The Sitter, Part 1, and Announcement

The Sitter, Part 1, and Announcement

I know that there are many who won’t be happy about this, but unfortunately, I think it’s what needs to happen… Like a lot of other AB/DL creators, I’ve created a Patreon page.

I don’t plan on abandoning my blog here, or on Tumblr – my current plan is that any holiday-themed captions will go up in all three at the same time, then any normal captions and stories will go up exclusively on Patreon for a while, probably a few months, before I post them in other places. Any commissions I get through there, however, will be exclusive to Patreon.

And speaking of which, I’ll be offering commissions through Patreon. I may tweak some prices and such, but at the moment, it’s $10 for a one picture caption, $20 for up to three pictures, and $50 for a five page or so story, or chapter of a story, though considering my writing habits, the stories will likely wind up being longer. Currently, caption commissions require a picture… I might later offer some where you just give me an idea and I find a picture to go with it, but that will probably be slightly more expensive.

Like I said, I know there are those who won’t like this. I appreciate everyone’s support up until now, and if you’re willing to wait a little longer, you’ll still get the content I normally would have posted here.

And lastly, as a bit of a tease, here’s part one of a two part caption currently waiting in my Patreon feed.


“Ugh, I’m done playing!” she stomped her foot, turning back around from the corner.

“You’re done when I say you’re done!” her babysitter replied, turning the girl back around to face the corner with a hard swat to the back of her animal-print diaper. “Time-out’s don’t end just because little girls want them to… And that’s fifteen more minutes for turning around, young lady.”

She couldn’t deny that her heart fluttered a little at her babysitter’s words; the harsh, condescending tone. She felt just like a bratty child, being spoken to by her strict babysitter – which was exactly what she’d wanted when she’d booked this session… Unfortunately, she hadn’t expected that session to run over.

Most likely it wouldn’t have, had she not playfully refused to be given a bath. She didn’t mind the idea of it, really, especially since she’d already had her diaper changed a couple times by her sitter, but she’d been getting into her role, and it felt like the right thing to do…

At least, it had until she was put in the corner… It was a silly, childish punishment, yet one that she apparently still couldn’t stand. She was doing a horrible job of keeping track of time in there, as every time she thought the punishment was over and turned back around, her sitter told her she was too early, and added more time onto the punishment.

It was getting to the point where she wasn’t sure if she trusted the sitter or not… She didn’t remember when the corner time had started, and in the corner she couldn’t see a clock to keep track of how long it had been, so her sitter could easily be lying, forcing her to stay in her time-out even though she’d long past the time of her initial punishment.

It might have been a fun little game, except that she’d scheduled her time with the sitter to end not long before her date for that evening was supposed to pick her up…. She’d been sure there was enough time to get cleaned up and dressed in between, but that time was dwindling with every extension of her punishment…

“Listen, this has been fun, but it’s time for you to go home!” she said with all the confidence she could muster.

“Not until I’m sure you’ve learned your lesson, young lady,” her sitter told her. “Fifteen more minutes!”

She glared at her sitter defiantly, until she saw a hand reach for the hairbrush sitting on her coffee table… She squeaked, spinning back around, hands firmly on her hips to show her displeasure with this… Not that she was brave enough to do anything about it.