The Surprise

The Surprise

It was technically lying, but, since it was for a good cause, Claire was pretty sure it didn’t count. “I’m developing photos in there,” she told her boyfriend. “You can’t go in there.”

It wasn’t a perfect lie, though she’d done her best by blocking out the windows, and the top of bottom of the door, and making sure not to go in anytime he was around. She knew most people who developed their own pictures at home used a bathroom, or somewhere else small, with no windows to begin with, but she hoped Brandon wasn’t aware of that, or that he thought she wasn’t.

Luckily, he never asked her about it, just accepted it; and why not, really? It was a spare room, one they never used, despite constantly coming up with ideas for it. He’d thought about making it into a home gym, she mentioned a library, to get the bookshelves out of the living room and make more space in there, and neither had done anything to make either idea, or any other that sprang to mind, a reality.

Until now. It was a bit surprising to Claire that she was the one that was finally doing something, as she’d always assumed Brandon would get motivated more quickly, though, really, she was doing it for him. While it would have been cool to have her own darkroom, she’d decided, for Father’s Day that year, to give Brandon something she knew he’d always wanted.

She wanted to start small, to make sure he was going to like it first before diving in completely. There were plenty of things she could have gotten to begin, but she thought a changing table would make the most sense… She was sure he would have enjoyed a crib, too, though, really, would he want her sleeping somewhere else? It would probably be mostly for show, or just playing… A changing table was something she could see being more useful during that play, and, if he really liked it, they could always put in a crib, and whatever else he wanted.

From there, she went to work decorating the room, adding in some stuffed animals, and cute, childish wall art, and stocking the shelves under, and by, the changing table with supplies. She’d never really indulged him much, so she didn’t know how often he’d want to use this stuff, but she wanted this to last for a while without him having to worry about getting anything else.

Once all of that was ready, it was time to set the groundwork. She didn’t want to make it too obvious what she was doing, so she kept the accidents small at first, trying to make sure he got a glimpse before she rushed off to the bathroom, returning in different pants. Then, she hid, badly, but intentionally, a package of Goodnites in her dresser, even wearing them around him in the evenings, waiting for him to comment.

He did, finally, though not at all in the way she expected. One day, he came home from work, another woman, with a doctor’s coat and stethoscope on, in tow. “H-Hello,” Claire blushed, suddenly feeling very conscious of the Goodnite she’d already changed into as she rounded the corner into the living room and found a stranger there.

“I know you’ve been having some problems lately,” Brandon told her, “and that you seemed to be pretty embarrassed about them, so I thought I’d bring someone to make sure you were all right.”

On one hand, Claire was glad he actually had noticed; on the other, she didn’t particularly want to be given an exam, especially when there was nothing for it to show, and every chance it would blow her little story. Before she could think of what to say, Brandon was heading down the hall. “We can do it in here,” he announced, waving Claire and the strange woman on.

Claire wasn’t sure where he was going at first, until his hand closed around the nursery’s doorknob. “Wait…” she began to say, too late. He pushed it open and stepped inside, making way for the doctor and giving no indication that he was shocked at how Claire had changed it, or that it wasn’t set up for developing photos after all. Claire stepped sheepishly inside, wondering if she should yell, “Surprise!” and give her explanation, even though it wasn’t Father’s Day yet.

Instead, the other woman ordered, “Strip,” glaring at Claire in a way that made it obvious she wasn’t going to tolerate any delays. Almost without thinking, Claire did as she was told, slipping out of her clothes, blushing and trying to keep as much of herself covered as possible. “That’s enough,” the doctor stopped her when she was down to her Goodnite. “Here, maybe this will help you feel more comfortable…” she said, tying a bib around the girl’s neck, one that did not at all do that, since it covered none of her. “Now, up on the table…”

Claire took a step closer to the changing table, then turned back to Brandon. “I’m not really sick,” she told him. “I was just…”

“All right,” the woman shook her head, grabbing Claire’s hands and shoving thick, pink mittens over them before pulling her over to the table, “if you’re not going to cooperate, we can do this the hard way, young lady.”

“Hey!” Claire squealed as she was yanked onto the changing table, her hands held above her head. To her shock, the woman grabbed something from the corner of the table, fastening it around her wrist and locking it into place before doing the same with the other wrist. Claire frowned, tugging experimentally, then squirming, heart beating a little faster at the realization that she’d just been tied to the table, held down by something she was sure hadn’t been there the last time she’d worked on this room. If the table came with these restraints, she’d somehow not noticed them until now, despite this stranger, who had never been in the house before, let alone this room, knowing exactly where they were.

Then, the exam began, with the doctor running her cold stethoscope over Claire’s naked, vulnerable body, following it up with poking, latex-glove-clad fingers, while Brandon watched the whole thing, bemused. Claire blushed, trying to look away, only to start noticing more things here that she was positive she hadn’t put there, like an enema bag, a paddle, a Hitachi…

Slowly, it dawned on her what had happened, that Brandon must have snuck into this room, despite her telling him not to, realized what it was for, and decided to add some things of his own… This ‘doctor’, if she really even was one, was just another addition.

“Well, I think I’ve found the reason for her wetting problems,” she spoke up, turning to Brandon, as if Claire wasn’t still lying on the table in front of her – or, more appropriately, like she was just a child, so her opinion on the matter didn’t count. “I’m afraid there’s no cure… It’s a good thing you’re prepared to deal with it.”

She pulled out a pair of scissors and began slicing into the sides of the Goodnite, while Claire watched nervously. On one hand, Claire was glad Brandon liked his gift, that he was already ‘playing’ with it… On the other, she’d assumed he would be the one to do this, to put her in her first diaper, to treat her like a little girl… Then again, she supposed it made sense, given what she’d been doing lately to try to get him ready for the ‘surprise’.

“Now, pay attention,” the doctor told Brandon, pulling a diaper from beneath the table, Claire’s heart thumping as she saw it, knowing that it was about to go on her. It looked much thicker than it had when she’d put it there, now that it was moments away from getting taped around her waist. “You’re going to have to be doing this for a very long time, I think…”


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