Peaches giggled to herself as she marched down the hallway, basking in the glory as the other students laughed and complimented her on her Halloween costume; it was obvious right away what – or, rather, who – she was supposed to be, and, if Peaches said so herself, she had gotten it spot on. Maybe it was a little cruel – her, as one of the most popular girls in school, dressing up as one of the least popular, but she’d spotted the dress while she was out shopping, and hadn’t been able to resist the idea.

It was simple enough after that… Pigtails held in place with a ribbon and a t-shirt with a cartoon character, and she was done. If the teachers spotted her and took offense, she could just claim she was just a little girl, that it was mere coincidence that she happened to be dressed the way Emma always seemed to be, despite being eighteen, almost nineteen, years old. She’d felt pretty ridiculous going to school dressed that way, since she was sure this was the first time she’d done that since second grade, yet, as soon as she’d gotten there and people had started reacting positively, she’d been pleased.

She was almost definitely going to change before going to the Halloween party tonight, despite the popularity – there was nothing sexy about this costume, and she’d just broken up with her boyfriend a couple weeks ago, so this was the perfect night to go looking for a new one. As she turned the corner, however, she nearly ran right into Emma; worse, the girl was with her mother, who always picked her up and dropped her off at school. Peaches didn’t have any classes with Emma, though she’d thought for a moment that Emma had spotted her in the cafeteria… She didn’t mind mocking the girl behind her back, and not even really to her face, but in front of her mother was a whole other story. She’d heard all kinds of strange – though surely not true – rumors about that woman…

She started to back away, but it was too late. Emma’s mother turned and saw her immediately, locking eyes with her and smiling as she walked over and grabbed her hand. “Oh, how darling!” she gushed. “You must be Emma’s best friend… It’s so cute that you dressed like her for Halloween! You look adorable, dear… Come along, she’s so excited for your play date!”

Peaches opened her mouth in confusion, but by then she was already being pulled down the hall, Emma following along behind them. Peaches tried to protest, wanting to spend the rest of her afternoon getting dressed up in her real costume for the party, not playing with this loser, but the girl’s mother was strong, and before she knew it, she was getting buckled into the back seat and driven away, while Emma looked over at her and grinned.

Once they were at the house, Emma took her hand and led her inside, and through the house, to what looked from the outside like a bedroom – as soon as she was inside, however, it was clear that it was so much more. Peaches couldn’t help herself; she giggled as she looked around, seeing that Emma was even more childish than she seemed at school. This was a full-blown nursery, complete with shelves of huge diapers. In fact, as soon as they got inside, Emma’s mother lifted her daughter’s skirt, revealing a pair of training pants underneath.

“What a big girl!” the woman gushed. “Just a little damp today! Now, come on, up onto your changing table, sweetie!” Emma happily flounced over to it and laid down, looking quite pleased as she was pinned into a thick, cloth diaper and plastic pants. Peaches wanted nothing more than to pull out her phone and film it to show everyone at school, yet she somehow doubted Emma’s mother would approve. Once Emma had hopped down from the table, her diaper now peeking out from under her skirt, her mother turned to Peaches. “What about you, dear? Cloth or disposable?”

Peaches furrowed her brow, not certain at first what the question meant until the woman took her hand and led her to the changing table. “Oh, no, I don’t…” Peaches started to protest, gasping as the woman lifted her skirt, exposing the panties underneath, then running a finger along the center.

“Such a big girl!” Emma’s mother smiled. “But Emma’s friends have to wear protection when they play, so which do you prefer?”

Peaches shook her head. “N-No, I don’t need…”

Before she could finish, her panties were being pulled down, and she was shoved onto the table. “I only have one pair of those plastic pants, so I’m afraid you can’t be twins that way…. Why don’t we just start you out with a nice disposable, then?” Before Peaches could say anything more, a thick, crinkly diaper was being slipped under her bottom, then taped into place. Emma’s mother helped her down, leading her over to Emma and putting a pacifier into both of their mouths. “My cute little twins,” she smiled, tapping the pacifiers. Peaches jumped a little, the contact seeming to create a static shock. “Go on and play for a while, then we can get ready to pass out candy.”

“Actually, I need to go get ready…” Peaches tried to protest, but the woman was already out of the room. Emma took her hand, pulling her to the floor, where she immediately began playing with baby toys as if they were actually still entertaining to somebody her age. Peaches would have been amused if she weren’t still trying to get used to the warm, all-encompassing bulk of the diaper.

This wasn’t right… She was supposed to be getting dressed in even less clothes, preparing to go show off at the party, not being diapered and pacified like some toddler…. Her car wasn’t even waiting for her outside, and her house was several neighborhoods over, as was the school where she was parked. Her best hope was to get a ride to either one, or else she’d have to walk around out in the open dressed this way – even without the diaper, that would be humiliating now that she wasn’t in school, with people who she was sure would get the joke.

Just when she was sure things couldn’t get any worse, she felt the padding under her grow even warmer. It took a few moments of uncomfortable shifting to realize what was happening, and a few more to fully process it. Peaches gasped behind her pacifier while she peed her diaper, trying desperately to stop it, but it was no use – she’d just wet herself like a baby!

“That felt good,” Emma giggled. “Come on, let’s compare!” She lifted her skirt, fully exposing her thick, cloth diaper, then reached for Peaches’. Peaches blushed, holding her skirt down desperately, not wanting to be seen like this.

“I-I didn’t…” Peaches tried to say.

“I know you’re wet under there!” Emma told her, poking at the barely hidden bulge. “Mommy made us twins… Whatever I do in my diapie, you do, so just show me… If you leak, since you’re in a thinner diapie, she’ll be mad, so I’m just trying to help… Show me! Be good, or she might not take the spell off. I wear diapies to bed, because having to get out of bed in the middle of the night is yucky, and I usually use them a lot more at school than I did today, since the potties there are gross, so you’d have to wear them, too, just in case… And if I tell Mommy the way you usually treat me, or why you’re really dressed up like that, or if you act up while you’re here, she’s definitely going to keep the spell going for a long time. Now play nice and show me your diaper!”


Peaches froze, trying to figure out if this was a joke… But it sure didn’t feel like one. She hadn’t had an accident in years, and that one had come out of nowhere, right when Emma had wet herself. She’d never really believed the rumors about Emma’s mother, and yet it was hard to deny that something was going on… Obediently, she lifted her dress, showing off her infantile diaper.

“How cute,” Emma giggled. “Now, you’re going to be my best friend at school from now on. We’re going to hang out all the time, and you’ll eat lunch with me every day! Understand? I think maybe we should dress up like twinsies all the time, so everyone knows how similar we are… Oh, and just so you know, my tummy’s really starting to hurt, so you’d better get ready…” Peaches’ eyes widened as she realized what Emma was implying, as she began to regret her costume choice for that day.

“You can’t do this to me,” Peaches shook her head, starting to pull the pacifier out of her mouth, a little shocked it hadn’t occured to her to do that before now. This whole thing was ridiculous… She was the most popular girl in school, she couldn’t be sitting here, sucking on a pacifier in a wet diaper, and she certainly couldn’t spend all of her time at school hanging out with this loser.

“Don’t do that,” Emma warned. “Mommy linked the spell to the paci… If you take it out before I do, or before she breaks the spell, she might not be able to reverse the spell.”

Peaches glared at her, unsure if that was true, or if she just wanted to keep Peaches sucking on a pacifier like a dumb baby. It was true that she’d felt that strange sensation when Emma’s mother had touched the pacifier, though if she had to guess – which she did, since she’d been sure magic wasn’t real until just moments ago – it seemed more logical that taking out the pacifier would just break the spell. Then again, she really didn’t want to find out otherwise with first-hand experience… And Emma had seemed genuinely concerned…

“Then take out yours,” Peaches demanded.

Emma shook her head. “I like it, so I’m keeping it! Everyone at school might listen to you, but I don’t have to… ‘Specially not anymore! You have to do what I say now!”

“I don’t think so, dweeb!” Peaches’ eyes flared, the thought of kowtowing to this girl too much for her. She leapt forward, reaching for Emma’s pacifier. The girl immediately began to shriek – and, for some reason, tear one of the pages in the coloring book she’d been playing with – then, a moment later, her mother was opening the door.

“Sh-She tore my book,” Emma wailed. Her mother towered over the sitting Peaches, staring down at her.

“Is this true?” she asked sternly. Peaches, suddenly terrified, shook her head. “So, you’re saying my little girl lied, too?” Peaches was hauled to her feet, but just long enough for her to be dressed down to her diaper, right in front of Emma, stripped of her costume, and, even worse, her padded bra. Then, to her horror, Emma’s mother sat down on the floor and pulled Peaches over her lap.

“No!” Peaches whimpered, even before the first spank, sure what was coming, even if she could hardly believe it. “Don’t! You can’t!” she squirmed and whined behind her pacifier, though that only seemed to encourage the woman. “No, no!” Peaches yelled as loud as she could while keeping the pacifier in place, pain starting to spread out across the backs of her legs, where her diaper didn’t protect her. “I’m not a stupid baby, you can’t do this to me!”

She was so busy trying to get away, or stop the woman’s hands from continuing to redden her bottom, that she didn’t notice Emma, grinning, start to squat down. She only felt the rush of warm mush push its way into the seat of her diaper, making Emma’s mother stop for a moment and chuckle. “Not a baby, huh? It looks like that’s another lie… So I’ll just have to keep going…”

Peaches gasped, begging, “N-No, stop!”, although whether she was asking Emma’s mother, or Emma herself, she wasn’t sure. Neither seemed to heed, so, without thinking, she reached for the pacifier, desperate to make them hear her, to stop her diaper from filling, or the spanking from warming her backside, but neither paused for even a moment… And then she remembered Emma’s warning. Desperately, she tried to push the pacifier back into place, hoping that had been a joke, and that she hadn’t just sentenced herself to who knew how many years of diapers, her fate left entirely at the whim of when Emma decided to stop wearing diapers… Which she apparently had no problem with.

“Now, go stand in the corner,” Emma’s mother told her as she finally ended the spanking, sending the girl toddling over obediently with a swat to her sagging diaper. “Let’s get you changed, Emma.” Peaches sniffled, rubbing her sore bottom as she listened to what was happening behind her, wondering how long she was going to be stuck in her own full diaper.

“Mommy, can I wear my big girl panties?” Emma asked sweetly.

“Of course, if you’re sure that’s what you want,” her mother told her.

“Uh-huh,” Emma replied. “They’ll go with my costume for handing out candy way better! Peaches and me decided to wear different costumes…”

At first, that was a relief… Emma clearly didn’t need her diapers, so even if Peaches had messed up the spell, she was safe. But even then, Peaches realized in horror, she might still have to wear diapers herself… Unless she was around the girl constantly, she wouldn’t know when she was using the bathroom. She’d have to stick to the girl like glue to have any chance, like they really were best friends, to have any chance to keep from having an accident herself…

When she dared to move her head away from the corner, Emma was dressed in a sexy, sleek costume, one not that different than the one Peaches had wanted to be wearing herself by now, while she was still stuck in her messy diaper. Would they even change her before they started handing out candy? The only clothes she had here was her silly costume… Would she have to spend the evening handing out candy in a full diaper, dressed like Emma, while Emma stood beside her, looking hot and nowhere near as childish as usual? How many of her friends were going to be trick-or-treating here with their younger siblings before heading to the party? She whimpered, squirming in the corner, wishing she had just chosen another costume that morning… Any other costume…


Teacher’s Pet

Teacher’s Pet

As a little, Laura was always trying to prove herself, though it never seemed to be enough. She always tried to be the first to raise her hand in class, always wanted to turn her test in first, always wanted the highest grade. Some of the Amazons, and even middles, had taken to claiming that the teachers gave littles easier tests, so as not to harm their poor egos, but considering how low most of the other littles tended to score – a lot of them seemed to have trouble focusing, Laura had noticed – she knew that wasn’t really the case.

Unfortunately, being smart didn’t do a lot to make Laura friends, so she spent most of her free time alone in her room. She didn’t mind too much, though when she got an invitation to the big sorority Halloween party, she couldn’t help but feel excited. The invitation said to wear a costume, but that part had clearly been handwritten in later, over top of the otherwise printed invitation, making Laura suspect that had been added for her – most likely, so the other girls could laugh at the silly little who thought she had to wear a costume to any Halloween party.

When she got to the party, however, everyone was, indeed, in costume, making her feel rather out of place; before she could go change, one of her classmates saw her and grabbed her by the arm. “Look at this,” she declared. “Little Laura thinks she’s too mature for a costume party.”

“N-No, I didn’t know,” Laura shook her head.

“Oh, don’t worry,” the girl grinned. “We expected as much… We have one ready for you.”

Laura had, of course, seen how other littles were treated; she had no doubt what was waiting for her. How many smartphones were there are this party? How long would it take for the photos from tonight to seep out to her teachers? She was pretty sure her teachers respected her, but she’d seen other littles lose that as soon as their professors caught them fidgeting in their seats after an accident in their trainers. Her only hope was that the teachers would realize it was just a costume…

But when they got to where she was being dragged, there was no diaper, only a dog cage in the middle of the room, and inside a blanket over the bottom of the cage, a textbook, pencil, and paper. “Here you go,” the girl sneered, shoving Laura inside. “You’re a teacher’s pet! I knew you’d love it – it’s barely a costume. Now, if you want out, you’re going to finish up my homework for the weekend.”

Laura hoped the girl was joking, but with that, she simply turned and walked away, mingling with other guests at the party. Laura had little reason to doubt that the girl would love to keep her here as long as she could, so she got to work. It really wasn’t that hard – Laura had a feeling the teacher had taken it easy on them so they could enjoy the Halloween festivities – and once she was done, she called out for the girl.

She came, but so did another member of their class. “See, I told you she could do it,” the first girl said, looking over the homework as Laura waited patiently in the cage. “Go ahead, I’m sure she won’t mind. I did give her a costume, though… Maybe you should give her something, too.”

The cage was opened again, and Laura was given a fresh batch of homework, along with a toy dog, to ‘keep her company’. Once she had finished that, there was another girl waiting, with another stuffed animal. By the time Laura did that girl’s homework, her bladder was almost bursting, which seemed to have been noticed, because the next gift was a diaper. When she tried to turn it down, she was scolded for being ungrateful, and pulled out of the cage and diapered anyway. It didn’t take long for her to wet her diaper, making her immediately start begging for a change.

Instead, the next gift was a pacifier to shut her up as yet another textbook was shoved into her cage. As she looked around at the party, she saw more and more girls holding homework, waiting, carrying various things, mostly baby related, along with them… Was she even going to have enough time to finish all of that by the end of the party? Or were they even planning on letting her out when the party was over? Her only hope was to keep working as quickly as she could, to get through as much as she could… And as accurately as possible, since she had no doubt they would be coming after her if they got bad grades, whether that be in her own dorm room, or if she was still here, stuck at the sorority house, still trying diligently to get through all of their homework so she could get out of this cage…


The Spider

The Spider

“No, Mommy, you don’t understand!” Cupcake shook her head frantically, shuffling her feet as her diaper was examined, with her standing there, naked and shivering. “I-It wasn’t me!”

“Oh, really?!” Mommy held the diaper up, showing off the sticky mess inside, making Cupcake stare down at the floor bashfully. “And here I thought, all this time, that your nursery was there for punishment, that I was teaching you a lesson by making you sleep in your crib… Clearly, I’ll have to come up with something different now, since you obviously enjoy it so much.”

“I don’t!” Cupcake insisted. “I was just walking by the door, and I heard something moving inside the nursery… I went in to see what it was, and there was a huge spider hiding in there… Before I could even scream, it had grabbed me with its hairy legs and pulled off all my big girl clothes. It webbed me to the changing table and diapered me, and then it moved me to the crib and webbed me up in there!”

Mommy snorted. “Even if that wasn’t a ridiculous story, it still wouldn’t explain this,” she insisted, shoving the diaper towards Cupcake again.

The girl blushed, eyes shifting away again. “W-Well, when it webbed me into my crib, it restrained me there with your wand against my diaper… I couldn’t help it! I couldn’t move my hands anywhere, I just had to keep holding it there, against my diaper… What was I supposed to do?!”

“Why didn’t you call me for help?” Mommy asked.

“Th-the first thing it did was put my pacifier into place, and then it used its webbing to hold it there! It tasted really bad, too… I couldn’t say or do anything, except stare up as it while it hung over my crib and watched… Then, after I was done, the webbing all just… dissolved… And the spider hid in the closet, and then I heard your footsteps approaching, and I barely had time to get out of the crib…”

“So, you’re telling me that a big spider made you cum in your diapers, and then hid in the closet like the boogey man?” Mommy shook her head. “Is that the best you can come up with? Obviously, I’ve been over-judging your maturity level, young lady, and letting you watch too many scary movies this Halloween. Well, this is the end of that. From here on, it’s nothing but cartoons for you, young lady. And if you like your diapers so much, you can just wear them from here on out.”

Cupcake gasped, shaking her head. “B-But it isn’t my fault… How long do I have to wear them?”

“Until I change my mind,” Mommy shrugged. “And you’ll be wearing them everywhere, little lady. Your bathroom privileges are hereby revoked until further notice. Now, be a good girl and bring me the paddle… Your ridiculous story has earned you quite the spanking. And don’t whine, or you’ll get a mouthsoaping, too, for talking back.”


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Lolette let out a little gasp as she felt it slip inside of her, squirming and moaning lightly in spite of herself. It had been so long since she’d been allowed to do… that… She almost forgot about the diaper she was lying on top of until he pulled it up between her legs and taped it tightly in place.

“And there we have it,” he announced. “Your costume, ready to go.”

Lolette looked down at herself, her cheeks burning at the all too obvious sight of her diaper – there wasn’t anything to even come close to covering it! And, although she’d had to, unfortunately, grow quite used to the feeling of the diaper, the paw gloves he’d already strapped and locked onto her hands would make sure there was no getting out of it on her own.

But that thing… That was definitely different. She was still in diapers, but could this mean that the other part of her punishment was finally over?

“What is this, Daddy?” she asked innocently, uselessly pawing at the remote she saw sticking out of the back of her diaper.

“This is your tail, kitten,” he told her, patting the top of her head. “And it’s what will make you purr like a good kitten.”

He picked it up and pressed the button… Instantly, the vibrator inside of her sprang to life, buzzing softly behind her diaper. Lolette moaned, pressing a hand to the front of her diaper as the sensation ended as quickly as it began.

“D-Does this mean..?” Lolette asked hopefully, looking back at her Daddy.

“Oh, no,” he shook his head. “After you wet yourself at the last party with our friends and humiliated both of us, it will be a long time before you’re allowed out without a diaper… And I’ve already told you, sweetie, little girls who need diapers aren’t mature enough for orgasms.”

“B-But… What…?” Lolette gaped up at him, confused.

“If anyone wants you to purr for them, or play with your tail, you’re to let them,” he said. “For as long as they want. But if you have a little… accident… Well, then you’ll need a punishment, won’t you?”

Lolette gulped. What did he mean? Her punishments since this whole thing had begun had ranged from many spankings, to corner times, to enemas, to writing lines, and many other things, or combinations. What would he do to her for this?

“And, sweetie?” he smiled, picking up the remote and pressing the button again as she sat there, stunned. “I think that punishment would have to happen right away, just to make sure it sinks in.”

Lolette whimpered as the vibrator sprang to life a second time, making her wonder how many more times that would happen… And how long she could hold out, after her forced chastity these past couple months. This was going to be quite the party…



Trick or Treat

Trick or Treat

What harm could it do? Ashley had always heard – at least, since she’d learned about, and become a part of, the whole AB/DL community – that Halloween was the one time of year you could wear a diaper in public and get away with it… And she wasn’t even planning on going that far, really.

Sure, she’d fantasized about it, yet in the end, she was too embarrassed to consider stepping foot outside in anything thicker than a pair of training pants. Of course, she paired it with a pair of white tights under a pair of white Mary-Janes, and a tiny, white babydoll dress, one that seemed much shorter in person than it had when she’d ordered it online.

Once she had it all on, she was way too humiliated to even think of venturing out to a party in it, no matter how cute she thought she looked… But there was one other thing she might be able to get away with, something she’d been wanting to do again for years now.

She felt ridiculous, certainly, driving herself to another neighborhood and then parking her car so she could get out and join the throngs of children, lugging her own candy bucket, trying to ignore the looks she was getting from parents – did they know the truth, and think she was creepy for being out among their kids, or did they buy that she was a child, making them wonder where her own parents were?

She nearly lost her nerve and dashed back to her car, but she’d come this far… She should at least knock on one door, hopefully get one little treat for herself before running back home. She braced herself, gathering all of her courage as she made her way up one of the sidewalks, trying to decide on a house…

She gasped as a little kid ran into her, apologizing as the tiny terror didn’t even bother to return it before running off. Her cheeks flushed as she nervously rearranged her skirt, hoping her momentary loss of balance hadn’t caused her to flash what was underneath. Why was she doing this?!

She was committed now, however. She marched herself up to the nearest house and rang the doorbell, nearly shivering while she waited for an answer, contemplating whether a round of ding-dong-ditch would be just as Halloweeny as trick or treating. Before she could convince herself it was a suitable replacement, the door swung open, revealing the woman inside. She was a bit on the older side, though hardly elderly, carrying a huge bowl of candy. Ashley gaped at the bowl, marvelling as she saw the much-envied full candy bars inside. If she was just going to make one stop tonight, clearly this was the right one. And yet…

Ashley stared up at her for a long moment, suddenly struck dumb at the thought of going through with the final phase of her plan. The woman looked down at her patiently as Ashley’s eyes grew wider and wider and her feet began a bashful shuffle. Ashley wasn’t sure how much time passed before, finally, she started to blurt out, “T-Trick or…” just to get it over with.

“Oh, my, look at this!” the woman exclaimed, cutting her off. Ashley instantly tugged at her skirt, terrified her training panties were showing; instead, it was a smear of chocolate the woman was fussing over, likely left by that kid who had run into her. “We’d better get this taken care of quick, or you’ll stain your pretty dress!”

“O-Oh!” Ashley nodded, annoyed that the dress was likely ruined, though more glad to have an excuse to get away from here after that awkward silence. “I-I’d better go take care of that…”

“Nonsense,” the woman smiled, reaching out and taking her hand. “I know you don’t live in this neighborhood, and if we don’t take care of that right away, it’ll be far worse! Don’t you worry, I know just what to do.”

“B-But, I…” Ashley started to protest, only to be pulled into the house anyway, led into the living room while the woman reached for the hem of her dress. Ashley gasped, grabbing it herself; the woman just chuckled.

“Don’t you worry, dearie, I’ve taken care of plenty of little girls in my time.” With that, she yanked the dress away from Ashley’s sweaty grip, pulling it up and over her head, leaving her in just her training pants and tights. She prayed the woman wouldn’t notice, or wouldn’t recognize, or at least wouldn’t say anything.

Instead, the woman let out another chuckle. “And what are these, dearie?”

Ashley gulped, glancing down to see the woman pointing right at her crotch. “J-Just my panties,” she claimed.

“Oh, really?” the woman raised an eyebrow. “That’s it? There isn’t a little extra there, for protection?” Ashley shook her head quickly, mortified. The woman opened her mouth to say more; luckily, before she could, the doorbell rang. She hung the dress over the back of a chair, then pointed at the seat, sternly commanding Ashley, “Sit here and wait for me, little girl.”

Ashley obeyed automatically, her heart racing in fear and, to her embarrassment, excitement. The woman knew, there was no way she couldn’t, the way she was speaking… What was she going to do about it?

The woman returned after a moment, shaking her head. “This is quite disappointing… I don’t like liars, and I know for a fact what those are, young lady. You see, my niece just finished her potty training, and she had a pair of training panties just like yours. So, let’s try again… Do you need those?”

Ashley froze; how was she supposed to answer that? If she said no, it raised the question of why she was wearing them, but yes was just as humiliating, painting the picture that she really was just an oversized toddler. Before she could decide which way to go, the doorbell rang again, and the woman ducked back out.

When she returned, she fixed Ashley with a stern glare, demanding, “Well?!”

“N-No,” Ashley shook her head.

The woman snorted in derision. “Then those ought to be dry, shouldn’t they? Your candy bucket is empty, so you’ve just started trick-or-treating, and I’m sure you would have put on a nice, dry pair right before you started… If you don’t need them, they should be bone dry, shouldn’t they?”

Ashley nodded – what else could she do? – her heart thumping faster and faster at the thought that this woman, this stranger, might be about to check her, like some little girl. The woman took a step forward, but before she could do any more, the doorbell went off once more. “Don’t move a muscle,” she said.

“I hope you aren’t lying,” she told Ashley when she got back. “I already warned you I don’t like liars, and I’m not afraid to use the paddle… I’m not afraid to put little girls like you back where they belong, either. I still have some of my niece’s diapers here from before she worked her way up to those trainers, and I have no doubt they would fir you, too.”

“I-I’m not a child,” Ashley mewled, squirming in her seat as the woman approached. “I-I don’t need…”

She was rescued by the doorbell, leaving her all alone in the living room… But it was becoming less of a safe haven with every delay, as her nerves, all the wandering she’d done, and the glass of wine – along with the water she’d had earlier – she’d drank to calm herself a bit before this whole adventure began to catch up to her. Her training pants were dry… For now. How much longer would she be able to say that?

She was alone much longer this time; faintly, she could hear more kids coming up to the door, calling, “Trick or treat!” much more easily than she’d been able to, one after another… Would it ever end? It had been early when Ashley made her way here, and now it seemed the trick or treating was starting in earnest… And clearly, everyone knew this was the house to go to.

She could go look for a bathroom, but the woman had told her to stay put, and the exit to the living room would take her dangerously close to the front door; her dress was right there, stain and all, and technically there was nothing keeping her there, other than the fear that the woman would stop her on the way out, or before she could find another exit.

Ashley fidgeted, bladder filling inside her. There was no way the kids could see her there, just a few feet away, half-stripped and fighting to stay dry, yet every new voice she heard at the door felt like it was laughing at her predicament. Little did they know that while they were getting their beloved full bars, she was struggling not to wet herself, and earn a spanking and diapering.

It was a strange fantasy, something she would never have admitted to herself she might want, despite reading stories about it over and over again. And now here she was, in just such a predicament herself… Was this what she wanted? Now that she was faced with it, she wasn’t so sure…

Maybe the woman had just been joking… Maybe this was Ashley’s trick, to be followed up with a nice candy bar treat. Maybe she’d finish up with this round of trick or treaters in time for Ashley to ask permission for – and directions to – the bathroom. Maybe she’d find the backbone she’d misplaced as soon as she’d been seen dressed up like the little girl she’d thought she wanted to be, and tell this woman she had no right to paddle her, or tape her into a big, thick diaper, or even check her training panties.

But each round of those distant – though not far enough for Ashley’s comfort – “Trick or treat!”s made all of those seem just a little less likely… And there didn’t seem to be any end in sight.



New Rules

New Rules

It was always hard switching to a new school… Figuring out what all the cliques were, finding a place to sit at lunch, learning about all the local traditions. Jaiden had been through it more times than she cared to count, and unfortunately, it seemed that none of the places her parents moved could transfer everything from her old schools, meaning that, despite being nearly twenty, and being a good student, she was still trying to make it out of her senior year. She would have happily just dropped out, but her parents insisted she graduate, and refused to let her get a job, or even her driver’s license, until then so she could save up enough money to move out on her own. They were convinced that a diploma was the best thing a little could get, to help prove to all the Amazons that they really were adults. Every time Jaiden told them it wasn’t that big a deal, they’d freak out, asking if she wanted to spend her life in daycare; every time, Jaiden had a harder time convincing them that she didn’t, she just didn’t think a diploma would help matters that much.

Unfortunately, all that shuffling around, constantly getting used to new things, was probably why she hadn’t paid any attention when she’d kept hearing that costumes on Halloween were mandatory… After all, that was such a silly ‘rule’, she was sure it was nothing of the sort, just a local tradition that people liked, yet didn’t have to actually do. Since she was an adult, and far too cool for Halloween, she didn’t bother.

She began to suspect her mistake as she got on the bus… The driver shook her head when she saw Jaiden, though didn’t say anything. She was one of the first on the bus, so the few kids she saw in costume made her a bit nervous, yet it didn’t really hit her until the next stop, when everyone who got on was fully decked out, and the next, where the same thing happened. Anxiously, she began to dig through her book bag, searching for something, anything she could fashion into a makeshift costume if only to fit in, but her mind kept coming up blank.

She tried to blend into all the other students as she filed off the bus, but the driver clearly remembered her, grabbing her arm as she tried to pass. “Hold on, young lady,” she sneered, pulling her away from the flow of kids, nearly into her lap. “I think somebody needs to visit the principal.”

Jaiden tried to protest, to pull away, but the driver was an Amazon, and a fairly large one at that. Once everyone else was off the bus, she easily pulled Jaiden out, marching her right to the principal’s office. She didn’t even have to say anything to him; he shook his head as he looked at Jaiden, asking simply, “Did you not hear about the rule, young lady?”

“I-I did,” Jaiden admitted. “It’s just, I…” But before she could say anything else, he was already reaching for the paddle hanging up behind his desk.

Once her backside was red, fiery, and throbbing, he marched her, tears still streaming down her face, to the nurse’s office. The nurse picked her up, placing her on the littles’ examination table and immediately strapping cuffs around her ankles and wrists. Jaiden tried to get herself under control, but as the woman pulled out a diaper, she began crying even more.

“Don’t worry, dear, I’m sure I can throw together a nice costume for you,” she cooed, grabbing a pair of surgical scissors from a drawer and slowly slicing Jaiden’s skirt in half, and then her shirt, before sliding the blades under the leg band of the girl’s panties.

“P-Please, don’t!” Jaiden sniffed. “I’ll call my parents, and they can bring me something!”

“Oh, nonsense,” the nurse brushed her off. “We can take care of this without bothering them.” And, with that, she snipped away Jaiden’s underwear, before moving up to her padded bra. She slid the diaper under Jaiden’s squirming, sore bottom, then began coating the girl’s crotch in shaving cream. Jaiden tried to stop her, only to get a pacifier shoved and locked into her mouth for her trouble. “We have to make sure you stay nice and clean.”

Jaiden could only watch helplessly as she was shaved, before the nurse pulled out another cream and started rubbing it, quite thoroughly, into her crotch. Jaiden felt a little tingly, and then slightly numb, down there, and she had no doubt that she was going to be having a much more difficult time not using the diaper that the nurse was pulling up between her legs and taping into place.

Sure enough, just moments after the nurse gave the front of the diaper a pat and walked over to a cupboard, Jaiden could feel a dribble of warm wetness escaping into the padding, leaving her squirming and gasping as she tried to stop it. Whether the nurse didn’t notice it, or she just expected it, the woman didn’t say anything about it once she returned with a onesie. Jaiden half-heartedly tried to fight once her hands were uncuffed, but that just earned her a pair of thick, fingerless mittens once the garment was on her, and her wrists were recuffed. The onesie was snapped, tugging the freshly dampened bulk tighter against the girl’s spanked posterior.

The nurse stepped back, admiring her work. “Hmm… Almost there,” she nodded. “I think there’s just one more thing you need to finish it up.” She reached into a drawer, pulling out a bottle of what Jaiden recognized immediately as suppositories. Her eyes and nostrils flared as she yelled obscenities into her pacifier gag, but none of them stopped the nurse from easily repositioning her onto her stomach, unsnapping her onesie, and gently sliding her diaper down.

“Now, don’t worry,” she told the girl as she slid the first of the suppositories into her backside. “I’ll make sure to change you before you go home, if I hear that you’ve behaved yourself. And I certainly hope you do, because it’s a long, bumpy bus ride back home for you, isn’t it?” Jaiden whimpered as the woman pushed a second, and then a third, one in before letting her loose, setting her down on the floor and watching her squirm once her diaper and onesie were back in place. “Perfect! Why, I bet you’ll even win first prize in the costume contest! Now, run along, you’re already almost late!”

Jaiden took her book bag dazedly as it was shoved into her hands, stumbling through the nurse’s office towards the door, not wanting to give the woman any chance to do anything else. She remembered hearing that the costume contest was mandatory, too, though she’d assumed that was just for those who chose to wear a costume… Which, it turned out, should have been everyone. If the nurse was right, and she did win, how would she explain that to her parents, since as far as they knew, she hadn’t worn a costume?!

She gazed down at herself, stomach churning from more than the trio of suppositories already working inside of her. The nurse had destroyed her clothes… She didn’t have anything else to wear home, unless the nurse gave her another outfit, and somehow Jaiden didn’t see that happening. How could she explain to them that she’d gone to school that morning dressed like a normal teenager, and came home in a diaper and onesie? She could tell them that costumes had been mandatory, but would they buy that?

She jumped at the sound of the bell, gasping as she made a mad dash for her first class. How could she already be late?! The nurse had barely given her any time… Was the nurse going to hear about this? Would she take this as Jaiden ‘misbehaving’? If she was sent home in a full diaper, she had a feeling the next school whose rules she’d have to learn would be preschool… If she was lucky.