Love Your Enemy

Love Your Enemy

“I have to write a Valentine to who?!” Angel stared up from the floor in shock, unable to believe what she’d just heard.

While she’d like to say it was bad enough having to fill out boxes of these childish Valentines, even without making some of them out to… them… she had to admit, it was actually kind of fun, and definitely nostalgic, reminding her of being in elementary school. Of course, the diaper certainly helped with that, considering she’d been a bedwetter through those years, and had usually procrastinated about doing her cards until the night before, so her mother would get her ready for bed so she could go straight there once she was done.

The cards were a nice walk down memory lane; the diaper, not so much. She hadn’t actually needed them in nearly a decade, but, unfortunately, when she got to college, she decided to pledge a sorority that some girls she’d went to elementary school with were also in. Even worse, one of them had once invited her to a sleepover, and her mother had insisted Angel go, despite her issues, saying that nobody would notice.

They, of course, had, almost instantly. It had taken years for the other students to stop teasing her about it, once the story started getting around… Angel had done her best to avoid everyone who had gone to that party from then on, and had done a relatively good job, until waltzing right into their midst. At first, they seemed nice enough, like maybe they’d finally forgotten….

She’d taken a gap year after high school, which now seemed like a huge mistake. All the girls she knew were already in the sorority, all eager to take her ‘under their wing’ as a little sister… And, once Angel had officially pledged, all too happy to manage her hazing themselves. At first, Angel had been naive enough to believe they were going to go easy on her… Then, they’d pulled out the diapers.

“We can’t have the reputation of our sorority tarnished by allowing in an immature little bedwetter,” they teased. “So, you’re going to have to prove you’re over that.”

“That was a long time ago!” she’d pouted, but, of course, they didn’t care. Since she lived close enough to the college to still be living at home to save a little money, they couldn’t confirm her nighttime progress, so, instead, they made her wear them during the day. It had been awful, shuffling around to her classes in the crinkly thing; then, they’d refused to give her panties back before she left for home.

She was required to ask a sorority sister for permission to use the bathroom before she went, which, unsurprisingly, she hadn’t been exactly eager to do, so she’d held it, thinking she could make it until she got home. Maybe, if she hadn’t gotten caught in a traffic jam, she would have been right… And, to make matters worse, her mother had recognized the bulge instantly, and had been none to happy to find her nearly twenty year old daughter in a wet diaper.

Angel tried to explain, but that hadn’t stopped her mother from buying her diapers, and insisting she wear them to bed, and then to school the next day. Her ‘big sisters’ had, of course, noticed immediately that she was in a different brand of diaper than the one they’d bought for her.

“Oh, my God,” one of them had giggled. “She actually does still need them!”

Things had only gotten worse from there… Now, when she tried to ask for permission to use the bathroom, she was told no, and followed to make sure she didn’t try to go on her own. Most days, she got sent home in a wet diaper, which ensured her mother would keep her in them that evening. She’d tried taking the diaper off in the car, but her mother had still checked her as soon as she walked in the door, and been even more angry at finding that; she attempted to sneak a change out of the house in the morning, to change into before returning, only to get caught, and have her backpack searched every morning.

She was in diapers full time, even worse than it had been in elementary school, where she’d only ever worn them at night. Fed up, she’d dropped her pledge, sure that getting away from the girls would help… Yet, when she went home that day, her mother had emptied all her real panties from her underwear drawer and hidden them, replacing them with diapers. Her ‘big sisters’ hadn’t been happy about her quitting, and she saw at least one of them staking out the bathrooms in between her classes, making sure she couldn’t get in…

But, as the cherry on top of all of this, one day during lunch in the cafeteria, Angel had gotten up to put her tray up, only to feel a sudden breeze on her legs. For a long moment, she was confused, uncertain what could possibly be happening… Then, she’d heard the laughter. As quickly as she could, she grabbed for her baggy pants, yanking them back up, her cheeks burning as she saw the ‘big sisters’ standing behind her, giggling. She didn’t know which one had pantsed her, though she knew it had to have been one of them. And now, once again, just like in elementary school, she was the diaper girl of the school.

And her mother expected her to write Valentines to each of those ‘big sisters’, along with everyone in each of her classes. “And they’d all better be nice,” she warned. “I’ll be reading all of them tonight to make sure, and if I don’t approve of any of them, you’ll be getting a spanking for each one tomorrow before you leave.”

Angel knew she wasn’t joking; her mother was taking this opportunity to ‘re-do’ a few mistakes she thought she’d made with her parenting so far, turning Angel into a sweet, polite young lady, whether that’s what she wanted to be or not. Angel had a feeling those Valentines to her ‘big sisters’ were really coming from her mother, as a way to thank the girls for giving her that opportunity. Either way, she could already hear the Cupid jokes that were sure to be thrown around as she delivered all of these the next day… But, since she didn’t dare risk throwing them away, and having her mother somehow find out, like she always seemed to, she knew she was going to do it anyway.


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