The Halloween Collection

The Halloween Collection

Hello again, everybody!
The second volume of my short story ebook collection, The Halloween Collection, is now available
Like I mentioned before, I did some adaptations of caption stories exclusive to this collection. Counting the one I posted here, there are five total: Seeing Double, Costumes, Baby Fat, The Nice Girl, and The Props Make the Costume. All of them are expanded from the original story, including new scenes and dialogue. All in all, there are 11 stories total in this collection, for $2.99. The link currently goes to Lulu, but it should be available on Amazon shortly as well, for those that prefer them.
Thanks for everything! Hopefully I’ll get a couple Halloween captions done, but if not, Happy Halloween, everyone!
Edit: Now available on Amazon! According to them, it’s 234 pages, more than 50 pages longer than my first collection, for the same low price!

Seeing Double – Story

Seeing Double – Story

Hello, everyone! I have some new(-ish) content for you all, but first, a bit of an explanation.

The story might seem slightly familiar to you all, and for good reason. This is a story version of a caption, which can be found here. Unlike the past few years, I haven’t really had much inspiration for original Halloween stories – though there’s still time, and I do hope to get something done. When looking through some of my older captions, however, I did think that some of them might be fun if I expanded them a bit as regular stories.

I have a few that I have in mind to do, though if I come up with a good original concept, I’ll probably prioritize that instead. However, this will likely be the only one (at least of the Halloween-themed ones) that I’ll put on here… The others I’ll be saving for Volume 2 of my short story collection e-book, since it is also Halloween themed. I’m hoping to get at least two more done for that, but of course I’d also like to make sure to have it done and published so people can read it before Halloween is over.

But, anyway, for now, here’s Seeing Double:

It had been a rather strange call, but Georgia was used to that sort of thing. In her line of work, you really had to be. She didn’t consider herself to be exclusively an AB/DL babysitter, but lately it certainly seemed that way, with nearly all her clients being old enough to vote, despite the diapers they universally wore, whether just for bed or all the time.

She didn’t mind, though. She found it rather cute, in a way, especially the way most of them tended to get bashful when they had to come to her and ask for a change after soiling their diapers. Sometimes, when they were really blushing, she’d pretend she hadn’t heard them, and ask them to repeat their mumbled request… Sometimes more than once, while they squirmed so hard she was sure they were about to soak their Pampers even further right in front of her. Besides, these jobs tended to pay much better than ones involving actual children.

But this one had been different. Partly because the “Mother” had sounded so frazzled, and rather young herself – most Mommies of adult babies tended to be quite calm and collected when they called her, and always seemed incredibly sophisticated and poised when she met them – and partly because of when the job was. Georgia had never been a huge fan of Halloween, so the idea of working that night didn’t bother her too much.

What had really surprised her, however, was that the Mommy had requested that she take her adult baby trick or treating. In a way, Georgia had been glad for the clarification, because otherwise she would have wondered if she was supposed to hand out candy, or leave that to the overgrown child in her care, but she had not expected that. Most of the time, she was told to keep the adult babies inside or in the backyard, or, at most, walk them to a playground or park sometime when they were likely to be empty. Halloween was a special occasion, though, so she supposed it made sense… And she had been told she would get paid extra for her trouble, so she had agreed, yet it had still struck her as odd.

However, that was nothing compared to the strangeness that greeted her when she got to the house that night. She’d rung the doorbell several times, giving a distasteful look at the plastic spider that was hung above it, before finally trying to doorknob. She found it unlocked, and, after double-checking her notes to make sure this was where and when she’d been told to show up, walked in. The house seemed empty, and nervously she began to make her way inside, calling, “Hello? It’s the babysitter! Is anyone home?”

After a few minutes of wandering, she heard a faint noise coming from down one hallway. She followed it, realizing as she got closer that it sounded like the rustling of plastic, punctuated by faint grunts and yelps. She was a little worried at what she was going to find behind the door that it was clearly emanating from, but when she knocked at it, she was greeted by a squeaked, “Come in!”

She opened the door and found a pair of young women in a heap, both looking a bit sheepish as they stared up at her from on top of the plastic play mat laid out on the floor of the nursery. They looked about the same age, though they were dressed quite differently.

One was in a red dress and fishnet stockings, with a pair of black high heels, her hair held up in a sophisticated bun, with a pair of elegant silver earrings dangling from her ears. The other, however, was in a white shirt with red polka dots and lace around the arm holes, a pair of thick pink tights on underneath with three pairs of ruffles on the backside, along with a pair of black Mary Janes, her hair in a pair of pigtails held in place with ribbon, and no other accessories other than a pacifier shoved between her lips. It was also quite obvious – since her shirt came nowhere close to covering her crotch – that she was in a thick diaper under those tights.

Georgia folded her arms and stared down at them, shaking her head. “What is this?” she demanded, watching the pair squirm beneath her.

“I’m so glad you’re here!” the girl in the diaper spoke up quickly. “I’m the one who hired you! You wouldn’t believe what happened!”

“Oh, shut up!” the girl in the red dress snapped before turning to Georgia. “She’s the baby! She attacked me and was trying to diaper me so you’d think I was the baby!”

“No, she’s the baby!” the girl in the diaper shook her head. “This is my costume for the party tonight! While I was getting dressed, she stole my clothes, and she refused to change back!”

“I would never be careless enough to just leave my clothes lying around where she could take them,” the girl in the red dress claimed with a sniff. “Besides, I’m an adult, I’m too mature to dress up in some silly costume for Halloween! She just tackled me when she heard you coming!”

“Nuh-uh! She fell over because she isn’t used to walking in heels!” the other girl countered. “She only ever wears flat Mary Janes. See? Like these!” She held up her foot, showing off the shoe on it.

“Just check her diaper! I bet she’s wet already!” the girl in the dress glared at her companion.

“Check her panties!” the diapered girl shot back. “Or mine, I should say, and she’s probably ruined them by now!”

“All right, enough!” Georgia finally shouted over top of them, growing tired of this bickering. The pair stared up at her in surprise. “I can solve this.”

The girls both grinned, looking at each other triumphantly. Each was sure that they had done it, that they had convinced the babysitter that they were the real grown-up here.

“You are both acting like bratty little babies,” Georgia informed them, feeling a small smile cross her face at the shocked look on theirs. “I was going to take one of you trick or treating while the other went to her party, but now it’s clear that you both need a nice, long nap. You, in the dress – up on the changing table! Now! No whining! If you’re both very good, I’ll let you both trick or treat for half an hour after your nap. If not, you’re going right back to bed after supper, and maybe tomorrow morning you’ll be ready to tell me the truth. Now hurry up, unless you both want a spanking!”

“Go on!” the girl in the diaper said, pushing the other girl to her feet.

The girl in the dress stumbled slightly, looking from Georgia to the girl on the floor before stomping her foot. “This isn’t fair!”

“If you are the baby, then this will only make things easier for you,” Georgia told her. “And if not, then I’m sure you’re mature enough to know that this is what’s best for both of you.”

The girl glared at her, seething, before pouting and whining, “Fine!” and walking over to the changing table, sitting down on its padded surface. Georgia gently pushed her onto her back, removed her shoes, then slid the dress up, revealing the tops of the thigh high fishnets and the girl’s skimpy black panties.

“Hmm… It seems like your friend was right,” Georgia informed her. “These are ruined.”

“It’s not my fault!” the girl blushed bright red, while the other girl, still sitting on the floor, burst into laughter as Georgia stripped the dripping underwear off of her and threw them into the diaper pail beside the table. “She was tickling me while I was trying to get loose, and she hit me in the stomach… I couldn’t help it!”

“Of course,” Georgia cooed, quieting her with a pacifier of her own before sliding a diaper beneath her backside. As she rubbed baby lotion into the squirming girl’s skin, she couldn’t help noticing that her crotch was completely smooth and hairless, though she chose not to mention it. After adding a liberal dose of baby powder, she taped the diaper snugly into place, giving it a firm pat before stripping off the girl’s fishnets, then sitting her up and removing the dress, leaving her in just a diaper.

“I have a feeling there are more of those tights around here somewhere,” Georgia mused. “Could you show me where they are?”

The girl on the floor beamed as she was asked the question, though it was unclear whether that was because she was relieved that Georgia seemed to trust her enough to ask her that – perhaps proving in her mind that Georgia had decided she was the Mommy and she would be getting out of that diaper soon enough – or because she was the baby and happy to further humiliate her Mommy. She hopped up, toddling over to the dresser and pulling open one of the drawers.

“Thank you,” Georgia smiled at her, looking through the tights until she found a white pair dotted with tiny red hearts, but still with the three rows of ruffles on the butt. She went to the closet and found a pink shirt quite similar to the one the other girl was wearing, then took the items over to the girl on the changing table. Georgia dolled her up, then tied her hair up into pigtails and tied ribbons around them, before setting her down on the floor in front of the other girl.

The two looked at each other, both fidgeting slightly as they saw they had almost become mirror images of one another. The one who had started in a diaper looked a bit proud of herself, however, at least until Georgia gave the crotch of her diaper a pat through the tights, finding it rather squishy. “It looks like your friend was right, too,” she shook her head. “Neither of you seem to have kept your pants dry.”

“I didn’t do it!” the girl stared down at her feet in shame. “She dumped her bottle of apple juice into the diaper before she put it on me! That’s how she knew to tell you it was wet!”

“I’m sure,” Georgia nodded, setting the girl on the changing table, then turning and putting the other girl into the crib, locking the side into place before returning to her current charge. “Let’s just get you cleaned up anyway.”

“A-And back into my underwear, right?” the girl on the table asked nervously as Georgia slid the tights down over the diaper. “You have her diapered now, so we don’t have to continue this any longer!”

“Shut up!” the girl in the crib shouted. “You know I’m not the baby!”

“Both of you be quiet! I don’t want to hear another word out of either of you! You should be sucking on your pacis, not yelling at one another! And as for you…” she untaped the diaper of the girl on the changing table, “you are going into the underwear you’ve earned for yourself, at least for the night.” She pulled a diaper out from beneath the table and set it down next to the girl, who folded her arms and began to suck on her pacifier with a pout. Georgia wiped the girl’s bald groin clean with wipes and started to cover it with lotion and powder, and, finally, the fresh diaper. She tugged the tights back into place, then pulled off the girl’s Mary Janes, setting them beside the high heels on the floor, before leading the girl over to the crib, which the girl soon found herself locked into, along with her companion.

“Now,” Georgia said, pulling a baby monitor out of her bag and setting it on the changing table, facing the crib, “the two of you are going to take a nice nap, and I won’t be hearing any fighting, will I?”

The two girls shook their heads obediently, in nearly perfect sync. Georgia, however, was not convinced, and turned to take something else out of her bag. The girls couldn’t tell what, and were rather confused when the babysitter pulled the pacifiers out of their mouths and took them to the table, until she returned with one of them, now set into the center of a leather strap with a lock on the back. Georgia pushed the pacifier back into one of their mouths, then looped the strap around the back of the girl’s head and locked it in place, before repeating the process with the other girl, effectively gagging both of them.

“That’s better,” Georgia nodded. “Be good girls and get some sleep so you’ll be ready to go trick or treating!”

The pair was still glaring at one another as Georgia turned out the lights and closed the door. Part of her wished she had been a little more secretive about placing the monitor, and let them speak to one another more freely, but she’d already made the threat not to take them out if they misbehaved. A good caretaker always followed through on their threats, after all, and she had no intention of not taking them out trick or treating, so she just had to give them as few opportunities to lose that “privilege” as she could.

Still, she would have been curious to hear what they had to say to one another. Would the Mommy still try to scold the baby for getting her into this mess, or would she be too scared of Georgia making a mistake the next morning and keeping her as an overgrown toddler? Would the baby be excited at that possibility, or terrified that, if that happened, she would have an accident in the big girl panties she wasn’t used to anymore before Georgia left, thus blowing her cover?

Or, as Georgia was starting to suspect, would they congratulate each other on a job well done? Part of Georgia suspected neither of the girls really minded being diapered all that much, and that the whole scene had been set up for her benefit. Maybe they’d expected her to do just what she’d done, or maybe they were just going to let her decide which of them would be the baby for the night, to get to enjoy Halloween, the one night they could reasonably get away with going out without having to worry too much about hiding their thick diapers.

Well, she certainly wasn’t going to deny them that. There was a footed sleeper hanging on the back of the closet door that she assumed had been meant as the costume for the “winner”, and more with the other clothes that she could have picked for the other one, if that was how things went… But Georgia wasn’t going to be doing that. It was fortunate for her that she had put an extra set of adult baby reins into her bag just the other day, because – along with a pair of Mary Janes for each of them – that was all the two of them would be adding to their current outfit before she took them out into their neighborhood.

The one part of her threat she had no plans on following through with was the time limit. She’d say they had just been so good, she would let them stay out as late as they wanted, or until their candy buckets were full. Halloween only comes around once a year, after all! And since she was going to keep them gagged so they couldn’t complain, or say they were done, they would just have to keep going until they had all the candy they could carry. She’d take them to every house she could, to show them off to as many of their neighbors as were around and still handing out candy. The diuretic powder she’d applied to the bulb of the pacifiers before putting them back into the girls’ mouths would also ensure that she’d be given an opportunity to ask one of those neighbors if she could take them inside to change them. Maybe more than one, if they stayed out long enough!

And as for the next day, when the time came to decide which of them would be the Mommy? She’d watch them and see if it really looked like one seemed more mature than the other… And maybe she’d let that one out of diapers. Or maybe she’d go with the other one, since she was sure that one would enjoy hiring her again to babysit her former Mommy, like that Mommy had intended for her tonight. And if neither of them showed any signs of being a real grown-up, then clearly they needed a full time Nanny, and Georgia would be happy to fill that role.