The Other End of the Rainbow – Chapter 3

The Other End of the Rainbow – Chapter 3

Lucy wondered, for a moment, if this was some sort of new security system that the farmer had installed, before reminding herself of just how absurd that thought was. She’d never seen the corn do anything like this; nobody had ever seen corn act this way, she was pretty certain. It almost seemed like the corn was growing before her eyes, getting taller and taller the longer she stood there.

She stared up at the sky, shivering, its dark color and almost green clouds making her feel uncomfortable now, despite the bright rainbow still blazing through them. Something was definitely wrong, but she had no idea what it was, or how she could fix it, if it was even something that could be repaired. Mostly, she just wanted to get away from it all, but she couldn’t get back to her house now.

So, instead, she gathered her courage and stepped forward into the corn maze. She heard a scratching sound behind her and spun around to see more corn had sprung up, sealing her inside. She shivered, skin crawling at the sight, confirming, once and for all, that this was no ordinary field, as if there could have been any doubt about that. Even stranger, there was a doll hanging on the new cornstalks, arms splayed wide like a tiny scarecrow, though she doubted it would scare anyone. It was pretty normal sized for a doll, with golden hair and a cute, frilly pink dress, so short that it left the diaper underneath perfectly visible. The only thing disturbing about it was the beady, black eyes – and the fact that it had apparently appeared out of nowhere, without a speck of dirt on it.

“H-Hello?” she called out, not sure if she really wanted an answer or not. She doubted the farmer would be happy to find her walking through his field, even if it had gone crazy, but at the same time, she didn’t really want to have to go into this thing blind… If there was somebody else in there, maybe they could tell her which way was the right one… But there was no answer.

She walked forward towards the paths branching out from the entryway, peeking around the corners to see if there was any indication of where they might lead. She was still feeling apprehensive, and moving slowly; that was very fortunate for her, since it gave her time to notice when her velcro shoe was being tugged on and pull back before stepping with full force.

She looked down to see the puddle of mud she’d half stepped in stretch up with her foot before letting go and splashing back to the ground. She jumped back, heart pounding, almost wondering if it was a monster of some kind in disguise. Turning and running away sounded like a good plan, however, there wasn’t really anywhere to go, and for all she knew, there were more of these things in the maze.

She turned to one of the walls and, with some effort, ripped off one of the longer leaves, then knelt down, gently placing it into the puddle. Almost immediately, the leaf began to sink as if it weighed a ton, instead of virtually nothing, like it was being yanked into the mud. In the few seconds Lucy spent watching in horror as it was swallowed up completely, the corn stalk had grown back its leaf.

Was it quicksand? Lucy was pretty sure that didn’t happen around here… Did it happen at all anymore? It looked a little thicker than what she was used to on TV, but that was television, not real life. Not that this felt like real life… Either way, no matter what it was, she was determined to watch her step from here on in.

The puddle actually made her choice a little easier, since it stretched across almost the whole width of the path, limiting her access to just two paths. She could probably squeeze past it and get to the passageways she saw beyond, but at this point, the two she could get to were just as good as any of those. If they both led her to dead ends, she could worry about getting to the others; for the moment, she chose to go to the right. She seemed to remember hearing something once about running one of your hands along one of the walls in a maze to find the way out, but she couldn’t remember which wall, or which hand… Maybe she should have paid more attention; she’d never actually expected to find herself somewhere that sort of knowledge would come in handy. Instead, she just had to make a choice.

She glanced behind herself at the doll hanging there in the corn, part of her wanting to go grab it to have some sort of companionship on this journey, the rest of her thinking alternately of how strange this all was, that doll’s appearance very much included. Besides, she was an adult… She didn’t need some stupid doll to keep her company.

She marched forward, keeping her eyes down on the ground to look for any other mud puddles so she could be sure to avoid them. The path rounded a corner almost immediately, then went straight for a very long time, almost far enough to make Lucy wonder if she’d chosen right the first time, and this was taking her straight through the field and to the forest. After a while, however, there was a sharp turn back into the heart of the field, then another, and then a dead end.

She stopped in her tracks as soon as she saw the solid wall of corn stalks in front of her, a wave of disappointment washing over her. Disappointment and… something else… Her mind swam for a moment as she stumbled backwards, legs tangling up in each other, nearly making her fall flat on her backside. As soon as her brain stopped shaking, she scrambled away, her pace quickening as she ran back down the long corridor to the entryway.

Maybe it had been nothing… Maybe it was just her imagination, or frustration at having chosen the wrong path, and gone so far before realizing that. It felt like something more than that, however… She wasn’t sure how to describe it, but it still made her shiver to think about it as she stepped back into that first corn ‘room’. It was oddly comforting, looking around to see that same mud puddle, that other path on the opposite wall, that doll, with its yellow dress hanging there, watching her…

She furrowed her brow as she took a second look at it, feeling like something was different, although she couldn’t quite put her finger on it. Perhaps it looked a little bigger? No, it had to be her mind playing tricks on her… Again, she felt a brief desire to go grab the doll and take it with her, only to brush it off and head for the other path. Surely this one would take her further in… Or, if not, she was going to have to squeeze past that puddle after all.

She took it as a good sign that, after one turn, she was faced with another pair of pathways to choose from. Obviously, that didn’t mean that either of these would take her to the exit, but it wasn’t a dead end. It was the left path that had brought her here, so perhaps she ought to stick with that, and go with the left at this branch as well… Then again, that could be a trap, and this choice might require her to go right.

Just like before, what she could see of both looked basically the same, so she decided to go left – why not stick with what had worked so far? After the initial turn, the path became much curvier than any of the others she had been down, almost as if it were leading her in a spiral, or circle, rather than the mostly straight lines she’d seen so far. That was probably good, right?

The curve ended in an abrupt right angle, and then an opening onto what looked like a pretty large room, another fissure in the wall of corn almost straight ahead, on the other side of the room. It seemed familiar… Then again, it was all just corn, so the whole place looked quite similar. She hesitated anyway, her stomach twisting with the sense that something was wrong. She could always go back and take the other path where she’d branched off… But she could do that even if she went into this room first. There could be some sort of a hint here, or potentially even the exit itself…

So, she stepped out of the doorway, and immediately gasped, feeling that same sensation she had when she’d hit the dead end. She put her head in her hands with a whimper, standing perfectly still there for a few moments before she could look up, glad that there hadn’t been anything, or anyone, here to attack her while she’d been standing there, incapacitated.

She was feeling a little queasy even before she saw the room. On her right, the room stretched onwards, a few openings in the corn visible, although she’d have to pass a large mud puddle, taking up almost the whole width of the area, to get to them. Straight ahead of her was the path she had seen even before stepping into the room… And on the left, she saw the doll.

She was sure it was the same, despite something not looking quite the same. Could it be bigger? She shook her head, which was feeling a bit fuzzy. She’d thought the same thing last time… The doll had its brown hair, its short yellow dress – or was it meant to be a shirt? It was so tiny it could have been either, she supposed – and pink diaper cover. That was what it had always been wearing… Wasn’t it?

As she was staring at it, she could have sworn she saw it start to shake. She backed away, trying to tell herself it was just the wind, despite not feeling any breeze. It had to have been her imagination, then… She made herself turn away from the doll, looking at the rest of the room instead.

This was the place she’d started, she was certain of that. She hadn’t seen the path she’d taken converge with the original one, yet somehow she’d gotten turned around anyway. This place was even more confusing than she’d thought… She turned around to head back in, knowing now that she had to take the right path when she hit the split, only to stop to survey her surroundings again.

She was back on the right side of the room… She shook her head, turning around in a circle, hoping to spot something that would tell her otherwise, but nothing had changed. How could that be possible? The hall she’d just come from was nothing like the one she’d seen when she’d gone to the right the first time…

She’d known there was something different, strange, off about this place from the beginning, but now she was starting to think she had underestimated all of that. Could these paths lead somewhere different every time? Normally, the answer would be ‘Of course not’, but now…

On one hand, the idea was disheartening, since it meant there was no real solution, that she’d just have to keep trying and trying until she got lucky; on the other, it also meant she wouldn’t have to worry about getting past the mud. She had two doors to choose from, and either one could potentially be correct.

To test her theory, she went back down the path she’d just come from. There was a turn, and then a very long, very straight corridor that looked a lot like it had the first time she’d explored this way. “What is going on?!” she stomped her foot in frustration.

Still, she had no way of knowing, for sure, that this was exactly the same, not without going a little further. She trudged on, and on, until she finally had to take a corner. A short ways ahead of her, she saw another turn, and as soon as she saw it, she knew, for sure, that there was nothing but a dead end beyond it, just like the first time.

She spun around, half angry at herself for wasting all that time, half desperate to get away from that wall of corn she knew lurked just a few feet away, even though she couldn’t see it. As soon as she took a step back down the corridor in the other way, however, the feeling hit her anyway, making her fall to her knees with a yelp.

She stayed down for a few moments, before she could, at last, find the strength to push herself back up onto her feet. For a moment, she turned back and forth blankly, unsure which way she was supposed to go, before her memory cleared up. She almost ran her way back to the first room, although there was only so fast she could go with the bulky diaper brushing against her thighs and pushing them apart. She sank to the ground once she was back, panting for air, tears burning her eyes. Was she ever going to find her way out of here?!

She noticed the sound almost right away, although it didn’t register with her for a few moments, and it took a few more before she realized it was a voice. At first, she pulled her knees up to her chest, trying to hide, not wanting anyone to see her like this, but then she remembered that – embarrassing outfit or not – she had wanted to find someone else, someone to help her find her way out. There was safety in numbers, and maybe whoever else it was knew their way around better than her.

“H-Hello?” She lifted her head, slowly getting to her feet. “Where are you?!”

“Wight hewe!” the other voice squeaked. “Hewp!”

Lucy’s heart sank a little. If this other person wanted help, she doubted they would be able to provide much for her… She looked around, trying to figure out where the voice was coming from, but all she saw was the doll.

It definitely hadn’t been that big before, she was pretty sure of that… It looked about half her size, if not bigger. It was still shaking, though now the movement seemed different somehow, more deliberate, it’s black hair – the same as Lucy’s – shifting back and forth as if the doll was shaking its head. Lucy squinted, wondering how she’d ever mistaken the pink shorts it was wearing for a diaper cover… They were small, sure, but it was obvious what they were meant to be, and she wasn’t really in the position to say much about the length of shorts, considering her own weren’t doing much to mask her diaper. She also hadn’t noticed that the picture of the puppy on the doll’s shirt was exactly the same as the one on her’s. How could she have missed that?


Lucy jumped back as she saw the doll’s mouth move, its head turning towards her, black, beady eyes staring straight at her. No… This couldn’t be happening… It was a doll! “I-I can’t!” she stammered, feeling a brief spray of wetness dribble its way into her diaper at the sight as she dashed for the other side of the room. “S-Sorry!” All she had to do was go in there, and then go the other way at the fork, and surely that would lead her out… Or at least further in, where she wouldn’t have to come back to this room again…

She stopped in her tracks just outside the door. She just had to choose the other path… But which one was that? It hadn’t been that long ago, so she ought to remember, and yet, when she thought about it, all she could see was fog. She didn’t want to go in there without being certain, or else she might take the wrong doorway again, or if she turned back early, this place might punish her again…

“Come on,” she whimpered, bouncing on her toes as she struggled to force herself to remember. She’d taken the left path to get to the branch, and then she’d either gone left again, since that had worked out, or right, assuming that the maze wasn’t so easy that she could just keep going the same way each time… But which was it?!

“No,” she heard the doll behind her. “Sowwy, I-I didn’t say it wight… I want to hewp you!”

“Huh?” Lucy sniffled, chewing on her bottom lip as she turned back to the doll. “What was that?”

“I want to hewp you!” the doll repeated, wriggling in place. “Pwease, hewp me down!”

Lucy saw now that the leaves from the corn stalks had grown around the doll’s limbs, and that was what was keeping it hanging there. The thing still gave her the creeps a little, but it looked like it was as much a victim of this place as she was, though… “I-I thought you said you were going to help me…”

“I will,” the doll nodded. “You just hafta get me down fiwst…”

Lucy knew she should help – it was always good to help – though she couldn’t help but wonder, “How can you help?”

“I know the way out of hewe! Pwease, wet me hewp, ow you’ww be stuck hewe fowevew!”



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The Other End of the Rainbow – Chapter 2

The Other End of the Rainbow – Chapter 2

Lucy glared at the open doorway for a moment, her blood – and cheeks – boiling at the thought of that girl telling her to just stay there in her nightshirt and diaper, like a little toddler. She had no doubt Kari was enjoying all of this…

She sulkily stormed to her closet, ignoring the babysitter’s instructions, pulling out a pair of pink denim shorts and a yellow shirt with an adorable puppy on the front. The shorts were tight, pressing the diaper’s padding against her with every little movement, letting the padding peek out of the legholes, leaving her with a very obvious bulge. There wasn’t much she could do about it, unfortunately… These diapers were meant for bedtime, where her sleepers could easily accommodate them. Her daytime clothes usually only had to hide training pants.

She shook her head, glancing at her reflection in the mirror. She looked just as childish as she had in her nightshirt, maybe more… But Kari had told her not to do it, so the thought of defying her made her feel slightly better, at least until the smaller girl returned with a small, cartoon-decorated plate full of apple slices.

“What are you wearing?” Kari asked with a little pout. “You’re supposed to wait until you eat to dress up! What if you make a mess on your clothes?”

Lucy scowled. “I won’t!” she insisted, but that didn’t seem to satisfy the babysitter. She knew she shouldn’t care… But she was already going to be telling Mommy about her accident, and she didn’t want to give her even more ammunition. “B-Besides, I only put this on, ’cause…. Because I’m going outside to get the mail!”

“Ohh, okay,” Kari nodded. “I’m sure you’re not at all just going to play in the puddles… Are you allowed to do that on your own?”

“Of course!” Lucy huffed. “I do it every day! I’ll be back in a minute!”

She started to march out of the room, only for Kari to call, “Oh, Lulu?”

Lucy rolled her eyes, spinning back to the girl. “What?!”

“You need your shoesies, silly!” Kari giggled, holding up Lucy’s shoes. “Sit on your chair and I’ll get you taken care of.”

Lucy blushed deeper at having overlooked something so simple. “I… I can do it myself,” she said.

“Nonsense, get up here! I have to take care of my sweet girl!” Kari smiled, patting the pink, plastic chair. Lucy sighed and walked over to it, sitting down and letting Kari slide the shoes onto her feet, pulling the velcro straps tight and then smoothing them down into place.

“There, now we’re twins!” Kari laughed, lifting her own foot, which was clad in a velcro shoe of its own. Lucy felt the slightest pang of jealousy – her own shoes were just plain purple, while Kari’s were pink and sparkly, decorated with Disney Princesses. They were very clearly meant for kids, yet there was no denying that they were adorable. If you were going to wear those sorts of shoes anyway, you might as well go all out. “Except I know how to keep my panties dry,” Kari added with another giggle. “Aww, don’t be sad… Everybody learns at different rates… I’m sure you’ll get there someday!”

Lucy glared at her, seething. Part of her wanted to grab the smaller girl and shove her into her crib, watch her struggling to escape… Lucy had trouble getting out herself, there was no way Kari could do it. Lucy could leave her there until Kari agreed to give her the training pants back, or do whatever Lucy wanted, or until Kari wet herself. She had no doubt that wouldn’t take long at all…

But she knew her Mommy would be angry when she got home and Kari told on her. And there was no way the little brat wouldn’t tattle on her… A shiver ran up Lucy’s spine as she thought about the punishment she’d be in for after that. In all honesty, she wasn’t sure what Mommy would do, but she was the adult, so Lucy was sure it wouldn’t be pleasant. She even, despite herself, felt a pang of fear looking at little Kari, standing there, knowing that she was the babysitter, she was the one in charge, even though there was no doubt that Lucy could trap her right then and there and have the girl at her mercy.

“I’m going to get the mail,” Lucy pouted, stomping out of the room.

“I’ll find you a nice, dry outfit to change into when you’re done playing in the puddles!” Kari chirped, shuffling over to the closet and starting to dig through it.

Lucy didn’t particularly want to see what the girl was going to find for her; she had a feeling the rest of the day was pretty much already set now, as she heard Kari gasp and coo as she sifted through clothing. Lucy headed through the house, opening the front door to see that the rain had mostly moved on, leaving only a few slow drips as she stepped reluctantly out onto the porch. The sky was still dark, the clouds a strange, almost unnatural color, but they seemed mostly harmless at the moment.

They lived far enough outside of town that there weren’t many neighbors… However, that only meant that the ones they had knew her pretty well. She was pretty sure they’d all be at work right now, but if she was wrong… Her cheeks began to light up anew as she fidgeted, diaper crinkling loudly under the tiny shorts. She usually only wore these at night, at home, away from prying eyes… Now, without thinking, she’d volunteered to parade outside in them!

She stood still, biting her bottom lip. She could always claim the mail hadn’t gone yet, or that they hadn’t gotten anything… There was no law saying she had to go out there in the open. On the other hand, if she didn’t, she either had to go inside and risk Kari hearing the front door open again and go play dress-up with her, or stand here on the porch, which wasn’t that much better if anyone really was watching her. She might as well get this over with…

She sighed, bracing herself for a split second before hopping down the two steps of the porch onto the sidewalk, splashing cold rainwater onto her bare legs, making her giggle quietly before she took off. The front yard wasn’t huge, but it was long enough that she had some ground to cover before she could turn around and run back to the door. Her heart pounded as she moved, her speed slowed by the bulk between her legs, her face heating up as each rushed step caused a new crinkle.

There was still no sign of anybody else on the street as she reached the mailbox, nearly falling as she tried to stop and turn at the same time so she could yank open the door. She hadn’t been expecting anything, though it was still disappointing to look in and see what looked like a bunch of boring bills and ads, nothing exciting at all. She was starting to reach inside to grab it all and make a run for home when she glanced up and behind the mailbox, behind her house, up into the sky.

It was there. Her thumping heart stopped for a moment as her jaw fell open. Streaking across the sky, brighter than any she’d seen before, with the possible exception of one, was a rainbow. She shouldn’t have been surprised – after all, she was an adult, she knew how and when rainbows appeared – but this one was different. She could tell just by looking at it.

Her eyes darted back towards the house; Kari was probably still looking through her clothes. Surely, she’d be none the wiser… She looked back at the rainbow, its colors still standing out against the dark clouds like lasers, as if they were there to guide her away, to where it ended…

She remembered being an actual kid, running through these fields behind her house, trying to find that end, and the pot of gold she knew had to be hidden there. She was an adult now, even if her clothes might not make it evident… But this was no ordinary rainbow. She was sure, if she looked hard enough now, she could see exactly where that rainbow landed, out there in the woods… She couldn’t really see it, no matter how hard she squinted, yet she had no doubt she knew the spot well.

She could see it in her mind’s eye, if not her physical ones: a large, circular clearing in the middle of the woods, with no stumps, no holes, nothing to indicate that any trees had ever grown there, despite being all around. Growing up, the kids had always said it was a spot where witches gathered to do dark ceremonies, summon demons, do whatever else it was that witches did… Lucy had never believed it – or she’d never admitted to it – but whenever she walked through the forest, she always tried to avoid it as much as possible.

She’d been there, of course, as a meeting place for illicit teenage parties, or a place where friends had insisted on playing with Ouija boards – she’d always been more scared of what the other girls would think if she refused to show up than of any actual danger that might be lurking there – and some other desperate, futile trips; for the most part, she didn’t like to step foot in it if she could avoid it. She could see it, though, practically glowing in the rainbow’s light, lit up in every color at once.

And there, in the center, the pot of gold that would give her one wish. Most anyone else her age would say it was silly to believe, but all she had to do was think of that image in her mind of the circle… It had to be there. It just had to.

It wasn’t far out to the circle… She could check it out, just to make sure, and be back… Well, definitely before Mommy got home. Kari would surely notice eventually, but she thought Lucy was out playing in the puddles, as if she really were just a silly little kid. Surely, Lucy could get far enough away from the house before the girl wondered where she was and began looking out in the yard… And, if she found that gold and got her wish, then it wouldn’t matter if Kari would have tattled on her for ‘running away’…

She didn’t even bother closing the mailbox door as she brushed past, eyes fixed firmly on the rainbow blazing through the sky. She was pretty sure Mommy paid most of those bills automatically, and nobody cared about those ads – there were more important things on her mind as she snuck around her house and broke into a jog through the back yard and into the tall fields of corn beyond that.

They’d been getting quite a bit of rain recently, including that day, and the corn had been soaking it all in, apparently. It had also been a long time since Lucy had bothered to go out to the woods, but she was certain she still remembered the way… Didn’t she?

Her Mommy, and all the parents in the houses around there, had always warned her not to play around in the fields. It was dangerous, they said, lots of farm machinery or whatever that could hurt them… She’d also heard plenty of stories about the farmer who owned the field, who she’d never met. Supposedly, he hated trespassers… There was a path to the woods if you went all the way around the field, but nobody ever used that, even if they were supposed to.

Lucy certainly hadn’t planned on it, since it would take far longer than just cutting through the field. The further she went in, however, the taller the corn seemed, and denser… It almost felt like it was forming walls all around her, trapping her inside. She could barely see through them, and while she could look up and see the rainbow to figure out the general direction, that was about it.

It started getting harder and harder to push through the stalks leading her towards the woods, until, finally, she tried to push them aside, and they refused to budge. She frowned, trying again with the same result. She frowned and kicked at the corn with her muddy tennis shoes; that didn’t help, either.

Maybe Mommy was right this time… Maybe, at least this time of year, it was better not to bother with the field. As she turned back towards her house, however, she saw that the corn had formed just as solid a wall there, too. She gasped, turning in a circle, seeing that she was boxed in on all sides but one… That one side led to what seemed like a long corridor, with a few empty spaces leading to other corridors… It looked, for all the world, like a maze…. And, from what she could see, the only way out of here was to go through.




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The Other End of the Rainbow – Chapter 1

The Other End of the Rainbow – Chapter 1

As soon as she woke up, the sound of rain pattering against her window, Lucy’s hand zoomed to her crotch, sliding past the short, Hello Kitty adorned nightshirt to the thick, pink diaper beneath, pushing her fingers anxiously to the bulky padding. She let out a sigh of relief to feel no wet spots there, although as soon as she sat up in her crib, she could tell that wasn’t going to last for long.

Even so, she had to admit that actually waking up in time to do something about that was an increasingly rare event, so she was still quite pleased to be able to stand up, clamboring over the bars of her crib and dropping down to the floor of her nursery before waddling her way to the door. Mommy wouldn’t be happy about her getting out of her crib, but it would be even worse if she checked on Lucy and found her wet after her nap yet again, especially after Lucy had promised her as she was being tucked in that she would have been just fine in her usual training pants instead of a nighttime diaper.

She paused briefly outside of the bathroom, staring in past the open door at the toilet, sitting there so invitingly, so close, and yet so far away. It would be so easy to just slip in, slide off her diaper, and sit down… But if she were caught, she knew all too well that she would regret it. She fidgeted as she felt a twinge in her bladder, urging her back into motion, diaper crinkling noisily between her thighs, easily visible beneath the swishing hem of her nightshirt with every frantic step. But what did that matter? Mommy was fully aware Lucy was in a diaper – she had put it on her, after all, tapping an extra sprinkling of baby powder onto her before securely fastening the tapes to give her Lulu a nice scent to accompany her at naptime.

Besides, she was too busy worrying about maintained her precarious bladder control to be too concerned with stealth at the moment, as each extra moment it took her to find Mommy reminded her how close she was to looking as if she had just hopped out of her crib to beg for a change, something that would land her in almost as much hot water as wetting ‘during her nap’, which Mommy was sure to assume had happened no matter how Lucy pleaded, after saying she wouldn’t. She just needed to find Mommy, that’s what was important,  especially with the sound of the rain on the roof above her making it extra difficult not to think about running water. Or so she thought, until one question informed her of what her priorities really should have been.

“Where are you going, stinker?”

It was less the words themselves, really, and more the voice saying them. It was definitely not Mommy, a fact that froze Lucy in her tracks, hands grabbing at the hem of her nightshirt and tugging it down instinctively, as the shock caused her bladder to release a few drops into the waiting, thirsty padding. “K-Kari!” she gulped, turning towards the kitchen at the sound of her babysitter’s voice. She wanted to hurry back to her room and change, but clearly the girl had already seen her, so it was already too late.

“Good morning, sleepy head!” Kari chanted, hopping down off the step-stool she had been using to try to reach the top drawer in the cabinet to grab one of Lucy’s sippy cups and hurrying over to the older girl to give her a quick hug, her own skirt fluttering in the air and showing off her underwear as well. She didn’t seem to care, though, as apparently she didn’t think she had anything to hide, and while the panties she had on were rather childish – considering the girl’s size, they could have rather easily come from the kid’s department – they were still far more mature than what Lucy was wearing. “You were fast asleep when your Mommy left, but I promise, she kissed you good-bye!”

Every bit of that made Lucy squirm uncomfortably, even more than simply standing there in front of Kari. Anyone looking at the two of them, and somehow ignoring what Lucy was wearing, would surely assume that Lucy was the babysitter in this situation. Obviously, that wasn’t the case, however, and while Kari certainly looked young enough that Lucy might have at least babysat her in the past, if not now, in truth Lucy was only about six years older than the girl. It was a small town, so she had shared a school bus with her for a long time, though, and she could distinctly remember pointing out ‘the baby’ to her friends on the back of the bus more than a few times because of the girls small stature and immature fashion sense.

Even now, it didn’t seem as if she’d grown that much since the last time Lucy had shared the bus with her, barely hitting the five foot mark, while the pink plaid jumper she wore, white Peter Pan collared shirt underneath it, with her blonde hair in pigtails, only made her look even more like a kid. In contrast, Lucy easily had eight inches on her, and she didn’t even care to guess how many pounds, since the younger girl was pretty much a twig, and she had always been a bit chubby to begin with, even before her Mommy had started rewarding her good behavior with cookies. And yet, there she stood, wriggling on the spot like a little kid, trying desperately to continue with her potty dance to keep herself under control, while still standing still enough not to flash her underthings.

Because, while Kari had babysat for her several times, she had never seen her in diapers. She usually came over between naptime and bedtime, when Lucy was allowed to wear her training pants. She had no doubt Kari knew that she wore them – Mommy had surely told her, and it had really only been luck that Mommy had gotten home in time to diaper Lucy before putting her to bed all those other times, not to mention that they were stacked up high on the shelves of her changing table – but actually being seen in them was something else entirely. It didn’t help to think that she already might have seen it while Lucy was napping. It was possible that she had somehow missed it, that the blankets had been covering them, that she had just hung back in the doorway while Mommy bent over the crib to give Lucy her kiss.

It was only then that she realized that her bladder’s dribbling hadn’t ended after the shock of seeing Kari. She shifted, cheeks turning bright red as she noticed how damp and heavy the diaper felt now, her mind too distracted with other things to notice her body slowly wetting it until now, when it was all she could think about. Desperately, she let go of her hem and clamped her hands to her crotch. The diaper was thick, but even through that she could feel the padding growing faintly warmer beneath her skin at an ever-increasing rate. Now that she was aware of it, it only seemed to get worse, and within moments, the dribbling had increasing to a trickle, and then, before she could stop it, a full-on stream, making the diaper soggy to the touch.

“What’s wrong, cutie?” Kari asked. Lucy was sure the girl had to know – she wasn’t stupid – yet she sounded genuinely confused. Lucy resisted as Kari grabbed at her hands to try to pull them away from her crotch, but, while it would have been simple enough to keep her from doing it, there was really very little point. Even if she did last until Mommy got home, she would just be punished for disobeying her babysitter. With a sigh, she moved her hands, revealing her now sagging diaper, as her bladder wrenched out the last few drops from within itself.

Kari looked absolutely delighted at the sight, practically melting as she saw the pink diaper and letting out a little squeal, though she put on a clearly forced stern face as she noticed its condition. “Lulu, did you wet your bed after your told Mommy you weren’t going to?”

“What? No! I just did it now!” Lucy rolled her eyes, wondering now if she’d given her babysitter too much credit in assuming she’d been able to figure out what she had thought was the rather obvious sight of her peeing herself.

“Well, that’s even worse, young lady!” Kari scolded her, crossing her arms and staring up at Lucy. “Why didn’t you ask me to take you to the potty, silly? Maybe I ought to keep you in diapers the rest of the day for that!” She couldn’t hide her glee at that suggestion, which made her look even younger; in turn, that made Lucy feel even more humiliated to be under this girl’s care.

“No!” she wailed. “I’m sorry, I’ll try harder! I’m a big girl, I don’t need diapers!” She blushed as she silently added, ‘Except at night’.

“That’s not what it looks like!” Kari poked at Lucy’s wet padding. “You know your Mommy is going to have to hear about this, don’t you?”

Lucy’s stomach dropped. “Come on, Kari, please! I’ll do whatever you want!”

“I have to!” Kari insisted. “I’m the babysitter, I can’t keep something like this from my client! You’re supposed to be a big girl, almost done with your potty training! You should know better! You had plenty of time to ask me for help, little lady!”

Lucy bit her bottom lip, staring down at her bare legs, diaper drooping down clearly down below where they met her nightshirt. The fact that it was Kari lecturing her on this only made it more embarrassing. Not only did she look like a little kid, someone Lucy could easily overpower and force into a diaper herself to show her just how difficult it could be sometimes to keep them dry, she had heard rumors for years while they were at school that Kari was a bedwetter herself. For all Lucy knew, she still was.

“Aww, don’t look so sad!” Kari got up on her tip-toes, planting a kiss on the end of Lucy’s nose. “You’re just a baby! Come on, let’s get you changed out of your wet diapie!”

Docilely, Lucy let Kari take her hand and lead her to the nursery, worrying about what she was going to be changed into once they were done. Kari stopped beside the changing table, and, obediently, Lucy climbed up onto it, waiting as her babysitter climbed onto the stool beside it to give herself enough height to reach across the whole thing. She had no doubt Kari had already made up her mind about whether she was going to be allowed back into trainers, and nothing she could say would change that. Either that, or she was too afraid of being told ‘no’ to even broach the subject, and would rather just lie there anxiously and wait, squirming in anticipation as Kari bent over her and began to untape her diaper.

Lucy knew Kari had changed plenty of babies – Mommy had told her all about the girl’s many glowing references when she had decided on her for a go-to babysitter – but Lucy’s size seemed to be throwing her off a bit. With Lucy’s trainers, Kari usually just made her take them off herself if she had an accident, but now she seemed determined to take things into her own hands. As much as Lucy wanted to resist, not wanting to be put into another diaper, she felt bad enough for the girl fumbling with her undergarment to help out, lying as still as she could through her nerves, lifting her hips without even being asked once Kari was done cleaning her off with the cool wipes. If nothing else, maybe she would tell Mommy that she had been a good girl for that part of the day, anyway.

Lucy let out a whimper as she felt her backside being lowered onto the thick, crinkly padding, all her hopes that Kari would take pity on her fading away, as she was quite clearly sitting on a diaper now. Kari fumbled with the baby powder bottle for a few moments, having trouble getting it to twist open at first, resulting in a puff of powder exploding into her own face once she had it. She let out a couple coughs to clear the air, and her lungs, then began to dump the stuff onto Lucy, who felt even worse for having just witnessed the girl in charge of her having so much trouble with something so basic. Kari seemed a little embarrassed as well, quickly becoming absorbed in rubbing in the powder without saying anything to her charge.

Lucy whined as the diaper was pulled between her thighs, forcing them apart before being smoothed out across her lower tummy. Kari got up on her tiptoes to reach over her, pulling the side flap up and sticking it securely in place, then settled back down onto her feet to repeat the process, giving the front of the diaper a pat as she finished getting it on. “You just look so precious!” she giggled, getting back up on her toes to tickle Lucy’s stomach, then pouting when Lucy didn’t laugh. “Don’t be crabby!” she ordered. “Do you need another nap already? Oh, do you want a snack?”

“No, I’m fine,” Lucy tried to say, but Kari was having none of it, having apparently decided that had to be the reason the other girl was being so moody.

“Come on, you’re all done!” Kari announced, waiting for Lucy to hop down from the changing table, frowning at the bulk between her legs. She wasn’t unfamiliar with the feeling, but usually she just had to deal with it in bed, and not around anyone else but Mommy. “Now, do you want to be a big girl?”

Lucy was a bit confused by the question, especially coming so quickly after having just been put into a diaper, but she nodded eagerly, only to be handed her balled up old diaper. “Be a big girl and throw that away for me, okay?” Kari smiled at her. “Now, you stay here and play, I’ll get you something yummy!” Kari promised, starting to hurry out of the room as Lucy trudged over to her diaper pail and dropped the little bundle inside.

“Can I get dressed?” Lucy asked, trying to seem inconspicuous, sure that Kari would balk at the idea of her covering that diaper she seemed to find so cute.

“No, that’s okay! It’s so easy to check your diapies in this!” Kari pointed out, scurrying back over to her charge and lifting her nightshirt, barely having to move it at all before the diaper was fully exposed, allowing her to give it another pat. “You can play dress-up after your snack, though, I promise!” She gave Lucy a hug, then spun back around, flashing the cartoon character on the seat of her panties and flouncing out of the room.



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