The Kids’ Table

The Kids’ Table

“Oh, come on,” they had begged. “For old time’s sake!”

“This is silly,” Adrianna laughed. “We aren’t kids anymore… We don’t need to sit at the kids’ table.”

“We can make our own. We’ll use the nursery!” Sasha insisted. “Come on, don’t you remember all the good times we had?”

“Well, yeah,” Adrianna admitted. It had been a blast, being the oldest of the cousins, getting to boss them around, make them do whatever she wanted… “You’re hosting, though, you can’t just hide with us all day.”

“I can pop out here to check on things from time to time,” Sasha told her.

“Can I at least bring Paul?” Adrianna started to cave. “I don’t want to abandon him here…”

“He’s doing fine,” Apple insisted, gesturing over to where Adrianna’s husband was chatting with Sasha’s at the table.

“Besides, no boys allowed!” Lolette giggled. It was true, there had never been any male cousins in the family, and as soon as the girls were old enough to¬† start bringing their boyfriends to Thanksgiving, they’d stopped being banished to the kids’ table.

“Okay,” Adrianna shrugged. “Why not?!”

She got her answer almost right away, as Sasha led her down the hall and into the nursery, then shoved her roughly inside, starting to undress her. “Hey, what the hell..?!” Adrianna yelped as Apple and Lolette pushed in, shutting the door behind them. Sasha wrestled Adrianna to the changing table, which looked quite a bit larger than any Adrianna was used to seeing, much bigger than Sasha’s toddler would need…

“Yeah, real funny,” Adrianna fumed. “Give me back my clothes, right now!” she demanded. Instead, she was pushed, now nearly naked, onto the changing table, where the other girls happily helped out, cuffing her wrists to the side of the table, while Sasha grabbed something that was also much bigger than Adrianna was used to seeing.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Adrianna gasped, staring up at her younger cousin as the realization slowly began to dawn on her, staring up at the thick, crinkly, plastic garment being held over her, then slowly unfolded and slid under her. “Don’t you dare!”


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