A satisfied, but tired, smile spreads over my face as I type out the end of the caption, feeling happy to have finally gotten it done after so long. I’ve had these pictures for so long, and an idea for the story, but I just couldn’t get myself to write it all out until now.

I think it’s turned out pretty well, too…. It isn’t anything particularly groundbreaking, just another tale of a naughty girl being tricked into a life of babyhood, obedience, and diapers by some mysterious drug that had been put into her water. It’s fun, but as I look it over one more time before posting, I can’t help but feel like there’s something missing…

Should I do a re-write? That will take so long… I don’t know if I’ll even be able to get it done today, and then it will be even longer before I can post it! But is it good enough the way it is now?

I sigh, leaning back in my chair and staring listlessly at my image editing program. My eyes drift over to the buttons at the side, wondering if maybe changing up the font or the color might spice it up a bit, before noticing a button I’ve never seen before. I did just update the program, and of course I didn’t bother to read up on what was changed… What did they add? I already don’t use the majority of the functions the program has, so I doubt I’ll need this one, but I might as well see.

Curiously, I move my mouse over it so the description will pop up. The icon looks like a pair of 3D glasses, and when the little box pops up, it says, simply, “VR”. That might be interesting… Maybe just the thing to set these captions apart! I click on the button, then blankly look over the huge number of dials and sliders that shows up. After a moment of deliberation, I set them all on maximum, and hit the preview button. A message pops up, telling me to put on my VR headset, which, luckily, I’d just bought a few months ago, but never used.

Instantly, I’m transported to a nursery, one that looks very familiar. I look around, impressed at just how realistic it all looks, until I hear, “Are you playing or not?”

I jump a little at the sound, turning around to see the girl who was the subject of my captions, and the woman who had taken over her care. “Don’t you want to play house?” the latter asks.

Still marvelling at how much the computer had been able to create from a few still images, I shrug. “Sure,” I play along. What harm could it do? It all looks real – the nursery, the people, the bottle being shoved towards my face – but I know it’s fake… Even though, as the bottle is pushed between my lips, the nipple feels real, and the milk tastes real, and the angry expression of the girl I’d caused to be babified also looked all too real…


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Amanda could hardly wait to see what was in store for her… She’d complained to her new, older, rich husband for weeks that his mansion just didn’t feel like home to her, that she wanted a room to herself. He’d offered her one, but once she had it, she realized she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to do to it to make it more personal.

So, she’d hired an interior decorator to do it for her. She’d looked for the most expensive one she could find, sure that she deserved only the very best, and that was the easiest way to find it. She’d met with the woman several times, talked to her about her interests, what she wanted, and all sorts of things, before the decorator declared that she knew exactly what Amanda needed.

Today was the day – workers had been going in and out of the house all day, but, while Amanda could see them, her decorator had been keeping her busy in the kitchen, talking and cooking for her, since Amanda refused to learn how herself, making sure she didn’t see the room until it was finished.

It hardly seemed fair – Amanda, or rather her husband, was paying for the room, after all – but the decorator insisted on it, saying that the workers would be quicker if they didn’t have Amanda underfoot… That only annoyed Amanda more, since it made her sound like a troublesome child, but the decorator wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Finally, a handsome, muscular young man came into the kitchen, telling the decorator that he and his workers were finished. The woman thanked him and started to lead Amanda to her new room, catching the girl’s arm firmly as she tried to push past her. Amanda grimaced at her, trying petulantly to pull away, reminding the woman that this was her house, and her room, but the decorator didn’t let her go until she had pushed the door open, shoving Amanda inside.

Amanda really wasn’t sure what to expect, but it wasn’t this… Instead of an understated, but still quite mature and classy guest room, like it had been, the room was now, very clearly, a nursery. Giant toys littered the colorful floor, a huge crib sat in one corner, and, most worryingly, a changing table, stocked with everything needed for many, many diaper changes, was in the opposite corner. “What is this?!” Amanda demanded, turning back to the decorator, stomping her foot angrily. “This isn’t what I wanted!”

“This is exactly what you need, young lady,” said another woman who had just shown up beside the decorator. She was young, no older than Amanda, if that, in a white dress and heels. “Now, come along, let’s get you dressed properly.”


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