The Brat in the Hat – Part 9

The Brat in the Hat – Part 9

Part 9 – This Mess Is So Big And So Deep And So Tall

Sarah groaned as she woke up, head and stomach both aching slightly. It took her a moment to realize her encounter with Melody hadn’t been a dream, helped along by to smell of baby powder still permeating her room, and that caused another groan as she wondered how long she’d been asleep, and how much time she’d have now to clean the house up. Had Melody gotten bored of waiting for her to wake up and left? That would be nice, and convenient, but she doubted she’d be rid of the girl so easily.

She’d rolled over onto her back in her sleep, it seemed, which seemed a little strange, since she was usually a very peaceful, and deep, sleeper, but she supposed it was because of all she’d been through. There was still a bit of an aftertaste of soap lingering in her mouth. She wondered how long that would be there. Probably at least until supper, when, no doubt, everything would taste vaguely bubbly, reminding her anew of that little humiliation.

Her stomach gave a low, somewhat ominous rumble. She was going to need to go to the bathroom somewhat soon. She figured she could hold it until Melody left – surely so, since she hadn’t felt that much a need to go before going to sleep – so she didn’t give it much of a thought until she sat up.

Then it was all she could think about. Her eyes went wide as she gasped loudly, tears springing to her eyes as she looked down at herself in shock, fumbling for the light switch again, this time finally hitting it. What she saw there only made her feel worse, as the lumpy seat of her diaper seemed to confirm what she’d already decided had to be, as hard as it was to wrap her head around the idea. She poked at the mass in her diaper in disbelief, squirming on her bed, trying to prove to herself somehow that it wasn’t true, but no matter what she did, there was still a warm, thick mess in the seat of her diaper, making her assume that her rumbly tummy was an after-effect, rather than a warning. That or, even worse, there was more to come.

“No…” she whimpered. “No, no, no!” This couldn’t be happening! She had managed to avoid full-out crying that whole day, though she’d come close several times, managing to stop herself before a few tears turned into a torrent. But now, there she was, in just a diaper that her former babysitting charge had put her in, after being put down for a nap in a room that now smelled a lot like a nursery, and she’d actually messed herself in her sleep! She started crying harder as she imagined Melody coming in and finding her, taking joy in pointing out that was something she’d never done, not even while awake, much less in her sleep. Sarah supposed she could say she’d done it before or after her nap, but was that really any better? There was really no backing out of this whole baby thing now. Unless she got out of Melody’s clutches in time to take the garbage out, which would probably seem suspicious, not to mention she had nowhere to take it, she had a feeling her mother would notice the smell, and then Sarah would have a lot of explaining to do, with no answers other than the obvious.

And God only knew what Melody would do. At the very least, there would be another round of Sarah being called a baby, more evidence she couldn’t refute to support that. There was bound to be a reminder that Melody had never pooped her pants, as a justification for her to make Sarah do anything babyish she wanted. There might even be a reminder of one of Sarah’s last attempts to break Melody’s bedwetting.

Sarah had marched into her room, holding a pan. Melody, of course, had been confused, since she’d been in the middle of doing her homework. “Get up,” Sarah had ordered.

“Sarah, I’m trying to…” she’d started to whine.

“Melody, stand up right now!” Sarah had told her sternly. With a sigh, the girl got up, diaper crinkling. Sarah made sure to check her, to make sure she hadn’t wet herself without coming to her to beg to use the bathroom, but, as usual, she was dry. “Melody, this is starting to get ridiculous. I have tried and tried to make you stop wetting your bed, but you just won’t listen. So I’m going to show you what being a baby is really like. Now turn around.” Melody hesitated, until Sarah barked a repeated, “Turn around!”

She’d pulled out the back of Melody’s diaper and began spooning the contents of the pan inside, piling the gloppy mess of oatmeal into the seat of her diaper as the girl protested and squirmed, but Sarah kept going until she’d emptied the pan. She let the waistband of the diaper snap back into place, then pulled it up tightly around the girl’s bottom, before giving the seat a nice, hard pat, the girl sniffling and fidgeting the whole time. “Babies don’t just wet themselves,” Sarah reminded her, spinning her back around. “Is this what you want?”

Melody had wrinkled her nose, shaking her head. Sarah grabbed her shoulders, forcing her back down onto her desk chair with a squelch. “I’ll change you when I get you ready for bed.”

“No, you can’t leave me like this! This is gross!” Melody had protested as Sarah took the pan and left, ignoring the girl’s every word, feeling quite proud of herself for thinking of this punishment.

“Son of a bitch,” Sarah whispered, sniffing the air. She poked again at her diaper, then, with just a little reluctance, tugged at the leg-band, glimpsing inside and finding just what she’d expected. That little bitch had tricked her! Made her think she’d committed the ultimate babyish act, when she was just repeating what Sarah had done to her. Mostly, she felt mad at herself for not realizing it earlier, before getting so upset, but she had to admit it was rather clever doing it while she was asleep, so her mind would be less clear for figuring out what happened.

As if on cue, Melody bustled in, heading straight toward Sarah. “What’s wrong, sweetie? I heard you crying, and I thought you might have fallen out of bed. I’m not sure why else you’d be crying! I mean, babies cry when they need changed, but you keep telling me you aren’t one of those, so I’m sure that’s not it!”

“Very funny.” Sarah got to her feet smugly, but the drooping diaper between her legs made it hard to sound too confident, so she sat back down, only to find the contents squishing around to make things worse. Not wanting to look like a jack in the box, she stayed seated. “Do you really think I was going to fall for that?”

“Then what were you crying about? Upset you wet the bed in front of me?”

“I didn’t!” Sarah’s heart pounded as she realized that, in her worry over her supposed ‘accident’, she’d forgotten all about that. She looked back down at her diaper, seeing that, sure enough, the wetness indicator was blurred. “It’s just from the oatmeal!” she said, flustered, putting her hand over it.

“Then how come you were wet before I put the oatmeal in there?” Melody smiled, like the cat who caught the canary. “Admit it, ‘widdle Sawah’, you’re a bedwetter, just like I used to be! And if you want to act like a baby and pee your bed, well, you deserve to spend some time in a full diaper! Isn’t that what you would prescribe?” Melody reached out, patting Sarah’s diaper.

Sarah blushed, unable to bring herself to admit the truth. “You’re lying!” she said instead. “I wasn’t wet, and you know it! I’m sorry about what I did, but you can’t…” Sarah stopped, gasping as a cramp hit her, bending her over slightly. Her cheeks turned red – if it was just oatmeal in her diaper, then her upset stomach from before could only have been from something about to happen. “Melody, you’ve had your fun, now I’m going to the bathroom, and you aren’t going to stop me!”

Sarah stood up defiantly, only to discover how unfortunate her phrasing was. As soon as her bottom left the bed, she could feel it starting. It was hard to believe it at first, keeping her from even thinking about trying to stop it, though she doubted that would have made a difference, considering how little they helped once she did start. For the first few moments, however, she was fully occupied with her thoughts, not realizing, in her shock and desperation, that she was saying them out loud. “What’s going on? Something’s happening… Oh, no! No, I can’t be! I must be imagining things… Oh, God, I can feel it, it’s still coming, it’s really happening… Ohhhh no! No, no, no! I’m filling my diaper!”

She whimpered, trying to clamp her hands over the back of her diaper, but not only did it not help, it was worse, feeling the sensation of her diaper ballooning out not just from inside, but out. No matter what she did, the mushy mess just kept coming, pushing out into her already full and sagging diaper. But this was far worse than what had been there before, because this time, she knew it was real, that she was helpless before it, and that she was doing it right in front of Melody, who looked positively ecstatic to be watching the scene play out.

“You were saying?” Melody giggled. “Jeez, Sarah, I was just joking with the oatmeal! I didn’t think you’d do the real thing! I never imagined you were this much of a baby! I bet that diaper’s getting pretty full, huh? Man, if you could see your face! Oh, wait…” Melody grabbed the shaking, sniffling girl and turned her around so she could see herself in her mirror.

There had been several times that day that Sarah had been sure were the most powerless she’d ever felt, but this one took the cake. She’d never have guessed the person in the mirror was her, and certainly not that she was 19 years old, with her red face, her eyes filled with tears, her diaper still expanding as it bulged outward. “Nooo,” she whimpered, squirming uncomfortably as, finally, after several long moments of watching the spectacle she was making of herself, it ended. How could this have happened? How could she have done this to herself?

“Wow! What a stinky baby you are!” Melody shook her head, giving Sarah’s bloated diaper a hard pat. Sarah saw her reflection wrinkle its nose and pout, still crying. “What’s that? Aren’t you going to tell me you aren’t a baby? No, I didn’t think so. Not anymore, huh? Only a baby would do this.” She gave another pat, then walked off, leaving Sarah alone with her thoughts while she bent down and grabbed another diaper from the floor. “All right, let’s get you fixed up.”

Sarah happily turned away from the mirror. “Thank you,” she sniffed, a little surprised that Melody would change her so quick – though she did have to admit, she didn’t particularly want to be around that smell much longer than she had to, so she doubted Melody would, either.

“Hey, it’s all right,” Melody smiled at her. “I am the babysitter, after all. That’s my job!” Sarah nodded, defeated. “Now, do you think I did a good enough job last time, or should I listen to your instructions again?” Melody took out her phone, flipping past an unnamed recording to one titled, ‘Please Diaper Me!’

“You did fine,” Sarah blushed, not wanting to have to listen to her own voice begging to be diapered. She knew it had been coerced out of her, but she still didn’t need to hear it.

“Fine? I don’t know if that’s good enough, especially with a big mess like this…”

“You were great!” Sarah exclaimed as Melody’s thumb moved toward the play button. “You know what you’re doing!”

“Well, if you say so,” Melody shrugged, putting her phone away.

Sarah sighed in relief as Melody bent down, starting to do something with her diaper. She assumed the girl was untaping it, but she didn’t feel the heavy thing loosen any and after a minute, she looked down, seeing that, instead, Melody had been ripping holes in the plastic for some reason.

“What are you doing?” Sarah asked, confused.

“Don’t worry your little head about it,” Melody replied patronizingly and she unfolded the second diaper, then brought it up between Sarah’s legs.

“No!” Sarah shook her head, figuring it out on her own. “Don’t do that!”

“You said I knew what I was doing,” Melody reminded her, pulling the fresh diaper up tight around the first. Sarah squeaked and squirmed as the warm, soft mess was pressed up against her skin while the diaper was taped snugly in place. It still sagged slightly, but for the most part, the second layer made sure it stayed right where it was, while holding Sarah’s thighs ever further apart, giving her a much more pronounced waddle as she followed Melody out of her room. She had no doubt it would have felt gross no matter what, but the sugaring had made sure the gooey mass in her pants was right against her soft, sensitive skin, making her all the more aware of it.

“Please, don’t make me wear this!” she begged, toddling after her babysitter as she made her way into the living room.

Melody ignored her. “I think it’s time I show you everything from the first box I brought for you,” she said, walking over to where it sat on the coffee table, dragging Sarah with her. She forced Sarah to sit on the table, on the opposite side from the box, the other girl whimpering and wrinkling her nose as her bottom sank into the contents of her diaper. Melody extracted the bow from the box first, putting it back in Sarah’s hair. “You remember this, don’t you?” Sarah nodded, suddenly feeling very apprehensive about what else might be in the box. “It’s still just as cute, but since you’re already in your diapers, I think we’ll add something else for the second round of dress-up. What do you think?”

Before Sarah could answer, Melody took something else out of the box. It was white, and looked ever so slightly familiar, though it wasn’t until Melody turned it around for her to see that Sarah recognized it as the shirt she’d put Melody in for the walk to the playground, or one that looked very similar. “No!” she shook her head. “I can’t wear that! It’s not going to fit!”

“We’ll see,” Melody countered, grabbing Sarah’s arm and forcing it through one of the sleeves, then wrapping it around the weakly protesting girl’s back and shoving her other arms through the second sleeve. She tugged the two side together, buttoning it with only the slightest difficulty. Sarah had to admit it was nice to have something on other than her diaper at last, especially something that covered her chest, but this was so tight it compressed what little breasts she had.

After that, Sarah had no doubt she knew what else was in the box, but it was still a little shocking to see it taken out and held up, knowing it was about to go on her, just as she’d put it on Melody way back when. “Lift your arms,” Melody ordered, and, seeing little other alternative, Sarah did so. The jumper was put over her head, tugged down over her body, then she was pulled to her feet. She found a hand automatically straying to the skirt, yanking at it, trying to make it longer, to no avail. She was only a little taller than Melody had been when she’d worn it, but the difference – along with how much bulkier her diaper was – was enough. No matter what she did, the diaper stuck out. There was no hope of moving around delicately and keeping it hidden, it was just there, bulging out from beneath the dark blue fabric.

“You look so cute!” Melody grinned. “Now, I think we’re going to have to start wrapping things up. I have one more thing planned. I know it’s raining, so we can’t go to the playground – or at least, it wouldn’t be very fun – but I want you to go fetch us an umbrella, and then we’re going to go for a nice, long walk around the neighborhood.”

“No, you can’t do that!” Sarah declared, though she hardly felt confident about the proclamation, even before Melody started to glare at her.

“Are you really still telling me no?” she asked, taking a step towards the girl, then reaching down, shoving the seat of her diaper up harder against her crotch. “You just don’t learn, do you? No wonder you still wet the bed, and your pants, at your age. Were you ever potty trained? Were you still peeing yourself while you were so obsessed with trying to make me stop wetting the bed?”

“No!” Sarah whimpered.

“I bet you were,” Melody continued. “I bet you were so hard on me because you were so upset that you just couldn’t keep your own bed dry, and you thought if you could figure out how to make me stop, maybe you’d know what to do to fix yourself, too. But you never did, did you? And you know why? Because I was just a kid, and I could grow out of it. But you’ve never been anything but a baby, and you never will be. Now come on, baby, get your babysitter an umbrella! I’m sure you don’t mind getting wet, but I do.”

Sarah wanted to refuse, but she just wasn’t sure she had it in her. Melody had worn her down – she knew by now the girl was going to get what she wanted, and the less trouble she made, the easier it would be for her, ultimately. Even so, going outside like this was much different than anything else she’d done that day. Nobody but she and Melody had to know about anything else – though if anyone happened to be out in the rain, they might see her now, standing there, blushing – but as soon as she started getting paraded through the neighborhood, anyone could see her. Anyone just sitting at home, bored, with nothing to because of the rain except stare out their windows and wonder if anything interesting would happen. She couldn’t manage another no, but she could sputter a, “But…” or two, stalling, hoping for a miracle.

She wasn’t expecting one, given the way the day had been going, but sure enough, one came. Before Melody could order her one more time to fetch an umbrella, and Sarah could break down and do it, the two were interrupted by the sound of a car pulling into the driveway. Sarah looked out the window to see that, sure enough, her mother was home.

The Brat in the Hat – Part 8

The Brat in the Hat – Part 8

Part 8 – I Do Not Like It, Not One Little Bit

“Excuse me?” Melody put her hands on her hips, glaring down at the increasingly nervous Sarah. “You’re really going that stand there in your diaper, which I put you in – that you begged me to put you in, as my little recording verifies – after you wet yourself in front of me, and tell me you aren’t a baby?”

“No, I’m not!” Sarah did her best to match Melody’s tone of authority, digging back into her history of babysitting, but it was that very past, not to mention her attire, that made it difficult. “I’m older than you, Melody, as you well know, and this is my house. You have no right to be here if I don’t want you here, and if you’re going to act like this, then I want you to leave! You’ve been nothing but a monster since you walked in that door!”

Frustratingly, Melody ignored most of that speech, despite how difficult it had been for Sarah to find the courage to make it. “You really want me to think you aren’t a baby? Would you care to explain WHY you had those diapers, then? And don’t tell me they aren’t yours. They were in your closet, along with Goodnites. There were used ones in the bathroom by your bedroom. Your mother sent you a text that seemed to think it was very likely that you’d had an accident. You called me, and treated me like, a baby on a daily basis just for wetting my bed, and it sure seems like you do a lot more than that. And you expect me to treat you like an adult? Or even like you’re anywhere close to my age? You, little missy, are a baby, and you don’t deserve to be treated like anything other than a baby.”

Sarah stared icily at Melody, wishing she could legitimately refute any of the teenager’s arguments, and feeling even more annoyed that she couldn’t. “Well… Well, fuck you! Who asked you to get involved? I…” Sarah cut herself off with a yelp as Melody grabbed her by the ear, dragging her out of the kitchen. “Stop it!” she whined. “Let me go, you little bitch! This is my house, you can’t..!” She stopped again, this time by Melody letting go of her, and grabbing a bar of soap instead. “Don’t you dare!”

Melody shoved her against the wall, holding her in place with one hand as the other shoved the bar of soap into her protesting mouth. Sarah managed an unhappy, shocked, “Mmph!” before Melody started pushing the bar in and out of her mouth, working it around, filling her pouting mouth with suds.

“You were going to get this anyway for being such a brat and telling me no,” Melody told her. “But after that little outburst, you’re going into time-out, too, young lady!” Sarah mumbled, her tongue already starting to burn slightly, bubbly saliva starting to drip from the corners of her mouth onto her bare chest. “Your mouth is going to be squeaky clean after this, isn’t it? Nothing even resembling a curse word. And no more saying no to your babysitter, right? Right?!”

Sarah nodded, sniffling. “Pwease, stop!” she managed to blurt out around the still thrusting soap. Even after everything else that day, it was almost impossible for her to accept the fact that she was being given such a childish punishment. “I be good giwl!”

Melody gave the soap a couple more good twists, then stopped, leaving the bar between Sarah’s teeth. She pulled Sarah away from the wall and pushed her toward the door with a firm smack on the back of her diaper, leading her that way to her mother’s room, and the corner there. “You keep your nose there,” Melody ordered, “and that soap in your mouth. Since you’re being a naughty girl, you don’t get to play makeover. But I’m going to do it myself, and watching you in the mirror, so if you move one inch, you’ll be sorry. Understand?”

Sarah nodded forlornly. Melody gave her one final thwack across her padded backside, then walked away, leaving her alone with her thoughts. This was ridiculous, but what could Sarah do? She wasn’t sure if Melody was bluffing about further punishment or not, but she was starting to doubt it. She seemed all too happy to continue treating Sarah like some errant child.

As Sarah stood there, squirming, mouth sore and tingling, she could hear Melody rummaging through the make-up on her mother’s vanity, not sounding like she was concerned with being careful at all. She could hear things bumping and falling over as the girl worked, appraising each with, “Not bad,” or, “This is awful! Why would she have this?” It certainly didn’t sound like she was paying attention to anything other than wreaking more havoc.

Sarah started to turn her head to verify that, but stopped, afraid she’d find Melody staring straight at her. Instead, she started moving her hand up slowly, inching its way toward the bar of soap sticking out from it. She paused every few seconds, waiting for the inevitable clearing of the throat that would tell her to stop it, but it never came. She had to fight a sigh of relief as she took the soap out, though she quickly realized that didn’t solve her problems. Her mouth was still full of suds that she didn’t want to swallow, but had nothing else she could do with, and she had nowhere to put the soap, meaning she’d have to keep holding it in front of herself, unless she wanted to risk Melody taking a quick peek at her and seeing her hand at her side, still clutching it. But, holding it like that would probably make her suspicious, and she’d come to check things out.

She wrinkled her nose, wanting to whine and stomp her feet at the injustice of it, but forcing herself to keep still. The moment of relief had been nice, but the risk of extending it too long was too great, so she had to open her mouth back up and slide the soap back in, gingerly biting down just enough to ensure it wouldn’t slide out. Her mouth was really starting to sting now, and she couldn’t help wondering if Melody had used the wrong kind of soap, if she was getting poisoned, or killing off her taste buds, by doing this. She knew it sounded silly, but she had no idea what ingesting soap – or keeping it in her mouth for extended periods of time – could do!

“Mewody, pwease, can I take dis out now? I’ww stay in cownew!”

“No. Be quiet, you’re being punished.”

Sarah whimpered. “But it huwts!”

“Then you should stop talking so I don’t extend your punishment.” Melody then ignored her muffled whining and went back to whatever she was doing.

Sarah fidgeted, tears starting to come to her eyes yet again. This wasn’t fair! She’d never done this to Melody! Of course, Melody had been a relatively well-behaved kid, and had certainly never swore, at least in Sarah’s earshot, but even if she had, Sarah was pretty sure she’d never have made her go through this. Sure, she’d had some other things she’d done, but not this. In fact, Sarah was sure Melody was blowing the whole thing way out of proportion, that she’d already gotten more than enough revenge for Sarah’s transgressions. Of course, she couldn’t tell her so right then, nor did she think that the girl would be open to hearing that once this punishment was over.

But still, what had Sarah really done that was this bad? Making her go outside was probably the worst, and she hadn’t even made her go all the way to the playground. After that, it was mostly just diapering her, and making her pee in them. That was mostly it. Was that really worth all of this?

She was still sulking over that when Melody came over and turned her around, extracting the soap. “Oh, you look grumpy!” she observed. “It’s a good thing you’re going down for your nap now!” Sarah started to open her mouth, to tell Melody that she just needed to get over what Sarah, in her misguided youth, had done to her. “Sarah, I still have the soap right here. I can tell you’re not in a good mood, but if you say one thing to me I don’t like, I will put it right back into your mouth and march you to the living room, and you can stay there until your mommy gets home. Is that how you want to greet her?” Sarah shook her head with a pout, unhappy at being so easily seen through, and dismissed. “Now, let’s see if you need a change now.”

Sarah stood by, not having the strength to object to another embarrassing check, knowing it would happen either way. “Look at you!” Melody exclaimed at finding her still dry and clean. “You’ll be into Pull-Ups in no time at all!”

She led Sarah back out of her mother’s room, past the vanity, which was in even worse shape than Sarah had feared. All the bottle and tubes were strewn around, like she’d heard, some of them open and spilling out their contents, but the mirror was a mess, too, covered in streaks of various colored lipsticks and eyeliners. It sent a bolt of anger through her, only to be quickly quenched by Melody calmly mentioning, “By the way, I saw you take the soap out. Your punishment for that is coming later.” That was enough to remind her of her new status, and she quietly toddled her way to the bathroom, where Melody helped her rinse out her mouth, then dried her torso off with her towel. “What a messy baby you are!” she observed, moving the towel up to Sarah’s chin. “Does your mommy put you in a bib when she feeds you?”

Sarah didn’t rise to the bait, suddenly worn out by the whole thing. She was outmatched, overpowered. She trudged to her bedroom, still smelling strongly of baby powder, diapers still covering the floor, and let herself get tucked in. Melody took the bow out of her hair and put it back in the box before picking the whole box up and heading out of the room, shutting the door behind her, leaving Sarah alone in the darkness.

Sarah hadn’t planned on sleeping – she hadn’t taken a nap in years – but rather to stay up and use her privacy to think of a way out of this mess, to get the upper hand on Melody and at least make her leave. If she could do a little more, she couldn’t say that she would mind. She’d love to have the girl clean up the house, since she was the one who’d wrecked it, and she had to admit that she’d feel a certain sense of satisfaction, watching her do it while in a diaper. But that was a long shot, she knew.

But as she laid there, room mostly black around her, the cloudy day keeping all but the smallest bit of light from sneaking in around her heavy curtains, she felt herself yawn, her eyelids growing heavy. It was probably just because it was dark, she thought, though it had been a long day so far. If she just closed her eyes for a minute, maybe that would help her concentrate, and maybe get rid of the fogginess that had plagued her mind most of the day. She would just take a quick little nap, and then it would be time to get to work…

Her eyes snapped open. She couldn’t let herself fall asleep! What if she wet herself? She couldn’t imagine what Melody would say when she checked her after the nap – like she had no doubt the girl would do – and found that. She might try to claim she’d had to, that she’d been awake and fully conscious when it happened, but that was only barely a better option, and she wasn’t sure Melody wouldn’t see through it. She had a feeling Melody suspected she was a bedwetter, but she didn’t want to confirm it for her.

No, she was going to have to stay awake. She reached upward, towards her light switch, trying to flip it on, even though she knew she couldn’t reach it lying like she was. With a groan, she rolled over onto her stomach, inching toward the edge of her mattress, fingers brushing up and down on the wall, searching. She could have stood up, but she was feeling too tired for that now. If she could just get the light on, it would help wake her up, and then she’d be all right. That’s all she had to do. Her fingertip tapped against the edge of the wall plate, then slowly slid down the wall, flopping down to the side of the bed as she collapsed, fast asleep.

The Brat in the Hat – Part 7

The Brat in the Hat – Part 7

Part 7 – I Call This Game Fun-In-A-Box

Of course, since it was raining outside, Sarah knew there was very little chance that anyone would just stroll past the house to see her as she was led through the living room and into the kitchen. Yet, the idea of being led through there, past the big window in the living room, in just a diaper, was quite humiliating. Walking past and through the mess Melody had made only made her feel worse, as she knew she still had to find time to clean all of that up once Melody finally left her alone, or her mother would be furious. And she was now in no position to demand Melody help her.

There was little relief from her fear of being exposed when they stopped in the kitchen, since the curtain on the window over the sink was wide open. There was even less chance of anyone seeing her through that than through the one in the living room – it was much smaller, and higher up on the wall, not to mention facing the back yard – but there was little room in her paranoia for logic.

She was so busy staring at the window, then around at the mess in the kitchen, even worse than the one in the living room, that she didn’t notice the box sitting on the counter until Melody began to rummage through it. “And here’s your second surprise!” Melody announced, pulling a few things out. “A special treat, even though you’re being a rude little baby today.”

Sarah looked at the items Melody had taken out of the box, figuring out what they were for at once, and realizing why Melody was doing it just a moment later. “S’mores?” she said quietly, staring up at Melody.

Melody nodded. “That’s right! Do you remember when you showed me how to make them in the microwave?”

Sarah was a little reluctant to answer, “Yeah,” unsure if Melody was setting her up for something.

Of course she remembered. It had been one of the last times Sarah had sat for Melody. Despite her best efforts – she’d come up with a few things that she thought were quite clever, yet hadn’t done the trick – the girl was still wetting the bed, and her mother kept sounding more bewildered and exhausted by it every time she spoke to Sarah. So Sarah decided she was going to have to take things to the next level. She’d considered what she was going to do for a while, but couldn’t quite bring herself to do it before then.

Once she’d gotten Melody all diapered up, she’d not only denied her any pants, she’d taken the girl’s shirt off, much to her surprise, then went over to her closet and started rummaging through. After a minute, Melody walked over, arms clasped firmly over her training-bra clad chest. “What are you doing?”

“I think we spend too much time inside,” Sarah had told her. “You need some fresh air. So we’re going to the park.”

Melody had stared up at her in shock, then down at her diaper, freshly taped into place. “Like this?!” she squeaked.

“No, of course not!” Sarah had giggled, ruffling her hair. “I’m looking for a nice outfit for you. Nothing too fancy, since you’ll be running around and playing, but… Oh, here we go!” They had been together at the back of the closet, as if they were meant as a set – and they may well have been, since, as Sarah noted, they went together well. One piece was a simple, dark blue denim jumper, and the other was a white shirt, with a Peter Pan collar and puff sleeves. “These look like nice play clothes!”

“I haven’t worn those for years!” Melody had complained, sulking as Sarah pried her arms away from her chest and forced them into the sleeves of the shirt.

“Then aren’t you glad to see they still fit?” The shirt had been a little tight, but it buttoned shut without too much fuss. The jumper went on as well, falling a little higher than it was likely intended to be, though that had, of course, been Sarah’s plan. It wouldn’t show off the girl’s diaper constantly, but with her running around and playing, it was bound to flash it enough to make Melody afraid someone would notice. She might not mind acting like a baby at home, but surely the threat of being discovered would shock her into growing up and keeping her bed dry.

Melody had begged Sarah not to make her do it, had tried to dig in her heels and stop herself from being dragged through the house – and she’d almost succeeded, as she had been getting fairly close to matching Sarah’s size by then – and they’d barely made it to the sidewalk before she started bawling. Sarah finally relented at that, taking her back inside and trying to calm her down, finally achieving it by showing her how to make s’mores, letting her munch on one as she finished sniffling.

Sarah wasn’t sure now if Melody saw those s’mores as a symbol of mercy, or if it reminded her more of what had come before. She had a bad feeling it was the latter, but surely not even Melody would take her outside in the rain, certainly not mostly naked.

Melody got a small plate down from an already open cupboard, setting it on the counter, then handing Sarah a graham cracker. “There you go. Just break it in half. Good girl!” She took the bag of marshmallows off the counter and ripped it open, holding it down so Sarah could reach it. “Choose your marshmallow and put it on half your cracker… Good job! Now we’ll just pop it in the microwave for a few seconds. Can you put in ten seconds and hit start! Oh, look at you!”

Sarah blushed. She supposed it was good Melody was being nice to her, instead of continuing her revenge, but it was hard not to feel like a little kid when she was being spoken to like that. “If I give you this chocolate, can I trust you to just break off enough for your s’more, or are you going to try to eat it all?” Melody teased, holding a chocolate bar over Sarah’s head.

“I can do it,” Sarah mumbled.

“Hmm.. No, I think I’d better do it myself. You’re being a bad girl today, aren’t you?” Melody broke off a few square of chocolate, setting them on the other half of the graham cracker as the microwave bell dinged. Sarah started to reach for it, but Melody smacked her hand away. “No, no! That’s hot! You’d better let your babysitter get that for you!” She took the plate and set it on the counter, putting the two halves of the cracker with their contents together, then sliding the plate further away from Sarah. “It’s still too hot, silly! You have to wait!”

With that, Melody started making her own s’more, not hesitating to take a bite of it as soon as it was assembled, though she did blow on it, of course. Sarah started to reach for her plate, and got her hand slapped away again. “No! It’s still too hot for babies like you!”

Sarah hadn’t been overly excited about the treat – though she had to admit it did sound good – but the act of being denied it, while having to watch Melody eat hers, made her feel like she was. Watching Melody take bite after bite, gooey marshmallow stretching out between her mouth and the confection… Sarah started to squirm, anxious to have her own, even before Melody started to say, “Oh, wow, this is so good!”

Sarah started to reach for hers again, but Melody stopped her with only a look this time. “You grab for that one more time, and you’re going in the corner!” she threatened. “I’ll give it to you when it’s ready for you.” Sarah glared at her, crossing her arms until Melody giggled and said, “You look so cute all sulky like that!” Sarah tried to stop it after that, but found it harder than she expected.

Melody finished her s’more and washed her hands carefully, then watched Sarah for a minute or two. Sarah tried not to look too anxious, or to fidget, or stare up at her waiting treat, but, of course, trying not to do something only made it that much harder. Finally Melody smiled and handed the plate down to her. Eagerly, Sarah began to eat, but by then, it was lukewarm. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t nearly as good as it would have been a few minutes earlier, fresh out of the microwave. Like Melody’s had been.

Melody took Sarah’s plate when she was finished, then started to wash her face and hands with a washcloth, despite Sarah’s protests that she didn’t need it. “Aww, why are you still being pouty?” Melody asked as she knelt down, scrubbing at her face. “Wasn’t it yummy?”

“It was okay,” Sarah mumbled.

“Then why aren’t you smiling? Are you still mad at yourself for peeing your pants?” Sarah blushed slightly. “Well, there’s another little game we’ll be able to play with some of the things from this box, but not until later. Do you want to be a big girl and help me get ready for it, though?”

Sarah had no idea what she was talking about, or what else you could do with graham crackers, chocolate, or marshmallows, other than eat it. Was there some other dessert you could make with them? Or was she just going to be allowed to eat the rest of the chocolate? She didn’t see how they could prepare for that, though, so it didn’t make sense.

Melody took her lack of answer and look of puzzlement for a yes. “All right, just sit down.” Sarah started to head for the kitchen table, but Melody grabbed her arm and held her in place. “No, panty-wetters like you can’t sit on furniture, even in their diapers! They might leak and make a mess of it! Just sit on the floor, sweetie.”

Sarah pouted as she sank down to the hard, linoleum floor, legs splayed out by the bulk of her diaper. Melody set a bowl in front of her, then the bag of marshmallows. “What you need to do,” she instructed, “is roll the marshmallows between your hands, like Play-Doh. You know how to do that, right? Like you’re making a snake. Do you get it? Let’s see!”

Still confused, Sarah took a marshmallow between her hands and did as she’d been told, pressing down on it and rolling it back and forth between her palms until it was longer, and thinner. She looked up at Melody, unsure if it was what she’d been looking for or not. “Good job!” Melody praised her. “Now, put it in the bowl and make another!”

“How many should I make?” Sarah asked.

“Just as many as you want!”

Sarah gave Melody a sideways look, but started back in on the project. It was easy enough, but as Melody kept smiling wider and wider while watching her do it, she began to suspect there was no grand project connected to it, that the girl’s only goal was to make her look like a silly little girl, playing on the kitchen floor. It was maybe a little odd that she’d chosen marshmallows as her ‘toy’, such as it was, but perhaps she hadn’t been able to find any actual Play-Doh at her house. After her fifth, Sarah decided to stop. “Is that enough?”

“Oh, it should be plenty!” Melody nodded, picking up the bowl and taking it to the freezer. “You did a good job, honey! You’re such a big girl, helping your babysitter out like that!” Once she’d shut the freezer door, she swooped over to Sarah, stumbling to her feet, and gave her a hug. “Are you my little helper? Yes, you are! Now, it looked like you were concentrating pretty hard there, so I think I’d better make sure you didn’t have an accident.”

“I didn’t!” Sarah squawked, face red.

“We’ll see… I’m not sure if I can trust you that much.”

“I didn’t!” Sarah repeated, voice getting a little higher. She clamped her hands over the crotch of her diaper as she saw Melody’s fingers headed that way.

“Oh, are you going now?” Melody asked with mock concern. “And you didn’t even ask me to take you to the potty! I guess you really do need those diapers!”

“No!” Sarah’s face turned an even deeper shade of red, something she hadn’t thought possible. “I’m not! I don’t!” As she stood there, flustered, Melody reached out and gave her tummy a quick tickle. Sarah’s hand moved upward towards her stomach as she gave an involuntary giggle and squirm, giving Melody enough time to reach down and slip a pair of fingers into the leg band of her diaper, wiggling them around, pressing them against the padding for a few uncomfortable seconds before finally pulling back out, letting the diaper snap back into place.

“Good girl!” Melody praised her, patting her on the head.

“I told you I didn’t,” Sarah grumped, glad at least that it was over.

Or so she’d thought. Melody gave her another moment, then spun her around, reaching down to pull the back of her diaper out. “I definitely didn’t do that!” Sarah sqeaked, the very idea that Melody would insinuate there would be something in the seat of Sarah’s diaper for her to find taking her down to an even deeper depth of humiliation. To make it even worse, Melody took her time, as if she were absolutely sure there could be something there.

“No, you didn’t,” she agreed at last. “Are you feeling bad about how you acted before? Is that why you’re being such a good girl now? Well, it doesn’t matter. Since you are being good, I think there’s time for one more game before you go down for your nap.”

“Melody, come on,” Sarah rolled her eyes. “I don’t want to play another game, and I don’t need a nap. I need to clean this place up. Haven’t you had enough fun?”

“I think you’ll change your mind about not wanting to play when you hear what it is. We’re going to play make-over! All little girls love playing with make-up, don’t they? And I’m sure your mommy has lots to choose from!”

“No!” Sarah had to put her foot down there, although it did take her a moment or two to build up the resolve to do so. After seeing what Melody had done to the rest of the house, there was no way she was letting the girl into her mother’s room. “Melody, you’ve had your fun. Now, please, just go home and leave me alone!”

“What was that?” Melody turned to face Sarah, looking unimpressed with her display of resistance. “Did you just tell me no, little girl? I am your babysitter, and if I say you need a nap, you are taking a nap. It’s up to you if you do so after playing a game, or having a punishment, but either way, that little diapered bottom of yours is ending up in bed. Do you understand me?”

Sarah knew what she was expected to answer, and that, given how far she’d fallen in status that day already, she might regret not giving it, but she wasn’t going to back down now. “No,” she said defiantly. “You are NOT my babysitter, and I am not a baby, and it is time for you to leave!”

The Brat in the Hat – Part 6

The Brat in the Hat – Part 6

Part 6 – Do I Like This? Oh, No! I Do Not.

Sarah’s stomach knotted up inside her as she stood in front of Melody. She looked away from the girl’s smile, but as her eyes turned downward, she saw the diaper and baby powder in her own hands, reminding her even more of what was about to happen, and she only felt worse.

She only had a moment to look at them, however, before Melody’s fingers grabbed her chin, forcing it back up. “Isn’t it fun, little girl?” Sarah could only blush at being called ‘little girl’ by someone younger than her, especially since that was exactly what she felt like. “Isn’t it?!”

Melody tightened her grip a bit, making Sarah whimper softly before forcing herself to say, “Y-Yes.”

“You don’t sound convinced,” Melody observed. “Are you afraid I don’t know what I’m doing? Why don’t you walk me through it? You did it to me often enough – I’m sure you know how to do it.”

“No, I-I think you can do it. I’m sorry! It’ll be… fun…” Sarah swallowed, trying to turn her head away from Melody’s eyes, boring into her own. She knew she’d likely do it anyway, but if she had to give Melody instructions, she knew it would be awfully hard for her not to spend the entire time thinking back to how she’d used to diaper Melody, since that was the last person she’d done that to, and that would only make her feel worse.

“Well, if you want it so much, you should ask for it.” Sarah had no choice but to watch Melody’s smile broaden as she mewled in protest of what she was being asked to do. “Come on, little girl, beg me to help you play dress-up.”

“Melody…” Sarah whined, tears stinging at the corners of her eyes. “Please don’t…” She stopped. There wasn’t a hint of mercy in Melody’s expression, nothing to make her think that anything good would come of asking her to stop. If anything, it would probably lead to more embarrassment, though she wasn’t sure how this could get worse. So she started again with a sigh. “Melody, please… please help me play dress-up.”

“Of course I will!” Melody agreed immediately. “What would you like to wear, sweetie?”

Sarah tried to lower her head again, but Melody held her chin firmly in place, not letting her look away as she said. “A… A…. A diaper.”

“Aww, how sweet! And you need some help getting it on?” Sarah nodded. “What was that? I didn’t hear you.”

It was almost unbearable, but somehow Sarah managed to say, “Yes.”

“Yes, what?” Melody asked patiently.

“Yes, I need some help getting my diaper on.” Sarah wanted to sink right through the floor, but as it turned out, Melody still wasn’t satisfied.

“Well, ask me!” she giggled. “Just ask, silly!”

Sarah’s cheeks flushed as she fidgeted in place, hardly able to think the words, much less say them. “Melody, can you… Can you help me?”

“What do you want me to do?” Melody feigned innocence. “You have to be clear, honey.”

Sarah could feel the tears starting to roll down her cheeks now. “Can you put me in a d-diaper?”

“Ah-ah-ah!” Melody waved a finger from her free hand. Sarah sighed, unsure how much longer she could keep this up, wondering what she would have to do now. “You didn’t say the magic word! Didn’t your mommy teach you to be polite?”

She had never felt quite so silly to say, “Please?”, before.

Melody smiled. “Please what?”

Sarah wanted to scream, to pull away from the girl, to hit her, to do anything. But instead, she closed her eyes and swallowed, summoning her resolve. “Will you please…”

“Open your eyes, silly.”

Sarah did so, reluctantly. “Will you please… diaper me?”

“Well, of course I will!” Melody let go of Sarah chin finally, tapping the tip of her nose with her finger. “Anytime you need that little bottom of your diapered, I’d be happy to help you. No need to worry.”

For a moment, Sarah thought the hard part was over. Sure, she still had to actually be put into the diaper, and then she’d have to wear it, but at least she wouldn’t have to talk about it. Or so she thought, as Melody took the diaper and baby powder from her, setting the powder on Sarah’s bed. “So… What do you want me to do now?”


“You silly baby – you have such a short memory! Don’t you remember? You’re going to walk me through this, to make sure I do it the way you would do it to me. So, what do I do first?”

Sarah’s face fell. “Melody, come on… You know what to do…”

“I’m the youngest!” Melody reminded her, voice practically dripping with forced innocence. “I don’t have any idea!”

Sarah sighed. Nothing had gone her way yet that day – she was sure they wouldn’t start now. So she could waste some more energy arguing with Melody to try to get her to just get this over with, or she could do like the girl wanted. As much as she hated to, she went with the latter. “Spread the diaper out on the bed,” she instructed. She tried to sound as clinical about it as possible, trying not to think about how this was going to end.

“No,” Melody said simply. When Sarah looked up at her, puzzled, she explained, “Don’t just tell me to do it. That’s rude! You have to ask me.” When Sarah hesitated, slightly disgusted at the idea, Melody continued again. “You already begged me to diaper you. How much worse can this be? Besides, don’t forget I can still call your mommy.”

Sarah was trapped, and she knew it. Resigning herself to her fate, she gritted her teeth and asked, “Would you please spread the diaper out on the bed?”

“Sure!” Melody chirped, opening up the diaper and laying it out on the bed. Sarah knew it had to look just the same as it did when she put them on herself at night, yet somehow, in her mind, they were thicker, more babyish now. Melody patted the center of the diaper, and Sarah found herself transported back in time a year and a half, back to when she’d do the exact same thing, while Melody stood there, pouting.

“But it’s not bedtime!” she would protest. “Mommy doesn’t make me wear them until bedtime!”

“Do you know any other kids in your grade that wet the bed?” Sarah would ask. She knew there had to be some, but she was sure they kept it a secret, so she fully expected Melody to shake her head, which she did. “Who wets the bed?”

Sometimes she’d have to ask the question two or three times before Melody would look up from her shuffling feet and mumble, “Babies.”

“And babies wear diapers, don’t they? Not just at night, but all the time. So if you’re going to act like a baby and wet your bed, I’m going to treat you like a baby. Now hop up here.”

Then she would pat the diaper, just like Melody was doing now. Sarah felt a little sick as she watched it. “I’m sorry,” she said. “I shouldn’t have treated you like that.”

“Thank you,” Melody replied curtly. “Now hop up here.” She gave the diaper one more pat, then started to pull Sarah’s phone out of her pocket.

Sarah scrambled onto her bed, plopping herself down on top of the diaper. She started to lay back, but Melody started pushing her back before she could finish, which was just was Sarah was trying to avoid, since it made it feel all the more like Melody was fully in control. Which she was, of course, but she was trying to find some way not to make it feel so obvious to herself.

“Now what?” Melody inquired after giving Sarah a few seconds to squirm awkwardly on her diaper.

“Well, um… I just took a bath, so you don’t have to clean me, so… Powder?” Melody raised an eyebrow, earning another sigh from Sarah. “Would you please powder me?”

Melody seemed to have been waiting for that. She overturned the bottle and started shaking it wildly, sending clouds of the white powder toward Sarah’s bottom, and onto her stomach and bed, and anything nearby. She just kept going, making Sarah wonder if she intended on using the whole bottle, before asking, “Is this enough?”

“Yes!” Sarah blurted out. “Please, stop it!” Melody stopped, and the powder clouds died down, but Sarah was sure her room would smell like it for weeks now. Not to mention her body. “Now… Pl-Please… Please… pull my diaper up between my legs.”

Melody was all too happy to comply. Sarah gasped slightly as she felt the thick padding being pulled tight around her. She hadn’t been diapered before – not since she was a toddler – and it was quite a different sensation having someone else do it. Though the lack of hair down there probably had something to do with it, too, as she could feel the soft padding right against her sensitive skin, where she’d never felt it before. She hadn’t really felt anything down there without the slight barrier of her hair to offer some little protection for a long time, and now it felt like the diaper was invading her most personal, intimate place. The diaper felt thicker, thirstier, than she could ever remember them being before, and far more infantile.

Melody gave that all a minute to sink in before saying, “I don’t think that’s it, is it?”

“No,” Sarah whimpered. “Melody, please… I can’t… Don’t make me…”

Melody ignored her. “What do I do now, Sarah?”

Sarah closed her eyes, trying not to think about who was standing over her, doing this, but that just brought back more memories of her babysitting days, watching Melody stand up from her diapering, tears in her eyes, legs wide from the padding. Sometimes she’d reach for her pants, or skirt, or whatever she’d worn to school.

Sarah would always grab them first. “Babies don’t need anything to cover their diaper,” she’d say. “They don’t care if it’s showing. And it makes it easier for their babysitter to check them.”

“I don’t need to be checked,” Melody would whine. “I’m not going to use them!”

“Well,” Sarah would cross her arms, “you sure aren’t going into the bathroom. Babies use their diapers.”

Sarah opened her eyes, shaking her head slightly to try to banish the image, only to have it replace by one of Melody standing over her, one hand holding the front of Sarah’s diaper tightly across the bottom of her belly. “Tape it up,” Sarah said quietly. “Please… Tape my diaper up.”

Melody gleefully started to reach for one of the sides, only to stop partway there. “How should I tape it?”

Sarah gave her a blank look. “You just pull the tape up, then…”

“No, no,” Melody shook her head. “I mean, should it be loose, or..?”

Sarah really hated this, having to give the advice that was about to lead to her being diapered by this girl, but she had no doubt that Melody wouldn’t stop until she did, and that she wouldn’t accept a wrong answer. “No, it should be tight.”

“So… What exactly is it you want?”

“Please tape my diaper up nice and tight.” Sarah sniffled, knowing that was it, she’d just given the final order. Even knowing she’d had no choice, it was still tough, and she could feel tears starting again while Melody happily went about her work, pulling the sides up snugly and taping them in place, sealing her former babysitter into her padded prison.

Pleased with her work, Melody patted the diaper, then grabbed Sarah’s arms and pulled her into a seated position. “Now what do you say?”

Sarah, for her part, was still stunned by what had just transpired. “Huh?”

“You are a rude little girl today! What do you say when somebody does something for you?”

Sarah whined, pouting up at Melody, but there was still no sympathy in her expression. “Thank you for diapering me.”

“You are so welcome!” Melody beamed, kissing Sarah’s forehead. “And I recorded your instructions so I won’t forget how to do it in the future!” She held up her own phone, tapping the button to stop the sound recorded as Sarah watched, sinking to a newfound depth of horror.

“You delete that!” Sarah ordered, though it was hard to feel to authoritative while sitting there in a diaper.

“I don’t think so,” Melody countered. “I’m sure there are plenty of people who would find it quite interesting, if you’re a bad girl today, not least of all your mommy. Now, I have a little surprise for you, so why don’t we wrap this game up?” She walked around the bed, to the box. She opened it, eyeing its contents, and then Sarah, before plucking something out of it and closing it. “I think we’ll save the rest of that for later,” she said. “For now, I think all you need to complete your outfit is this.”

She held up a huge red hair bow, which she quickly put into Sarah’s hair before pulling the girl to her feet. Sarah wobbled slightly, still a little dizzy, and taken off guard by the new sensation of the diaper bunching up between her legs, against her sensitive, bare skin. “Adorable!” Melody declared, taking her hand and starting to lead her out of her room.

“No!” Sarah pouted. “I can’t just wear this!”

“Babies don’t care about hiding their diapers,” Melody reminded her. “And they don’t care about hiding their chests, either. Especially not when they have as little to hide as you do.”

Sarah whimpered, feeling about two feet tall. She stood there for a moment or two, shocked, until Melody tugged her hand, forcing her to start toddling, away from the sanctuary of her room, with its dark, closed curtains, and even the slight protection her clothes could have provided, every step reminding her of everything Melody had done to her so far, and making her feel all the more like an overgrown toddler.

The Brat in the Hat – Part 5

The Brat in the Hat – Part 5

Part 5 – Another Good Game That I Know

“No!” Sarah said, finally composing herself again, at least enough to say that, though when Melody turned and gave her a look, it took another moment or two before she could continue. “Melody, I’m not playing anything! I’m going to get dressed, and then I’m going to clean the house up. I’d appreciate it if you helped, but if you’re not going to, could you please go home now?”

“Go home NOW?” Melody shook her head. “But I haven’t even given you your birthday presents yet. I thought of the perfect things, and ran over to my house to grab them while you were in the tub.”

Despite everything, Sarah was curious. “Presents?”

“Yeah! I got you two things, and they’re both part of a fun game! Actually, the first is right here.” She herded Sarah into her bedroom, where she did, indeed, see a box sitting on her bed. It wasn’t huge, but it was a pretty good size. Sarah started to reach for it to see what was inside, but Melody stopped her. “If you’re not going to play dress-up, though, then you don’t get it.”

Sarah sighed. She’d have liked to say no, to show Melody that she couldn’t control her like this, but she did want to see what was in there. And, besides, she was going to have to get dressed anyway. “Fine,” she gave in.

“Good!” Melody smiled, but took the box anyway, putting it on Sarah’s desk. “We’ll get to that later. We need to get you some underwear first. Top drawer?”

Without thinking, Sarah nodded, happy to hear ‘underwear’, rather than something thicker and more absorbent. Despite the way she was treating Sarah, she apparently did still accept the fact that her accident had been a fluke, nothing more. At least she wasn’t going to try to make her wear training pants like her mom did.

She froze at that thought, remembering suddenly what was in her underwear drawer. “Wait!” she called, padding across the room after Melody, trying to stop her before she reaching the dresser. “Don’t..!” But it was too late. She could hear the drawer creaking open, and she knew right away it was too late. This wasn’t like with the trash can under the sink – they were right on top, there was no chance Melody could miss them.

Sure enough, a split second later, Melody was asking, “Um, what are these?”, holding up the cupcake-decorated garment.

Sarah knew there was no excuse she could come up with that would make sense, so instead she just begged, “Please, don’t make me wear them!” It was bad enough wearing them around her mom – wearing them around Melody would be humiliating.

“I wouldn’t do that,” Melody said.

“Oh, thank you!” Sarah sighed. “Like I said, it was just one little accident, and I don’t really need…”

“No, I mean I wouldn’t make you wear these. They’re already wet! I can’t believe you would shove them in here like that! That’s disgusting.”

Sarah blinked, mouth hanging open slightly at the words. Wet? But that wasn’t possible. She hadn’t wiped after using the bathroom, so they might be a tiny bit damp, but that was it. Could Melody really have noticed that so quickly? “Nuh-uh!” she argued.

“Yes, they are,” Melody insisted. “Do you need to feel them?” She thrust the training pants at Sarah, who recoiled reflexively. She could see them hanging heavily from Melody’s fingertips, and she had to admit that, somehow, they did look quite wet, and when Melody let them go, they fell to the floor with a damp squish that seemed to confirm it.

“No!” she shook her head. “I didn’t!” How could this be happening?! She was sure they’d been dry, or at least mostly, when she’d taken them off. How could they be wet now? Was she somehow mistaken? Had she had an accident she hadn’t noticed? Surely not. But then, how could they be so wet now? If she had been less upset, she might have noticed that there was no scent of urine, not the slightest whiff of ammonia, despite how big an accident they seemed to have contained, but as it was, she was too flabberghasted to do much but stare.

“It’s just as well,” Melody shrugged. “I was going to let it slide, since you told me it was just the one time, but after two accidents, I guess I’d better do what your mommy said.”

“My… mommy?” The shocks kept on coming, keeping her off balance enough to stop her from thinking to change ‘mommy’ to something that sounded a bit less juvenile until the word was already out of her mouth.

“Didn’t your mommy say that if you had an accident, she wanted you in diapers, not Goodnites?” Melody said it softly, soothingly, as if it were perfectly natural, but she might as well have dropped a bomb on Sarah.

“You DID read my texts!” she blurted out, hardly able to believe this invasion of her privacy – especially when it pertained to something so incredibly private. A fraction of a second later, she clapped her hand over her mouth as her cheeks began to burn, and she realized she’d basically just confirmed that it wasn’t some weird joke text, or that she hadn’t read any of the conversation. Without meaning to, she’d just told Melody that she did have diapers, and that, at least according to her mother, she needed them.

“Where are they?” Melody asked, digging through Sarah’s underwear drawer, then pushing it shut and starting on the next drawer down. “Come on, Sarah, just tell me. You don’t want me to tell your mommy you were a bad girl, do you?”

“You’re not going to tell my mommy… my mom anything! You aren’t my babysitter! Stop acting like you are!” Sarah stomped her foot in frustration, feeling a little better to get that out of her system.

Her relief was very short-lived, however. Melody turned on her, staring her down with her hands on her hips. “Did you think you were in charge? That you were the babysitter? A pants-wetting little baby like you? Those days are well behind you now. As the only real grown-up here, I’m clearly in charge, and if your mother thinks you need to be in diapers, then that’s where you’re going.”

Sarah shrank back under the onslaught of words, practically feeling each one strike her and make her smaller. She shivered, the cool air against the newly bare crotch only having the slightest bit to do with it. “But…” she whimpered.

“No. I’m done playing around, young lady. You bring me your diapers right now, or I’ll call your mommy and tell her how naughty you’re being.” Melody held up Sarah’s phone. Instinctively, Sarah reached behind herself to take it from her pocket, the brush of her fingers against her bottom reminding her she was naked, making her feel even more vulnerable, and silly for having forgotten, even for a moment. “I’m going to count to three. One…”

“Wait!” Sarah pleaded. Her head was spinning, unable to full process the speed with which the tables had turned on her, or the extent or thoroughness of it. There was no real bright side, but the darkest part of it, in her mind, was how much of it was her fault, like it or not. She’d started wetting her bed, she hadn’t kept it a secret from her mother, she’d let Melody get ahold of her phone, she’d wet herself. As she thought about that, squirming naked in front of Melody, she could almost recall actually having an accident in her cupcake trainers, not quite making it to the bathroom on time. She thought it wasn’t true, but she could be positive. She’d done that the day before, in her pink training pants, after stubbornly refusing to stop chatting online in time, but that didn’t mean the same thing couldn’t have happened today, too.


“No, please! Don’t put me in a diaper! I’m sorry, I’m not going to have another accident, I swear!”

Melody stopped counting. “That sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Hmm… Let’s think… Where have you heard something like that before?”

“I-I don’t know,” Sarah stammered.

“Don’t just answer, think about it. Think back. Doesn’t that sound an awful lot like what I used to say to you? And what did you tell me?” Sarah glanced down at her feet bashfully. “What did you say?!”

“I… I said… You’re acting like a baby, wetting your bed every night, making all that work for your mom. I said if you wanted to act like a baby, then… Then I’d treat you like a baby.” It had made such perfect sense to her then, but now, with the shoe on the other foot, she had to admit it sounded harsh. She’d been so sure that, with a girl Melody’s age, the bedwetting couldn’t be a real problem, that she was just doing it for attention. But now that she was suffering from it herself, she knew that wasn’t necessarily true.

“Yes, you did,” Melody agreed. “And that was just for wetting at night. Can you imagine what you would have done if I’d had an accident in the daytime, like you did?”

“I’m sorry!” Sarah sniffled. “I was just…”

“I know. You were just a scared, timid little girl who had never had any real authority or power before, and when you finally got some over someone smaller and weaker than you, you took full advantage of it, didn’t you?”

“No! I was trying to help you!”

Melody scoffed. “Well, now I’m going to help you. Two and a half.”

Sarah blinked, thrown off by the last part before remembering what they’d been doing before their little conversation. “But…” Melody started to raise Sarah’s phone, starting to scroll through her contacts to find her mother. “Wait!” Sarah dashed for her closet, throwing open the door. She grabbed her package of Goodnites and turned around, holding it to her chest. “I’ll wear these, okay? And I’ll do whatever you want!”

Melody shook her head. “Your mommy said specifically that you weren’t allowed to wear those. Three.” She hit the call button, turning the phone around so Sarah could see the dialing screen, complete with her mother’s picture.

“No!” Sarah went back into her closet, frantically snatching up the diapers. They slipped out of her fumbling hands, and her heart skipped a beat as she grabbed for them again. “Hold on, hold on!” she yelled to Melody.

“It went straight to voicemail,” Melody said. “What kind of message should I leave her? Should I just say you’ve been bad, or do you want me to go into detail?”

“Here!” Sarah spun around, accidently losing her hold on the package of diapers again. They flew out of her hand and across the room, spilling diapers onto the floor the whole way.

Melody tapped the button to end the call, satisfied. “Good girl. Now, I’m betting your mommy gets you baby powder, too, so you don’t get a rash. Bring me that, too.”

By that point, there was no use resisting, especially something like that. “Okay,” she sighed, going back to her closet and getting the bottle of powder.

“No, bring it to me,” Melody said when Sarah simply stood at the closet with it. “And grab one of those diapers on the way, too. I’ll even let you choose! Whichever you like!”

They were all the same, of course, all white plastic on the inside, thick peach padding on the inside, but Sarah still felt like she was picking her method of execution as she slowly trudged across her room to Melody, looking at each of the scattered diapers in turn. She was hoping that somehow one would stick out as defective, as significantly thinner than the rest, but, of course, none did, and she finally had to bend down and pick up the last one so she didn’t take that last step toward Melody empty-handed.

“Good girl!” Melody cooed, staring down at the girl with a grin. “That looks like a great choice! See, what did I tell you? Dress-up is lots of fun, isn’t it?”

The Brat in the Hat – Part 4

The Brat in the Hat – Part 4

Part 4 – A Lot of Good Tricks, I Will Show Them to You

“No!” Sarah blurted out, trying desperately to get free. “Melody, don’t you dare! I’m not kidding!”

“You lost!” Melody reminded her, sitting down her Sarah’s legs to trap her there as she wriggled her fingers right above Sarah’s stomach. “Both rounds… You didn’t find me, and I did find you. So, you have to take your punishment.” She reached down just slightly, flipping up the bottom of Sarah’s tank top to expose a few inches of her tummy.

“Melody, this isn’t funny!”

“Then why are you laughing?” Melody teased before giving Sarah’s stomach a quick tickle, striking fast but hard and then withdrawing, fingers still wiggling menacingly. Despite herself, Sarah did find herself letting out a series of loud laughs… And something else.

She gasped between chuckles, squeezing her legs together, trying to staunch the flow, to keep her panties from growing wetter and wetter and she fidgeted beneath Melody, hardly able to believe what was happening. To her great surprise, she managed once again to get her bladder back under control, but it felt like even more of a temporary measure than it had the last time. She was aghast at the idea that she’d wet herself at all, but doing it so close to Melody, a girl whose diapers she’d changed, just made it all the worse. “Melody, get off me!” she whimpered, reaching up to try to push the girl away.

Almost before Sarah could realize what was happening, Melody had grabbed her wrists and pushed them back to the floor, pinning them down, making her bend forward so her face was hovering above Sarah’s, grinning menacingly. “Why should I?” she asked in a low voice. “Can you make me?”

“M-Melody…” Sarah’s eyes widened slightly as she stared up at Melody, for the first time feeling genuinely scared. It was true, she had no hope of overpowering the girl, as her futile struggles proved, only making her feel weaker once she gave up. She was sure this was just a joke – or at least she hoped so – but it was still unnerving to be shown how powerless she was. Even if it was in jest, being made helpless still made her feel… well, helpless. “P-Please… Please let me up…”

She had to wonder if this was what Melody had felt like, back when she’d been babysitting. She’d certainly never done anything like this to her, but it was bound to be a similar feeling, knowing that Sarah had complete authority over her. Sarah had likely felt the same, back when she was babysat as a kid, but she’d forgotten what it felt like to be completely at the mercy of some teenager who, unless they were an older sibling, probably was having their first real taste of authority.

“Oh, all right,” Melody finally gave in, letting go of Sarah’s wrists and sitting back up before getting to her feet. Sarah’s hands shot to her crotch, trying to hide the wet spot she was sure was there before Melody could look down at her, but she wasn’t fast enough. “Oh. My. God. Did you..?” She bent back down, pushing Sarah’s hands away, then grabbing them and using them to help pull Sarah to her feet to get a better view. “I knew you were dressed like a four year old, but I didn’t think you’d pee yourself like one!”

Sarah blushed, as much for having her clothing insulted as for her accident being exposed. “I wasn’t expecting company!” she said defensively, before self-consciously adding, “They’re not that bad, are they?” A moment later, she recalled what was really important and reminded Melody, “And I told you not to tickle me!”

“I didn’t realize it was such a delicate situation. I assumed you were potty trained. You know, considering all that fuss you made over making sure I was. And I never had daytime accidents!”

“You did, t…” Sarah started to correct her, only to stop herself, unsure. Her head was feeling fuzzy, making her memory a little uncertain. She knew she’d had Melody wear diapers in the day sometimes, and she could recall the girl coming up to her and asking for a change, but she also remembered her asking for permission to use the bathroom and telling her no, that if she was going to be a bed-wetting baby, she should get used to wearing, and using, her diapers. What she wasn’t positive of was how those pieces all fell together, whether every case of a wet diaper had been preceded by Melody begging her for the potty. She was pretty sure that she hadn’t seen the girl in wet panties, however – just diapers – which made the fact she was standing in front of her in just that all the more embarrassing.

“I was just trying to help!” Sarah babbled, squirming more and more in a frantic potty dance, like the one her mother had thought she was doing while waiting for her to leave. “Your mom was getting frustrated, and I just wanted to show you how you were acting, and I… I was just trying to help.”

“Well, I don’t wet the bed anymore,” Melody said, as she reached out, putting a hand on Sarah’s shoulder. “And now, it looks like you need my help.”

“Th-That’s okay, I don’t…” Sarah gasped in shock as she realized she’d finally waited too long. It didn’t take long for her already wet panties to give way, letting the damp spot on her shorts blossom quickly outward before it just began to run down the humiliated girl’s legs while she stood there, staring down at herself in horror. “No…” she whimpered. “No, no, no!” How could this be happening?!

“Are you really going to tell me you don’t need my help now?” Melody asked.

Sarah looked up sheepishly, cheeks flushing as she met Melody’s gaze. “But I… I… ” she stammered, finding it quite hard to think of something to say as she stood there, quite clearly soaked.

“It’s okay,” Melody said gently, putting her arm around Sarah’s shoulder. “This gives us a chance to play another game, anyway. I think it will be even more fun than hide and go seek!”

“What game?” Sarah couldn’t help being a bit curious, despite her situation.

“It’s a surprise!” Melody told her, starting to guide her through the house. “But first, we’d better get you cleaned up.” Melody led Sarah to the bathroom, where she had the girl stand by while, awkwardly watching in her wet pants as Melody filled the bathtub. “I bet some bubbles would make you feel better!” Melody exclaimed after a minute, turning for the cabinet under the sink. “Do you have some under here?”

Sarah had enough time to nod absent-mindedly, thinking that did sound good, before coming to her senses and remembering what was in the trash can down there. “No!” she cried, sliding in front of the cabinet. “No!” she said, a little too loudly. “No, we don’t have any.”

“That’s too bad,” Melody shrugged, turning back to the tub. Sarah started to move away, only for Melody to spin back around. “Are you sure? Sometimes you just forget. It never hurts to check!” Sarah wasn’t able to move fast enough that time, running into the door with her knee as Melody opened it. “Are you okay?” Melody asked, peeking up from behind the door. When Sarah nodded automatically, Melody immediately began digging around under the sink, to Sarah’s dismay.

“We don’t have any!” she repeated. “There’s no need to look, I know!” She fidgeted, full of anxious energy, her stomach twisting up inside her knowing Melody was only inches away from her used diapers, that it would be exceedingly simple for her to look over there and notice them, and lose any respect she might still have for Sarah. “Melody, stop, please! I… I really did hurt my knee.”

That finally stopped Melody’s search, making her pop her head up again. “Aww, I’m sorry. I’d kiss it and make it better, but your legs are all covered in pee-pee.” Sarah’s face turned bright red. She was pretty sure she’d never felt so belittled in her life. She felt angry at Melody for saying it, especially using those words, as if she were talking to a toddler, but it was hard to make that last long, knowing that ultimately it was her own fault she’d ended up in this position.

Luckily, however, Melody didn’t continue her search, just closing the doors instead. “I guess you’re right,” she said. “Oh well. Let’s get you undressed.”

“What?” Sarah squeaked.

“You can’t take a bath with your clothes on, can you, silly?” Melody teased. “Now lift your arms.”

“I can undress myself,” Sarah told her, crossing her arms.

“I’m sure you can, but you aren’t right now. Raise your arms.” When Sarah didn’t comply, Melody decided to start somewhere else, tugging down the girl’s shorts. Sarah reached down for them, a second too late. They were already around her ankles, leaving her drenched panties on full display. “Look at how cute!” Melody cooed, tracing the black lace on the waistband with her finger, following it over one of the two stripes it formed down the front of the panties, down to the tiny black bow at the bottom. “These are just adorable! It’s too bad you clearly aren’t ready for them, huh?”

Sarah’s cheeks flushed again, and in her flustered state, it was simple for Melody to pry her hands away from her panties, then tug them down. She gathered up the hem of the tank top next, pulling it up, forcing Sarah’s arms to go up with it. Sarah came to her senses and tried to resist partway through, despite realizing there was little point by then, but before she knew it, her shirt was in a pile at her feet, and she was standing in front of Melody, naked. She crossed her arms again, this time a little higher, trying to cover her breasts, but Melody didn’t even seem to notice.

“Step out for me,” she instructed instead, putting her foot across the center of the shorts and underwear around Sarah’s ankles, dragging them over by the shirt when Sarah complied. “I’ll take those to your washing machine while you take your bath.”

From the way things had been going, Sarah had half-expected Melody to try to wash her, so she was relieved to hear that wouldn’t be happening. Melody stepped back over to the tub and turned off the water, then grabbed a washcloth and dipped it in. She ran it down one of Sarah’s legs, then up the other, before tossing it down on top of Sarah’s clothes. “All right, hop in,” she said, taking Sarah’s hand to help her into the tub. “You just take your time and relax.”

Melody gathered up the wet things from the floor, wrapping them in the tank top as best she could before gingerly picking the whole mess up. It was only then, seeing them being taken away, that Sarah thought to ask, “What am I going to wear when I get out?”

“Don’t worry,” Melody smiled. “That’s what the next game is about! I was going to keep it a surprise, but now it’ll give you something to look forward to. But make sure you don’t hurry too much getting yourself clean just so you can play dress-up, or we’ll have to do it all over again.”

With that, Melody left, closing the bathroom door behind her. It was nice to be alone, but as Sarah let herself sink down into the warm water, she couldn’t help worrying about what was coming next. Melody had slid quite effortlessly into the role of the babysitter, almost without Sarah realizing it – though her distress over her accident was at least partly to blame for that. Sarah didn’t need a babysitter at all, much less one younger than her, who she’d babysat for in the past. She hoped Melody had just been playing around, but she’d been hoping for that a lot lately, it seemed, and each time made it seem less likely.

She started to clean herself up, pondering what she was going to say to Melody once she was done. She still didn’t really want to hurt the girl’s feelings, but she needed to reestablish that she was older than Melody, and thus she was in charge, and they couldn’t play anything until they’d cleaned the house up from the last game. She was still musing over that when she heard a scraping sound from somewhere outside the bathroom, like a chair being dragged. It stopped quickly, but another moment or two later, she could hear something happening outside the door.

“I’m not done yet!” she yelled, hopping up, nearly falling back down, then grabbing for her towel, not wanting to get caught unaware and seen naked again. It was bad enough it had happened once. There was no response. “Melody, what are you doing out there?”

Recalling all too well what had happened the last time the girl was on her own in the house, Sarah couldn’t help feeling suspicious. She stepped out of the tub carefully, wrapping the towel around herself and edging towards the door. “Melody, can you do me a favor and start cleaning up the kitchen while I’m taking my bath?”

No answer again. Was Melody headed for her room? The thought of her loose in there still scared Sarah, maybe even more now. She wasn’t sure what to say that wouldn’t make the girl even more likely to investigate, if she wasn’t already, so she tried to open the door, to stick her head out and see if she was in there already. When she tried to push the door open, however, it wouldn’t budge. She tried again, putting her shoulder into it, but the door was still shut tight.

Furrowing her eyebrows, she looked down at the doorknob, making sure it wasn’t locked, then trying one more time. “Melody, what’s going on?!” She pressed her ear to the door, listening for anything, any sign that she might have been heard, but, as far as she could tell, the rest of the house was silent. “Are you okay?”

Finally, she gave up, going back to the tub, hoping nothing bad had happened. There were worse places to be trapped than in the bathroom – at least she wouldn’t have to worry about any more accidents – but she hated to think of her mother finding her stuck there, naked, with most of the rest of the house a total mess. That would be hard to explain, to say the least.

As she washed herself, she stopped every few minutes to call for Melody again, figuring that, if she wasn’t hurt and still in the house, she’d eventually get worn down and answer. When that didn’t happen before she got done with her bath, Sarah started to get worried. She stayed in the water for a little longer, trying to keep calm, but it started to get cold, and still there was nothing. Sarah got out of the tub, draining it and starting to dry herself off, pacing slightly around the bathroom. What could have happened? Had Melody slipped on something and hit her head? Had she decided to have a snack and choked?

“Melody, answer me!” she demanded, knocking on the bathroom door loudly with one hand as she continued drying herself with the other. “This isn’t funny! Are you okay?!”

Suddenly, the door opened. Sarah tried to cover herself with the towel again, not having expected so prompt a response, but Melody just smirked at her from the doorway. Behind her, Sarah could see a chair, but it took her a moment to piece together that it was likely the chair that had been keeping her trapped in the bathroom, and by then Melody was already inside the room, setting a container on the counter, and talking. “Are you all done?” she asked, grabbing the towel from Sarah and ripping it away, leaving her small, freshly scrubbed body in full view.

“Why didn’t you answer me?! I was worried sick! You can’t just…” As Sarah protested, Melody took her by the shoulders and turned her around, inspecting her, although by the time Sarah realized that was what was going on, she’d already been taken in a full circle.

“Looks like you did a pretty good job!” Melody praised her, pushing her off to one side so she could spread the towel out on the floor. “Down you go.”

“What? No! Melody, I’m trying to talk to you! Did you lock me in here?! You can’t do that! What if something had happened to you and I couldn’t…” Melody grabbed her shoulders and pushed her down, forcing her onto the towel, then pushing her onto her back. Sarah tried to sit up, indignant at the way she was being treated, and Melody shoved her back down, holding her for a moment or two until she stopped struggling. “Melody, stop it!” Sarah commanded.

Melody spoke as if she hadn’t heard a word Sarah had said. “If there’s one thing being a bedwetter taught me, though, it’s that it can be really hard to get the smell out of your hair… down there.” Her eyes traveled down to Sarah’s crotch, making the older girl cringe and blush again. “I’m not saying you didn’t do your best, but you aren’t used to it. Are you?” Sarah’s blush deepened and she had to look away, unable to answer. Melody didn’t seem to mind. “But I had a system I found out about that took care of that. It’s called sugaring, because it makes you smell nice and sweet, instead of like pee. Doesn’t that sound better?”

Without waiting for an answer, she reached up, taking the container from the sink and setting it down on the floor.  “It’s really simple,” she explained, picking up the latex gloves sitting on the lid of the container and slipping them on her hands as she spoke. “It’s just sugar and lemon juice and water.” She opened the container and reached in, digging some of the substance out with her gloved fingers, rolling it into a ball before starting to spread it on Sarah’s groin. “It just sucks that bad smell away like magic.”

“Melody, stop,” Sarah protested, feeling like she was about to die from embarrassment, to be sitting there, naked, under this girl, having her do this to her. There was nothing sexual in her touch, and Sarah certainly wasn’t finding anything attractive about the sticky goo being smeared on her, but just the idea of it was too much for her. “At least let me do it myself…”

Melody swatted her hand away. “You have to spread it a certain way,” she said. “I’m almost done, anyway. Just relax.” Indeed, a moment or two later, the paste was covering her entire groin, and Melody began smoothing it out meticulously. “It really isn’t hard, once you get used to it,” she told Sarah. “I could teach you how to do it… But I’m sure you won’t really need it. I’m sure this was just a one-time thing.”

“Uh-huh,” Sarah agreed quickly.

“The best part,” Melody continued, running her hand over the paste on more time, “is that it doesn’t stick to the skin, just the hair, so you just tug like this…” She pressed on Sarah’s skin, right above where the paste stopped, then tugged the paste upwards quickly with her other hand. Sarah let out a squeak of surprise and pain as the paste lifted partly from her skin, taking the hair beneath with it. Ignoring Sarah’s protests, Melody kept working, slowly jerking up the mixture she’d just applied, bit by bit, until it was all back up. As Sarah gasped on the floor beneath her, Melody nonchalantly rolled the paste back into a ball, then pulled her gloves off around it, wrapping it up and tossing it into the trash. “And it doesn’t hurt quite as much as waxing!” she concluded cheerfully. She took the still damp washcloth from Sarah’s bath and wiped her down with it, drying her off with the towel she was laying on before pulling her back to her feet. “Now isn’t that better?”

“But… You… But…” Sarah stumbled over her words, so thrown by what had just happened that she couldn’t even respond. The pain had helped clear her foggy mind a bit, but staring down at herself and seeing her suddenly bare crotch was disconcerting, especially given everything else that had happened that day to make her feel childish. “How dare…”

“All right!” Melody cut her off brightly. “Now you’re all ready to play dress-up!”

The Brat in the Hat – Part 3

The Brat in the Hat – Part 3

Part 3 – Some Good Games We Could Play

Sarah leaned back into the couch, letting herself calm down a little. She glanced over at the TV, only then noticing that it was tuned to what she could only assume was a kid’s show, as it had some kind of puppets, and some girl in a short pink dress dancing around. “Is this what you want to watch?” she asked, confused.

“There isn’t really anything else on,” Melody shrugged. “It isn’t that bad. I thought we could play a game or something after a bit, but I’m kind of thirsty right now.”

“I’ll go get you something!” Sarah offered, starting to stand up, only for Melody to push her back down.

“I’m not a kid anymore, I can pour my own juice,” Melody told her. “Besides, we’re celebrating your late birthday. Do you want me to get you something?”

“You don’t have to, but… Sure.” Sarah smiled as she watched Melody go. This must be what it felt like to be a big sister, she thought. She’d never experienced it herself. For a moment, she thought that Melody hadn’t either, that maybe the two of them could bond over being only children. Then she wondered why they hadn’t before, and recalled that Melody actually had a big sister. Sarah hadn’t met her, since she’d been at college herself while she’d been babysitting Melody. Sarah wasn’t sure how old the sister was – had she graduated by now? Maybe she’d moved out permanently. Maybe that was what this visit was about. Sarah felt a little bad, knowing she would be leaving Melody at the end of the summer, too, but until then, she didn’t mind filling the role of big sister. It would certainly be a nice change from feeling like a toddler as she spent her nights in diapers.

She began to chew on her bottom lip as she thought about that, looking down at her phone. She didn’t really have any reason to doubt Melody, but even so, she couldn’t help but wonder if Melody had been telling the truth about the text she’d seen. The more she pondered it, the more she realized it was a little too convenient. She’d heard the text tone, and it had happened right after her conversation with her mother, while her mom was still in the driveway, certainly capable of sending a reply. It was possible she’d gotten a text from somebody else right then… But it wasn’t the most likely scenario.

Then again, why would Melody have made up that story? Curiously, she woke up the phone and went into her text messages. There was nothing newer than the conversation with her mom, and when she went into it – blushing as she read them again – there wasn’t anything after her own “Fine.” Of course, Melody had said she’d deleted the message. It was harder to delete a message from a conversation without wiping out the whole thing, however, and she hadn’t had that much time to mess around with the phone.

She was feeling more confident that she was being paranoid, but not enough that she didn’t jump as Melody bent over the back of the couch again, holding a glass out. Sarah jumped, fumbling with her phone as she realized the conversation with her mom was still on screen, trying to turn it off, but instead tossing it across the room.

“I’m so sorry! God, I keep scaring you!” Melody scurried around the couch, setting the cups down on the coffee table and heading for the phone.

“I’ll get it!” Sarah squeaked, getting up as well, mentally screaming, ‘No, no, no!’ But Melody was too far ahead of her, and by the time Sarah got to her feet, Melody was already bending down to pick it up. Her mental chant switched to, ‘Don’t look, don’t look!’ as she rushed to Melody’s side, just as the girl started to flip the phone over from where it had landed face down.

Melody looked slightly offended as Sarah grabbed the phone away from her. “I would have brought it to you.”

“No, it’s fine!” Sarah said quickly.

Melody’s face fell a little. “You’re mad, aren’t you? I said I was sorry…”

Sarah started to feel bad. “No, I promise, I’m not… You just surprised me, that’s all. You’re so quiet… Like a… a cat.” She reached out, flipping the earred hood of Melody’s shirt up a little, trying to sound jovial. “It’s okay, it really is.”

Melody said, “Okay,” much quicker than Sarah expected, almost making her wonder if Melody had been pretending all along, having to remind herself that the girl was a bit older and more mature than she had been last time Sarah had seen her, so things like this probably didn’t bother her as much as they would have before. They went back to the couch, Sarah inconspicuously deleting the incriminating conversation before putting the phone in her pocket. She’d never felt happier to hit ‘Yes’, she was sure she wanted to trash it, taking great joy in watching it vanish.

“Thanks for the juice,” Sarah said, sitting back down and picking up the glass on her side of the table. She’d actually been expecting soda, but since she hadn’t specified what she wanted, she couldn’t complain. She got another surprise, however, when she took a drink. It didn’t taste bad, but it wasn’t quite what she’d thought she was going to taste.

Melody giggled at the look on Sarah’s face. “Sorry, maybe I should have warned you. I found some apple cider in the fridge, and I thought that sounded better than juice. Don’t you like it?”

“No, it’s fine. I just… wasn’t expecting it.” Indeed, when she took another sip, knowing what she was drinking, it tasted normal. Mostly. There was still a bit of an odd tinge of something else, unless her taste buds still hadn’t readjusted fully. By the next sip, she barely noticed it, and, before she knew it, she’d drained the glass, and Melody was running off to refill it despite Sarah telling her she didn’t have to. She had to admit she didn’t really mind, however, and by the time she finished the second cup, she was feeling pretty good, even finding herself giggling slightly at the TV show as a new episode started. She barely even noticed Melody watching her closely, as if trying to assess her somehow.

“Do you want some more?” she asked after a minute.

“Sure!” Sarah nodded. She normally didn’t even like cider that much, but something about this was different, made her feel warm inside. When she got the next cup, however, she wrinkled her nose as she got another surprise, getting a mouthful of just plain apple juice.

“There was only like half a cup of cider left,” Melody said apologetically. “I wasn’t too thirsty, so I took it. Hope you don’t mind.”

“It’s all right.” Sarah tried not to sound too mournful, not wanting to make Melody feel bad. She really wasn’t feeling all that thirsty anymore, but she drank it all anyway, as Melody kept looking over at her, like she was checking to see if it really had been okay for her to take the cider.

As the second episode of the show ended, Melody grabbed the remote and switched off the television. “Come on!” she bounced to her feet, gesturing for Sarah to follow. “We don’t want to just sit around and watch TV all day! Let’s play!”

“What do you want to play?” Sarah asked. She wouldn’t have minded just sitting there, but if Melody wanted to play, she supposed they’d better.

“Hmm… How about… Hide and seek? I’ll hide first!” Before Sarah could even agree, the girl was off, leaving her little choice but to close her eyes and play along.

“One…” she started to count. “Two…” She kept going, thinking back to the times she’d played this game at Melody’s house. Apparently Melody still thought about that, too, which was sweet. Even so, Sarah began to worry as she kept counting that Melody might decide to hide in her room. There wasn’t anything embarrassing in plain view – she didn’t think, anyway – but what if she looked in the closet? The package of diapers her mom had bought for her was in there, and as if that wasn’t bad enough, there were some missing. And if she went into the bathroom, and, for some reason, opened the cabinet under the sink, she’d find those missing diapers in the trash can there. What was she thinking, letting Melody run around free in her house?!

When she heard the first thump, it was almost a relief, as it sounded like it was coming from the direction of the kitchen, not her room. As she kept hearing noises, however, moving around the house, she started feeling more nervous. What the heck was that girl doing?!

It didn’t bother her too much, actually, as it was a bit nostalgic – Melody hadn’t been the most coordinated kid, which made playing this game with her fairly easy. She didn’t remember her being this loud, and it seemed especially strange given how quiet she’d been that day. After a particularly long series of bumps and thumps, Sarah called, “Be careful!”

“You’re counting too fast!” Melody’s voice came back. “Go slower!” When Sarah started counting again, Melody interrupted her with, “No, start over! Go to 100!”

“Do you really need that much time?” Sarah asked, starting to feel slightly annoyed despite herself.

“I’ve never been here before!” Melody complained, and Sarah had to admit that was true, and a fair argument.

“One…” she started again, taking her time. Her bladder was starting to feel full again after all she’d had to drink, but it didn’t seem too bad as she started counting. But with little to distract her from the feeling but the slow, monotonous task of counting, by the time she reached 50, she was starting to wriggle on the couch, speeding up her counting. She half expected Melody to complain she was going too fast, but there was no sound at all from her, thank goodness. Sarah kept going faster and faster – she knew she could have just skipped to the end, but if Melody could hear her, she didn’t want to be accused of cheating.

At last, she got to, “100!” and hopped to her feet. Immediately, her head began to spin, and she very nearly had to sit back down. “Whoa…” she shook her head, feeling a little dizzy. After a moment, it went away, and she started to look around, heading for the kitchen, sure she’d heard Melody there. She let out a gasp as she saw the room, stumbling back a little. It was a wreck. Cabinets were open, boxes and cans of various things were strewn across the counter and floor, the trash can was tipped over.

“Melody!” she called unhappily. There was no answer. It didn’t take long for her to search the room, since the pantry door was open, too, the inside a mess, and there weren’t many other places big enough to hide. She made her way into the dining room, and found it just as wrecked, and just as empty of Melody. “Melody!” she cried again, starting to get angry. “What did you do here?!” There was no answer. “Melody, I’m not joking! This isn’t funny!”

Again, nothing, so, frustrated, Sarah went back to the kitchen and opened the door to the basement. She looked down the steps, trying to decide whether it was worth it to go down there or not. “Melody, come on out!” After a few seconds, she sighed and started down the steps, not really in the mood to play anymore. It was going to take her forever to get things cleaned back up. What had Melody been thinking?

The basement was already something of a mess, so if Melody had been through, Sarah couldn’t tell. She quickly checked around the bigger piles of junk and behind the shelves, but Melody was nowhere to be found. She began to yell for the girl again, then stopped herself. Maybe she was staying away because she was scared. Sarah couldn’t say she wasn’t mad, or that Melody wasn’t old enough to know better, but maybe she’d just been excited to see Sarah, and wanted to find a good hiding place to impress her.

She went back upstairs, nearly stumbling over her own feet and falling up them on the way, and looked around the kitchen one more time. Had all this been a trick to make Sarah think she was hiding here when really she was back in the bedrooms? Sarah began to worry anew about what Melody could have found if she’d gone into her room. She left the kitchen, starting to head for the bedroom hallway, only to stop suddenly at the sight of Melody sitting on the sofa. As Sarah got closer, she could see that the magazines and remotes usually piled on the coffee table were now on the floor, as if they’d been swept off.

“I’m safe,” Melody bragged. “I made it back to the base.”

“We never discussed having a base,” Sarah told her before remembering there was something more pressing at hand. “What in the world were you thinking? The kitchen is a mess!”

“I was just looking for hiding spots,” Melody shrugged nonchalantly. She followed Sarah’s pointed gaze down to the mess around the coffee table, and smiled sheepishly. “I thought I heard you chasing me and kind of dived for the couch and missed.”

“Are you okay?” Sarah wasn’t quite sure Melody’s story made sense, but she couldn’t imagine any other reason she’d have done it.

“Oh, yeah, fine. Anyway, don’t worry about the mess, I’ll help you clean it up once your turn is up.”

Sarah sighed. “I don’t need a turn.”

“Yes, you do! Hiding’s way more fun! Come on, just one time!” Melody shooed her away with her hands, then, when she didn’t move, she closed her eyes and started to count, slowly and pointedly.

“Fine, one time!” Sarah gave in. She was starting to remember the annoying side of being a babysitter now. She tried to think of a subtle way to tell Melody she wasn’t hiding in her room, so she shouldn’t go looking there, but nothing came to mind, so eventually she just made sure to walk extra hard as she went back to the kitchen. She didn’t really want to game to go on too long, but she didn’t want to make it too easy, either. She wondered if Melody’s memory was good enough to remember what she’d left open, and what she’d closed – the pantry was a tempting choice for a hiding spot, but she thought Melody was sure to notice the door was shut, which gave her the idea to go ahead and close it.

The cabinets, on the other hand, seemed to have been targeted at random, and she knew some of the stuff on the floor was from ones that she didn’t see open. One side of the double doors going to the cabinet under the sink was open, and Melody had cleared it out, likely thinking about it as a hiding spot for herself, only to find that it was probably a little too small for her. For Sarah, though, it was just the right size. After a little deliberation, she climbed inside, shutting the door most of the way behind her, leaving it open just enough to let a sliver of light in.

In the dark, by herself, listening to Melody counting, quite loud and almost unbearably slow, she began to feel the pressure building in her bladder again. While she’d been looking for Melody, she’d been able to ignore it well enough, but now that was much harder. She wondered if she had time to run to the bathroom and back before Melody finished counting, but decided not to risk it, in case she did the same thing Sarah had and start speeding up towards the end.

She didn’t. If anything, she went slower, though Sarah suspected that was her imagination and desperation playing tricks on her. She had less room to squirm here than she had on the couch, which made it even harder to contain herself. She was thrilled to hear the count finally end, but it wasn’t over yet. Melody still had to find her. Sarah hoped that would happen quickly, and the sound of footsteps approaching the kitchen straight away made it seem likely. Despite wanting to game to be over, she still felt a rush of excitement and even slight fear as those footsteps drew closer. She wanted it to be over, sure, but it would still be a little embarrassing to be found right away.

Melody stopped right in front of the sink and stood there for what felt like ten minutes. Sarah tried to peek out at her and see what she was doing, but the door wasn’t open enough. She fully expected the girl to throw open the doors at any moment and declare her caught, but instead, Melody began to walk away, heading towards the pantry first, and then back across the room towards the dining room. Sarah considered making a dash for the living room, but getting herself out from under the sink would take her a little time, and she had a feeling she’d get caught before she made it.

Melody came back into the kitchen and walked around some more. As Sarah’s bladder began begging more and more loudly for relief, she began to make more noise under there – partially hoping to be found, which is what she told herself she was doing, but mostly just from her wiggling around. Melody passed by the sink a few times, every time giving Sarah hope that the game was over, but each time she kept going.

“Is she deaf?” Sarah hissed under her breath as she pressed a hand to the crotch of her shorts, bouncing desperately in her tiny little hiding spot. Apparently, she was, as she walked back out of the kitchen a few seconds later. “Damn it…”

She was probably heading for the rest of the house now, which was bad for several reasons. First, of course, because it could mean finding things in Sarah’s room, but also because it would likely take her a while to get back to the kitchen, and Sarah didn’t think she could wait that long. In fact, she knew she couldn’t, a fact that became apparent as she felt a small, but still quite embarrassing, spurt of urine escape into her panties.

She couldn’t wait for Melody. She had to end this game now. She pushed open the cabinet door and crawled out, stumbling to her feet and blinking at the bright lights. She couldn’t hear Melody anymore, which she took as a sign that the girl was down the hall, far enough away that she’d be able to reach the couch, call out that she was safe, then run to the bathroom. She could hold it that long, surely. Just a couple more minutes, and she’d be home free.

She tried to go slow, to keep from attracting attention, but she knew she didn’t have much time, and the desire not to wet her pants came first. She stepped through the kitchen door, eyeing the couch, ready to speed up even more and get this over with… And she was knocked off her feet.

Melody had attacked from right beside the door, where she’d been waiting, tackling Sarah and dragging her to the carpeted floor. Sarah gasped, then felt another stream of pee release, leaving her shivering on the verge of a full-on accident. She didn’t dare look down at her shorts, but she had a bad feeling there was a bit of a wet spot there. It wouldn’t take much, Sarah knew, and it would all be over.

 “Gotcha!” Melody exclaimed happily, staring down at Sarah pinned beneath her on the floor. “And as your penalty for losing, I think you should have to face… The tickle monster!”