The Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny

“I can’t believe this!” Sunnie pouted, squirming at her desk. “I worked so hard on that!”

“I’m sorry, but this just isn’t acceptable work…. You’re a good student, but I’m afraid I just can’t give you a higher grade.”

It was all the worse because he was her favorite teacher, not least of all because he was relatively young, and if she was going to be honest, hot, compared to most of the other professors at college. She had to admit, she’d put off her paper a lot more than she should have, but she’d been sure it was better than the grade she’d been given.

“Isn’t there anything I can do for… extra credit?” she asked tentatively, biting her bottom lip. She wasn’t sure how he would take it… Or how she really wanted him to take it. She’d never done anything like that before, but if she was going to, he was the teacher she’d do it with… Then again, he might just have her write another paper, or something like that….

To her surprise, he looked her up and down, then asked, “What are you doing this afternoon?”

Sunnie’s eyes widened as she wriggled in her seat. “I-I have practice, but after that, I’m free…”

“Let me give you my address,” he said, writing something down on a piece of paper. “Meet me there as soon as you can.”

Sunnie’s heart was pounding for the rest of the day… She could hardly concentrate at cheerleading practice, and when she was done, she was so nervous, and excited, she decided to change out of her workout clothes into her uniform, rather than her regular clothes… She could pretend that was just what she wore to practice, and she knew there was a chance the uniform was part of the reason why he’d agreed to this in the first place…

When he answered the door, he was still dressed the same, and he didn’t seem quite as excited to see her as she’d expected. “Oh, good, you’re here,” he said. “Could you go to the first room on the right?” he asked, gesturing towards a hall. “I’ll be right there.”

“Okay…” she replied tentatively. It sounded much more matter-of-fact than she had expected… Did he do this sort of thing all the time? That certainly made the whole thing a little less exciting, but Sunnie still wanted to give him the benefit of the doubt, so she made her way down to the room, too anxious to pay much attention as she stood there, waiting in front of the bed. It seemed like an awfully small bed, making her wonder if this was a guest room or something. Was she not even good enough for his own bed?

Suddenly, she began to wonder if he was married. He’d never mentioned it, and she’d never seen a ring, but it was possible. She’d always just assumed he wasn’t – maybe because that’s what she wanted – but she honestly had no clue.

She was really starting to have second thoughts about the whole thing, but before she could convince herself to head back to the dorms, the door began to open… Bashfully, she watched him walk in, her doubts quickly melting away as she saw him again.

“Hello, Professor,” she giggled, playing with her hair. “Did you want to see me?”


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Baby Fever

Baby Fever

Josie woke up slowly, her mind almost completely empty of what had happened the day before for a few long moments as she squirmed sleepily in her bed, feeling the thick padding being pressed snugly against her privates, listening to the soft crinkling…

Her eyes shot open in confusion, a hand shooting to her crotch and finding… Well, she wasn’t entirely sure. She had a suspicion, but there was no way it could be true… Either way, it was clear she was no longer wearing the sleepshirt and skimpy panties she’d gone to bed in. She bit her bottom lip, squirming nervously, trying to work up the courage to push back her covers and see what was underneath…

Sure enough, when she finally did, there was the unmistakable, plastic legbands of a diaper peeking out at her from under a infantile-patterned onesie, the bulk of the diaper quite obvious under the relatively thin fabric of the onesie. She gasped as she stared down at herself, having a hard time accepting what she was seeing. She looked like a baby… Or, more specifically, her new baby sister.

She knew instantly what had happened, and a frenzied, waddling dash to her closet revealed how correct she was. The door was locked, and when she moved on to her dresser, it was bare – thought the worst part was seeing her underwear drawer totally empty of everything but socks. She bit her bottom lip nervously, pacing in her room as she tried to think of what to do. Part of her wanted to storm out of the room and demand an explanation… Part of her hated the idea of anyone, especially her sister, seeing her this way, even though there was no doubt her mother had already seen it when she’d dressed her in the night.

Before she could decide on a course of action, her bedroom door opened and her mother stepped in, reaching for the light switch. “Oh, you’re already up,” she said, marching over to the girl and pushing a hand to her crotch, sliding a pair of fingers under the onesie. “And still dry!”

“You can’t do this to me!” Josie pleaded. “I’m not a baby!”

“Oh, really?” her mother raised an eyebrow. “You’re really trying to claim that, after the way you acted last night? I think we’re going easy on you, young lady… Your father was certain you needed a good spanking as well, and you may still get it if you keep up the attitude.” Josie’s mother took her hand, leading her to her bed, where she set the girl down and went to grab a pair of socks and shoes, putting them on the girl.

“This isn’t fair!” Josie whined, fidgeting more and more as her mother slid the socks up her legs, confirming that she intended on her leaving the house this way. “I’m not Cindi!”

Her mother turned to her and shook her head. “No, you aren’t. You were acting even more immature than she was last night… Honestly, you claim to be an adult just because you’re in college, and then you throw a fit when we tell you we didn’t buy you a new Easter dress this year, even though your baby sister got one. Well, you just may get your wish, young lady… I know this isn’t a dress, but we might get you plenty of those to go with your diapers.”

“Mom, no!” Josie gasped, her mother helping her to her feet. The onesie stretched, pulling the diaper tighter against her body, reminding her all the more of her position. “You can’t do this!”

She’d heard of this… All her friends had encouraged her to move out of the house as soon as she could after turning 18. She hadn’t put any stock in it… As Amazons went, her family had always been rather mellow. But everyone said that once the kids were grown up, the instincts would start to kick in, even if there had never been any sign of them before… Sometimes they even got desperate enough to turn on their own children, giant or not. She’d heard it called Baby Fever; she was certain it was nothing more than a myth, probably made by littles to explain why they so often got captured and turned – supposedly against their will – into big babies, rather than just accepting that it happened because they deserved it.

But that was what Cindi was for, wasn’t it? Josie had met her at school, brought her home to help her with a homework assignment, and her parents had started acting differently than Josie had ever seen them. Within a week, Cindi was staying with them, since she had been living in her own apartment and having trouble paying rent, and less than a month later, that room was a nursery.

Josie thought that should be enough… Especially considering how much they doted on the girl. Josie couldn’t help feeling a little jealous, at least of everything but the girl’s diapers, which she quickly grew to need. That Christmas, Cindi had gotten way more presents than her, and now, at Easter, they’d bought her an extravagant, frilly, Easter dress, and nothing for Josie.

Or so Josie had thought. As she was marched out of her room, legs spread wide by the diaper, she began to wish that really had been the case. Her cheeks turned bright red as she was taken to the dining room, where Cindi was all dolled up in her high chair, getting her face wiped clean after her breakfast. She giggled as she saw her big sister – still far bigger than her, but clearly no longer more mature.

“Since you took so long in your room, there’s no time for breakfast” her mother informed her. “Unless you want to do that instead of the Easter egg hunt.” Josie was more than willing to give up the hunt, until her mother continued. “Your sister has lots of eggs to find, all around the house…. You have two. They’re both in places Cindi can’t reach, and they both contain a key. One unlocks the bathroom, where all of your underwear is, as well as the toilet, of course… If you find that, we’ll let you wear those, but it will be with your new, babyish wardrobe. The other unlocks your closet, where your other clothes are… Find that, and you can wear them, but it will be with diapers. I’d say you probably have time to find one, but you only have until Cindi finds all of her eggs, so it just depends on how fast she is. Now, let’s get started.”

Josie and Cindi were escorted outside, where plenty of other children, both in age and size, were running around their yards, searching for plastic eggs. Josie was the only one her size… Just like she knew she would be at college the next day if she didn’t succeed. There were plenty of people mad at her for “betraying” Cindi like she had, and she wouldn’t hear the end of it if she showed up dressed like a toddler, or in diapers… Especially not if she got unlucky and wound up with both. Cindi had been a senior, getting ready to graduate, but now Josie’s parents had her enrolled in daycare. Josie wouldn’t be so lucky, she was sure… Since they’d already paid her tuition, she had no doubt they would make her go the rest of the year, at least, diapers or not.

She looked around, realizing that as she was fretting over the future, Cindi had begun her search, toddling off and filling her Easter basket with eggs. It didn’t look like any of them were hidden at all, just placed in the corners of the porch, behind one corner of the sandbox, in the shortest branches of trees. Josie didn’t see any sign of her own at all…

“You’d better get going,” her mother said, patting her on the bottom. “I’ve never seen your sister move this fast!” Josie was spurred to action, only to stop a moment later. On the porch, she was relatively sheltered… Not many people could see her, unless they were specifically looking in their direction. If she went off, however, into the yard where Cindi was furiously gathering, it would be a different story… Then again, if she didn’t find those keys, everyone would be seeing her in this sort of thing much more often.

“Mom, I’m an adult,” she whined. “You can’t do this! You already have Cindi, why are you acting like this?!”

“Get moving,” her father instructed sternly. “Or I’ll pull down your diaper right here on the porch, young lady.”

Josie toddled quickly away, her heart pounding. This couldn’t be happening… This sort of thing wasn’t supposed to happen to her… Nervously, she began looking around the porch, hoping and praying that her parents had been merciful and hidden both her eggs there so she wouldn’t have to expose herself to the neighborhood…

But as she checked the planters, casting a nervous eye towards Cindi, still practically running to grab the last of her eggs, there was nothing there…. She gulped, feeling an ominous rumble in her stomach as she tried to gather her resolve and find the courage to step down into the yard, knowing that if she didn’t, she’d used the toilet for the last time in quite a while the night before, unknowingly…

Yet also not sure if there was still enough time to find even one of her eggs after waiting for so long. She stood there, dumbly, unable to accept the fact that, despite her size, and her disbelief in it, she was still somehow about to fall victim to Baby Fever.



The Demonstration

The Demonstration

Cheshire had been the school nurse for a few years now, always working alone, dealing with the girls at the Academy day in and day out… It wasn’t a bad job, but she had to admit that it was more than a little lonely.

When the headmistress told her there was enough money in the budget to hire a co-worker for her, she’d been excited – just the thought of someone to talk to, or who could cover for her if she wanted to take an extended vacation sometime other than regular school breaks, was foreign and wonderful – but that was nothing compared to what she felt when she saw who it was…

She’d been quite certain it would be another woman – it was an all girl academy, after all – but she was wrong. No, Luke was definitely not a female… Cheshire wasn’t sure if it was because she was just so unused to seeing and interacting with a male on such a regular basis, but it was very hard to ignore the fact that he was one.

She knew it was probably quite unprofessional, but she found herself flirting with him much more than she should have with a co-worker. There really wasn’t all that much to do most of the time, though, and even though she wasn’t expecting him to respond, she had to admit she wouldn’t have minded if he did.

And then… He did. Or, she was pretty certain that was what happened, at any rate… He said, “I know this sounds weird, but would you mind taking one of these spare uniforms home and wearing it in tomorrow? For me?”

Borrowing one of the uniforms they kept there for the students, just in case, made it all the more unprofessional, but Cheshire knew a lot of guys had schoolgirl fantasies… Was that what this was? Should she indulge him? She knew her answer almost right away, but she pretended to contemplate it for much longer… At the end of the day, however, there was a uniform in her bag, waiting for the next morning.


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