Perfect Fit

Perfect Fit

It was her worst nightmare, finally come true… She’d been dreading the possibility ever since she started the job, but her panty liners had always held up just fine, leaving at most a small wet spot on her panties. This time, however, it was far worse… She wasn’t sure if she’d had more of an accident or usual, or if she’d simply waited too long to change; all that really mattered was the wet spot on her chair when she stood up, the one she knew was mirrored on the back of her skirt.

What was she going to do?! She hadn’t brought any extra clothes, and she had a meeting that afternoon… She certainly didn’t want to wait around like this until time for that, and just hope everything dried out before she had to see anyone else.

Unfortunately, her secretary came in as she was frowning at her chair. She spun around as she heard the door open, her cheeks as red as her blazer, but the other woman had already seen. “Oh, sweetie,” she cooed. “Hold on, I think I have something for you…”

She left the room, then returned with a Goodnite, and a glass of water. “Here, put these on, and I’ll see about getting your other things cleaned up… And have a drink, it will help clear your head.”

Grateful to be out of her thing things, Odette gladly stripped and slid the disposable undergarment on, sipping at her water. When her secretary came back to collect her boss’s skirt, Odette blushed again as the woman declared, “Oh, those fit you perfectly!”

“Isn’t there something I can wear over them?” Odette asked.

“Well, not that I have here,” her secretary replied. “I wasn’t exactly expecting this… You’re just lucky I happened to have one of my niece’s Goodnites in my purse. What are you trying to do, hide that wet spot?” She giggled as Odette immediately reached for her Goodnite in shock, only to realize it was a joke.

Her secretary smiled as Odette pouted at her. “It’s all right… Here, take that jacket off and tie it around your waist, and we’ll head to my place to get you something more appropriate. Besides, those do fit perfectly… There’s just one problem…”


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