Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 21

Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 21

Chapter 21 – A Fresh Start

Alisa cringed, but it all happened too fast for her to do much more. To her surprise, however, she never felt the grip of the arms around her; instead, they circled Jasmine, who let out a surprised shriek and dropped the paddle with a thud.

“What’s going on?” Jasmine gasped, squirming helplessly. “Let me go!”

Hanna rushed over, tugging on the metal arms. “Let her go!” she demanded. A small hole opened in the arm, and a silver tendril shot out, wrapping its way around Hanna’s arms, holding them down. At the same time, the arms continued winding their way around Jasmine until one of the hands reached her back, where it slid down, patting her diaper, then sliding a pair of fingers inside.

“Stop!” Jasmine whimpered, blushing at the invasion. “Someone help me! Quiana!”

One of the girls stepped forward slightly, then looked over at Hanna and Isabella and gave a helpless shrug. “How?” she asked desperately.

“Rash detected,” the Robo-Nanny said. It slipped its hand out of Jasmine’s diaper, wrapping the arm higher up her body before a tube slid out of it and into the waistband.

“What are you… Stop it!” Jasmine wriggled, and, as Alisa watched, her diaper began bulging out beneath the dress. Alisa was confused for a moment, then remembered the goop from earlier that day at the nursery. Considering this robot knew her as Dolly, it made sense that it was from the nursery, and the same thing was happening to Jasmine, though not why it was Jasmine it was happening to. Once she thought of that, however, she looked up at Jasmine and saw the silver pacifier stitched onto the collar, and recalled how her whole ordeal with the nursery had started.

She did feel a little bad for Jasmine, but at the same time, it meant she was off the hook, at least for the moment. With all the chaos the Robo-Nanny’s arrival had caused, and the detainal of Isabella and Hanna, Alisa realized this might be her best chance to get away. Even if Robo-Nanny didn’t realize its mistake before it left with Jasmine, the other girls would almost definitely wonder why it had shown up, and as the new girl, suspicion would almost definitely fall on her, which could make things even worse than they already had been.

She slid down off the coffee table, not wanting to draw any undue attention to herself. As she looked around, she saw the Dora panties laying on the floor and reach out to grab them before crawling her way between the legs of the other girls, who were panicking, trying to figure out what was going on, what to do about it. Some of them were trying to get away, others were milling around, not wanting to abandon their friends, but also not wanting to get trapped with them. None of them were paying much attention to her, so it was easy enough to slide her way out of the room and into the hall.

Obviously, going through the front door was out of the question, since there was a robot blocking it, searching for her, not to mention the fact that she was naked. She would just have to find some other way out, and hopefully some clothes, too. Around the corner, she stood, making her way to Isabella’s room, stepping into her panties as she went. It seemed like forever since she’d stolen them, and she was only now getting to wearing them on their own.

The feeling was heavenly. She liked diapers, but a couple days of being forced into them was plenty for her to get her fix for quite a while. Even though the panties were clearly designed for a toddler, and they were all she had on, she still felt more mature since she had in a long time, feeling them snap into place against her bare, sore behind. She pushed her thighs together, just because, finally, she could, having almost forgotten what that sensation felt like. She could have stood there and enjoyed it for a few minutes, but she didn’t want to risk being caught if the Robo-Nanny figured out it had the wrong person.

She ducked into Isabella’s room, where another girl yelped and ducked behind the bed before peeking over the top and breathing a sigh of relief to find that Alisa wasn’t the robot. “What’s going on out there?” the girl asked frantically. “What is that thing? Why did it grab Jasmine? Are we in trouble?”

“I don’t know,” Alisa answered. In a away, it was the truth. She certainly had an inkling of where it had come from and why, but she didn’t know for sure, and this wasn’t the time nor place to share her suspicions. She grabbed Jasmine’s backpack from the floor and began digging through it, searching for something to wear that wouldn’t make her look too juvenile. Obviously, she was looking in the wrong place, but she had been hoping that Jasmine had worn something a little more mature before she got to Isabella’s house, but there was no sign that was the case.

She almost could have lived with Jasmine’s shortalls, if it wasn’t for the snaps on the crotch. In fact, most of Jasmine’s clothes featured them, except for a lone pair of white shorts, which Alisa quickly grabbed and slipped on. As it turned out, however, Jasmine didn’t have much left for shirts, after she had been stripped of the one she’d been wearing and Alisa had gotten the onesie taken away from her. All that remained in the backpack was a red shirt featuring Naomi and Oliver, and the thought of letting those characters near her, or advertising that show in any way, made her a little sick to her stomach.

“What are you doing?” The girl stood, watching in confusion as Alisa marched to Isabella’s closet and pulled it open. “That’s not your stuff…”

“Bella won’t mind me borrowing it,” Alisa said, rifling through the clothes hanging there. “Good girls share, don’t they?” Most of it would be way too big for her, obviously, and even the dresses meant to be short on Isabella would look strange on her, even if she wouldn’t be tripping on them. She wasn’t really sure what she was looking for, but after a minute, she grabbed a purple short sleeved dress shirt and pulled it on, buttoning it up. It was way too long, but she had noticed some craft supplies on Isabella’s desk and it was easy enough for her to cut a piece of ribbon to tie around her waist, making the shirt look slightly more like a shirtdress than just a shirt. It wasn’t a perfect solution, but it would do for the time being.

She had left her sneakers by the backpack, and she quickly put them on as well, feeling the other girl’s glare intensify the longer she stayed. “Are you leaving?” the girl demanded. “You’re not even going to try to help?”

“Yeah, I’m sure you were a lot of help hiding in here,” Alisa sneered. Being dressed again, and un-padded, she was starting to feel like her old self, starting to think of what she could do to find a way back to her own world. “You can stick around if you want, but…” Before she could declare that she was out of there, the girl jumped forward, grabbing her arm. “Let me go!”

“No, you’re right!” the girl declared. “We’re going to go help!”

For as grown up as she was finally feeling, Alisa still felt helpless as she squirmed in the girl’s grip, being dragged back down the hall. The robot may have used the ID on her clothes to identify her initially, but it seemed unlikely that it wouldn’t have some other way to confirm identity as well, which meant she had no desire to show her face anywhere near it. Unfortunately, even dressed somewhat like an adult, her body was still quite small compared to the other girl, and no matter how she fought, she couldn’t escape.

The girl did pause for a moment at the sight of two girls squirming in the hall, tied up and gagged by the silver rope the robot had used, still trying weakly to wriggle away. After re-collecting her courage, she dragged Alisa the next few steps into the doorway. Sure enough, Robo-Nanny seemed to have figured out Jasmine wasn’t really her target, as the girl was now lying on her stomach, tied up, diaper blown up behind her. The other girls were scattered around the room, restrained, while the Robo-Nanny changed one girl’s messy diaper. Alisa felt a little satisfaction to see it was one of the girls who had held her down, but only until the robot looked up at the sound of their arrival.

Quickly, she ducked behind the girl, seeing the light of the robot’s scan shine on the wall behind them. “Diaper detected,” the robot declared. “Possible subject.” One hand moved from its current job and extended out towards the girl, extending and wrapping around her waist, pinning her arms down before checking her diaper, while the other arm grew a set of tentacles from the wrist to finish changing the girl on the floor. The girl let go of Alisa, who was all too happy to take the opportunity to start running for the kitchen.

“Movement detected,” the robot chirped. “Please stop for a facial scan.”

She heard something behind her, glancing back just in time to see a silver tentacle sprout from the hand wrapped around the girl, and currently filling her diaper. The tentacle shot out, reaching for her feet, and she quickly turned and stomped at it, twisting her feet around each other and falling flat onto her butt. Without a diaper to cushion her, the fall hurt quite a bit, but she forced herself to ignore it and scuttle backwards, nearly running into a small table as she went. She grabbed the table, throwing it down, which slowed the encroaching tentacle just enough for her to get back on her feet and run like her life depended on it – which, in a way, it did. If Mommy caught her, she could say goodbye to her adult life for good. Who knew what kind of surgeries she would deem necessary after an escape like this?

The kitchen, with its brownie pans soaking in the sink, was a welcome sight, and she found an extra burst of speed somewhere inside of herself to dash for the outside door. She slammed against it, fumbling for the handle, only to find that, of course, it was locked. She gave one quick look behind her to see not just one, but five or six tentacles now crawling after her, already halfway across the kitchen, and now that her own feet weren’t moving, she could hear a series of thumps coming down the hall, no doubt the Robo-Nanny coming to investigate the one who got away.

Panting, she backed off the door just enough to look at the lock, her hands feeling suddenly sweaty as she turned it. In her panic, her fingers slipped off of it once, twice… She could practically feel the tendrils crawling up her legs now, ready to drag her back to the robot, who would almost certainly be happy to diaper her a take her back “home”. Finally, she heard the click as she undid the lock, and threw the door open, stumbling outside. She turned just long enough to see the Robo-Nanny lurking in the hall, drawing closer, its tiny silver arms very nearly to her, before she slammed the door and, despite how tired she already felt, took off running through the yard, toward the sidewalk.

She ran as far as she could, trying to put as many houses between her and the robot as possible, but it wasn’t long before she was out of breath. Muscles burning, she scrambled up to the nearest house, pushing the doorbell before looking behind her. There was no sign of Robo-Nanny, but she would still feel better if she got inside, though she had no idea how she was going to explain who she was, and what she was running from.

Luckily, that didn’t seem to matter. The woman who opened the door took one look at her and said, “Oh! I thought you said you had to cancel!”

Alisa, of course, had no idea what she meant, but she decided to play along anyway. “I, uh… I just…” She tried to catch her breath, all too eager to accept the woman’s invitation inside while she did so, the sound of the closing door comforting her greatly.

“Did you run all the way here?” the woman asked. Alisa nodded, buying herself a little time to come up with a story. “That’s dedication,” the woman shook her head, sounding impressed. “Did they take care of your car already? Do you know what was wrong with it?”

Alisa shrugged. “They just towed it,” she lied.

“Well, I’m sure they’ll figure it out,” the woman smiled at her, looking her up and down. “You come very highly recommended, but Mrs. Steward never mentioned you were…” The woman blushed a little. “I mean, not that it matters, I suppose. I do admire your dedication, getting here even after having car troubles. And she is small enough now, I’m sure you won’t have any problems. Boy, your timing is great! I was just about to have to call and cancel, because I wasn’t able to find anyone else! All of the numbers are on the fridge if you need anything. I wish I had time to show you around, but I’m sure you’ll figure it out! Thank you so much!”

Then, with a hug, the woman was gone, rushing out the door, which Alisa was all too eager to lock behind her before trying to suss out her new situation. It sounded like she was babysitting, which wasn’t something she had a lot of experience with, even in the real world. “Hello?” she called, after giving herself another minute or two to finish calming herself. There was no answer, so she stepped further into the house, exploring. “Hello?”

“Go away!” came her answer, in a high, yet faintly familiar, voice. “I don’t need a babysitter!” The girl’s voice sounded pretty young, so Alisa somehow doubted that, but she decided to keep that opinion to herself for the moment. She found the hallway with the bedrooms, coming first across the master bedroom, which was empty, of course, and then another empty room, one that seemed like it belonged to a teenage girl. Alisa idly wondered where that girl was, and why she wasn’t the one babysitting her little sister, but she supposed she should be grateful, since it had given her somewhere to hide.

There were only two doors left in the hall, the bathroom and, inevitably, the bedroom of her new charge. “I’m just here to hang out with you for a little while,” she called, trying to calm the girl a little. “It’s not babysitting!”

“Shut up!” the girl whined. “I’m not stupid!”

“I didn’t say you were,” Alisa winced, realizing she had made things worse, somehow. For as young as the girl’s voice sounded, she seemed to have a very good grasp on language. “Do you mind if I come in?”

“Yes! Leave me alone!” the girl yelled.

Alisa considered doing as she was told, just for a little while, but she thought it might be best to at least look in on her charge first, and see how young she was, and thus how much attention she was going to need. “Let me just introduce myself first,” she said, reaching for the door. “My name is Alisa. What’s yours?”

She pushed open the door, finding a surprisingly sparse room inside. There were a few pieces of furniture, like a large crib and changing table, but otherwise it wasn’t decorated like a nursery, or even a little girl’s room. It looked more like a guest room that had been hastily redecorated. Inside the crib was a little girl, maybe three years old, in a diaper and green nightshirt decorated with a pair of strawberries, declaring them, or the girl wearing them, ‘Berry, Berry Cute’. Sure enough, the girl was smaller than Alisa, though not by as much as she’d like a toddler to be littler than her. It was only once looking at the girl’s face, however, that she remembered the woman adding a “now” to that statement. She couldn’t help but gasp as she realized what that meant, and who was standing before her, a dozen or so years younger than the last time she’d seen her.

“Alisa, huh?” Emily pouted, crossing her arms as she stared at her through the bars of her crib. “I thought it was Dolly.”

Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 20

Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 20

Chapter 20 – The Opiate of the Masses

Alisa looked around at the other girls, starting to feel a little freaked out. They were all staring blankly at the TV, except for Hanna, who was looking at her, telling her to join them. It was rather disconcerting, to say the least. “I-I think I’ve already seen this episode,” she lied. “I saw a bunch at the nursery, so I think I’ll just go change now…”

“There’s always time for that later!” Hanna told her, reaching out and grabbing Alisa’s arm. “You obviously haven’t seen enough of the show! Just sit down and watch with us!”

The longer she heard the sound from the TV, the harder it was to resist, or to even think about anything other than the show. She thought back to all those teen and adult babies she’d seen wearing clothes with characters from the show on them – it had only been them, she remembered, never any actual kids. She’d been forced to watch it at the nursery, so much that it had invaded her dreams, and at some point, she’d been hypnotized and planted with God only knew how many triggers. All of these girls were just sitting and watching the show obediently, almost as if they had no choice… And all of them were wearing diapers, and liked it. Could that be it? Was the show some kind of mass market hypnosis tool, used to turn people into adult babies without even realizing it?

That made her want to watch even less, but Hanna tugged her closer, pulling her down between her legs on the couch, turning her to face the television. Before she could even try to close her eyes, she’d caught a glimpse, and that was enough to make her eyes widen, like the other girls, as she took in the show. She was conscious enough to notice that it was a little different from the version she’d seen in the nursery. At the nursery, the colors had seemed brighter, and more intense, and she had never quite been able to discern a story in any particular episode. Here, it was less intense, but made a little more sense.

That made sense, she supposed. The public version could be flipped past by regular people and dismissed as nothing but another kid’s show, unless they decided to watch enough to get caught in its web, thus becoming another adult baby. At the nursery, however, they already were adult babies, and a captive audience, so they didn’t have to worry about anyone thinking something was off. She felt a little sick to her stomach as she remembered how hard it had been for her to disobey Mommy’s orders after a day in the nursery. Was the nursery using it to make their older subjects more obedient to their mommies and daddies? Mommy had also told her she wasn’t allowed to touch her diaper anymore, and now when she did so, she had an accident. Could they custom make episodes, to warp their subjects minds any way their caretakers wanted? It was a terrifying thought, made even worse by the thought that Dr. Bremer, quite likely her only way back home, pretty much had to be in on it.

Her reporter’s instincts were going wild. This would be a hell of a story, a career maker. Maybe if she couldn’t get home, she could make a name for herself with this. Of course, anyone who was a good enough hypnotist to pull this off probably wasn’t someone she’d want to make an enemy of, but still, perhaps there was some way to pull it off.

It was only then that she realized that, unlike the others, she wasn’t completely pulled into the show. They were all staring intently at the screen, barely even blinking, not moving in any other way. Hanna’s arms were clamped tightly around her, holding her in place, flat on her full diaper, but she could move her eyes a little, anyway, as long as they didn’t fully leave the screen. It must be because of the ones at the nursery, she decided – after those concentrated doses, the watered down public version didn’t have quite as tight a grip on her mind, which might be why she was able to think of anything at all while it was playing. Then again, she still didn’t like to think of what it was telling her to do, and the sound had almost as potent an effect on her as the visuals, but when she tried to cover her ears, she discovered her thumb had firmly planted itself in her mouth.

That seemed to be another side effect of seeing the other version, as none of the other girls were doing the same, while she remained completely incapable of removing it. Even when the show went to commercials, it remained firmly jammed between her lips. Every commercial was for diapers, and the girls shook themselves out of their hypnotized stupor long enough to brag when their brand was shown, or gush about how comfortable they looked. As soon as the show started again, however, they went silent, and returned to watching.

As the show wound down, the story resolved itself, and the characters turned toward the screen, looking straight out at the audience. “Are you all nice and snugly diapered?” asked the female character, who Alisa had only now, in this version, figured out was named Naomi.

As one, the room answered, “Yes!” eagerly. Even Alisa could feel her mouth moving, though her thumb kept her answer from being coherent.

“Well, there’s no point wearing them if you aren’t going to use them!” Oliver, the male character, told them. Alisa’s thumb muffled a gasp as she felt her bladder begin to empty into her bloated diaper. Hanna squirmed a little, and Alisa could feel a warmth growing in her diaper as well as it pushed against her back. Around her, she saw several girl’s faces turn red as they grunted, their diapers bulging out beneath them. She was glad the laxatives had emptied her out already, though at least now nobody would have noticed, so it might have been a tiny bit more private, in a way.

“Good job, boys and girls!” Naomi exclaimed. “We’ll see you next time!” Then, together with Oliver, she said, “Don’t be naughty!” and the show ended, a commercial for some other show taking over the audio as the closing credits played. As one, the girls woke up, some blushing as they discovered the state of their diapers, others proudly declaring that they barely even remembered going.

“Does anybody need a change?” Hanna asked.

“The bathroom is open,” Isabella announced, “or you can use my room if you want.”

A few girls got up, but mostly, they seemed pretty content to stay in their damp diapers. Alisa started to get up, but Hanna just tightened her grip on her, pulling her back down on top of her leg. “Wait your turn,” Hanna told her. “They were up first.”

“But I…” Alisa started, before remembering she had her thumb in her mouth. She managed to get it out, now that the show was over, and began again. “But I’ve been messy for the longest.”

“Then you should’ve gotten up faster,” Hanna reprimanded her, starting to bounce Alisa on her leg. Alisa squirmed and blushed as she felt her mess being squished inside her diaper, not noticing her thumb finding its way back between her lips as she began thinking less about it and more about her messy state. “Don’t be grumpy!” Hanna said, tickling the girl’s sides. “That’s almost as bad as being naughty! If you really want changed now, we could do it right here in the middle of the floor. Is that what you want?”

Alisa quickly shook her head. These girls were already seeing her mostly naked; she didn’t want to complete the picture for them. She started speaking again, and once more had to extract her thumb from her mouth. “Can’t I go wait in line for the bathroom, at least?”

Hanna seemed to consider this for a moment, then declared, “Nope! I think you can just wait until last. Aren’t you having fun on your horsey ride?” She began bouncing Alisa harder, giggling as the girl on her lap began whining, wrinkling her nose. “Maybe we’ll just put another diaper on over this one. Then it should last all night, huh? How about that?”

“Nooo…” Alisa sniffled around her thumb. It was hard enough walking in two diapers – she was sure three would mean spending the rest of the night crawling around in her very messy diaper.

“Or maybe we should use another two,” Hanna mused, teasing Alisa as she tickled her again. “Wouldn’t that be fun? Imagine how long that would last! Come on, you don’t want to be a naughty girl, do you?” Alisa didn’t want more diapers, certainly not as an alternative to a change, but she found herself shaking her head anyway. Being naughty was bad, she knew. That’s what led to getting spankings, or time outs, or other punishments, and she didn’t like that.

“You stay right here,” Hanna ordered, setting Alisa down on the floor, legs splayed in front of her, as she stood up, “and I’ll bring the diaper bag.”

Alisa whimpered, sucking harder on her thumb as she got more worried, not even trying to remove it, despite how it mangled her words. “No, I can wait! Not here!” She wasn’t even sure what Hanna planned on doing with it in the middle of the living room, but there were no options that she approved of.

“Paige, why don’t you watch her for me?” Hanna said to the lone Amazon, who eagerly agreed, taking Hanna’s spot on the couch, looming over Alisa. Paige was at least six inches taller than anyone else in the room, but she was still rather small compared to Mommy, enough so that Alisa wondered if the giants continued to grow longer than regular humans, or if Paige was just a runt.

“I wish I was little,” Paige lamented. “Not even teen diapers fit me, I’m stuck with the really boring adult ones.” Alisa could see a sliver of the girl’s diaper between the waistband of her jeans and the bottom of her shirt, and they looked like regular, real universe Depends from what she could tell, no designs or even bright colors like most of the other girls had. “If any of my other friends found out, they’d never let me live it down. At least with you guys, it’s no surprise.”

Alisa blushed. She wasn’t a fan of hearing that she was somehow destined for this kind of treatment because, in this dimension, she was smaller. As far as she could tell, before her mind had gotten there, the other her had been doing fine. At the very least, she hadn’t been wearing any protection. Of course, she’d been born and raised in this world, and probably knew better how to dodge the pitfalls of it, but Alisa still felt bad that, in a matter of hours, she had undone all of her other self’s work of keeping herself diaper-free. She almost felt guilty for being interested in these stories to begin with, but if she hadn’t, would the other her have even existed to begin with?

Hanna dropped the bag of diapers right in front of Alisa with a crinkle, making the girl jump a little at the sight. “Hey, girls!” Hanna announced, “who wants to pick out a new diaper for Lissy? We have all kinds to choose from! Pampers, Cuddlz, Luvs…” Hanna pulled each kind out as she announced them, setting them down in a line on the floor, pausing at the last. Alisa’s heart skipped a beat as she saw that the diaper was sitting funny, almost as if there was something inside it… Because there was. “What is this?” Hanna mused, reaching down and flipping open the diaper to reveal the Dora panties folded inside.

“Hey, those are what Lissy was wearing earlier!” Isabella pointed out.

“Yes, they are,” Hanna agreed, fixing Alisa with a disappointed glare. “What are they doing here, I wonder? Did you really think you were going to get to wear your big girl panties? We told you, this sleepover is diapers only!”

“I-I just…” Alisa mumbled nervously, sucking ever harder on her thumb.

“Look at you! How could you think you were ready for big girl panties in the first place?” Hanna pushed roughly on the seat on Alisa’s diaper, mushing its contents further around her bottom. “If you had been wearing these, you would have made a huge mess all over Bella’s floor! And that would have been naughty, wouldn’t it, girls?”

“But I didn’t!” Alisa tried desperately to point out.

“You would have,” Isabella shook her head. “That’s almost as bad! I think she needs another visit from Mr. Ouchie!”

“I think that’s a good idea,” Hanna agreed. “Jasmine, could you be a good girl and come help me?” Jasmine eagerly trotted over, grabbed a changing pad from the bag and spreading it out. “Don’t worry, though, Lissy, once you’ve had your paddling, we’ll be sure we put plenty of padding on your bottom so you can sit.” Hanna grabbed Alisa, scooting her over to the pad and pushing her onto her back. Alisa tried to sit, to squirm away, as Hanna turned to get more supplies from the bag, but almost instantly, the other girls were around her, grabbing her arms and legs and holding her down. On the ever so slightly positive side, that caused her thumb to be jerked out of her mouth, and kept her from being able to return it there, at least for the time being.

“Please don’t do this here!” she pleaded, cheeks burning. It was bad enough all these people had seen her fill her diaper, she didn’t want them to see it being changed, too. But no matter how hard she tried to break free, it didn’t stop Hanna from untaping the diapers.

“What a mess! You’re a stinky girl!” she exclaimed, waving a hand in front of her nose before grabbing for a baby wipe and starting to clean Alisa up. She took her time, wiping every nook and cranny, and as Alisa whimpered, she only seemed to work slower. “You squirming only makes it harder,” she reprimanded. “Do you want me to be at this all day?” Alisa shook her head, and tried to stay still, but the glacial pace, and her complete nudity in front of all these people, made it very difficult for her not to do anything.

That got even worse as Hanna began to run the cool, wet cloth over Alisa’s vagina. After everything, the slightest touch likely would have been enough, but Hanna seemed to know just what she was doing as she rubbed the wipe over the same spot, watching as the girl grew flushed, her squirming taking on a whole new quality. She moaned, mentally cursing herself for being unable to control it; she tried to remind herself of her audience, and how she didn’t want to do this in front of them, but that just made the whole thing more deliciously naughty, but in a whole different way than Oliver and Naomi had tried to warn her against.

As much as she could move under the grip of the girls all around her, she began thrusting her hips against Hanna’s hand, desperate to finally gain the release she’d been denied over and over these past couple days. At first, Hanna seemed like she had no problem giving it to her. After a minute or two, she bent down, whispered to Alisa, “Are you having fun, Lissy?” Alisa nodded, unable to form words. “That’s good, sweetie… Except you were naughty, and that means you should be getting punished, not having fun.”

With that, Hanna pulled the wipe away, earning a pitiful whimper from Alisa and a mixture of giggles and sounds of approval from the other girls. Alisa whined, wriggling in place desperately as Hanna finished cleaning her, then wrapped the pair of diapers up in themselves and handed them to Isabella to throw away. She stood up, signaling the other girls to let got of Alisa, who stayed on her back for a moment, face red. Jasmine scurried up to Hanna, holding up the paddle obediently.

“This is what a good girl looks like,” Hanna informed Alisa, patting Jasmine’s head. “And because she was so good, I think she’ll get the first turn. Now stand up and bend over the table again.” Alisa didn’t like the way Jasmine’s eyes shone at the prospect, not any more than she liked the fact that she was now completely naked, and about to get spanked yet again.

“I’ll be good,” she promised, slowly pushing herself to her feet. “I’ll be a good girl, I don’t need another punishment…”

“A good girl knows that punishments are for her own good,” Hanna told her. “Go bend over.”

Alisa pouted, but there was clearly no way out of this, so she trudged back over to the table. At least last time, she had the padding of her diapers to protect her, and Jasmine to take some of the blows. Now, Jasmine was going to be dishing them out, and somehow she doubted the girl was glad that Alisa had told on her and gotten her in trouble. As she bent over, she faintly heard the sound of a doorbell.

“That’s probably the pizza!” Isabella yelled, on her way back from disposing of Alisa’s diaper. “I’ll get it!”

That was just great, Alisa thought. If there was one thing that would make this better, it was having another person, possibly a guy, see her standing there, naked, getting a spanking from a bunch of girls in diapers. How could the day get any worse?

“This is what you get for tattling, and making me wear this stupid dress,” Jasmine whispered in Alisa’s ear before stepping back. Alisa didn’t bother to point out that she’d had nothing to do with putting Jasmine in the dress, except being the first one to wear it, figuring it wouldn’t make any difference at this point anyway. Jasmine tapped Alisa’s bare bottom with the paddle, then swung it backwards, waving it in circles like a baseball player warming up before the hit.

Alisa turned, squeezed her eyes shut, trying to prepare herself. Behind her, she could hear some kind of commotion, but she didn’t think anything of it until, a few moments later, the paddle still hadn’t hit. She opened her eyes just a bit, turning slightly in time to see a new arrival stepping past Isabella, who was squirming frantically as what looked like a silver tentacle wrapped around her arms expanded, coiling around more of her body. The new arrival was tall, probably about the size of Mommy, if not a little taller, wearing a long dress and apron over that, but it was clearly not one of the Amazons, as it was made out of metal.

“I am searching for Dolly,” it announced, with the same quasi-mechanical voice the rooms at the nursery had.

“I told her, there’s no…” Isabella tried to say, only for the tentacle to wrap around her head, pushing itself into her mouth to silence her.

Alisa’s heard began to pound as she stared at it, even more as it turned towards her. A red light came from its eye, scanning her general area before it announced, “Target acquired.” Before Alisa could do anything but scream, the robot’s arms reached out, then began to extend, rushing straight towards her.

Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 19

Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 19

Chapter 19 – Party Games

“Why would you do that?!” Alisa shrieked, angrily shoving Jasmine away from her. The other girl seemed surprised, stumbling backwards and hitting the counter. For a second, she looked stunned, and then she put on an exaggerated expression of pain and started to cry. “It wasn’t that hard,” Alisa scoffed, a moment before she felt a hand clamp onto her arm.

“What is wrong with you, young lady?” Hanna asked, spinning Alisa around to face her. Even though Alisa knew she wasn’t in the wrong, she still felt like a naughty little girl who had been caught red handed.

“I didn’t…” she tried to explain.

“I saw you push her,” Hanna interrupted her.

“But you don’t understand, she…” Alisa whined.

“We don’t push,” Hanna told her, dragging her out of the kitchen, still trying to get her story out. She took the girl to the living room, where she was ushered to the corner by the TV, nose-first. “I don’t want to hear another peep from you,” she said threateningly. “That was a very mean and naughty thing you did. You are going to stay right here until I tell you that you can move.”

“B-But…” Alisa protested, starting to get frustrated at the unfairness of her situation. Hanna silenced her with a slap to the back of her thighs. Alisa sulked as she heard Hanna walk away, squirming in place as her tummy continued to rumble. Part of her just wanted to leave – there was nothing keeping her here, after all – but another part of her felt oddly compelled to do as she was told, if only because she was a little scared to find out what the girls would do to her if she didn’t.

After a minute or two, Hanna returned. “Turn around,” she ordered. Alisa did as she was told, and was surprised to see that the girl was holding a brownie. “Eat this,” Hanna said, handing it over. “Maybe it will calm you down.”

“Is it..?” Alisa started to ask meekly.

“Don’t worry about what it is,” Hanna replied, confirming her suspicions as much as if she’d said yes. “Just eat it. I’m sure you know you deserve it.”

“But I…” Alisa pouted as Hanna fixed her with a stern look, reluctantly bringing the brownie up to her lips and taking a bite. It was her first one since realizing what they were meant for, and she was sure that, with each bite, she could feel her stomach growing more and more bloated. Even so, and though she hated to admit it, they still tasted amazing. Could it be the laxatives? Maybe in this world, they tasted extra-good, to make them easier to trick people into eating. Hanna watched her like a hawk until she finished every bite, then turned her back around with a pat on the bottom.

Not long after that, the doorbell rang, letting in the first of the guests, who arrived rather steadily after that. Alisa didn’t dare turn to see how many of them there were, or what they looked like, but she heard Hanna explain that she had been naughty to each one, and each time it got a giggle or two, growing louder as the crowd expanded. She felt like she was the center of attention, and considering that each passing moment made her stomach rumble a little more, and the fact that her rear was on display to all of them, it wasn’t exactly a place she wanted to be.

Finally, they all seemed to have arrived, because Isabella announced excitedly, “Hi, everyone! I’m so glad you could make it! I hope you’re all dressed properly, ’cause the inspections are about to start, and you don’t want to wake up the tickle monster!” Everyone laughed, and Alisa for once was glad she was facing away from them, as her face turned red from the memory of her meeting with the tickle monster. “You might end up in the naughty corner with Alisa, too! ‘Cause everyone knows little girls have to be diapered before bedtime!”

“But first,” Hanna broke in, “we’re going to have treat time.” Alisa heard a chorus of “Ooh”s and “Yummy”s behind her. “Everyone has to take one,” Hanna explained, “buuut, there’s a catch.” Jasmine and Isabella started laughing to each other, then quieted down – Alisa could imagine Hanna shooting them a look to try to get them to stay quiet and not ruin the surprise. “Most of these are just normal brownies,” Hanna continued, “but some of them have a special ingredient.” From the tittering and whispering, Alisa assumed they all knew just what that was. “I know some of you don’t like messing, but there’s a reason we’re only allowing diapers tonight. Some of you do like it, though, and we don’t want them to hog all of the brownies, so… The first one to lose control gets a nice, long spanking with Mr. Ouchie.”

The girls behind Alisa sounded pretty amused by the whole idea, and even Alisa had to admit that the whole thing had a fun, naughty vibe that she wouldn’t have minded reading about in a story. Unfortunately, the game was rigged, and there seemed little chance that anybody but her could win, with the head start she’d been given. She had no doubt that Jasmine had known all about it, and that just angered her even more, which only reminded her how helpless she was, standing in the corner, seething and waiting for the inevitable.

“Naughty Little Alisa here already had hers,” Hanna announced, and Alisa felt another pat on the butt, “but since you guys didn’t get to see it, I’ll take the second one. And, to make it even more fair, Katie, do you want to pick mine?” There was a pause, and then a cheer as, presumably, Hanna took the first bite of her brownie.

“Hey!” Isabella yelled. “Why don’t we kill two birds with one stone? We’ll do the inspection now, too! You don’t get a brownie until you show off your diaper.”

“Great idea!” Hanna complimented her. “I guess I’m a little late, then, but…” There was another cheer as Alisa assumed Hanna lifted her dress. A moment later, she felt a tug on the crotch of her onesie. “It’s pretty obvious, but rules are rules.”

Alisa heard more than a few “Aww”s as the back of her onesie was lifted up, and, again, she was glad for the solitutde of the corner to hide her blushing. As if reading her mind, however, Hanna then spun her around, making her face the crown for the first time. There were a good number of girls there, probably a dozen, though she was too embarrassed to look up long enough to count, and they were all watching her intently, except for Jasmine, who was sulking. From her preliminary glance, it hadn’t looked like there were any other dwarves there but her and Jasmine – and only one giant – and Alisa couldn’t help but wonder if Jasmine was used to being the center of attention at these things. Was that why she was jealous? She had changed out of her shortalls, and was now in just her blue shirt, with one of the jean-printed Huggies beneath it. It definitely did not look like a pair of shorts, but Alisa had to admit it was pretty cute.

“Now, Lissy,” Hanna said, “show off the front of your diapers so everyone can see what kind they are.”

Alisa froze, staring down at the front of her onesie. It was lying flat against the front of her diaper… Could she get ahold of it without setting off her hypnosis? “Th-They’re Huggies,” she told them, clenching her hands at her sides. That only set the group off again, talking about how adorable she was.

“Yes, but you have to show them,” Hanna insisted. “Or are you being naughty again? Do you need another punishment?”

Alisa shook her head, wondering if this meant her current punishment was over. With a sigh, she moved her hand toward her onesie, letting it hover well over it for a moment, trying to work up the courage. Suddenly, she had a great idea – if she just bunched the fabric up from higher on her body, that should raise the flap, hopefully enough to satisfy everyone. It was so simple, she felt silly for not thinking of it earlier.

Before she could do it, however, Hanna’s hand clamped over hers, pushing it down, right into the thick padding at the front of her diaper. Alisa’s eyes went wide as she felt herself begin to wet her diaper, and she fidgeted in place, horrified that she was doing this right in front of all these people. At first, they seemed to busy staring at her Huggies, but it didn’t take long for them to figure out what was happening. Alisa could see the realization spreading out in waves through the group. She had never wanted so badly to be able to sink into the floor.

“What are you doing, Lissy?” Hanna teased, keeping her hand clamped over Alisa’s, the onesie’s fabric gripped tight. Through the double diaper, there was no outward sign, but even so, there was no mistaking what was going on. “Are you going pee-pee?” Alisa blushed deeper, all the confirmation the other girls needed. “You aren’t doing anything else, are you? Give somebody else a chance to ‘win’, you meanie!” Without warning, Hanna turned her back around, and Alisa briefly thought her torture was over, until she felt a tug on the back of her diaper as the girl checked her. “Nope, she’s just wetting like a little fountain!” she assured the others, before letting the Huggies snap back into place and reaching down to re-fasten the onesie. “Maybe we should pick up the pace, though.”

Alisa didn’t really want to, but she decided that at least getting to see what was going on would be better than staring at the corner. Besides, there were other girls to attract attention as they showed off their diapers and chose their brownies. When she tried to turn, however, Hanna reached out and held her shoulders in place. “I didn’t tell you corner time was done, young lady. Stay still!”

But that became suddenly more difficult as a cramp hit her, and she felt the mess inside her pushing toward her diaper. Her hands started for her backside, in the hopes that a little pressure back there would help her stave off her impending doom, but she stopped herself in time, clenching them into fists as she reminded herself of what that touch could wind up doing to her. As she listened to the girls behind her having a good time, showing off their diapers and choosing their brownies, she tried to push her thighs together despite the double layer of padding between them, and clench her cheeks, fighting something that only felt more inevitable with every passing moment.

The platter of brownies still hadn’t made its rounds when Alisa felt the all-too-familiar sensation of pooping her diaper. She did her best to keep quiet, not wanting to attract attention to herself, but it was hard to avoid a few small groans as her body pushed and her Huggies expanded. She could feel the onesie straining as the diaper beneath it grew, making her all the more sure that it was obvious what was going on. She could hear chattering and giggling behind her, but there was no way for her to tell how much of it was for her, and how much was for whichever girl was proving she was in the correct underclothes.

Then, to her surprise, it stopped. Or, rather, it mostly stopped. She could still feel a little oozing its way into her already loaded diaper, but she could tell the onesie had stretched about as far as it was going to, and, in addition to keeping more of the mess from getting out like it wanted to, it was pushing what was already in there more tightly against Alisa’s tender nether regions. The mass kept squeezing out, little by little, creeping into every clean space left in her diaper, making it crinkle slightly as it grew outwards, and yet her tummy still felt full. She mentally cursed Jasmine, hoping she had picked one of the laxative brownies, too, though obviously one wouldn’t be nearly as bad as the three she’d been tricked or forced into consuming. She moaned as her stomach rumbled, having run out of space to deposit its cargo well before unloading all of it.

“Whew,” came an unfamiliar voice, which made it all the more embarrassing. “I think somebody’s messy already! Is it you, Linda?”

“Nuh-uh!” answered another voice defensively. “I’m still clean and dr… clean!”

“Then let’s see!” demanded the first voice. Before long, accusations were flying, and it sounded like everyone was having a good time, seemingly forgetting about Alisa in their fun.

At least until she heard a popping sound. She turned her head, confused, wondering what it could be, when she heard another, then a string of three one after another, accompanied by a brief feeling of relief as her onesie grew looser. Before she could figure out how that was possible, or even wonder about it, she felt a huge rush of warm, gooey mush enter her already messy diaper, having finally found more room now that – as she saw when she looked down – her onesie had come undone. Everyone could have seen that final bit of her pooping her diaper, she realized, if they were just looking over at her.

“And I thought Jasmine’s onesie would be too big for you,” Hanna chuckled, and Alisa blushed as she felt a hand patting the heavy, saggy seat of her diaper. “I guess you outgrew it, huh?” Before Alisa could stop her, Hanna reached down and tugged the onesie up over her head, leaving her standing in just her Huggies. “Guess you don’t need that, do you? I guess you can come out of the corner now, because guess what, sweetie? You won the game!”

“Here’s your prize!” Isabella chirped happily as Alisa slowly turned, crossing her arms over her chest as she faced the room full of girls, all staring intently at her. Isabella was holding a large wooden paddle, painted pink, with little hearts carved through it. “Lissy, meet Mr. Ouchie. I think the two of you are going to get to know each other very well.”

“That’s not fair!” Alisa whined, trying to back away, only to run into Hanna. “It’s not my fault!”

“You heard the rules,” Hanna reminded her in her annoyingly calming voice. “And I think there’s very little doubt that you have used your diaper. We just checked pretty much everyone else, but if you want to look again, you can.”

“It’s not fair!” Alisa repeated, stomping her foot. “Jasmine made me eat the brownies!”

Hanna turned toward Jasmine, who suddenly tried to shrink away into the crowd. “I didn’t make her do anything!” she squeaked. “I offered her one, that’s all!”

“Two!” Alisa pouted.

“Did you tell her what was in them?” Hanna asked, hands on her hips. Jasmine started to bite her bottom lip, shrugging noncommittally. “Jasmine! That wasn’t very nice, was it?” Jasmine shrugged again, though this time she couldn’t quite hide the mischievous smile that crept across her face.

“She still fudged her Huggies first,” Jasmine pointed out.

“Yes, she did,” Hanna agreed, “and that means she’s going to get a spanking, but I think you need one, too. Bend over the coffee table, you two.”

“B-But…” Alisa whimpered.

Hanna gently took her hand and guided her to the coffee table, forcing her to bend over, sticking out her heavily bloated posterior. She grabbed Jasmine and did the same with her, but Alisa was happy to note that she got her diapers pulled down, and when Isabella handed Hanna the paddle, Jasmine was the first to have it used on her. Alisa was pleased to watch the girl’s bottom turn red as she squirmed and started to cry; it was almost enough to make her forget that she was next.

“Okay, Lissy, here we go!” Hanna announced, moving over to her and pulling Mr. Ouchie back quite a ways before giving her diaper a good thwack. It was more embarrassing than painful, at least until Hanna aimed a few at her upper thighs, enough to get her wiggling and sniffling as much as Jasmine. “All right, who’s next?” Hanna asked, holding up the paddle.

Everyone wanted their turn, unfortunately, though before they could take it, they all seemed to feel the need to give her diaper a rub, or a pat. “I’ve never seen such a little girl make such a big mess,” one said, while another worried, “I wonder what kind of laxatives those were…” Some of them seemed a little worried about what this meant for them, and some sounded almost giddy at the prospect.

Right before delivering her swats, one of them froze, and Alisa heard another girl ask, “What’s wrong, Mandy?” Alisa turned as much as she could without getting up off the table, in time to see the girl about to spank her standing there, red-faced, while one of her friends lifted the back of her skirt.

“Mandy’s making a messy!” the inquisitive girl chanted, to the delight of everyone else.

Mandy flushed a little darker red, tugging her skirt down. “I had to go before I got here,” she grumbled. “And I wasn’t first, so it doesn’t matter.” Her embarrassment only seemed to fuel her strength, and the fact that the girl doling out the punishment had just done what Alisa was being spanked for made it all the more humiliating for Alisa, as well.

Finally, the two girls were let up. Jasmine rubbed her sore bottom while Alisa wished she could do the same with the back of her legs, but she didn’t dare because she knew she’d risk touching her diaper by doing that. Hanna cut through the crowd, holding something pink that, after a moment, Alisa recognized as her sailor dress. It wasn’t the most dignified piece of clothing, though at least it was more than just her diaper, so she was happy to have it… Or would have been, had Hanna not walked over to Jasmine with it.

“You were a naughty girl, Jasmine,” Hanna scolded her, stripping her of her t-shirt, then pulling her diaper up over her well-spanked bottom. “This was the girliest thing we could find that we thought might fit you, and you’re going to wear it the rest of the night, do you understand?”

“I don’t like dresses!” Jasmine whined, but Hanna didn’t listen, she simply pulled the dress over the unhappy girl’s body. It was even smaller on her than it had been on Alisa, leaving her diaper with its faux-jean design almost completely exposed.

“Isn’t that cute?” Isabella giggled. “Lissy borrowed Jas’s clothes, and now Jas is borrowing Lissy’s! They’re like best friends!”

“They are,” Hanna said, in a voice that told the both of them that it was going to be true, or else. “Now hug, you two.”

They did as they were told, to a chorus of girls talking about how adorable it was. When they were done, Alisa turned to Hanna and asked, “Can I put something else on now? Or at least change?”

“Hmm… I suppose…” Hanna mused. “I think we should bring the bag out here and let everyone decide what diapers you get to wear next, and…” She paused, glancing up at the clock and suddenly stopping mid-sentence. “Whoa, we almost missed it! It’s show time, girls!”

“Oh, no!” Isabella squealed, scrambling through the crowd and fumbling with the magazines on the coffee table as she grabbed anxiously for the remote, flipping on the TV. “Oh, thank goodness,” she sighed as the image snapped to life, showing a commercial for diaper rash cream. “We didn’t miss anything!”

“Umm, what about..?” Alisa asked meekly, staring up at Hanna, whose eyes seemed transfixed to the screen. A couple seconds later, as one, she and all of the other girls sat down in place, staring wide-eyed up at the screen. “Guys?” Alisa was starting to get freaked out now, as the room went absolutely silent except for the sound of the theme song, one she’d heard quite a few times over the past couple days, and that, much as she hated to admit it, was beckoning her to turn her head to look at the screen with everyone else, despite how badly she wanted to resist after seeing their reaction to it.

“Isn’t this just your favorite show?” Hanna asked as she saw Alisa still facing away, smiling almost unnaturally wide. “Watch it with us, Lissy! You don’t want to be a naughty girl anymore, do you? You can learn all about being a good girl. Just watch with us…”

Special thanks to Geotastic for inspiring part of the chapter with this picture. I usually try to base things off general story tropes, rather than anything specific, but that was just too cute, and too much of a concept that I wish I had thought of myself, for me to pass up this time.

Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 18

Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – The Joy of Cooking

When they got to the kitchen, Jasmine was sitting on the counter, stirring a bowl full of brownie batter, while Isabella greased a pair of pans. Isabella glanced over at the sound of their arrival, smiling. “Are you dressed properly now, Alisa?”

“Umm… Yeah…” Alisa blushed.

“Well, let’s see what you chose!” Isabella demanded. When Alisa hesitated, she gestured upward with her hand impatiently. “Come on!” Bashfully, Alisa raised her dress, causing a squeal from Isabella, which made Jasmine jump and drop her spoon for a moment. “Aww, Huggies! Do you want a huggie?” Before Alisa could answer, Isabella swooped over and gave her a big hug. “Hey, do you want to help us finish up here?”

“I guess,” Alisa nodded. She felt a little guilty coming to the party without bringing anything, even though she obviously hadn’t had any time to prepare.

“Maybe you should change,” Hanna suggested. “You wouldn’t want to get your pretty dress all messy.”

“I don’t really have any other clothes here,” Alisa said, though the idea did make sense. As embarrassing as it had been to be forced into it with no choice, the dress was pretty cute. She’d have love to have something like it back in the real world for her playtime.

“Well, duh!” Isabella smirked. “We know that! Jasmine has boring clothes, but she might have something you can borrow. Right, Jas?”

Jasmine sighed. “Yeah, sure. There’s some onesies she could wear.”

“Come on, I’ll show you where her stuff is,” Hanna took Alisa’s hand again, leading her past the living room, full of blankets and pillows and sleeping bags, to a bedroom. It wasn’t too overly childish looking, other than the stuffed animals everywhere, ranging in size from tiny, up to one particular bear nearly the size of Alisa sitting on the bed. A baby blue backpack adorned with one of the main characters from the show Alisa had seen at the nursery sat on the floor, half unzipped. Hanna set her own bag down, picked ithe backpack up and set it on the bed, rifling through it. “Here, this isn’t too bad,” Hanna offered, pulling out a pale yellow onesie. “She’s a little taller than you, but not too much. I bet if we put another diaper or two on you, it would work out fine…”

“Well…” Alisa hesitated, memories of her double diapering that morning coming back to her. It had been so difficult to do so much as walk… Then again, she’d been worrying about escaping then, and she hadn’t gotten the impression that there was anything to run away from here. She knew she should still be cautious, but it was hard not to get caught up in how much fun the other girls seemed to be having.

Hanna took her silence as agreement, picking Alisa up as she pondered and laying her down on the bed, reaching down into her bag. Alisa squirmed, face flushing as she watched, still not quite sure what she wanted to do. “Wait…”

“Nope, you had your chance to say no,” Hanna told her. She sounded stern, but more like a friendly big sister than a strict mother, like Mommy. Alisa had the feeling that, if she really wanted Hanna to, she would stop. “I bet you’re a pretty heavy wetter, aren’t you? And we don’t want you leaking all over Isabella’s furniture! Though it’s not like she hasn’t at some point… Besides, I think those tapes are okay to be re-attached, but the only way to be really sure it won’t come off is to cover it up with another diaper.”

“I dunno…” Alisa wavered.

Hanna smiled down at her, then reached over and tugged on the cover of her diaper, ripping a small hole in it. “Oopsie!” she giggled, before making another. “Look at that! You can’t wear it like that! It’ll leak! There’s no choice now! Lift your bottom, Lissy.”

Obediently, Alisa did as she was told, allowing the other girl to slide the second diaper beneath her first, before taping it into place. “That is much better,” Hanna approved. “I bet that onesie will fit perfectly now! Do you need any help getting into it?” Alisa shook her head. “All right, I’m going to go finish setting up! Go help Bella and Jas when you’re changed!” She left, closing the door most of the way.

Alisa clumsily got off the bed, taking the chance to look at herself in the mirror in her full outfit, double diapers peeking out from under her skirt and all, before taking off her dress. She didn’t want to just leave it in a pile on the floor, so she toddled to the closet and found an empty hanger, slipping the dress on and getting up on her tip-toes to hang it back up. There were even more stuffed animals in the closet, mostly on the shelf, though a few were on the floor, looking as if they’d simply fallen. She picked up one – a small turtle – but she was far too short to put it back on the shelf, and after a failed attempt to toss it up there, she left it on the floor.

As she turned back around, she caught a glimpse of herself in nothing but her extra-thick diapers, and it was all she could do not the reach down the front of them. She was still worried about Mommy somehow tracking her down, but she wasn’t here now, making all of that mess a distant memory, something that couldn’t hurt her, at least not right in the moment. After having lived through it, and survived it, she could more fully appreciate just how hot it was, and the fact that she knew she couldn’t enjoy that without peeing herself only made her more frustrated.

She eyed the giant bear as she walked back to the bed, musing. She couldn’t touch her diaper, but maybe she didn’t have to… She’d seen a few different sets of pictures that features girls with huge teddies, enjoying themselves. There was definitely a part of her that was tempted, but she forced herself to put it out of her mind. For one, it didn’t belong to her, so it would have been kind of creepy, and for another, she’d also read a couple different stories where stuffed animals had come to life because of various naughtinesses they’d witnessed, to punish their owners. Could the fabric of this universe be warped so far as to let that happen? There were enough toys in this room that she didn’t want to find out.

In fact, the thought of it made her nervous, and her eyes kept darting to the various stuffed animals as she grabbed at the onesie. She hadn’t thought of it before, but now she was beginning to think they were watching her every move, waiting to pounce. She quickly slipped the onesie on over her head, doing it as fast as she could so the fabric didn’t block her view for long, then shook the two ends loose, letting them dangle down at her diaper. It was only then that she realized she might have made a mistake not taking Hanna’s help in getting dressed. So far, she’d been fine, but how was she supposed to fasten the snaps without touching her diaper? Grabbing for the back flap, she might even brush against the rear of her diaper, and that seemed like an awfully big risk.

If touching the front or the crotch made her wet herself, would touching the back make her do something more? She didn’t want to find out, not now. She thought back, trying to remember if she’d touched it lately or not. The only time she could remember was during Dr. Bremer’s little challenge. It had seemed to trigger a little messy accident – the first domino that had led to the huge mess she’d found herself in minutes later – but she wasn’t sure if that counted or not, since she had really had to go, and the timing might have been coincidence. Now, after having just been taped into a double diaper, didn’t seem like the best time to test it, however.

She toddled out of the room, heading back toward the kitchen. She found Hanna in the living room, and stopped off there with a blush. “Umm… Hanna?”

“Yeah?” Hanna turned, smiling as she saw the girl standing behind her. “Did you have a little trouble with the snaps?” Alisa hadn’t even tried them, but she nodded anyway, not wanting to explain the situation. Hanna walked over, tugging the bottom of the onesie tight, and snapped it shut. “There, that’s perfect!” Hanna declared. “It’s a good thing we put you in that second diaper! It fits just right now!”

It was a bit of a strange sensation, feeling her every movement tug her diapers more snugly against her still sore bottom. It made them feel even more inescapable, but at the same time, more safe and secure. “Thanks,” she said, earning herself a hair tousle before she was sent to the kitchen with a pat on the padded backside.

“Oh… Hi,” Jasmine said as she saw Alisa enter.

“Hi,” Alisa replied shyly. “Umm… Thanks for letting me borrow your onesie.”

“Whatever,” Jasmine shrugged. “Do you want to take over stirring this batch? Isabella just had to go get some more flour from the pantry.”

“Sure,” Alisa nodded, walking up to the counter as Jasmine hopped down onto the stool standing beside it. Alisa climbed up and took her place beside a bowl, already partially mixed, looking all chocolaty and gooey and tasty. Normally, she’d have barely been able to resist sticking her finger in and tasting it, but here, she didn’t feel like she had to stop herself.

Jasmine, on the other hand, did. “Hey,” she called from down on the floor. “You might not want to do that. Those are our special brownies.”

“Special?” For a second, Alisa thought she meant there was marijuana in them, before she remembered were she was. Generally, there was a very different secret additive added to brownies in these stories. “Oh,” she blushed. “Thanks!”

“No problem,” Jasmine shrugged. “If you want to taste it, you can try the other bowl. Bella didn’t clean it yet, so it’s just sitting in the sink.”

“Okay!” Alisa scooted herself over toward the sink, where, sure enough, she found the mixing bowl, which looked much smaller than the one on the counter now, lines of brownie batter still clinging to the side, and, best of all, a spatula nearly dripping with it. She picked it up happily, then looked over at Jasmine, who had climbed into a kitchen chair. “You didn’t want to lick the bowl?”

“I was busy getting the second batch ready,” Jasmine informed her. “I’d rather wait until they’re done to try them anyway.”

“All right,” Alisa shrugged, lifting the spatula to her mouth and licking it eagerly. “Mmm! Are you sure you don’t want to try it? It’s so good!”

“No, you go ahead,” Jasmine said. “I had some while I was stirring.”

Alisa, feeling silly and babyish, but in a good way, scraped the batter from the sides of the bowl with the spatula and ate it up until it was nearly all gone, barely even noticing what a mess she was making until she glanced down at her thickly padded crotch and saw a few spatters of batter there. “Oh, I’m sorry!” she squeaked. “I got your onesie all messy!”

“That’s okay,” Jasmine shrugged. “It’s old. Guess it’s a good thing you changed out of your dress, huh?”

Alisa giggled and nodded. She had been getting the impression that Jasmine didn’t like her much, but maybe she had just been nervous to begin with, since she was seeming much nicer now. She started to say something else, only to hear footsteps approaching. “Better get to work!” Alisa giggled, dropping the spatula and scooting back over to the other bowl, grabbing the spoon and beginning the stir.

“Looks like I got a new helper!” Isabella smiled as she saw Alisa, setting a fresh bag of flour on the counter. “And it looks like she’s already sampled the goods.”

“Nuh-uh!” Alisa fibbed with a giggle.

“Your face says differently,” Isabella said, tapping the side of her mouth. Alisa reached up to the same place on her own face, feeling a glob of batter that had escaped. She blushed a little, then wiped it up and stuck her finger in her mouth. “Just don’t eat it all before we can get it baked,” Isabella instructed, looking down at Alisa. “Your underwear keeps getting thicker every time I see you,” she observed. “Before you know it, it’s going to be bigger than you!” She smiled as she opened the bag of flour, tipping a bit more into the bowl. “Now get back to stirring!”

Alisa did as she was told, continuing to stir as Isabella added flour in bit by bit. Partway through, the timer rang, and Jasmine hopped down from her seat and went to the oven to retrieve the first batch of brownies, climbing onto another stepstool to place them on cooling racks set out on another part of the counter.

“You’re both such good helpers!” Isabella complimented them. “I think we’re about done with this batch, too.” She slid quartet of pans over to the bowl filling them up with the batter. “Do you want to lick the bowl?” she asked, but Alisa quickly shook her head, knowing what was in this batch. “Did you get enough while you were stirring?” Isabella teased. “How about you, Jas?”

“No, I’m fine!” Jasmine told her, hopping down from the stool to get a knife so she could start cutting the brownies.

“Okay, then,” Isabella shrugged, scraping the side of the bowl more thoroughly before putting two of the pans into the oven and setting the timer. “You two keep an eye on those while I get changed! I don’t want to be the first victim of the tickle monster!”

“You probably just had an accident,” Jasmine said. “That’s why you’re changing!”

“Nuh-uh!” Isabella stuck her tongue out, but when Jasmine put down the knife and hopped off her stool to scurry over to Isabella, reaching for the hem of her dress, she backed away with a blush. “Well, maybe a little…”

“You’re a widdle baby!” Jasmine chanted playfully as Isabella exited toward her bedroom. “Hey, do you want to try one of these?” she asked Alisa once they were alone. “Fresh out of the oven…”

“Sure!” Alisa fetched a paper towel from the counter, then shuffled over to Jasmine, who carefully levered a huge brownie out of the pan and gave it to her. Even through the paper towel, she could feel the warmth, but after blowing on a corner for a minute, it was the perfect temperature for her to bite into. “So good!” she squealed, gobbling it up as quick as she dared. She wasn’t sure if the girls had some secret recipe, or if sweet things just tasted better in this world, but it was the best brownie she’d ever tasted. When Jasmine offered her another one, it was hard to force herself to say, “I probably shouldn’t…”

“We can always bake some more tonight if we run out,” Jasmine coaxed her. “The other girls would have fun baking them, too…”

Alisa’s mouth watered as she stared at them, and finally she gave in. She was almost done when she realized that Jasmine had yet to taste any. With a furrowed brow, she turned to look at the oven, only then wondering why they were baking more “special” ones than regular ones. A bad feeling came over her as she asked, “Don’t you want to try them?”

Jasmine turned to look at her, a slow smile forming as she saw the look of realization on the other girl’s face. “Nah, that’s okay,” she said sweetly. “That would ruin the game.”

“Game?” Alisa squirmed, trying to tell herself that the full feeling building in her stomach was a figment of her imagination.

“Yeah! It’s a little like Russian roulette, but with brownies. See, we mix the special brownies with the regular ones, and see who gets what, and how long they can hold it. It’s hilarious!”

“A-And you have more special than regular?” Alisa asked hopefully.

“Nope,” Jasmine grinned. “Oh, did I tell you the first batch was safe? Silly me… Do you want to go ahead and have thirds while you’re at it?”

Alisa whimpered as the first cramp hit. Of course, in reality, laxatives took much longer than that to work, she knew, but in the stories, they tended to be far more fast-acting, and potent. And she’d had almost two brownie’s worth already, along with however much had been in the batter she’d eaten.

“Welcome to the group, Alisa,” Jasmine giggled, walking over to her and patting the front of her diaper. “It’s probably a good thing Hanna went ahead and doubled you up, huh?”

Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 17

Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 17

Chapter 17 – The Padding Room

They all piled into Isabella’s car, where Jasmine and Alisa were relegated to the back seat. “Do you need any help with your seatbelt?” Hanna asked Alisa, who shook her head. It was nice to actually be asked things again, she mused, rather than it just being assumed that she was too helpless to do anything for herself.

It didn’t come as much of a surprise, but Isabella wasn’t the best driver, always getting distracted, especially whenever they saw a kids’ store, or a playground, and swerving toward the parking lot. “Let’s go there!” she’d declare excitedly.

“We need to go start getting ready for the sleepover,” Hanna would tell her every time. “Besides, we promised Alisa she could get changed, remember?”

“You’ll be fine, won’t you, Alisa?” Isabella would ask, like a ritual, every single time. “You want to check this out, don’t you?”

Alisa never quite knew what to answer, not entirely comfortable with being put on the spot like that, and Hanna and Isabella would giggling together as they watched her squirm in the back seat uncertainly, which only made it harder to answer the next time around, as she wondered if they were serious, or just messing with her. Beside her, Jasmine scowled, glaring at her more and more, like she was jealous of all the attention Alisa was getting.

As they passed one of the playgrounds, Alisa noticed a teenage boy wearing the same kind of shirt as Isabella, then, as she looked around, she noticed another few of the older “kids” in shirts from the same show. The actual toddlers running around all seemed to be into the same sort of shows that kids back in the real world liked, as not a single one of them had one on in any of the other playgrounds they passed. Of course, she couldn’t see all of the kids, no matter how hard she stared out the window, trying to avoid answering Isabella’s questions.

Finally, the car stopped in front of a cute little house, and everyone spilled out of the car, grateful to have survived the strip. Isabella and Jasmine headed for the house in front of the driveway, while Hanna stopped Alisa and told the others, “I’m going to go get her some fresh…” She looked down at Alisa, fidgeting nervously about how loudly and openly they were talking about this, even with nobody else out on the street at the moment, and smiled. “Clothes,” she finished, patting Alisa’s shoulder. “You guys get started on the brownies.”

“Yes, boss!” Isabella called back, giving her a mocking salute and going inside.

“Come on,” Hanna said, offering her hand to Alisa and starting off down the sidewalk, then immediately turning and heading for the front door of the very next house.

“Wow,” Alisa marveled, “it must be nice living right next door to your friend like this.”

“Yeah, it’s all right,” Hanna replied as she unlocked the door. “Except she’s always trying to freeload off my diaper supply.”

“Oh…” Alisa blushed, a little surprised to hear her say that, and feeling a little guilty. “I-I could have gone to get some of my own, I didn’t mean…”

Hanna burst out into laughter. “I’m kidding! You have to learn to take a joke, Lissy!” Alisa smiled and forced a weak laugh out of herself, but it only made her feel more awkward. “Yeah, it is pretty cool,” Hanna said, leading Alisa through her house. “We’ve been friends since we were in diapers.” She paused, gave Alisa a look, then lifted her skirt to show off her Goodnite with a smirk. “You know, last week!” Alisa found it a little easier to laugh at her that time. “Actually, we didn’t know each other before she moved in over there. She came over to introduce herself, we watched some TV, and just clicked, you know? It took us a couple days to realize we were both into diapers… Though I bet she would have guessed if I’d let her come in here her first time over.”

With that, Hanna pushed open a door and watched in amusement as Alisa gaped at the contents. It was a whole room full of diapers, in every size and color, every kind Alisa had ever seen, whether in person or in pictures, and then some, stacked on shelves around the room, and overflowing into organized piles on the floor, centered around a well-stocked changing table. “Whoa,” she breathed, almost not daring to step inside. “Where did you get all of these?”

“Oh, I just have the coolest job ever,” Hanna shrugged with faux modesty. “I’m a diaper tester.”

Alisa nodded; that sounded reasonable, at least for a moment, until she realized, “But then why do you have so many sizes? You can’t fit into these, can you?” She grabbed a Huggies in her own size off a shelf and held it up.

“Don’t remind me,” Hanna sighed melodramatically. “No matter how cute they try to make the bigger diapers, they’re never as cute as those, huh? I could still use them as stuffers or something, though! But really, I just let my bosses know that I have friends who were willing to help me, so they sent me some for them, too. So, is that the one you want?”

Alisa looked down at the diaper. Like the Pampers she’d been wearing, they were bigger and thicker than they were back in her world, but still decorated with Winnie the Pooh, and looking quite adorable, she had to admit. Now that she was in a safe place, she might even be able to enjoy this world a little. “Well… I was kinda hoping…” she looked down at herself, remembering the panties she’d gone to so much trouble to take. Back when she was being forced into diapers, they had seemed so desirable… Now, she still felt like she should wear them, yet, surrounded by all these diapers, she found herself wanting to less and less.

“I know what you need!” Hanna declared, moving to another set of shelves and pulling off a Huggies designed to look like a pair of jeans. Alisa had always found the idea of those ridiculous, and these were even more so, with all the extra padding they had gained in this world, but that didn’t stop them from being cute – in fact, it only helped. “You could wear these, and nobody would ever know you weren’t just wearing shorts! I’m sure I could find you a shirt to go with it…” After that, she couldn’t take it, or the incredulous look on Alisa’s face, any longer, and started laughing. “Oh, you are just too easy! Well, you just look around and decide while I get changed. It’s a real diaper only sleepover, so my Goodnites aren’t going to fly. So don’t you think about getting another pair of Pull-Ups, either. Our first order of business will be diaper checks, and if you’re not dressed properly, you’ll be attacked by the tickle monster, then the group gets to decide what diaper, and how many of them, you get to wear.”

That did sound kind of fun, but it had been so long since she’d gotten to choose what she wore under her clothes that she wasn’t about to give up that right to a bunch of squealing, giggling girls, so she started to look around, not realizing, for a minute, that Hanna could be teasing her yet again. For her part, Hanna went right to a stack of what looked like Molicares, except that they were a lighter purple and, like everything else here, were thicker, and grabbed one, taking it to the changing table. She didn’t bother to lie down, just tugged down her Goodnite, tossed it into the oversized Diaper Genie beside the table, then cleaned herself up before expertly diapering herself while still standing.

“Oh, and if you find some you like, bring them along, so we don’t have to come back over here to change tonight,” Hanna advised once she was done, grabbing a stack of the diaper she’d just put on. “Have you decided yet?”

Alisa really wasn’t sure. They were all cute, but she kept going back to the Huggies for some reason, and after a second or two, she walked back over to them and grabbed one. “Good choice!” Hanna complimented her. “Do you need any help changing?”

Alisa was so used to Mommy, or the nursery, simply doing it for her that she hadn’t even thought about doing it herself. Automatically, she said, “No, I can do it!” and Hanna left to give her some privacy. She wasn’t used to that, either. Maybe she was being too eager to get back home, she thought, wriggling out of her panties and Pull-Ups, setting the former aside and putting the latter into the Genie. She spread the Huggie out on the changing table, then stepped onto the stool in front of the table and sat herself on the diaper, grabbing for the baby oil and powder. She was rather tentative as she started to rub the oil into her skin, wondering if the hypnosis would trigger from that, but luckily it didn’t, perhaps because she wasn’t actually in a diaper yet.

That gave her some naughty thoughts, and she had to remind herself she was in a stranger’s house, and her privacy could be interrupted at any moment. She pulled up the diaper and taped one side, then the other, only to feel her bladder start to release as soon as the second tape touched down. She blushed, pulling her hand away like she’d just stuck her finger into a fire, and managed to get herself under control, but when she looked down at her diaper, she could tell it was on very crooked, and probably wouldn’t be very useful at all for more than the little accident she’d just had.

She blushed, biting her bottom look as she stared at it, hoping that perhaps she could develop telekinesis to allow her to rearrange the tapes without actually touching her diaper and springing a leak. Of course, she knew that wasn’t going to happen, which left her with the choice of either risking an embarrassing accident sometime that night, surrounded by however many people were coming to this sleepover, or asking for help. The latter was obviously the best choice, but she still hesitated, in mute protest to what the hypnosis had done to her. It hadn’t quite occurred to her before, since she was never allowed to change herself, but she wouldn’t be able to diaper herself without help. Even if she managed to get the tapes lined up right with her first try, she’d still wind up wet right away. She couldn’t take them off without another accident either, she was sure, which would only make changing time more difficult.

At the very least, she sighed to herself, she was sure Hanna wouldn’t really mind. “Hanna?” she called nervously.

“Are you all done?” Hanna peeked her head in the door. “Ready to go?”

“Umm… I need a little help,” Alisa admitted. Hanna walked in, carrying a canvas tote bag now, and almost immediately spotted the problem.

“Yes, you do!” she chuckled, setting the bag down by the table. “Are you still new to this?”

“It’s.. uh… hard to explain,” Alisa shrugged, cheeks darkening.

“Aww, it’s okay. It just makes you more cute,” Hanna grinned, tapping Alisa’s nose. “Lay down and I’ll get you fixed up.” Alisa scooted back onto the changing table, turning so she could lie flat. “Wait, did you… Alisa, did use your diaper already?”

Alisa couldn’t even bring herself to answer, she was so embarrassed. Had she really thought Hanna somehow wouldn’t notice?

“I’m sorry!” Hanna soothed her, pushing her dress further up. “I wasn’t making fun, it’s just sweet… You didn’t even ask to use my bathroom, you just waited until you were in your diaper. It’s cute! But if you had to go that bad, you could have told me. I would have let you get changed without yakking on for so long.” Alisa heard some light ripping sounds as Hanna undid the tapes, then moved the diaper around a little before tugging the sides into place, attaching them snugly back in place. “There we go! No harm done!” she declared. “Now… Did you get all your pee-pee out, or is there more in there?” Alisa blushed again, which just encouraged Hanna. “I think the tickle monster is going to make an early appearance…”

Hanna wiggled her fingers, which was enough to get Alisa giggling at the sight of it, but a moment later, she lowered them down onto Alisa’s tummy. Alisa was ticklish back in the real world, somewhat, but it was nothing compared to what she felt now. The laughter burst out of her as she squirmed, squealing, trying to escape but already too incapacitated by her own involuntary reaction to really do anything. It may have been partly due to her surprise, both at the tickling in the first place and the intensity of her own reaction, but within what felt like a few seconds, she was wetting herself again.

“That’s what I thought!” Hanna declared triumphantly, pulling away. “You had plenty more in there, didn’t you? You have to learn to just let it all go, silly! Did that do it, or does the tickle monster need to come back?”

For a second or two, Alisa, still laughing, couldn’t answer, which gave Hanna the chance to start her fingers moving again, inching them back toward Alisa’s vulnerable stomach. “I’m done!” Alisa finally managed to squeak out.

“Hmm… I guess I’ll trust you this time…” Hanna smiled. “Boy, you sure are ticklish, aren’t you? I’ll have to tell the girls!” She went to grab a fresh diaper, then started the changing process again, this time from the beginning, making sure to pile on plenty of powder so that when she gave the diaper’s crotch a pat when she was done, a few specks managed to sneak out of the legholes. “There you go, a nice, fresh Huggie! Are those what you want to wear the rest of the night?”

Alisa looked around the room, still overwhelmed by the enormous selection. “I dunno…” she shrugged bashfully.

Hanna grinned. “I’ll take a little of everything,” she said, grabbing the bag she’d brought with her, which Alisa could now see held the stack of diapers she’d taken out of the room with her. “I’ll get you a few Pampers, some more Huggies… Be a good girl and grab me some Luvs from over there.” She pointed at the other end of the room, searching through the stacks and pulling a diaper or two from one every now and then, putting them in the bag.

Alisa climbed down from the table, where she noticed her panties on the floor. She bent down, picking them up and staring at them for a moment before going over to search for the Luvs. She had wanted them so badly earlier that day… It seemed a shame to just abandon them. Then again, she had a feeling Hanna wouldn’t let her bring them with her on their “diapers only” sleepover, and her outfit didn’t have any pockets, so once she found the Luvs, she unfolded one and slipped the underwear inside before folding it back up. She took two more diapers and sandwiched the one with the panties in the middle, then toddled back to meet Hanna.

“You’re such a good little helper!” Hanna praised her, opening the bag so Alisa could put her cargo inside. “Now, let’s go see how those other two are doing. Hopefully they didn’t eat all the brownie batter before they got it baked!” Hanna gave Alisa a wink, and the two of them scurried, giggling, over to Isabella’s house.

Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 16

Alisa’s Adventures in the Diaper Dimension – Chapter 16

Chapter 16 – Hide and Seek

Alisa felt a little like she was flying blind. It was so rare for the protagonist of a story to find herself back in real panties once she was put in diapers, she didn’t really have any guidelines for keeping things that way. Of course, she still had a Pull-Up on underneath the panties for the time being, but she planned on fixing that just as soon as she got up the courage to crawl out from behind her hiding spot.

She felt just as excited as any real toddler, about to find herself in big girl panties – even though it was merely the first time in a day or so for her. She found herself pushing back her skirt and staring at them like she half expected them to vanish. They were definitely not what she’d choose to wear, but they were far, far better than diapers, or even Pull-Ups. While they were slightly thicker than her own real panties, or at least how she remembered them, it wasn’t in the same way that they usually were in the stories. These were clearly not training pants, but the real thing.

She wanted to reach out and touch them, feel the thing fabric beneath her fingers, but they were already pushing the Pull-Ups padding against her freshly lotioned private parts, and her sudden privacy was making her want to take advantage of that, without consideration for the fact that she was in a public place. She could just imagine it – her, looking even more like a child than ever before, being exposed doing something very adult, and very naughty, as some stranger pulls open the wall of clothes in front of her. With this world being the way it was, she wouldn’t be surprised if they pulled her out of there and starting spanking her right then and there, while she begged and pleaded and tried to explain…

There was a brief shiver of pleasure as, lost in her thoughts, her hand pushed against the crotch of her Pull-Up, but it was washed away instantly as she began to wet herself, the warm urine she hadn’t even realized she was holding in flowing out into her trainers. Of course, that added bit of humiliation only made her fantasy more deliciously embarrassing, and she continued to rub, but the longer she touched her Pull-Up, the more she peed, until she forced herself to stop, scared she was going to leak onto her big girl panties, leaving her frustrated once again. That stupid Mommy had hypnotized her, she realized with a sinking feeling in her stomach. She wasn’t sure exactly when or how, but clearly she had.

The thought was rather scary, she had to admit. What other things had been implanted into her head without her knowing? Was that why she’d been obeying Mommy and Clara so quickly and thoroughly, even when she didn’t want to? In addition to everything else they were doing to her, they had been turning her into a brain-dead zombie, one who would do as she was told no matter what… Which only made those surgeries seem even more cruel and unnecessary. Of course, Mommy hadn’t actually done any of them, since Alisa hadn’t given her the chance, but Alisa had been sure she would have. Although, maybe it just would have been more hypnosis to make Alisa think those things had been done to her. It would have felt just as real to her, enough that she might never have known the difference, unless Mommy, for whatever reason, decided to un-do the hypnosis.

That might be the scariest thing in this world, she thought with a shiver. Hypnosis was always so quick in the stories, and it never seemed to fail. If the person doing it didn’t want you to, you wouldn’t even know it had been done. And, unlike in the real world, it never seemed to be bound by the whole “it can only make you do things you really want to do, deep down” thing. That only made the fact that the her from here had pissed off some woman skilled in it when she’d done that expose even scarier. And Alisa didn’t even know what she looked like. She could be anywhere, looking for revenge…

A little more urine trickled into her Pull-Up to go with the squeak that exploded from her mouth as the clothes in front of her began to move. They stopped, and she clamped her hand over her mouth, hoping that whoever was shopping would convince themselves they were hearing things and move on to another rack. She glanced down at herself, then hastily rearranged her skirt, re-covering her underthings. She was suddenly very glad she had been forced to stop masturbating, or her daydream might have become reality more quickly and thoroughly than she could have imagined.

A moment later, the clothes were whisked apart, revealing a girl who looked to be in her early twenties. She was a regular sized human, wearing a t-shirt bearing a few of the characters from the TV show Alisa had seen in the nursery, and a pink ruffly skirt, along with a pair of pink sandals adorned with a plastic flower. “Hi!” the girl chirped as she saw Alisa, giggling. “Are you playing hide and seek? That looks fun!”

“Umm… Well, I…” Alisa stammered, not quite sure what to say.

“Uh-oh, did I give your hiding spot away?” the girl asked, looked behind her for some sign of anyone who seemed to be searching for Alisa. “I’m sorry!”

“No, it’s okay,” Alisa said quickly, feeling strangely bad for the girl, who seemed upset at that prospect. “I wasn’t really…”

“Oh. My. God!” the girl squealed, reaching down to touch Alisa’s hair, then pulling her to her feet. “You are so adorable! I’m so jelly! Where did you get your hair done? Where did you get that dress?” Before Alisa could answer, or even decide which question to try to answer first, the girl turned and yelled, “Hanna! Come see what I found!”

Alisa’s face flushed as she looked around, sure that the whole store had to have heard that, which was the opposite of what she wanted. Before she could do anything, however, another girl, around the same age, scurried over in a yellow sundress. As soon as she saw Alisa, she beamed. “So cute!” she exclaimed. “You always find the best new friends, Isabella!”

Alisa smiled weakly. She wasn’t exactly sure she considered herself these girls’ friend – she had nothing against them, and she’d rather have them on her side than against her, but they’d mostly been talking about her, rather than to her, so far. “It’s… uh… nice to meet you two…”

Hanna and Isabella looked at each other and giggled. “Do you think she…?” Hanna asked, sneaking a sideways glance at Alisa.

“Oh, yeah,” Isabella nodded. “Just look at her!”

“Look at who?” Another girl popped up, this one wearing shortalls with a light blue shirt underneath. She was clearly a dwarf, though she was still a bit taller than Alisa.

“Our new friend!” Isabella announced. “This is Jasmine! She’s pretty cute, too, I guess, but she doesn’t wear cute dresses like you do! She wears stupid old boy stuff!”

“These aren’t boy clothes,” Jasmine pouted. “What’s her name?”

The three girls looked at each other, confused, for a moment, before turning to Alisa. She wasn’t sure what exactly to say. Should she lie, to make it harder for them to find her if this turned weird – or weirder than it already was, rather? Using Dolly would only make things worse, though, since she had no idea if any of these girls knew Mommy, and might hear that she had gone missing. Her hair could give her away still, but that and the name would be enough to ensure a one way ticket back to the woman’s house.

“She’s so bashful!” Hanna pointed out, something all three girls, including Jasmine, cooed over.

“My name is Alisa.” She considered holding out her hand, but that seemed oddly formal.

“Well, now that we’re not strangers, you have to come to my house!” Isabella declared. “We’re having all our friends over for a big sleepover! It’s going to be great!”

“Oh, uh… I mean, thanks, but…” Alisa felt off-balanced by this whole situation, unsure of what to do or say. So far, it seemed like everyone in this world just wanted to make her their baby, so it was a nice change of pace, at least. Still, she didn’t know them, and it was hard to tell what could happen at this girl’s house. Not that she had anywhere else to spend the night…

“She’s nervous,” Hanna told the others, which elicited yet another round of laughter. “Don’t worry, Lis-lis, we know your secret, and we won’t tell!” The three girls exchanged another look, then reached down to grab the bottom of their outfits and, as one, flipped up their skirts, revealing a Pull-Up with a design Alisa had never seen before on Isabella, a Goodnite dotted with ballerinas on Hanna, and Jasmine’s shortalls, as she couldn’t exactly show off what was under them without taking off most of her outfit.

“You ruined it!” Hanna teased Jasmine as the other girl pawed at her shortalls with a shrug as the other two girls lowered their skirts. “I told you you should have worn the ones with the snaps!”

“Jasmine,” Isabella explained, “wears Pampers.”

“I’m wearing them,” Jasmine corrected her. “Because this thing is hard to get off! I don’t always wear them!”

“So… What do you wear?” Isabella asked.

“I-I… I don’t…” Alisa’s cheeks flushed red as she realized they had figured out she was wearing something other than big girl panties just by looking at her, and she turned darker as she figured out that had been what they were talking about earlier, most likely.

“You don’t have to lie, Lis-Lis,” Hanna told her gently. “We can always tell one of our own. Come on, sweetie, just let us see. Nobody can see you around us!” The other three moved in tighter, forming more of a shield around her, though it also felt like they were preparing to strike and look for themselves if she wasn’t fast enough. Reluctantly, Alisa lifted her skirt, not having to go far before the Dora panties became visible. Even had the girls not clearly been experts, it was still fairly obvious that there was something more under them.

“Aww, look, she’s trying to hide her padding,” Jasmine chuckled. “She thinks she’s a big girl!”

“But not too big,” Hanna pointed out. “Those aren’t for too big a girl, are they? Buuuut… What’s underneath those?”

“Don’t push her too hard,” Hanna scolded Isabella. “She’s a shy little thing!”

“They’re Pull-Ups,” Alisa finally managed to break in, her voice cracking a little as she said the words, hardly able to believe she was admitting it out loud.

“I wanna see!” Isabella squealed. It seemed a little weird that she was so excited, considered she was wearing the same thing, but Alisa was feeling a bit trapped. At the same time, though, there was something nice about being around people who accepted it, more than whole-heartedly. She was sure she knew exactly what kind of a story she had stumbled into now. She’d never been a huge fan of those ones where the main character seemed to get everyone she ever met interested in wearing diapers and they just had silly adventures while wearing them, but after her previous experience, it was a pleasant change of pace. At least it might give her a chance to catch her breath and form a plan.

So, in the middle of the clothes store, in front of three people she’d known less than ten minutes, she pulled her panties down, exposing her wet training pants. She was a litte worried that doing that would make her wet herself again, just because it was next to impossible to get the panties down without at least a little skin brushing her Pull-Ups, but it seemed that she was safe if she only touched the sides, like the opposite of Operation.

“Oh. My. God!” Isabella practically exploded, bouncing up and down, which got the other two started. “My little cousin wears those exact same Pull-Ups! So cute!”

“Big deal,” Jasmine interjected. “I can wear those, too, you know!”

“Yeah, but you always get those stupid boy designs!” Isabella said. “These are way cuter!”

“Yours are cute, too,” Isabella stepped in, reassuring Jasmine. “They’re way cuter than the dumb Pull-Ups Teens junk I’m stuck with.”

“Those look pretty wet. Don’t you think you should go change, hon?” Hanna looked at her with concern. Before Alisa could answer, Hanna looked around, then pursed her lips. “Don’t you carry a diaper bag with you? Or even a purse? It doesn’t look like there’s any pockets in that, either…”

“I was just out for a walk,” Alisa blurted out, not wanting any of them to suspect she had escaped from a Mommy, since she had a feeling they would side with a Mommy over a new friend any day. “I live right around the block”

“Oh, can we take a look around your place while you change?” Isabella asked eagerly, making Alisa realize what a mistake that little lie had been.

Luckily, Hanna saved her again. “There’s no need to go back there, I’ve got plenty of stuff for her to change into back at my place, and I’m more than happy to share. You’re coming, aren’t you?” She looked expectantly at Alisa, who weighed her options for another moment before nodding with the the slightest hesitation. Isabella grinned, and all three girls let out shrieks of delight. “This is going to be the funnest sleepover ever!” Hanna assured Alisa. “Are you done shopping?” As soon as Alisa nodded again, Hanna grabbed her hand and led the merry band through the store and on to their next adventure.