New Traditions

New Traditions

“This is so sweet of you!” Adelaide smiled, looking down at the apron her stepson had given her. It was, honestly, probably not something she would have gotten for herself, or worn normally, but it was certainly nice of him to get her something, and before Christmas, too.

“I just saw it and thought of you,” Greg shrugged bashfully.

Considering what it had written across the front – ‘Dear Santa, I can explain!’ – Adelaide wasn’t sure if that was a good thing or not, although she was willing to believe so, for now. Maybe he wasn’t even referring to the words themselves… Perhaps it was just the apron itself. Adelaide had never been much for cooking, but she was attempting to get better, now that she was married, and had a stepson to look after, even if he was only a few years younger than her.

“I’m going to wear it every morning, while I make breakfast for you!” she declared. “Well, during Christmas time, at least.”

And she did, too, which wound up being a good idea. Even during the winter, it never got particularly cold where they lived, and the apron was big enough to cover most, if not all, of her PJs. It was only recently that Adelaide’s husband had mentioned to her that Greg might be a little… uncomfortable… to see her running around the kitchen in the mornings in her skimpy pajamas, but she was not a morning person, and usually went back to bed once Greg and his dad were off to college and work, respectively. She could have gotten a robe, she supposed; for now, the apron was perfect.

“Well?” Adelaide asked the morning of December 1st, spreading out the skirt of her apron, idly wondering if, even then, her tiny sleep shorts were even visible beneath it. “What do you think?”

“It suits you,” Greg told her. “Oh, and I got you something else, too…”

He pulled out an Advent calendar from behind his back, handing it over. “Oh, thank you!” Adelaide smiled, taking it, surprised. She hadn’t had one of those in years… Not since she was a teenager, back when she started thinking about entering pageants, and had forced herself to give up chocolate, because she loved it too much. Greg didn’t know that, of course… And she hadn’t been in a pageant in a couple years now. She’d thought about changing that, in the new year, but one little candy a day for this month wouldn’t hurt that much.

“I got one, too,” he showed her. His looked different, even beyond the design on the front, but she didn’t think much of it at the time. “I thought we could eat them together every morning. You know, as a little tradition.”

“That sounds great,” she smiled. “You are just too sweet…”


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A Christmas to Remember

A Christmas to Remember

Olivia had known it was risky from the start, but it seemed worth it… At least, until she got caught.

It wasn’t like she needed the diapers, after all. She hadn’t for years, nearly a decade and a half by now, and for most of that time, they’d only been an occasional thing, generally for overnight, or, perhaps, long car rides. Unfortunately, ‘overnight’ meant at sleepovers, too, not just in the privacy of her own home…

If it had been up to her, she simply wouldn’t have gone to any, until she got over her nighttime problem, but her mother had seen the invitation before Olivia could hide it, insisted the girl should go, spend time with her friends, that they wouldn’t care if they somehow found out. Olivia wasn’t convinced.

So, when one of the oldest girls at the party, Aaliyah, had noticed the Goodnite tucked away in Olivia’s bag, even before the girl had changed into her PJs, and confessed that she had problems sometimes, too, Olivia had decided to play a little defense. The next time Aaliyah was out of the room, she snuck her Goodnite out of her bag, and into Aaliyah’s.

She felt a pang of guilt, definitely… Aaliyah had confided in her, after all, and been nice enough, especially for an older girl that Olivia had been terrified of when the party had begun. There was a good chance Aaliyah was lying, too, just saying all that to make her feel better. Olivia was so sure someone else would notice her Goodnite, however, that it seemed like her best option at the time to pretend she’d seen it poking out of the bag, and point it out to everyone.

Aaliyah had defended herself, of course, saying that Olivia had planted it there, that she’d seen it in Olivia’s bag first, but since Olivia had actually spoken up before her, her story held more weight. It had erupted into a big argument, and they’d all wound up going home early. That had been the real stroke of luck… Olivia’s plan – if she couldn’t sneak the Goodnite back without anyone noticing, was to either stay awake all night, which wasn’t likely, or hope she’d have a good, dry night, which hadn’t happened, although, luckily, that had happened at home, after she got another Goodnite from her drawer, so her sheets didn’t get soaked.

Thankfully, Rae, the girl who had thrown the party had felt bad about it and did her best to keep the other guests from blabbing to the whole school about what happened. Olivia had no idea who that girl believed, but she was happy with that either way… She didn’t want to be known as a bedwetter, and she didn’t really want Aaliyah to, either. By the time they all graduated high school, Olivia was pretty sure they’d mostly forgotten, although she still remembered.

And so, as it turned out, did Aaliyah.

A lot had changed for Olivia since the sleepover… Her mother had died, and her father had gone through several girlfriends, none of whom Olivia particularly liked, and none of whom stuck around for long. She was in college when he told her he’d start seeing someone new, someone she knew… She’d assumed it was one of her old teachers, or the parents of one of her friends.

It was Aaliyah. She was nice enough to Olivia when the girl’s father was around, but if they were alone, Olivia felt like she was back in school, being picked on by the older, bigger girls. After the sleepover, Aaliyah had – somewhat justifiably, Olivia admitted – not be so nice to her, and that trend was continuing now… Luckily, Olivia had a job on campus over the summer, and one lined up in the city after she graduated, so, other than holidays, she didn’t have to go back home often. Surely, given how quickly he’d broken up with the other women, her dad would get over this mid-life crisis and dump Aaliyah soon enough…

Instead, he married her. Not too long after that, he got sick, and he ended up dying as well, leaving everything to his new wife. Olivia was devastated, of course, but, with both her parents gone, just assumed she’d have no real reason to go back to her old home anymore… At least, not until she lost her job, and was unable to find another one in the city. She couch surfed for a little while, then, eventually, caved in.

“Of course,” Aaliyah had told her. “This is your house as much as it is mine, you can stay as long as you need… But I do know about your little problem, young lady… And since technically I do own everything here, I’m afraid I’ll have to insist that you take some steps to protect my furniture from any of your… accidents…”

Olivia thought she was joking; she wasn’t. Aaliyah ordered her the biggest, thickest diapers she could find, so huge Olivia didn’t own a pair of jeans or sweatpants that would fit over the things without a bulge. And, to add insult to injury, they were also all incredibly childish looking, brightly colored, with infantile designs, making them look like they were intended for a large toddler, rather than an adult.

Olivia tried refusing to go along with it, but Aaliyah simply took away all Olivia’s panties when the girl was at a job interview, and wouldn’t tell her where she’d hidden them. Olivia had just gotten home, opened up her underwear drawer, and found them staring back at her, row after row of crinkly, plastic-coated padding, waiting for her. And then, when Aaliyah found out Olivia’s old clothes were all still there, packed away in the basement, she’d replaced all of Olivia’s current clothes with them.

It was insane… But now, it truly was like being back in school again. Olivia hadn’t grown much since she’d worn a lot of those clothes, so a surprisingly number of them fit, and fit well – the only way she’d outgrown them was in terms of maturity. Now, as an adult, she was back wearing Hello Kitty, and tutu skirts, and looking even more immature in them than ever, since she had to be in diapers underneath it all.

That was why, one afternoon, Olivia had taken matters into her own hands. Probably, she should have done it long before… She suspected all of this was a way for Aaliyah to drive her away, make sure she wanted to leave again as soon as possible, so she could have the house all to herself. Of course, that was made far harder when Olivia couldn’t go to any job interviews, since all her appropriate attire had vanished.

Olivia was supposed to go to Aaliyah when she needed to use the bathroom, to have her diaper checked, to see if she’d already gone, and have them removed – she wasn’t allowed to do it herself, for any reason. When Olivia peeked into the living room, however, Aaliyah was on the phone, chatting away. Olivia had already waited longer than she should have – as an adult, going to someone only a few years older than her and begging to be allowed to use the potty was quite mortifying – and she neither wanted to wait for Aaliyah to hang up, or ask while whoever was on the other end could potentially overhear.

So she backed away, glad she hadn’t started talking before she’d gone into the room, so that, hopefully, Aaliyah hadn’t even noticed her there. She tip-toed to the bathroom, pushing the door mostly closed, afraid that the other woman would overhear the click of the latch snapping into place, and began undoing tapes.

It was easier than she’d expected, especially since Aaliyah constantly told her the reason she wasn’t allowed to do it herself was because she might rip the diaper, and waste it, and they were expensive. She yanked off one, then another, and another, and, before she knew it, she was on the final tape, a smile crossing her lips as she let the diaper fall to the floor with a soft crinkle. It was such a little thing, certainly for a woman in her twenties, yet it made her feel like a grown-up again for the first time since this had all begun.

Her smile quickly faded, however, her eyes widening in fright almost before she’d taken a single step towards the toilet. Anxiously, she pushed her tutu down, trying to pretend she hadn’t done the thing she’d been so happy about a second ago, that the diaper was still there, where it should be… Of course, Aaliyah only had to move a little further into the bathroom and bend down to retrieve the garment from the floor beneath the girl.

“And what, exactly, is this, young lady?” she demanded.

“S-See?” Olivia gulped, staring up at her. “I-I can get it off without ruining it, so…”

“Go on,” Aaliyah shook her head, pointing at the toilet. “You might as well use it… But don’t think you got away with this.”


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Trimming the Tree

Trimming the Tree

“No, Mom, I told you, I’m too busy,” Felicity rolled her eyes, turning back to her phone.

“Come on,” her mother sighed. “If we both do it, it won’t take that long at all, and then you can go back to…”

“Then you should be able to handle it on your own,” Felicity pointed out. “You have a few days before Christmas, still.”

Her mother scowled, though Felicity pretended not to notice. It was hard not to see that the woman wasn’t working on the tree, however, and, finally, Felicity excused herself to go get ready for the party. When she returned, the tree was still undecorated, and, although her mom was in a different place, she didn’t seem to be working on changing that.

“Oh!” her eyes lit up at the sight of her daughter, in her cute, little Santa dress. Felicity had worked hard to find one just the right length… Steve was throwing this party, and she’d had a crush on him since before she’d gone away to college; now, she finally had the confidence to do something about it, and the first step was making sure she got his attention. “Did you get all dressed up to trim the tree? I remember when you…”

“No, Mom!” Felicity rolled her eyes. How embarrassing would that have been? “I’m not five! I told you, I have that party tonight!”

“Well, you can do a little of this first,” her mother insisted. “And you were a lot more help when you were five, young lady… Honestly, the whole family is coming over Saturday, and you haven’t lifted a finger since you got back from school! I don’t expect you to do it all yourself, but it would sure be nice if you’d just…”

“I guess it’s too bad I grew up, then, isn’t it?” Felicity snarked, sticking out her tongue. “I didn’t invited them all over… I don’t have time for all this, I… Mmph!” Her eyes went wide as her mother pushed something into her mouth, her tongue exploring it, finding something big, bulbous, and rubbery in there, her hands reaching up and feeling a plastic ring. Could it be..?

She tried to pull it out, only to have her mom smack her hand away before spreading out a large, crinkling mat onto the floor, grabbing her by the shoulders and pushing her down onto it before producing… Felicity gulped, hardly able to believe her eyes when she saw the large, poofy, plastic-coated diaper her mother was holding. There was no way she was going to replace Felicity’s skimpy little silk panties with those, especially not right before the party! Her cheeks began to burn at the very thought of strolling into Steve’s house with that on; she’d get attention, definitely, though not the kind she wanted from him, or anyone else.

She tried to kick it out of her mom’s hands, but that was the wrong choice. In a flash, she’d been yanked off the mat, thrown over her mother’s knees, and, before she knew it, her tiny skirt had been folded back, her panties around her ankles, and she was hearing herself yelp around her pacifier as she felt a hard smack across her bottom. She squirmed, looking behind herself indignantly just in time to see her mother lift a large, wooden hairbrush again. She tried to beg her mom to stop, to brace herself for the next impact…

Neither did any good. In no time, she was a sobbing mess, obediently allowing her mother to lay her back down on the mat and slide the big, padded diaper under her throbbing backside. She whimpered, feeling the bulk of the object as it was drawn up through her legs, forcing her thighs apart, realizing, as it was taped tightly into place, that there was no easy escape from it. Her mother followed it up with a white diaper cover, which barely fit over the bulky thing, standing back to survey her work before helping her daughter to her feet.

Mortified, Felicity stared down at herself. Her perfect dress, designed to ensure she’d keep her undies just covered – unless she wanted to flash them – didn’t stand a chance against the gigantic diaper, leaving a good bit of it completely exposed. And, if she bent forward at all, she hated to think how much the back could ride up…

“Mommy!” she whined, stomping her foot. “I look ridiculous! Why did you do this to me?!”

“Because,” her mother told her, “the last time you were in diapers, you were always so eager to help out… Maybe that’s the secret to making it happen again. I think it might be… Because that will be the only way I let you out of them again.”

“But Mommy!” Felicity stomped her foot again, not noticing she’d slipped into calling her mother by that more immature name. “I have my party!”

“Then you’d better get to work,” the woman shrugged.

Felicity sulked, glaring at her, remembering that big list of things her mother had shown her that needed to be finished before Christmas. She couldn’t imagine wearing these awful diapers another minute, much less until they had all that done! And there was no way she could finish it before the party! Felicity plopped down onto her padded posterior, crossing her arms and pouting.

“Take as long as you want,” her mom told her. “I’m going to go get some wine.”

Felicity watching her go, slipping the diaper cover down far enough to stare at the tapes, pondering ripping them off and heading for the door before her mother returned. The memory of the spanking was still fresh on her mind – and in her bottom – however, and she didn’t dare risk that happening again, so, instead, she let the cover snap back into place, and, reluctantly, stumbled to her feet, stomach churning as she noticed how far apart her legs were being held, how much of an infantile waddle this garment was going to force her into. She had to get out of these, as soon as possible…

“Here she is, girls!” Felicity’s heart nearly stopped as she heard those words, glancing behind herself right on time to see her mother leading in two of her friends, reminding her that she’d asked them to give her a ride, so she could drink as much as she wanted at the party without worrying about driving home. “Like I said, I don’t think she’ll be able to come to your little party after all… I’m sure if you want to help her decorate, though, she’d be very grateful!”

“Oh, we don’t want to be any bother,” one of Felicity’s friends snickered. “Besides, I’m sure she has an early bedtime she has to get ready for before long.”

“She certainly does,” Felicity’s mother told them. “I just hope she can stay dry tonight.”

Felicity whimpered behind the pacifier, trying to think of a quick – and believable – way to explain this, while watching her friends pull out their phones, giggling. She could only hope they wouldn’t show the pictures to Steve, when he asked why she hadn’t come with them… It wouldn’t help her chances with him at all if he thought she’d rather spend the night at home, in her Pampers, trimming the tree, rather than hopefully making out with him; unfortunately, she knew that was, indeed, exactly what she was going to be doing.

At least, until her Mommy tucked her into bed nice and early, and surely still in her diaper, to toss and turn, and think about what her friends were saying about her, and how she could have been with them, drinking and spending some quality time with Steve until late into the night… Instead, as it got darker and darker out, she’d be worrying if she could sneak out to the bathroom without her mother hearing – and risking another spanking, or some other punishment, if she did – so she could ensure she really did stay dry… She hadn’t had issues with that in over a decade, yet, if her mother was serious about this, she had a bad feeling that streak would end tonight, especially if her bedtime was especially early, and, like when she’d been a child, she wasn’t allowed out of bed again until the next morning.

It was going to be a long few days before Christmas… She could only hope there was still time to finish her mom’s whole list of chores before then, or else she had a feeling she’d be facing her whole family like this, too. And, if she didn’t make it in time, would the woman let her back out of diapers? Or would she get driven back to college, diapers bulging beneath her jeans, her luggage stuffed with them instead of her panties? She really didn’t want to find out, so she turned back to the tree desperately, not caring how eager and childish she must look to her friends, and their cameras, and started decorating it in earnest.


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A Naughty Girl

A Naughty Girl

“And what do you want for Christmas, little girl?” Santa ho-ho-ho’ed, with, Samantha liked to think, a special twinkle in his eye as she lowered herself onto his lap, wriggling her bottom to perch just right on his leg.

“Hmm…” Samantha mused, biting her bottom lip, twirling her immaculately curled hair around one finger. “I don’t know… What do you think I should ask for, Santa?” She wiggled again, making sure her dress rode up just enough to let the old man catch a glimpse of the panties underneath.

It was an act she’d pulled off many times… She knew it was wrong, teasing these guys like that, but she always did her best to make sure she was at the end of their lines, at the end of the day, or at least right before a break, when there were no more kids around; there was just something about it, tempting these people dressed up as such a pure character, that excited her. Watching them break character and turn into the pervy old men she knew they actually were was an absolute delight.

“Hmm,” Santa thought out loud. “I’m not sure, little girl… Maybe you shouldn’t get a gift this year after all.”

“What?” Samantha blinked, briefly plucked out of her reverie. She’d never heard that before… Usually, they either played along, generally with some rather inappropriate suggestions, which made the game all the more amusing to her. It was Christmas Eve, so this would be the last visit of the year; for it to end this way would be quite the let down. “No presents?”

“I think somebody’s been an awfully naughty girl, hasn’t she?” he asked.

Samantha couldn’t help but giggle. Of course… He was playing the game after all, just going a different way. “Me? Naughty?” she opened her eyes wide, full of faux innocence. “Not me, Santa! I’ve been such a good girl this year…”

She tried to straddle his leg, but he calmly, easily held her in place, which just made her more giddy, especially when he spoke again, his tone deadly serious. “Yes, you… You’ve been a naughty girl for quite some time, haven’t you?” She shook her head, though he didn’t buy it. “I think somebody deserves a lump of coal this Christmas.”

“No!” she pouted. “I want a nice, big present from Santa!” she bounced on his lap. “Pleeease?”

“I’m afraid not,” Santa shook his head. “If you can’t even admit the truth, then I can’t give you any presents, young lady.”

“All right,” Samantha sighed dramatically. “I’m a very naughty girl, Santa… And the truth is…” She squirmed closer to him, leaning next to his ear – noticing, to her surprise, that his hair and beard, which looked so big and pure white, and exactly like she imagined Santa having, that she’d been sure right away were fake, actually appeared to be real, or just attached extremely well to his skin – before whispering, “My panties are so wet right now.”

She giggled again, positive that would shake him out of character, get a real response out of him. The mall was about to close, anyway, and there were only a few other people milling about, so who cared? “Well, in that case, I have a special present for you.” Samantha grinned, prepared for him to whisper something himself… Instead, he leaned over, reaching into the crumpled, red bag on the floor beside him, and pulled out a small teddy bear, handing it to her, then, with surprising strength, lifting her off his lap. “Have a Merry Christmas, Samantha.”


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An Early Christmas Present

An Early Christmas Present

“No, I didn’t!” Sunnie whined, stomping her foot. “If I bought anything, it was Christmas presents… Probably for you, you jerk!”

“Really?” Aaron raised an eyebrow. “For me? At Victoria’s Secret?”

“Y-Yeah…” Sunnie defiant attitude wavered for a moment before springing back as strong as ever. “I mean, for me to wear, but for you to enjoy!”

“You already have more than enough lingerie, along with… Well, everything else. That’s why I asked you to watch your spending last month,” Aaron said. “And just look at all these charges… This is ridiculous!” He shook the credit card statement in front of his wife’s face, until Sunnie batted it away.

“Well, what am I supposed to do?” Sunnie pouted. “I can only clean so much… I’m not your maid!”

“No, you aren’t,” Aaron agreed. “We have a maid; she’s told me how much work it is here, because you never clean or straighten up anything, just leave it all to her.”

“It’s her job!” Sunnie reminded him.

“Maybe you should get one of those for yourself,” Aaron suggested. “Just something little, part time, and you could spend that money however you wanted, and…”

“Nooo,” Sunnie crossed her arms sulkily. Half the reason she’d married Aaron was so she wouldn’t have to do that! He was so rich, she knew a few shopping sprees a month shouldn’t make that big a difference, and yet he was always lecturing her about it… It was awful!

“Sunnie,” Aaron sighed. “Honestly, it’s like I’m talking to a petulant teenager… No, not even that, a spoiled little girl.”

“I am not a little girl!” Sunnie huffed, stomping her foot again. “I am an adult, and…” She gasped as Aaron grabbed her, pulling her over his knee. “What do you think you’re…?!” she growled unhappily, her eyes opening wide with shock as he yanked her pants and underwear down and delivered a hard swat.

It took a few seconds to register what was happening, as she craned her neck, trying to look up at him. “Y-You wouldn’t…” she gasped, only then realizing she was about to get spanked, like a naughty child. But, it turned out, he would. He very much would…. And that was only the start.


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Just Like Old Times

Just Like Old Times

“I don’t know, Grandma,” Kaylee did her best to suppress an eye roll, not wanting to offend her grandmother, although she also didn’t want to have to agree. “I have stuff to do, and…”

“But you just said you were off work the next few days,” the older woman pointed out.

“Yeah, I know,” Kaylee had to admit, having told her that without thinking it could be used to guilt her into giving up that free time.

“And you aren’t going to be here for Christmas…” her Grandma said. “You could stay overnight, and we can have our Christmas tomorrow morning, just like old times!”

Kaylee opened her mouth, trying to come up with an excuse that would satisfy her grandmother without hurting her feelings, but nothing came to mind. As much as she would have liked to just go home and relax, and enjoy the fact that she didn’t have anything to do, she knew that her grandmother was just lonely, and wanted somebody to spend some time with her. Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to just spend one night with her, and then she could go home the next morning…

“Oh, good,” her grandmother smiled as Kaylee gave in. “It’s been so long…. But I know what you like, sweetie. Get into your PJs and we’ll bake some cookies!”

Cookies did sound awfully good, especially Christmas cookies, undoubtedly the best kind of cookies. And her Grandma made the best Christmas cookies around, as far as she was concerned. She could remember being a little kid, standing around the kitchen, almost definitely under foot and in the way, watching her work… It would be nice to relive that, she supposed, except…

“I don’t have any pajamas with me,” she said, wondering why she hadn’t thought of that earlier as an excuse to get her out of there in the first place.

“I’m sure I have something,” her grandmother told her. “You just wait right here…”

Kaylee expected a spare nightgown, something for an old person… She got just the opposite. She blushed as she saw the pair of footed pajamas, not even wanting to ask why her grandma would have those, and in her size. “I don’t know,” she protested sceptically.

“This is what I remember you wearing when you would help me,” the older woman said. “You were so adorable… Do you remember that?”

“Not quite,” Kaylee replied, though that didn’t stop her Grandma from handing the pajamas over. As the girl took them, she realized there was something else behind them, as her hand brushed against crinkling plastic, her cheeks darkening. “I-I don’t think… This isn’t exactly what I had in mind…”

“This is exactly what I always think of you in,” her grandmother told her, a thought that did nothing to make Kaylee feel less embarrassed. “I have pictures around here someplace, if…”

“No, no,” Kaylee shook her head. “That’s okay. I guess I can wear this, but I’m not going to…”

“Now, don’t argue,” the other woman lectured. “Your mother told me you’d say you didn’t need them…”

“Yeah, like six years ago!” Kaylee somehow found a darker red for her face to turn. Unfortunately, while she may not recall wearing footed sleepers around her grandmother, the diaper was another story… She had more than a few vivid memories of that from not nearly as long ago as she would have preferred. “I really don’t need them anymore.”

“Your mom didn’t tell me that,” her Grandma said. “And I remember the last time I trusted you about that, and…”

“Fine!” Kaylee cut her off, not wanting to hear the rest of the story. “I’ll go change…” At first, she thought she could fake it, that there was no way her Grandma would actually check, but as soon as she zipped the sleeper up, she knew it wouldn’t work, that no check would be needed. With a sigh, she debated breaking her grandmother’s heart and telling her she wasn’t going to stay after all.

“How cute!” her Grandma exclaimed, a few minutes later, as Kaylee came toddling back to the kitchen. “Just like old times!”

Kaylee didn’t help with the baking much, but just standing there, surrounded by the smell of the cookies in the oven, enveloped in the warmth of the kitchen, and – to her chagrin – hearing the rustle of her diaper with every tiny move, she had to admit, it really did take her back to her childhood.

Maybe that was why it happened… Her Grandma made her go to bed early, which didn’t bother her as much as it probably should have, since she was feeling pretty tired. When she woke up, however, she was greeted by another familiar feeling, this one much less welcome. There was a present sitting on her bed, a signal that ‘Santa’ had come, beckoning her to open it, then wander to the living room for the rest; for the moment, she was too concerned with what was happening under her PJs.

She hadn’t wet the bed in years, and yet, there was no mistaking that was what had happened. It was a good thing she’d worn a diaper, sure, but how was she going to explain this? She wasn’t sure how she could possibly hide it… Maybe her Grandma wouldn’t check her, though she couldn’t stay in this forever, and she definitely didn’t want to wear it out of the house. If she threw it away in there, however, her grandmother was sure to find it, and it would probably be worse for Kaylee if she didn’t admit to what had happened beforehand.

She sat on the bed, blushing and pawing at the thick padding of her diaper, pondering how best to handle it, whether coming right out and admitting it would at least keep Grandma from telling Kaylee’s mother about this… Kaylee was really too old to be tattled on for her bathroom habits, but that didn’t mean she wanted them to be blabbed around, especially when they were this infantile. No matter what she did, though, she had a bad feeling that she’d find herself in these same, exact pajamas the next time she stayed with her Grandma, and probably for a long time to come… Just like old times…


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