“I’m very sorry,” Ami made herself say, scowling inside as she thought back to the lecture she’d just gotten from the principal. “I should have offered to help, not insulted you… I hope you can forgive me.”

Ami did her best not to show her disgust as she watched Krystal, the spoiled little rich girl, pretend to think about it. “Well, I might be able to do that…” she said finally. “If you really do want to help me.”

“Of course,” Ami forced a smile. “Whatever you need.”

“Perfect!” Krystal clapped her hands. “You can come over here every day, then, and tutor me…. I’ve always thought you were a good teacher, despite that little… outburst… but there are just so many other kids in class. I’m sure I’ll learn a lot more one on one.”

“Great,” Ami attempted to sound, if not enthusiastic, at least not as angry as she felt. Sure, what she’d said might have been a bit extreme, yet so was giving up her evenings to be a private tutor, something the girl’s parents could obviously afford without dragging her into this. Krystal’s family, however, had other things to spend their money on… Like funding a whole new wing for the school, which was exactly why Ami was being forced to try to make things right with their only child.

“We’ll start today,” Krystal declared. “My driver will take us both… I’d hate for your car to break down on the way there. Don’t worry, he won’t mind driving you back here to pick it up when you’re done.”

Ami could tell, from the girl’s tone, that she didn’t really have a choice here, so she sighed, nodded, and, after the school day ended, was escorted to a very nice car and driven to an even nicer mansion. Krystal led her to a fancy living room, then let Ami get set up while she fetched them some drinks.

Ami was surprised at that – maybe the girl wasn’t as snobby as she’d thought, not to make one of the servants Ami was certain was there do it for her – until she actually picked up the glass of lemonade she’d been given. Krystal had already bustled back out of the room with some strange, quickly thought-up excuse… Ami found out why as she tilted the glass to her lips, and found out it was some silly prank glass, as the liquid all drained out of tiny holes in the pattern she hadn’t noticed, dumping the contents on her lap.

“What did you do?!” Krystal squealed. “Do you have any idea how much my parents paid for that sofa?!” She whipped out her cell phone, snapping photos before Ami could protest that she knew that the girl had set this up. “Nanny!” she yelled.

“Stop it,” Ami rolled her eyes. “This isn’t fooling anyone… I know what you’re trying to do, but…”

She gulped as a large, slightly older, but far larger, woman appeared, eyeing her. “What do we have here?” she asked, staring Ami right in the eyes, making the teacher squirm despite knowing she hadn’t done anything.

“This is that mean girl who made fun of me yesterday, Nanny!” Krystal announced. “She said I didn’t belong out of diapers, and now look what she did!”

“No!” Ami shook her head. “I’m not a girl, I’m her teacher, and I told her that with how little effort she puts into her work, I’m surprised she passed potty training, much less…” She gasped as Nanny grabbed her by the arm, yanking her off the sofa.

“Miss Krystal doesn’t lie,” the woman declared. “I taught her better than that… So, you are exactly who she says you are, young lady, and I’m not about to let you run around soiling any more furniture!”

“I’ll clean up here,” Krystal offered angelically. “Why don’t you put her in one of my old play uniforms? I bet that would fit her!”

Despite Ami trying to explain what had happened, and beg for the woman to stop, she was dragged into the bathroom, where she was stripped, put into the tub, and scrubbed clean, while the Nanny lectured her on bullying, even if it was just to try to cover up her own insecurities. Being seen by some stranger naked was bad enough; being bathed by her ratcheted the humiliation up even higher; then, to top it off, when Nanny finally took Ami out of the bath and patted her dry, she opened the cupboard under the sink and pulled out the biggest, thickest diaper Ami had ever seen.

“Miss Krystal hasn’t needed her nighttime protection in some time now… But it’s a good thing I saved them, isn’t it?” Ami wilted under the woman’s gaze, wiggling helplessly as she begged and pleaded not to be put into a diaper… Not that it helped. She could hardly believe how huge and bulky it was, her mind spinning at the very idea that she, an adult in her twenties, had just been diapered like a baby, and about to be seen like that by her student… Then, to add insult to injury, Nanny took her through the house in just her diaper to a large, empty bedroom, pulling a schoolgirl uniform out of the closet. “She hasn’t worn this in quite some time, either, but I believe she’s right that it will fit you… And you’d better thank her for letting you use it. Clearly, you need some lessons in manners… I hope you come around more often, so I can give them to you.”

Krystal was beside herself when Ami finally waddled back into the living room, Nanny trailing behind her. “She’s so cute! Thanks so much, Nanny!” She grinned, snapping another picture before hugging Ami and ‘forgiving’ her for her accident, watching the other woman walk away. “Now,” she giggled, “Do you know where this uniform is really from?” Ami, still stunned at the insane turn this afternoon had taken, shook her head. “My parents give a lot of money to another school… A boarding school for troubled little girls… Like you.” She smiled when Ami looked up at her, somehow even more confused. “My parents have been bugging me to do some volunteer work and junk… So, as far as they’re concerned, you’re a student there, and I’ve taken you under my wing to tutor you. You’ll come home with me every day and work on my… I mean, ‘your’ homework. You’ll get it all done, correctly, and you’ll do everything I say… Like peeing yourself right now.”

Ami gasped as she felt Krystal put a hand right on her diaper. “N-No,” she shook her head. “No, I’m the tutor, not you… And…”

“You’re going to do everything I say,” Krystal repeated. “Because every night, I’m going to walk you out to the car, like a good friend… And I’ll tell the driver whether to take you back to your car, so you can go home… Or to the school this uniform belongs to. They’ve got a nice file with your name on it there… You’re a bad girl, Ami… Once the driver takes you to the Headmistress, she’ll keep you on close watch to make sure you never run away again… And you’ll be staying in your diapers full time, because there are so many failed potty training attempts on your record… Poor thing… I bet it’ll be years before they bother to try again… Probably not until you’re almost ready to graduate in, oh, four years,” Krystal stared Ami right in the eyes. “Now… Wet yourself, or you’ll be going there tonight.”

Ami whimpered and squirmed, but, in the end, she had to give up, looking down at her feet as she felt the warm liquid starting to spread through the thick padding between her legs, as Krystal pushed harder against her diaper, giggling as she felt the woman give in. “Nanny!” she called when Ami was almost done. “She did it again!” She chuckled as Ami gave her a panicked look, cheeks burning. “I sure hope you didn’t tell her you don’t need diapers…” she said, in a tone that made it obvious she knew Ami had done just the opposite. “She doesn’t like liars… I bet she’ll get out the hairbrush… Maybe you should hide.”

Ami stared at her in disbelief, almost sure that she had to be joking, until she thought about everything else that had happened. She took off as quickly as she could manage with the bulky diaper slowing her down, but she had barely made it into the dining room when she heard the Nanny’s heavy footsteps. She gulped, turning slowly, hoping against hope she wouldn’t see what she feared there, behind her…

She was an adult, a teacher… She shouldn’t have been forced to apologize to a student for saying she wasn’t working hard enough… She certainly shouldn’t be about to be given a bare-bottom spanking and diaper change, before being sent back to the living room to do her student’s homework as if it were her own, all so she could avoid spending the next few years as a diapered schoolgirl… As opposed to just spending her afternoons that way. She gulped, feeling her diaper grow a little wetter as saw a large form fill the doorway, and she wished she’d just been a little more sincere with her apology…


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Growing Pains – Part 1

Growing Pains – Part 1

Growing up was always hard… Emma didn’t realize that her sister growing up would be even harder.

The whole time she’d been away at college, on the other side of the nation, whenever she’d text her younger sister, Maggie, she’d call her ‘baby sis’, even though, on the rare occassion she had the chance to head back home for a holiday or whatever, it was clear that her sibling was growing quite quickly, hitting a few growth spurts that the petite Emma had missed out on.

It wasn’t until she graduated – then moved back home when it was clear no job offers were on their way in the near future – that Emma realized how bad it had gotten. She stumbled her way into the living room, following after her father, who had picked her up at the airport, and dropped her luggage on the floor. “Hey, baby sis!” she said, smiling at Maggie, who was sitting on the couch.

Then Maggie stood up, and Emma’s jaw nearly dropped. Her little sister now towered over her! She gulped as she saw a mischievous light in the girl’s eyes…

Maggie took every chance to introduce Emma to her friends – at least, those Emma hadn’t met before – as her younger sister, who had been off at a boarding school for the past four years. Emma always corrected her, but Maggie, and her friends, always laughed her off, and her frustration just made her seem more like a little sister trying desperately to seem cooler to fit in with her big sister.

Finally, Emma got fed up with the whole thing. “Stop telling people I’m younger than you!” she demanded. “You’re always going to be the baby sister, so get over it!”

“Oh, really?” Maggie smirked. “Look at you… I bet you could fit into my school uniform from when I was 12.”

Emma was willing to take that bet… She’d still been living here when Maggie was 12, and she knew she had been taller than the girl then… She couldn’t remember for sure how much, but she was certain it was enough to make a difference. “And when I can’t, you’ll drop this whole thing?”

“Sure,” Maggie shrugged. “And if you can, you’ll play along however I want, for however long I want.”

Emma agreed, sure that winning was the only way to make her sister drop this whole charade. Maggie went to the basement to dig up her old uniform, ordering Emma to strip down and change right in front of her, to make sure she didn’t ‘try anything’. Emma felt extremely self-conscious to be undressing in front of her sister, especially when Maggie held up a pink polka-dotted bra – one that was clearly little more than a training bra – and said, “This, too.” Emma turned away and unhooked her actual bra, embarrassed, but feeling certain that this would help her out, since there was no way she’d fit into…

To her shock, it fastened easily. Suddenly, she began to worry about this whole thing… Then, to make it even worse, once she was able to easily button up the uniform shirt, Maggie stopped her again, handing her something big and thick and crinkly, with cartoon animals on it.

“Don’t you remember?” she asked. “I was still having some bedtime accidents then, and sometimes even during the day, so I had to wear these to school a few times… There were still a ton left over, and mom kept them, like she does with everything…”

“But…” Emma tried to protest, but Maggie’s mind was made up. “I don’t know how to put them on,” she said finally. Unfortunately, Maggie was quite an avid babysitter, and she was all too happy to help. To Emma’s horror, the diaper fit, as did the rest of the uniform. The skirt was maybe a little shorter than it was intended, but otherwise, none of it even felt particularly tight. “It doesn’t count!” Emma protested, refusing to give in. “Nobody would ever believe I’m actually this young!”

Maggie looked her over and frowned. She snatched up a brush and did Emma’s hair, pulling it into two ponytails, then looked her up and down again. “Maybe you’re right…” she said. “But there’s only one way to find out!”

Before Emma could protest, or try to stop her, Maggie had grabbed her hand and pulled her out to the car, driving her – squirming uncomfortably the whole way, trying to get comfortable in the strange, bulky diaper – right to the mall. Keeping a firm grip on Emma’s hand, she marched the girl through the front entrance, up to the second floor, and all the way to the far side of the mall.

“Okay,” Maggie told her, “here’s the deal. You’re going to walk all the way back through the mall and to the car… If nobody stops you to ask you where your Mommy is, I’ll believe that they think you really are an adult, and that will be the end of that. If even one person does… Then you’re the baby sister from now on. I’ll set your bedtime, and I’ll expect you to follow it. Every night, you’ll come to me for your nighttime diaper, and then I’ll lock the bathroom door until the next morning, to make sure there’s no reason for you to get out of bed… And you’ll be doing that even if I have friends over. If you’re really bad, I might even let them help. Anytme we go out, I get to choose what you wear. Oh, and you’ll have homework to keep you busy, too… Mine. And you’d better do a good job, or you might have to start wearing those diapers for more than just your bedwetting problem. Got it?” Emma started to shake her head, but Maggie stopped her. “If you say no, then I’ll just assume it’s because you know you can’t do it, and I’ll just assume that I won.”

Emma glared up at her, almost wishing she’d just admitted defeat at home… Maggie could have easily argued that, since the uniform fit, Emma had lost, but she had a feeling that her little sister had just wanted to make her run around the mall dressed like this. “Fine,” she sighed, glancing down at the first floor of the mall below her. She might have a chance, really… It wasn’t that busy, so she could probably avoid most of the people, and hope that the ones she couldn’t weren’t the type to talk to strange children they saw running around in public… “Fine,” she sighed.

“Great!” Maggie grinned. “Oh, just one more thing…” She stepped up behind Emma, pulling the back of her skirt up, then pinning it in two places. Emma blushed bright red as she tried to look behind herself, not sure how much of her diaper was being shown, but sure that it was enough for it to be obvious what the garment was. “Whenever you’re ready. Oh, and don’t touch that, or it’s a loss.”

Emma looked back over the crowds, gulping, sure that the crowds had grown in the past few seconds. Unfortunately, she’d already agreed, and the only chance she had of avoiding an even more humiliating fate was to get out of there as quickly and quietly as she could… All the while, knowing her diaper was on full display, just begging for someone to notice it and say something.

Growing Pains

Part 2

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The Sitter – Complete

The Sitter – Complete

“Ugh, I’m done playing!” she stomped her foot, turning back around from the corner.

“You’re done when I say you’re done!” her babysitter replied, turning the girl back around to face the corner with a hard swat to the back of her animal-print diaper. “Time-out’s don’t end just because little girls want them to… And that’s fifteen more minutes for turning around, young lady.”

She couldn’t deny that her heart fluttered a little at her babysitter’s words; the harsh, condescending tone. She felt just like a bratty child, being spoken to by her strict babysitter – which was exactly what she’d wanted when she’d booked this session… Unfortunately, she hadn’t expected that session to run over.

Most likely it wouldn’t have, had she not playfully refused to be given a bath. She didn’t mind the idea of it, really, especially since she’d already had her diaper changed a couple times by her sitter, but she’d been getting into her role, and it felt like the right thing to do…

At least, it had until she was put in the corner… It was a silly, childish punishment, yet one that she apparently still couldn’t stand. She was doing a horrible job of keeping track of time in there, as every time she thought the punishment was over and turned back around, her sitter told her she was too early, and added more time onto the punishment.

It was getting to the point where she wasn’t sure if she trusted the sitter or not… She didn’t remember when the corner time had started, and in the corner she couldn’t see a clock to keep track of how long it had been, so her sitter could easily be lying, forcing her to stay in her time-out even though she’d long past the time of her initial punishment.

It might have been a fun little game, except that she’d scheduled her time with the sitter to end not long before her date for that evening was supposed to pick her up…. She’d been sure there was enough time to get cleaned up and dressed in between, but that time was dwindling with every extension of her punishment…

“Listen, this has been fun, but it’s time for you to go home!” she said with all the confidence she could muster.

“Not until I’m sure you’ve learned your lesson, young lady,” her sitter told her. “Fifteen more minutes!”

She glared at her sitter defiantly, until she saw a hand reach for the hairbrush sitting on her coffee table… She squeaked, spinning back around, hands firmly on her hips to show her displeasure with this… Not that she was brave enough to do anything about it.


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The Easter Spirit

The Easter Spirit

“Did I what?” Ms. Kline scoffed, looking out at her class. “Are you serious?”

“I-I just thought,” the unfortunate student stammered, quaking under the eyes of his art teacher.

“I’m not three years old,” Ms. Kline said coldly. “I don’t decorate eggs. Do you?” She smirked as the boy squirmed in his seat uncomfortably. “Aww, how cute? Did you bring some pictures to show the class?”

She snickered, then blinked, sure she’d seen something dart across the corner of her vision; when she turned to look, it was gone. Shaking her head, she chuckled again and faced the chalkboard.

“All right, enough of this… Now, we were talking about the… impressionists, weren’t we?” She shook her head again, frowning at a strange feeling, and the low giggling coming from the room behind her. She shot the students a dirty look. “Do you want twice as much homework over your Easter weekend?” she demanded.

“Okay, so…” she picked up the chalk, trying to remember what she’d been planning to teach them. “Well, if you want to draw a bunny, then you just go like this!” It was so simple! Why did they need her for this?!

“Umm, Ms. Kline?” a student spoke up.

“What?” she spun, hearing an odd crinkling noise, fixing them with an icy glare. “Am I going too quickly?”

The student gave her a hurt look before shrugging. “Nothing, ma’am.”

“What would your Easter eggs look like, if you were big enough to decorate them on your own?” the first student asked.

“I’m plenty big!” Ms. Kline pouted, fidgeting at the sensation of warm liquid trickling into the thick padding between her legs. “And I can decorate Easter eggs real good! They’d look like this!” She began drawing, turning and giving her class a good look as her diaper began to droop more and more, almost in time with her speech growing more and more childish, never noticing the bunny ears on her head…


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Amanda could hardly wait to see what was in store for her… She’d complained to her new, older, rich husband for weeks that his mansion just didn’t feel like home to her, that she wanted a room to herself. He’d offered her one, but once she had it, she realized she wasn’t sure exactly what she wanted to do to it to make it more personal.

So, she’d hired an interior decorator to do it for her. She’d looked for the most expensive one she could find, sure that she deserved only the very best, and that was the easiest way to find it. She’d met with the woman several times, talked to her about her interests, what she wanted, and all sorts of things, before the decorator declared that she knew exactly what Amanda needed.

Today was the day – workers had been going in and out of the house all day, but, while Amanda could see them, her decorator had been keeping her busy in the kitchen, talking and cooking for her, since Amanda refused to learn how herself, making sure she didn’t see the room until it was finished.

It hardly seemed fair – Amanda, or rather her husband, was paying for the room, after all – but the decorator insisted on it, saying that the workers would be quicker if they didn’t have Amanda underfoot… That only annoyed Amanda more, since it made her sound like a troublesome child, but the decorator wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Finally, a handsome, muscular young man came into the kitchen, telling the decorator that he and his workers were finished. The woman thanked him and started to lead Amanda to her new room, catching the girl’s arm firmly as she tried to push past her. Amanda grimaced at her, trying petulantly to pull away, reminding the woman that this was her house, and her room, but the decorator didn’t let her go until she had pushed the door open, shoving Amanda inside.

Amanda really wasn’t sure what to expect, but it wasn’t this… Instead of an understated, but still quite mature and classy guest room, like it had been, the room was now, very clearly, a nursery. Giant toys littered the colorful floor, a huge crib sat in one corner, and, most worryingly, a changing table, stocked with everything needed for many, many diaper changes, was in the opposite corner. “What is this?!” Amanda demanded, turning back to the decorator, stomping her foot angrily. “This isn’t what I wanted!”

“This is exactly what you need, young lady,” said another woman who had just shown up beside the decorator. She was young, no older than Amanda, if that, in a white dress and heels. “Now, come along, let’s get you dressed properly.”


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The Kids’ Table

The Kids’ Table

“Oh, come on,” they had begged. “For old time’s sake!”

“This is silly,” Adrianna laughed. “We aren’t kids anymore… We don’t need to sit at the kids’ table.”

“We can make our own. We’ll use the nursery!” Sasha insisted. “Come on, don’t you remember all the good times we had?”

“Well, yeah,” Adrianna admitted. It had been a blast, being the oldest of the cousins, getting to boss them around, make them do whatever she wanted… “You’re hosting, though, you can’t just hide with us all day.”

“I can pop out here to check on things from time to time,” Sasha told her.

“Can I at least bring Paul?” Adrianna started to cave. “I don’t want to abandon him here…”

“He’s doing fine,” Apple insisted, gesturing over to where Adrianna’s husband was chatting with Sasha’s at the table.

“Besides, no boys allowed!” Lolette giggled. It was true, there had never been any male cousins in the family, and as soon as the girls were old enough to¬† start bringing their boyfriends to Thanksgiving, they’d stopped being banished to the kids’ table.

“Okay,” Adrianna shrugged. “Why not?!”

She got her answer almost right away, as Sasha led her down the hall and into the nursery, then shoved her roughly inside, starting to undress her. “Hey, what the hell..?!” Adrianna yelped as Apple and Lolette pushed in, shutting the door behind them. Sasha wrestled Adrianna to the changing table, which looked quite a bit larger than any Adrianna was used to seeing, much bigger than Sasha’s toddler would need…

“Yeah, real funny,” Adrianna fumed. “Give me back my clothes, right now!” she demanded. Instead, she was pushed, now nearly naked, onto the changing table, where the other girls happily helped out, cuffing her wrists to the side of the table, while Sasha grabbed something that was also much bigger than Adrianna was used to seeing.

“Wait, what are you doing?” Adrianna gasped, staring up at her younger cousin as the realization slowly began to dawn on her, staring up at the thick, crinkly, plastic garment being held over her, then slowly unfolded and slid under her. “Don’t you dare!”


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The Nightmare

The Nightmare

It was like a nightmare… Kayla could hardly believe this was happening, not to her! She was an adult, an Amazon, who spent all day working at a daycare, making sure those littler than her were securely diapered, and yet here she was, stuck in a crib meant for one of those babies, in only a diaper herself.

“You can’t do this to me!” she yelled, staring out at her co-workers with pleading eyes. “You know I don’t belong here…”

That was obvious, just from looking at her… The cribs were built to be too tall for the littles to get out of on their own, whereas she could easily just step over the side; and yet there she stayed, on her hands and knees, diapered bottom fully exposed – not that she could do anything to cover it in her current state.

“Let me out!” she shouted again angrily not happy about being ignored. All of her co-workers were off on their own, chattering among themselves, not paying her a bit of mind… On one hand, she couldn’t help but wonder if this was what the kids felt like when they ignored their repeated nap-time requests for more water, or bathroom breaks, or whatever else their silly little brains thought they might need when they ought to be sleeping. On the other, she knew she didn’t belong here, so it was just infuriating.

“You let me out of here right now!” she screamed, plucking up the teddy bear from the corner of the crib and throwing it in the direction of the other adults in the room. A moment later, her boss, who wasn’t supposed to be there that day, stepped out of the group and started stomping her way towards Kayla. Kayla immediately froze, whimpering as she felt a warm wetness making its way into the padding between her legs, sure she knew what was coming, and that she wasn’t going to like it…


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