churned as I thought about what lay in store for me there, gaining speed when I looked up at the teacher. If I’d ever have had a chance with him before, I knew it was about to vanish when I came back out of that door in a diaper. Even if he somehow didn’t notice, just the idea that he was the one who had brought me here, even without knowledge of what would happen, would be enough to kill it for me.

“I’m afraid so,” he shook his head, reaching over to knock on the door. I wanted to stop him, but I was frozen in place, unable to do anything but watch his hand move, listen to the dull thump of it against the wooden door, echoing once, twice, three times. What could I have done, anyway? I had nothing to offer him – well, except for my body, I guess, but there was no way he’d risk so much as saying he’d take me up on that, even if he wanted to, not in public like this.

“That didn’t take long,” the nurse said as she opened the door, looking down at me, not a hint of surprise in her voice. She took my hand, as the teacher dropped the other, and pulled me inside her office, crying even harder than before.

The first thing she did was remove my dress, examining it briefly before draping it over a chair. “At least you didn’t get that wet,” she observed, more to herself than me, as she walked to her desk and picked up her phone. She squinted at a piece of paper as she dialed in the numbers written on it, as I squirmed uncertainly in front of her, hands trying to hide the view of my accident. Even without the dress, I was basically wearing a full outfit, yet somehow I still felt far more exposed without it.

“Yes, I’m calling from school,” the nurse said into her phone, “as per my instructions. I’m just letting you know that Ms. Holly Prescott is about to go into a diaper. Oh, yes, quite a big accident, I’m afraid. Yes, I can hold her wet things in my office for you. Yes, I can do that, too. You’re welcome.”

All my years of experience, all of my adult life, meant nothing in that moment as I stood there, panties wet, cheeks burning, bawling as my mommy was called and told about what I’d done. I didn’t even feel like the 18 year old the nanny thought I was, or the 14 year old I was being treated as that day. If anything, I felt closer to a four year old, but even that age was falling fast as the nurse got out the diaper again.

“Please don’t do this,” I begged pitifully, watching the nurse pull the paper cover over her examination table. “You can’t…”

“It’s my job,” she informed me. “And it would be a big help if you’d get yourself undressed.”

Instead, I swallowed the lump forming in my throat and blurted out what I probably should have said much earlier. “I’m not Holly Prescott.” That barely registered a response, but I kept going anyway. “My name is Laura Jenkins. There was a… a big mix-up, and… Well, I’m not Holly, okay? That’s the important part.”

Just the act of saying my real name straightened my spine slightly, reminded me of what I already knew, but, in the midst of all this, had been almost forgetting. Unfortunately, that little burst of pride was quickly undercut as the nurse picked me up, set me on the table, and set to work undressing me, starting with my shoes. “It’s true,” I told her. “Just call over to the mall, and they’ll tell you I didn’t come in today. I’m in charge of that project…”

She dropped my shoes to the floor and reached for the waistband of my shorts. “No!” I grabbed at the garment myself, resulting in a brief tug-of-war before I got my hand slapped away. “I am an adult! You have no right to do this!”

Of course, she had to yank my shorts down as I was saying it, leaving only the thick – yet still translucent enough for me to see the outline of the childish panties beneath – tights on my legs. My fingers clamped around them as I tried to think of what else I could say to convince her, if she was even listening. Her lack of a reaction was shaking my confidence, which was already growing weaker as I thought about how silly it must sound, how desperate. But I was desperate.

The woman sighed and stopped, giving me a moment of relief. Maybe she didn’t buy the whole story yet, but even a hint of doubt would be enough. I’d just have to figure out how to convince her from there. It was a start, at least.

“I have instructions,” she said, “to report to your caretaker on how you behaved during this change. Somehow, I don’t think she’ll like hearing that you fought me on every piece of clothing I had to take off you. Do you?”

I stared up at her, bottom lip quivering, then sighed and let go of the tights, letting her peel them off of me before moving on to my panties. My hands started to move towards them automatically when I saw her starting to remove them, but I forced myself to stop. As soon as they were gone, however, the cold air rushing over my wet, exposed body parts, and I regretted it. I was just moments away from the diaper now, I knew.

“I’m an adult,” I repeated weakly, shivering as she ran a cold, wet washcloth over my lower half. “My name is Laura Jenkins. I don’t belong here… This shouldn’t be happening to me…”

She lifted me back down from the table, but my optimism about what that meant lasted only until she discarded the damp paper cover I’d been sitting on and replaced it with a new one, spreading the diaper out on top of that. Even when I knew she wasn’t convinced, I couldn’t do anything about it… I wasn’t about to run out the door in just a vest, especially not with the teacher out there.

Staring up at the diaper on the examination table while the nurse gathered supplies from her drawers, I couldn’t help but think it looked like a piece of artwork on display, an exhibit in some strange museum, a sacrifice being prepared for the gods on an altar. Only it wasn’t really the diaper being offered up… That was just a symbol. I was the real sacrifice here. Laura Jenkins, the adult, was being given to the god of maturity, and when She was done with me, there would be only Holly Prescott left, a timid, awkward teenager.

“You can’t do this!” I screamed, stomping my foot with one final, sudden burst of defiance. “I am a grown-up, and I won’t let you do this! I demand that you stop it right now!” But the priest simply kept at her rituals, sprinkling baby powder across the diaper, arranging bottles at one end of the table. The only indication she gave of even hearing me was a subtle shake of the head. “I’m Laura!” I cried. “Laura, Laura, Laura! I’m not a baby!”

My eyes darted around the room frantically as I realized I would have to save myself, somehow. I spotted the dress, slung across the back of the chair, and made a bee-line for it, deciding I could pull it over my head before I hit the door to the hall. I’d have to. Then I’d push past the teacher, and head for the nearest exit. It might be quite a ways to the mall from here, but surely I’d manage to find someone willing to give me a ride. Then all I had to do was get my secretary to call the police to report my car stolen, get a locksmith so I could get into my apartment, and give me a ride home so I could take a shower and go to sleep, and forget all about this crazy day.

I didn’t even reach the dress before the nurse plucked me up again, kicking and screaming, and plopped me down on the thick diaper. She pushed me back, holding my chest down as I wriggled and fought. Her other hand kept reaching past my head, then returning with a new bottle, after which I’d feel something new being drizzled across my private parts, some of it slick, some of it thick, all of it cool. Finally, she shook what had to have been a small mountain of baby powder onto me, then let go as she tugged the diaper up between my legs.

Just as I started to sit up, she met me there, pushing me back down as she arranged the front of the diaper over the bottom of my tummy. All the creams and lotions and oils were pressed up against me, making me almost feel like I was wet again already. I heard a ripping sound, then felt one side of the diaper being pulled tight around my leg, the tape pushed firmly down on the front, sealing it in place.

“I know you’re upset about this, Holly,” she said, putting special emphasis on the name, “and I know kids your age are sure you’re already grown-up.” The other side of the diaper was tugged taut and fastened, then I was set back on the floor. “But acting like this is only proving that you aren’t.” She knelt down, doing up the bottom two tapes, leaving me squirming helplessly in my padded prison. “You can’t just lie and make up stories,” she informed me, standing back up and patting the front of my diaper. “You know you deserved this. And I’m sure it would have been much more pleasant for both of us if you would have just accepted that.”

She walked over to my dress and returned to me with it, pulling it over my head. The skirt felt shorter than before, but it still covered the diaper, if just barely, and the lack of anything covering it from below meant I’d have to be careful to keep it that way. I never would have guessed it, but I was really missing my tights, and those shorts. And especially my panties, juvenile as they were. No matter how I moved, I could feel the diaper, the plastic of it crinkling and tickling me, the bulk forcing apart my legs, though not as much as the cloth ones I’d worn last night, thankfully. It seemed bigger in other ways, though, as if it were made for someone larger than me, so it was much higher in the front and back, and the two sides had nearly met in the middle when she’d taped them, which I doubted they were supposed to do.

If it had been too small for me, that would have been one thing, and a nice reprieve, even if I had no doubt the nurse would have found some other solution, but to be put in a diaper, and find out you were actually too little for it… It looked like the gods had accepted their sacrifice after all.

“I’m sure you don’t have any other shoes, do you?” she asked, then, without waiting for an answer, got a pair of pink flip-flops from one of the drawers, dropping them down in front of me. Numbly, I slid my feet into them, then stood by and numbly watched as she gathered my wet things and put them into a plastic bag, until, at last, she said, “I’m sure you have somewhere else you’ll need to be once lunch is over, don’t you?”

I nodded and grabbed my backpack, hugging it to me as I waddled to the door, head spinning. It was only when I reached out for the doorknob that I remembered that this wasn’t over yet, that the teacher was outside the door, where he would not only see me in my diaper, but he would also be waiting to take me to the principal’s office. It wasn’t fair, or right, but even if I hadn’t known that trying to explain why was pointless, I doubt I could have gotten through another claim of my adulthood with a straight face.

“Are you ready?” the teacher asked. My face flushed as I looked at him, sure he had to notice my now bare legs, the bulge beneath my skirt, certain he’d heard my useless yelling and pleading from the nurse’s office, since Molly had heard me from outside last time. Whether he believed it or not, and I can’t imagine he did, the idea of him knowing the truth added extra fire to my cheeks, and made my head bow, unable to look him in the face, or speak.

“Well, let’s go,” he said after a moment, taking my hand again and leading me to the principal’s office.

Laura & Holly – Chapter 13

Laura & Holly – Chapter 13

“Come on, Holly,” Molly said, her voice starting to sound impatient. “Do you want me to tell everyone? All I have to do is say it here, and by the time you get to your next class, the whole school will know.” I squirmed and whimpered, cheeks as pink as my outfit.

“Is it really that bad?” one of the other girls asked.

“Oh, it’s bad,” Molly assured her. “It would be bad even if she were in kindergarten…”

“You mean she isn’t? That’s what it looks like she’s dressed for.” The girls didn’t even try to hide their laughter now, except for Molly, who still let out a smirk. More importantly, she didn’t bother to stop them. It was obviously a message, meant to let me know this, and worse, was what I had waiting for me if I didn’t do what they wanted.

“Actually, you know what?” Molly turned to one of the girls. “Lacey, your older sister still works at that daycare, doesn’t she? Maybe we could go drop little Holly off there… That would be much more appropriate for her… It must be about naptime over there. We can drive her over and drop her off, and then she can spend the afternoon coloring and eating glue. Is that what you want, Holly? Or do you want to be a big girl and help your friends out?”

I wasn’t sure if they were bluffing or not, but I could see Lacey getting her cell phone out and starting to dial. It was bad enough I’d spent the morning in high school, attached to some girl who was just pretending to be nice… I couldn’t even imagine spending the rest of the day in daycare, much less what the nanny would have to say about that. At least if I helped these girls out, there was a chance I wouldn’t get caught. But if I did…

“I’ll do it,” I whispered. I felt a little like throwing up as I said it, but I managed not to.

“What was that?” Molly asked, holding a finger up to stop Lacey.

“I’ll do it,” I repeated. “Just… Let’s just get it done.”

“See?” Molly shook her head. “That’s all we wanted! Why did you have to make it so difficult?” She got up, gathering her trash and beckoning for a couple other girls to follow, leaving the rest behind. “Well?” She looked at me, raising an eyebrow. I gulped and climbed carefully off the seat, following them nervously as they dropped off their plates and silverware, then headed inside. Their pace significantly picked up once there, leaving me almost jogging to keep up as they made their way through the halls. I felt very much like the little sister now, struggling to keep up, shoes slapping against the tile, contrasting rather severely with their silent movement.

Finally, they stopped, one of the girls moving ahead to peek inside a closed classroom door. She turned back and nodded, leaving another girl to sidle up to the lock and begin fiddling with it. “All right,” Molly said to me quietly. “You just need to go in there and go up to the desk. He keeps his tests in a folder in the middle drawer on the right side. Just grab one and get back out here. We’ll keep a look out for you, and we’ll give some kind of signal if we see him coming… Don’t worry, you’ll know it if you hear it. Understand?”

I nodded anxiously, hoping the teacher would show up before they got the door open so I wouldn’t have to do anything. Just as Molly was finishing her instructions, however, the door swung open. “Go on,” Molly urged me. “It’ll take you two seconds if you don’t think about it and just do it.”

When I still hesitated, she gave me a gentle push towards the door, getting my feet working again. I trudged in, closing the door as I watched the other girls moving into a cluster and starting to talk, pretending they had no idea there was anything illicit going on just a few feet away. I, of course, didn’t have that luxury.

The classroom looked impossibly big, stretching out what had to have been a football field’s length from the door to the desk at the front of the room, and my legs had frozen up again. Maybe I could just wait there, I mused, and explain everything to the teacher when he came back. Except that would probably be even worse than just refusing to help in the first place. I’d be a tattletale, a coward, and a pants-wetting baby.

Taking a deep breath, I made myself take the first step forward, and then the next, legs shaking the whole time, getting worse the further I got from the door, the longer I’d have to run to abort this whole mission before I got myself caught. It was, I was a little embarrassed to realize, one of the most nerve-wracking, scary moments of my life. It was no surprise, then, that I felt a few more drops of urine dripping out into my panties, but they certainly didn’t help my confidence any.

At last, I made it to the desk. Even as an adult, the thought of walking around to the far side of a teacher’s desk was almost unthinkable. When I’d been in school for real, I’d always been horrified when the class clowns would do it if the teacher was late, launching into hackneyed impressions of them. It seemed like such a violation… We were students, we belonged on the other side. It was as simple as that.

But this person wasn’t my teacher, I had to remind myself. And this wasn’t really my school. It was just a desk, in a building, that happened to have a piece of paper I needed inside of it. The sight of the chalkboard behind the desk didn’t help me with that delusion, but somehow, I managed to work through it, stepping around the desk and fumbling with the drawer. There was a folder inside, just as I’d been told. Clumsily, I flipped it open, grabbed the first piece of paper, and pushed the drawer shut, practically running back through the classroom and out.

I was panting, more from nerves than actual exhaustion, when I stepped outside and stumbled towards the girls. “Did you lock the door?” one of them asked me. I blushed, as that hadn’t even occured to me.

“Hold up,” Molly stopped the girl from correcting my mistake. “Holly, you were supposed to take one of the tests,” she told me harshly.

“I did,” I squeaked, pushing the paper towards her. “It was in the folder!”

“No, you took the answer key!” she chastised me.

“Isn’t that even better, though?” I furrowed my eyebrows. “Because then…”

“No, it isn’t,” Molly sighed. “Because he’s going to notice this is missing!” She shook her head, handing the paper to one of her cronies, who took a picture of the sheet with her phone before giving it back. “If I thought I could trust you to take a decent picture, I would have just had you do that,” she told me, “but I thought just taking one of the tests would be easier for you. You may be a brainiac, but you just aren’t very smart, are you?”

“I-I’m sorry,” I sniffled, a little surprised at how much her disapproval stung.

“It’s fine,” Molly sighed again. “Just go put it back. And hurry.”

My eyes widened. “Back?” She shoved the paper at me as her reply. “I can’t go back in there,” I whimpered.

“If he knows someone has the key, he’ll just make a new test, and this will all have been for nothing,” she explained. “So you have to put it back. Now.” She crossed her arms, letting me know she wasn’t about to change her mind, whether the tears building up in my eyes started to flow or not.

By the time I reached the door again, they had. The room felt even larger the second time around, but rather than taking it slow, I forced myself to run, to get it over with as fast as I could, having felt the effect the slow dread had on my underthings. I fumbled at the drawer and the folder, shoving the paper back inside and making it as straight as I could manage before dashing back out, making sure to lock the door behind me that time.

As the door clicked closed, I noticed three things at once. The first was a flow of warmth trickling down the inside of my legs, running down the insides of my shorts, collecting in my socks, one that, with some concentration, I managed to stop, though that did nothing to hide the wetness on my shorts, and my legs. The second was the fact that Molly and her friends were nowhere to be seen.

In light of the first, that second might have been a good thing, as it would have renderred Molly’s promise not to tell my secret if I helped her moot, if it wasn’t for the third thing. A man was walking down the hall, perhaps far enough away he hadn’t seen me duck out of the room, perhaps not. He was just a year or two older than me, I estimated, and hot. My eyes went straight to his, and I could tell he had noticed me as well, meaning that running away would have been highly suspicious, if I could have even brought myself to do it. Instead, all I could do was stand there, clamping my wet legs together, hoping and praying that he would keep walking past me, that he wasn’t going to stop at the door I’d just come out of.

“Hello, there,” he said as he got closer. “Are you in my class?”

“Umm… No,” I shook my head bashfully. A day ago, I’d be flirting up a storm with this man, but it was obvious he saw me as nothing more than a student now, a child. Even worse, I saw his nose twitch, making me rub my damp thighs together, sure he was smelling my accident. I didn’t dare move, afraid he’d spot that wetness if I changed positions even slightly. “I was just a little… lost… I was looking for… umm…” My mind blanked, except for one word I didn’t dare speak – bathroom. I stared down at my feet instead, cheeks burning, bracing myself in case he said it for me.

“It’s okay,” he said instead. “This place can be a little confusing. I’m sure I can help you find…”

“You don’t have to,” I told him quickly. “I have someone who’s helping me out. She had to go get something from her locker, but she’ll be back in a minute.”

“All right,” he said skeptically. “I’ll be right in here if you need me.” As he stuck the key in the door, I shuffled my feet slightly before hurriedly returning to my original stance, silently cursing my restlessness. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do… The bell was sure to ring eventually, and I didn’t want to still be standing there when it did. I didn’t want to walk through school in wet pants, either, and if I just hid out in a bathroom or something, I was sure the nanny would find out somehow. The nurse might have some spare clothes or something, but she also had a diaper waiting for me, and I couldn’t deny that I sort of deserved it after this accident. My face darkened as I thought about that. It was just stress, I knew that, but it didn’t make me feel any less childish for having peed my pants.

I watched the teacher open the door, trying to remember where the nearest bathroom was, thinking maybe I could get in there, lock the door, and air out my clothes with the hand dryer at least enough to keep the wet spots from being noticeable. It was the best idea I could come up with, even if that didn’t mean much. As soon as he went inside, and I could move my legs again without confirming this cute guy’s suspicion that I was a silly teenager who’d had an accident, I’d make a break for it, and hope that I was finally in for a dash of good luck.

I barely had time to process that he was gone so I could start to move before he stepped back out, expression dark. “Excuse me,” he said, “but can you explain this, young lady?”

“I-I don’t know…” I stammered, unable to see what he was pointing to inside his classroom.

“Come over here right now,” he ordered, and, despite everything, the authority in his voice did make me feel a little weak in the knees.

“I-I can’t…” I whimpered, but when he demanded to know why not, I didn’t have an answer. I shuffled over, trying to keep my thighs together as much as I could, and reluctantly looked inside, only to see a trail of wetness soaking into the thin carpet, leading, in tiny droplets, from his desk to the door. I let out a small squeak, and felt another trickle of warmth flow into, and out of, my now soaked panties, making its way down the inside of my tights. My hands shot to my crotch, and I clamped my legs back together, but I could tell it was already too late.

“I think we’d better get you to the nurse’s office,” he said, shaking his head slightly. “And on the way, you can tell me what you were doing in my office, so we can see whether or not you need to visit the principal afterwards.”