A New Year’s Wedding

A New Year’s Wedding

Some people said Sophie had a drinking problem… She said she just liked to celebrate. It wasn’t that often, anyway, not really; when she did drink, however, she definitely drank, especially considering her tiny size. And the one time she definitely did that was New Year’s Eve.

But everyone partied on New Year’s Eve! Why shouldn’t she? She’d had a pretty good year, getting a promotion, a new house,a new car – plenty of reasons to celebrate. Before she even got to her friends’ New Year’s party, she was buzzed, and she wasted no time building on that when she arrived, until her buzzkill friends decided they needed to talk to her about it.

“This is bullshit,” she shook her head, stumbling away, frustrated that they would choose now to confront her.

“Yeah.” Sophie looked up, surprised to hear somebody agreeing with her. “This party is lame… You want to come to a better one?”

Sophie had never seen the other woman before, but at the moment, she didn’t care that much. “Sure!” she nodded, letting herself get led out of her friend’s house and to the woman’s car. She nodded off partway through the ride, so she wasn’t sure how far they went, or where exactly they were, just that they were out, away from the city, since, when she woke up as the woman pulled into a driveway, they were surrounded by trees.

The party inside the large house she’d been brought to was, indeed, better, though, with nobody bothering her about how much she was drinking. For a moment, she thought they were, when one of them walked up to her, tapped her on the shoulder; instead, they leaned over and asked, “Hey, we need a New Year’s baby… Do you think you could do it?”

Sophie was all too happy to help. After all, what was a New Year’s party without a New Year’s baby?! The outfit was minimalistic, though she supposed she could have kept some of her old clothes on as well… But it was New Year’s Eve, and she was feeling nice and warm and tingly… The biggest surprise was that the diaper, rather than being essentially a bikini bottom with oversized diaper pins, like she usually saw, was big and thick, bulging between her legs and crinkling with every step she took.

She was the center of attention now, which made the party even better than before. Despite the strange sensation of the diaper, she still strutted through the crowds of people, happily chatting with anyone who told her how cute she looked, until, finally, as the countdown to midnight neared, she came across the house’s Christmas tree, still standing, with a giant teddy bear sitting underneath it.

At the moment, she would have been fine kissing just about anyone when the ball dropped, despite not really knowing any of the people at this party, but she hadn’t actually found anyone yet. Most people there seemed to be paired off already, and more interested in telling her she was adorable than giving her a New Year’s kiss. She giggled as a silly idea entered her head, and, as she was given her last glass of champagne for that year, she plopped herself down on the teddy bear, straddling it.

It was much harder to time than a kiss, but also, so much better, especially as she saw the other guests watching her as she sipped her champagne and rubbed her diaper against the bear, feeling it grow damper and damper between her legs, encouraging her to ride faster and faster, until, as the ball finally dropped, her back arched, fireworks exploding behind her eyes and between her legs, before she slumped over the bear, happy and exhausted.


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The New Year’s Baby

The New Year’s Baby

“Isn’t she precious?” Fawna’s neighbor cooed as the girl stepped into her living room uncertainly. “Show us your outfit, dearie!”

Fawna felt a bit silly; however, there didn’t seem to be any harm in it, other than making her feel like a little kid. To be fair, she was pretty sure she would have felt that way no matter what she did, since most of the other women in the room looked quite a bit older than her… She forced a smile, lifting the edges of her skirt slightly to give the room a better look at it, causing her to blush as everyone else applauded.

“You sit right there,” Fawna’s neighbor said, gently pushing her back onto the couch. “I’ll get you something to drink.”

Fawna wasn’t about to argue with that… She’d been nervous about this party to begin with, so having an easy excuse for not mingling with a bunch of people she didn’t know was perfectly fine with her. She wouldn’t have even been here, except that her neighbor, whose name she still couldn’t even remember, had asked what her plans for New Year’s Eve were… Fawna, who had just moved in, had answered honestly, “Nothing.”

She hadn’t really met anyone yet, other than her neighbor… She’d just moved in for a job, but her new place of employment was closed for the holidays, so she didn’t actually start for another couple days… She didn’t know the area well enough to want to check out any of bars on what was sure to be one of the busiest nights of the year, alone, either.

So it had been nice to get the older woman’s invitation, even if she’d felt a little anxious about it. She still wasn’t sure what to expect… Everyone here seemed so old and mature, she doubted they would be up for the sorts of things she was used to doing at parties when she’d been in college. Whatever it was like, though, it was bound to be better than spending New Year’s Eve alone…


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