Dress Code

Dress Code

“Ugh, I knew I should have just gone without letting you see it,” Mackenzie rolled her eyes. “I knew you wouldn’t understand…”

“I understand perfectly,” her mother told her, “but that doesn’t mean that dress is appropriate to wear to your school for anything, even prom. I don’t think it’s appropriate to wear anywhere, to be honest… Just look at you… You might as well not have on anything.”

Mackenzie had to admit, it was a bit on the skimpy side, but that was the point, really… And what did that matter? After twelve years of being stuck in stupid schoolgirl uniforms, she was more than ready to branch out. Besides, her friends had been sending her pictures of their prom dresses for weeks now, and theirs showed off quite a bit of leg, or cleavage… It had almost felt like a competition, seeing who could find the most revealing one; Mackenzie was pretty sure she’d won, so she hadn’t taken any photos, wanting it to be a surprise.

“Well, like it or not, mom, I’m an adult, so I can wear whatever I want,” Kenzie informed her.

“There are still dress codes,” her mother replied.

“Not for prom,” Mackenzie shook her head. “I’m not going to wear this Monday, so what do they care?” She had given a little thought to wearing it on the final day of classes, when she knew the only reason she’d ever have to go back to that place again was for graduation, but she hadn’t decided for sure yet… It depended partially on how good a reaction she got from her friends tonight.

“I know you’re eighteen,” her mom sighed, “And I’ve been very lenient about letting you buy whatever clothes you like…”

“As if it matters,” Mackenzie responded with a sigh of her own, shorter and more annoyed. “I can only wear them here, or during the summer, or weekends, or whatever…”

“However,” her mother fixed her with a motherly glare, unimpressed at being interrupted, “sometimes I wonder if that was a mistake…”

“Well,” Mackenzie shrugged, “I guess it’s too late now!” Fighting the urge to roll her eyes again, she lied, “I think I hear the limo outside… I’ll see you later.”

She hated to ruin the surprise, but she also didn’t want to have to continue this conversation, so, instead, she stomped her way across the street to her best friend, Lia’s, house, since it was her boyfriend, Ben, who had rented the limo for that night. It was really intended for just him and Lia, but Lia had pestered him until he agreed to let Kenzie ride with them, since she hadn’t managed to get a date.

“I’m taking her as much as I’m taking you,” Lia informed Ben. They’d been going out for a while, so Mackenzie doubted that was a huge surprise… He knew how close the two girls were, having been best friends for most of their lives, partially out of convenience, since their houses were so near to one another’s.

Mackenzie wasn’t surprised when Lia’s parents seemed slightly shocked at the sight of her, since they were pretty conservative, but she’d thought Lia herself, at the very least, would like it. Instead, she gawked at it for a few moments as she adjusted her own dress before finally managing a weak, “It looks nice…”

Mackenzie almost doubted herself, and her choice of dress, until a glance in her friend’s mirror reminded her of just how hot she looked. No, Lia was just jealous, that was all… Her mom probably was, too, jealous that Mackenzie was still young and hot, and could pull off an outfit like that; even though Lia was the same age, she didn’t have the body for it, either. It was too bad Lia was letting that bother her, since she still looked beautiful, though it still annoyed Mackenzie enough that she replied with a clipped, “Yeah, yours, too.”


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Gone Swimming

Gone Swimming

“Are you seriously going to wear that?” Beth giggled. “You’re so frumpy… It’s no wonder people think we’re sisters! If you go out like that, people will probably think you’re the older one!”

Stephanie bit back her true thoughts – that the real reason was her father had remarried to a girl only a few years older than her – and shrugged. “I feel more comfortable in this…” She fidgeted in her one piece swimsuit, knowing that her step-mother was right, that there weren’t many girls her age who would wear something like that, but still not wanting to switch over to something more revealing.

“I’d be happy to take you shopping,” Beth offered. “Don’t you want to look hot and glamorous, like me?” She struck a pose, flaunting her bikini-clad body. “It would be fun…”

“I said no!” Stephanie furrowed her brow. The ‘woman’ never listened to her… She seemed to think that, just because she was close to her age, she knew exactly what Stephanie wanted, despite the two of them having very different tastes. Stephanie had no desire to be more like her step-mother, either, no matter how hard she pushed. “I’m going like this, or I’ll just stay home!”

“Well, I’m not sure I want to be seen with you anyway, if you’re going to dress that way,” Beth stuck out her tongue. “So if you want to just sit at home with your nose in your books, that’s fine with me! I was just trying to be nice, but if you want me to tell your dad you aren’t even trying to get along, I’d be more than happy to do that!”

“I am trying!” Stephanie insisted. “I just don’t…”

“You know you’re supposed to be nice to me!” Beth reminded her.

Stephanie rolled her eyes; Beth was slightly older than she was, yet sometimes it didn’t seem that way. Maybe that was why she’d done it… That, and it was so easy just to slip a few extra songs into Beth’s work-out mix. She felt guilty about it from time to time, only to remind herself that it might not even work, that even if it did, it wouldn’t start until Steph herself said the main trigger phrase to activate everything else.

“Whatever!” Beth huffed. “We’ll see if he’s still going to pay for you to go to college this fall with you treating me this way…”

“You wouldn’t dare!” Stephanie shook her head. “You want me out of here just as much as I want to get out!”

“Try me,” Beth shrugged. “I can also let him know you haven’t been helping out with the chores around the house… I wouldn’t mind you sticking around if he made you take care of the dishes and vacuuming and all that boring stuff.”

Stephanie’s lips pressed into a thin line as she eyed the other girl’s expression, seeing that she was serious. Beth didn’t want a step-daughter, she wanted a maid, even if it meant denying Stephanie her education. Well, if she wanted Stephanie to take care of her, Stephie was willing and able to do just that.

“Bethy-poo,” Stephanie said, looking her in the eye. “Time to go bye-bye.”


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Playing Dress-Up

Playing Dress-Up

“Wow, you’ve gotten so big!” Odette exclaimed, smiling at her charge, Rosa. It had been so long since she’d seen the girl… Back then, she’d had to look down at her, because she’d actually been shorter than her. Now, Odette was forced to glance upwards at the unamused looking tween, just like she had to for just about everyone else.

“Yeah, I guess,” Rosa shrugged.

There was really no guessing required, as far as Odette was concerned, but she wasn’t going to push the issue. She hadn’t seen the girl since she’d started college four years ago, and the difference was pretty striking; before, she’d been a cute, little girl, more than happy to spend time with Odette whenever she came over to watch her. Now, she just wanted to go off to her room and be left alone. There had been a brief flash of excitement when Odette had first shown up, though it hadn’t lasted long at all.

Rosa retreated to her room, leaving Odette in the living room to wander around and reminisce. She’d spent plenty of time here, years ago, and she’d always enjoyed it… Rosa had been such a sweet kid, and her parents were pretty well-off, so they’d paid nicely. They still did, in fact… And maybe this would be even easier, with Rosa, really, old enough to take care of herself, mostly. Odette wouldn’t have to worry about keeping her entertained, or watching whatever silly kids’ show she was into at the moment, she could just do what she wanted.

As she walked around the room, however, she spotted the doorway, a smile cracking her lips as she spotted the lines crawling upwards, slowly inching higher and higher, a date inscribed next to each one, several in her own handwriting. She hadn’t really gotten close enough to Rosa to judge just how tall the girl was, compared to her, though now, staring at that latest line, there was no doubt she’d been outgrown. She almost stepped up to the wall herself to see by how much, but she wasn’t sure she really wanted to know.

Seeing those lines, however, she remembered how much fun she’d had, playing with Rosa. She’d been such a sweet little kid… Surely, there had to be some remnant of that left! Part of Odette knew that, at the girl’s age, she would have been much the same, more annoyed at still having to prove she didn’t need a sitter than anything, but she chose to ignore that.

“Hi,” she said, pushing open the girl’s bedroom door. “Are you just going to sulk in here all day? Why don’t we play something?”

Rosa rolled her eyes. “I’m not a kid anymore,” she told her sitter. “I’m too old for peek-a-boo or hide and seek, and…”

“But not for dress-up?” Odette winked, walking towards the dress-up chest. Rosa used to love that – and Odette had, too, since it gave her an excuse to raid the girl’s mother’s closet, and try on some of her fancier things – although Odette was surprised to see it still there.

Rosa blushed, then, a moment later, shrugged. “I-I mean, if that’s what you want to play, we could…”

“Sure!” Odette smiled, glad to see her babysitting skills hadn’t rusted that badly while she was off studying. Rosa hopped down from her bed and marched over to the chest, opening it and starting to dig through it, occasionally pulling out a princess dress, or a superhero costume, before shoving something blue and pink at Odette. “Here, this is yours.”

“Oh… Okay!” Odette nodded. Now that they were around the same size, she supposed it made sense that they’d share these costumes, instead of her borrowing some clothes from the girl’s mom. Those had always been too big for her anyway, although that had hardly mattered that much, when she got to try on those beautiful, elegant evening gowns that she knew she couldn’t afford on her own.

That was definitely not what she wound up with this time… It was cute, sure, a blue shirt with a kitten, and a blue skirt lined with pink lace, and it fit well, other than the skirt clearly being too short, leaving Odette tugging at it, trying not to flash her panties at her charge. What it was meant to be a costume of, however, she had no idea.

“And here’s mine,” Rosa smirked, grabbing Odette’s discarded clothes and changing into them. They fit her quite well… Maybe even better than they fit Odette. Odette’s skirt was a little short on her, though, unlike the one the sitter was currently wearing, there was no danger of panty-flashing, it just left a bit more of her legs exposed. The shirt was a touch too small as well, but in a way that showed off a touch of her midriff, making it seem intentional. The clothes almost seemed to have aged her up some, made her look like a full-fledged teenager, while Odette’s had taken her in the opposite direction.

“I’m bored of this game,” Rosa declared, after examining herself in the mirror. “Let’s play house…”


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The Other End of the Rainbow – Chapter 7

The Other End of the Rainbow – Chapter 7

The forest was usually a peaceful place… Then again, Lucy was rarely there while somebody was chopping trees down behind her with a very sharp looking axe; she normally wore her training panties, as well, and could use her feet if she really needed to run away from something.

Now, she wished she had never set off on this journey in the first place, had just stayed at home with Kari, no matter how embarrassing it was to get taken care of by that tiny, little girl. At least she knew that would end, and Mommy would come home, and things could go back to normal, even if she might get in trouble because Kari didn’t believe that she hadn’t wet her bed, and Mommy likely wouldn’t, either. Maybe they’d keep her in diapers for a couple days, but that was the worst of it.

It was strange, how much she missed her nursery. There, dolls didn’t come to life and chase her around, and she couldn’t get lost in a maze of corn, or in a forest that was somehow completely different than any of the hundreds of other times she’d been in it. If she could make it through all this, though, and reach the end of the rainbow, then maybe it would all be worthwhile.

She was starting to wonder if that was ever going to happen, however. She glanced back from the bridge she was ‘guarding’, frowning at the sight of the robot, turned away from the trees it was supposed to be carving a path through for her. It had taken down several trees, sure, and far quicker than Lucy could have hoped to on her own, even if she’d had an axe, but every time it did, it took the tree and start carving at it with its axe, slowly assembling… something…

It shouldn’t have mattered that much – although having a path back out of here once she made it, somehow, over the bridge and back, would be nice – but it meant the robot was spending much more time with its eyes in Lucy’s direction than looking away, which was the opposite of why Lucy had struck this bargain in the first place.

She had tried, when the robot’s back was to her, to make her way to the bridge. She’d gathered up her courage, crawling to the banks of the river, watching it rage beneath her, water crashing against giant rocks that – in the real world – should have been wider than the entire stream. The surface of the bridge was a single rope, and, while there were other ropes stretching up, forming the sides of the bridge, reaching up to a pair of rope railings at either side, she couldn’t actually reach those.

Or, rather, she wasn’t brave enough to see if she could pull herself up to grab the two ropes on the side and try using them to keep herself upright. That almost seemed more dangerous than crawling… And the rope seemed awfully narrow to try crossing on all fours. She thought the ropes along the side were spaced narrowly enough that they’d keep her from tumbling into the river if she fell, but she honestly wasn’t sure, and very much didn’t want to find out. She’d feel much better if she could actually walk, and even then, she knew she wouldn’t enjoy the trip.

“S-Sorry, but…” Lucy spoke up at last, having to clear her throat and try again to get it to look down at her. She was used to her height making people pay more attention to her, so volume generally wasn’t as big of an issue… Stuck on her hands and knees, it was a whole different story. “Y-You’re doing a good job,” she said, looking nervously at the giant axe, “I just wondered if maybe you could… speed things up a bit? I’m kind of on a deadline…” She had no idea how far away that deadline was – the rainbow was still quite bright – but she knew she had one. Rainbows didn’t last forever, after all…

“I am working as fast as I can,” the robot assured her. “I would hate to waste the wood.”

“Yeah,” Lucy nodded, “But can’t you do that later? You know, cut down the trees, and then you could finish working on all of them at once.” And, hopefully, give her back the feeling in her feet, allowing her to try to sneak past him while he was occupied.

“Ha ha ha,” the robot spoke, without any intonation; with no further explanation, it went back to his carving.

“Oh!” a sudden thought struck Lucy. “How about you use that wood to make a bigger bridge? You could keep it narrow, so you could still easily guard it, but I bet its pretty hard for you to get across if you need to, isn’t it?” And, more importantly, once it had done that, she would feel much safer crawling to the other side while the robot was busy chopping down more trees.

“I do not need to cross the bridge,” the robot told her. “My mission is to keep anyone else from crossing. It would be foolish to make that easier.”

“I guess,” Lucy agreed, even if it didn’t help her any.

“Ha ha,” the robot walked over to her in just a few, massive steps, patting her on the head with his giant, metal hand. It was surprisingly gentle, for as huge as the machine was. “You are a silly baby,” it told her.

“I’m not…” Lucy bristled automatically, before giving in, remembering her outfit, the obvious diaper beneath her shorts, and her current inability to stand.

“Do not worry,” the robot told her. “I will take care of everything. I only hope my wife returns soon.”

“What if she’s on the other side of the bridge?” Lucy suggested. “Maybe I should go check, and…”

Before she could finish, the robot had scooped her up, easily holding her in one hand, giving her padded bottom a sharp whap with its other hand before raising her to its eye level, Lucy squirming, yelping, and blushing the whole time. “Why are you so interested in the bridge, little one?” it asked.

Lucy gulped, feeling the robot’s mechanical eyes scanning into her, as if they were reading her thoughts. “I-I’m not!” she lied. “I-I just thought, maybe you haven’t seen her because she’s over there, so…”

The light in the robot’s eyes dimmed, just a touch. “She would not cross the bridge,” it said after a long moment. “And you would not either, would you?”

“N-No,” Lucy shook her head. “I want to get through the woods, remember?” she pointed towards the trees the robot was cutting down. “I don’t need to go over there, I…” She squirmed as the robot stared at her again.

“I think you are telling me a fib, little one,” the robot finally announced. “I had better keep an eye on you.”

“No, I’m not!” Lucy said. “Let me go, I… No!” The robot turned, Lucy still in hand, and walked back over to where it had been working. As the work site got closer, Lucy was finally able to get a good look at what it had been building, instantly wishing she hadn’t. In the center was what looked like a giant, wooden cage, although she assumed it was meant to be a crib, considering the changing table that was half-constructed next to it.

“I am sorry there is no mattress,” the robot told her, placing her into the crib. “When my wife arrives, she will make it more comfortable for you.”

“No!” Lucy shook her head. “I can’t watch the bridge in here! Come on, you have to let me out, I…”

She stared up in horror as the robot lifted a pair of giant, wooden planks, setting them across the top of the crib, leaving a space only a few inches across in between. “I do not have the top finished, either,” it explained. “I need to go cut more wood.”

“B-But the bridge!” Lucy protested, pointing towards it.

“Ha ha, silly baby,” the robot said. “Do you not think my sensors can reach that far? You are even sillier than I thought.” With that, it left, carrying its axe back towards the trees while Lucy sat helplessly in her crib, watching.

Lucy had a crib at home, sure, and it was big, compared to a regular, baby’s crib, but it was nothing compared to this. She could easily climb out of hers with no problem, and did often, at least when she thought she could get away with it, without Mommy getting too mad. Even in the best of times, if she had feeling in her feet so she had the option to stand, and even get on her tiptoes, she doubted she would even come close to reaching the top of the bars.

And the bars themselves were quite solid. She tried a couple, shaking them like a desperate prisoner, but they were sturdy, not budging an inch, or giving any indication that she was going to be able to break them, like she’d come close to doing with a couple at home, when she’d gotten really upset. Her first instinct had been more right than she’d known… This was, essentially, a big cage, and she was trapped in it.

The good thing about how solid the bars were was that she was able to grab ahold of them, pulling herself up onto her feet, leaning against them. If she stood still, she could keep standing, although any slight movement – or letting go on those bars for even a moment – left her struggling to maintain her balance, desperately clinging to the bars. Attempting to climb was definitely out of the question, but it felt good to get off her knees, at least, and even getting this far made it clear how unlikely it was that she would be escaping this thing through the top.

Given the size and strength of the robot, it was unsurprising how quickly it returned, dragging another tree trunk with it and sitting on a massive tree trunk as it started to carve. At the bridge, it had been difficult to get a clear view, though, close up, Lucy had to admit watching it work was quite fascinating, somehow using the giant blade to create a series of tiny, delicate looking parts, laying them out on the ground in front of himself.

Lucy had no idea what the robot was building with them, and knew that she probably didn’t want to know. “You don’t have to keep me in here,” she swore to it, staring up at the robot. “I’m not going anywhere! I promise, I don’t want to cross your bridge!”

And she didn’t, really, although that didn’t mean she wouldn’t if she had to. The raging river beneath it made her nervous, but if that’s what she had to brave to keep from being trapped her, the captive of this giant robot who seemed to want her to be its baby, she would do it. She just had to get the chance to do that, since she’d squandered her last one, thinking a better opportunity was going to come up; now, she saw that she just needed to bite the bullet, or she was going to wind up in much hotter water.

As if to demonstrate that, the robot set down the axe and began assembling the pieces it had made. Lucy was still confused as to what they were supposed to make, although something about them seemed familiar… They were definitely intricate, fitting together perfectly, the resulting piece of machinery beautiful in its own way, though, at the same time, terrifying, since Lucy didn’t know what they were going to do.

The robot wasn’t finished, however. Once everything had been assembled, he set it aside, grabbing the axe and beginning to carve once more. This time, the pieces it was creating were larger, more simple, but still very pretty in their own right, and Lucy was strangely proud of herself for noticing the hinge that was being made, even before the robot put the two parts together.

For a few moments, Lucy thought this was something sweet, and innocent, as the robot fit the two halves of the hinge, and the attached pieces of wood, together, and she saw that it had made a hollowed out heart, which the first thing it had created fit into perfectly. Once it was positioned inside, the robot used a series of small latches to keep it closed, moving on to yet another piece.

This one was the simplest of all, a U-shaped piece of wood that fit into the top of the heart, into a pair of holes Lucy had noticed, but not paid much attention to; there was a hole on the front, right in the center, too, after all. As the piece was slotted into the top, however, she suddenly began to recognize what this thing was, and she went from being impressed to, once again, scared.

It was a padlock. As the wooden loop clicked into place, she was sure, though, if she’d had any doubt, the robot stuck one finger into the hole in the center. She heard some quiet whirring, and, a moment later, the U-shaped pieced popped up, allowing Lucy to see that one end was shorter than the other, a small gap opening beneath it while the other side was still firmly planted inside the heart.

The robot pressed it shut again, then re-opened it, before, satisfied, it set the lock on top of the wood over Lucy’s head, indicating, at least in the girl’s mind, that he’d made it for the crib, to ensure that, once the top had been made, he could truly seal her in.

Briefly, she thought she was okay, that she could just undo those latches on the side, but, of course, those didn’t actually matter. If anything, the heart-shaped shell might drop off; that was only for show, however. The real mechanism was on the inside, and apparently the key was the robot himself.

“Do not fret,” the robot told her, apparently noticing her worry, the anxiety growing in her tummy, and completely misinterpreting it. “I will have your crib finished in no time, and then I will finish the rest of your nursery.”

“I don’t need a nursery!” she told him, trying to stomp her foot without thinking. She stumbled, losing her balance and tumbling into the opposite side of the crib. She felt it lurch, just slightly, and then she fell flat on her diapered bottom, blushing as she stared up, through the bars, at the robot. “Let me out of here!”

“Ha ha ha,” the robot ‘laughed’. “Daddy knows best, little one, and Daddy knows that you need to be kept out of trouble, and that is why you are staying here with me, safe in your crib and your diapers, forever.”


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The Interview

The Interview

“Oh, my God,” Peach gasped, pulling the pacifier out of her mouth, too shocked to be embarrassed, at least for the first few moments. “I’m not dreaming… You are real…”

She had no idea how long it had been since she’d seen another human, any sign of life at all. For somebody who had spent so long in the thick of things, getting her hands dirty and finding something to report about – even if she had to sometimes make details up so her story would sound better – that was almost as bad as these diapers she’d been forced to wear… Almost.

As the man approached, however, shame began to creep in, almost overriding her relief at knowing there was someone else, someone who knew she was here, who could help her escape, hopefully. She became fully aware of the fact she was wearing only a pair of rainbow socks and a large, wet – it was always wet, or at least seemed that way – disposable diaper, with nothing to cover or hide it, or any of the rest of her.

“You have to help me,” she begged. “I have to get out of here… I don’t know what happened, but the machines, they…”

She paused, a tiny, nagging thought in the back of her mind suddenly resolving itself. She knew this man… Well, had met him, anyway, once, interviewed him. She might have felt bad for not recognizing him right away, had she not interviewed so many people, back when she’d had an adult life, away from the clinical, pristine whiteness of this place, interrupted only by the colorfulness of her socks, and her toys – and, when it was time for them, the bright colors of her crib, changing table, and high chair.

And the arms, of course. Even if she couldn’t see them, she knew they were there, somewhere, lurking just on the other side of the walls, and floor, and ceiling. There were hatches of some kind they could come through, but she’d never been able to tell exactly where they were, until they opened, and once they were closed again, they vanished, blending perfectly in with the rest of the whiteness.

She shook her head, trying to get her mind back on track. Usually, all she had to think about was the way this place worked, attempting to figure that out so that, maybe, she could find a weakness to exploit, some way to get out. She wasn’t used to there being other things to think about, at least, something other than her simple baby toys – which, admittedly, she had taken to playing with from pure desperation – and whatever food and drink she was given, nearly all of which was as bland and boring as her surroundings.

This man… She had spoken with him at least once, but what about? That was harder to recall. From the lab coat – white, but a different shade than the walls – Peach assumed he was a scientist, though he couldn’t have been the person running this place. That was who she’d come to interview, at the start of all this, and she hadn’t recognized the name she’d been given. From what little research she’d done, though, that was a woman, so that was a pretty big hint that this guy wasn’t it.

“C-Can you help me?” Peach gulped. “Pl-please, I have to get out of this place… I can’t take it! Just look at what they’ve done to me!”

She gave a weak gesture down at her body, though she didn’t really want this man, or anyone, to see her this way. Even if she wasn’t sure when she had interviewed him, Peach knew she had been a cool, calm, collected, svelte, sexy, and sultry woman then, one who had been willing to use her looks to get the story, if her other skills failed… Surely, she’d made enough of an impression on this guy that she should have stuck in his mind, especially if she still had a faint memory of him.

Now, after however long she’d been stuck here, being given whatever was in the thick, unappetizing goop she was forcefully spoonfed, and drinking bottles and sippy cups full of bland, artificial tasting milk, and getting nearly no exercise, she had gained more than a little of her baby fat back… Though, to be fair, given her usual attire, it seemed to fit her.

“Do I know you?” the man finally spoke up, frowning. Peach was a little offended, at first – how dare this lowly geek forget her, of all people, after she’d deigned to grant him an interview for whatever boring ‘discovery’ the man had made – though, after a moment, she was glad this new, infantile form she was being forced into was so different from her real self.

“I-I don’t think so,” Peach shook her head. “But I don’t belong here! Th-That’s why you’re here, right? To get me out?”

“Well, maybe,” the man shrugged. “I started getting errors from this room, so I’m here to check them out…”

“Yes!” Peach nodded. “There are errors, because I don’t belong here.”

“Well,” the man said, with a hint of what could have been a smile crossing his face before it vanished without a trace. “We’ll just have to see about that…”


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But First, A Selfie

But First, A Selfie

“Are you ignoring me?”

Ashley wanted very much to answer, to say no, but she didn’t dare… After all, she had no idea how much longer she would be stuck like this, so, even if she let him know she wasn’t meaning to be so unresponsive, that wouldn’t change the fact that she couldn’t see him.

What made it even worse was the fact that this whole ordeal only made her want to see him more. Spending her days wrapped in a thick diaper, under the complete control of her bitchy co-worker, Janice, she would have loved to go on a date, to let him take her back to his apartment – there was no way he was going to hers when her underwear drawer was completely full of the crinkly, plastic underthings instead of her usual panties, and a full package of them was still sitting beside her dresser.

Her real underwear was at Janice’s house, along with any outfits that had the slightest chance of keeping her diaper hidden. She had to drive over there every day in tight pants with a very obvious bulge beneath, or a short skirt that let the diaper peek out from beneath, praying she didn’t get stopped by the police for any reason, or have to run into the store, or do anything at all before she reached her destination. Once she got there, she’d have to beg for her own clothes, agreeing to whatever Janice said in order to get them.

Most of the time, it meant acting as the woman’s maid after work, complete with tiny, frilly dress, or letting Janice take her out for supper dressed however she wanted, with Janice ordering for her, and treating her like a child the whole time, or eating her out, being told that if she didn’t do a good enough job, she wouldn’t be getting any changes that day. Whatever Janice chose, they all required Ashley to let her put a pair of locking plastic panties on before she changed into her more discrete clothes, leaving her completely at the other woman’s mercy for getting changed during the work day… Or at all, as she’d found out the first time she’d tried to refuse one of Janice’s demands, and she’d refused to unlock them until the next morning.

That had been miserable – not to mention mortifying – since that was the only time Ashley had been forced to mess herself. Usually, she could wait until she got home, where she could take her diaper off and use her toilet, although there had been a couple other close calls. That time, however, there was no getting out of her padded prison, which was already quite soaked by then… She could get to her toilet, even sit on it, but there was no way she could actually use it, rather than her diaper. Then, once it was over, she’d been stuck, forced to try and sleep in it… Normally, she just slept commando, since Janice had taken her panties, and threatened punishment if she ever went over and found that Ashley had bought more, then just put a diaper back on before going to Janice’s place in the morning.

Trying to get to sleep in a diaper at all was bad enough, with its bulk constantly there, between her legs, impossible to ignore, the heat trapped inside making her all hot and sticky, the plastic of its cover, and the panties lock over top, crinkling loudly… Adding a thick, mushy mess to it made it far, far worse, as it shifted and squished further any time she moved, reminding her of the shameful, infantile thing she’d been forced to do. She’d been more than willing to go between Janice’s legs the next morning in order to get out of that diaper.

Some days, Ashley wondered if it was really worth it, if she shouldn’t just tell their boss the truth – that the big report she’d done, that had pushed her over the top and won her the big promotion, had been mostly done by Janice, and not her. If she was really apologetic about it, perhaps she’d get by with just a demotion, rather than getting fired… As strict as the boss was, however, the latter seemed far more likely, and potentially losing him as a reference would make finding a new job a lot more difficult.

Today was one of those days… Janice had refused to tell Ashley what she expected of her, had just made her agree to be obedient that afternoon. That definitely got Ashley feeling anxious, wondering if she could find some way to spin the story to her boss to get him to understand how sorry she really was. Whatever Janice was planning, she was positive it wouldn’t be good.

She couldn’t get up the courage to approach her boss, especially when Janice refused to change her during their lunch break, like she usually did, leaving her in a wet diaper for most of the day, which made it far harder to find the confidence to even look the man in the eye when he came out to check on her progress, much less confess anything.

“All right,” Janice said, once they were back at her place after work. “Here’s the deal… You’re starting to bore me, so I’m going to end our little arrangement.”



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Step Into My Parlor – A Sierra Story

Step Into My Parlor – A Sierra Story

I’m not on DeviantArt, but I’m still participating in the Sierra on the Seventh celebration going on over there with this little story.



“All right, young lady, this is it… You keep claiming you don’t need your diapers, so it’s time to prove it, once and for all.”

It was, in a way, what Sierra had wanted all along, a chance to prove she was mature enough to be wear big girl panties, that she wasn’t just a (slightly) overgrown baby, like everybody seemed to think of her as… At the same time, however, it was hard not to feel nervous, knowing it was all riding on this one test; she was pretty sure she wouldn’t be getting a better offer any time soon, though, so it was either this, or nothing.

They weren’t what Sierra would have chosen for herself – they were extremely plain, for one, and made of thick cotton, barely any thinner than the training panties she occasionally was allowed to wear – but they were still far better than her bulky, crinkly diapers. They were also pure white, so bright and clean it was almost blinding to stare directly at them for too long, sure to show even the slightest stain.

“I expect these to be spotless at the end of the day,” she was told. “Anything less than that, and you’re going back in diapers for the foreseeable future, understand? And don’t even think about trying to magic away any stains… Your wand is staying with me today.”

She nodded, eager to get them on, and simultaneously terrified that she was, somehow, going to screw this up. As soon as they had snapped into place, she felt instantly – and embarrassingly – more grown-up, despite them being followed up by a short, yellow sundress, a pair of white kneesocks, a pair of shiny, black Mary Janes with flowers on the buckles, and pink ribbons in her golden hair, tied into a duo of bows, one on either side of her head. Nobody would have ever guessed, to look at her, that she was technically an adult, even if she hadn’t been treated like one in what felt like years.

The task seemed easy enough at the start of the day – all she had to do was hang out in her room, bustle off to the bathroom whenever she felt the slightest urge – until she was ordered, “Go outside and play. It’s a nice day, you shouldn’t spend it all cooped up in here. Go on!”

She did like getting outside and walking, or running, or exploring, although today, of all days, didn’t seem like the best opportunity for that. She wanted to make sure she was always near a restroom, always prepared…. But maybe that was the point. Maybe it would be ‘too easy’ for her if she just sat in her room the whole time. It felt pretty unfair at first, having her plan so quickly and easily decimated, yet she couldn’t deny that it wouldn’t have been much of a test if it hadn’t been. And, while she didn’t feel like she needed to be tested, it would feel more satisfying if there was a bit of a challenge to it.

“Can I have my wand?” she asked hopefully.

“No. Just stay in the neighborhood, you’ll be fine… Go to the playground.”

That was, probably, the last place Sierra would have chosen to go on her own. She knew too many of the kids who frequented it, had even babysat a few of them before all this began, and if the rumor that she was back in diapers hadn’t spread to all of them, it had been heard by enough that she was certain, anytime she set foot on the playground, that everyone knew. She might not be wearing them now, but she wasn’t about to go flashing her panties to a bunch of kids, so it wasn’t like she could prove it to them… And them thinking that was what she was wearing was almost as bad as actually wearing them. Besides, some of those older kids were pretty mean, and taller than the rather petite witch, which made her a little scared to venture there by herself.

Instead, she turned the other way as she left the house. There weren’t many other houses that way, not a lot of people to see her dressed like this – even if it was better than a lot of her recent attire. Maybe she’d go for a walk in the woods, away from prying eyes… And, also, the bathroom, but if it was as empty as usual, she could always squat behind some tree. It wasn’t ideal, no… She would make it work, though.

To get there, however, she had to cut through the yard of the last house on the lane, the old, abandoned house that loomed over the street, like a giant, foreboding monster. It had probably been quite lovely, at one time, although Sierra had never seen it that way… She would have loved to see somebody with the money to do so buy it, and remodel it, if only so she could see what the inside looked like. Technically, she supposed she could have broken in and done that anyway, but she had no idea how long it had been empty, what condition the floors were in… Not to mention the trouble she would have been in if she got caught.

The yard, similarly, was not in the best shape, with the grass in some places overgrown, to the degree where she was almost afraid to step in, while other patches were completely bare dirt – or, today, after the rainstorm that had happened overnight, mud. Between the two, Sierra chose the grass, watching her step carefully to make sure she wasn’t about to step on any snakes, or any other creepy, crawly animals that could be hiding there, certain that, even if she kept her panties clean, it wouldn’t be good for her to come home with her shoes and socks all muddy. It was probably inevitable that they would get a little dirty, and that was, hopefully, all right… Stomping directly through a mud puddle was something else entirely.

She wouldn’t have even gone near it, if she hadn’t heard the sound… It was faint at first, almost making her think she’d simply imagined it, but the further she got from the house, the louder it seemed to get. “Kitty?” She turned towards the house, searching for any hint of the cat that was meowing. It sounded pretty young, and scared, or maybe just hungry… Either way, Sierra wanted to make sure it was okay, and possibly also pet it, if it was big enough.

“Where are you?” she called, stepping a little closer to the house, still scanning the ground. It could be anywhere, lost in the grass, but she was pretty sure the noise was coming from that direction. “It’s okay, you don’t have to be scared…”

Finally, she spotted a blur of movement, something she was certain had to be the kitten she was seeking, and scurried towards it, carefully walking around the mud puddles. It took her a bit too long, unfortunately, so that, when she got there, she didn’t find anything, though at least she was now by the house, much closer to where it was likely to be.

“Is your Mommy here?” she asked, turning her head this way and that, trying to see it. “Or are you out here all alone?”

Obviously, the cat didn’t answer her directly, although it did respond, as she saw it move yet again, this time zooming out towards her, faster than she could easily keep track of, even as it raced between her legs. She started to turn, only to feel what almost seemed like a tug on her back, and she lost her balance, slipping and falling backwards…

Right into the mud puddle. It took her a few second to completely realize what had happened, since she was also trying to recover from the fall itself. It wasn’t until she felt the warm wetness, soaking up through her nice, white panties, that she was struck with the full weight of it all.

“No, no, no…” she gasped, scrambling up, stomach churning at the sensation of her undies clinging to her, totally filthy now, no doubt. Maybe it would be okay, it would be obvious that she hadn’t actually had an accident… Even if it was, though, she’d been told to keep them perfectly clean, and they were pretty far from that. This might not be the way that was meant, but, given her history, she hated to entrust her fate to a technicality like that… Besides, she could have done this on purpose, to hide a smaller accident, mask all evidence of it…

“No!” she stomped her foot, pouting, seeing that some mud had gotten onto her socks as well, along with the hem of her dress. Even if she didn’t get put back in diapers for ruining her panties, she’d at least get a spanking for making such a mess of the rest of her clothes. “This is so not fair!”

“Is everything all right?”

Sierra nearly jumped out of her skin; she’d be positive she was alone, except for that kitten, which certainly hadn’t sounded like an adult woman with its last mew. She turned this way and that, confused when she didn’t spot anybody nearby.

“I’m inside,” the voice told her, chuckling. “Are you okay, dear? That was quite the spill you took…”

Sierra blushed, realizing somebody had witnessed that moment of klutziness. “I-I’m all right,” she nodded, still unsure where to look.

“Are you sure?” the voice asked. “Why are you crying, then?”

Sierra’s face turned a slightly darker red. She could have lied – maybe should have – but when one didn’t immediately come to mind, she just told the truth instead. “I-I’m going to be in big trouble when I get home,” she admitted.

“Oh, no! Because of a little accident like that? That’s awful… Well, why don’t you come inside? Maybe I can help you out.”

“Inside?” Sierra frowned, turning around, even though she knew this was the only house close enough for the voice to be coming from. Her face reddened again as she heard another laugh. “S-Sorry, I just… I didn’t know anybody lived here…”

“No, it’s okay,” the voice reassured her. “I just moved in. Come on, I’ll take good care of you, I promise. We’ll get your clothes all washed up, and nobody will be the wiser.”

There was definitely something strange about all this… However, without her wand, this was her best chance at disguising what had happened, and having a shot at staying out of diapers. First, though… “Do you have a cat?” she asked. “It sounded like there was a kitten, and I didn’t see a mother, and…”

“Don’t worry,” she was told. “They live under the porch, and I think it ran off to there after scaring you.”

“That’s good,” Sierra nodded, making a mental note to check on them after she got her clothes cleaned. There wasn’t much point in avoiding the mud now, but she still did, out of habit, as she made her way back towards the front of the house. This woman must have just moved in, Sierra thought, and not had time to do anything to get the yard looking a little nicer… Or the porch, for that matter, which was kind of scary to walk on, as one of the boards gave slightly beneath her foot, the board weak and spongy, yet, thankfully, strong enough not to give way before she could step off it.

As she reached for the doorknob, she couldn’t help feeling a rush of excitement, knowing she was actually going to get to see the inside of the house, at last. Probably, it wouldn’t be in the best shape either, yet, but it would still be cool to see what it looked like. The first time she tried it, the door was locked, though, a frown and a second turn later, it came open.

She almost didn’t step inside… Something was wrong here, even if she couldn’t work out what it was. Not only was the foyer not in the best shape, it was outright awful, looking as if nobody had stepped foot inside for years. Was somebody actually living there?

“Come on in,” the voice urged, although she didn’t see anybody there. “We’ll get you all taken care of, sweetie. You don’t want to get in trouble, do you?”

She didn’t; carefully, she moved inside. Almost as soon as she did, she saw something move, off to the left of the doorway, and turned, heart pounding. A moment later, she felt a prick at her neck, but, by the time she swatted at it, there was nothing there. She frowned, shaking her head, her vision starting to get slightly blurry, right as the door was shut, and a tall, beautiful woman reached out to stop her from falling.

“What’s wrong?” the woman asked. “Did one of those pesky mosquitoes get you? They’re bad around here… I’m going to get them taken care of soon, I promise. Here, let’s sit you down…”

The woman helped her out of the foyer, down a hall, into the kitchen. The girl’s head was spinning as she moved, making it hard to get a good look at her surroundings until they stopped, and the woman pulled out a wooden chair for her to plop down onto, fetching her a glass of water.

That was what really helped clear her sight, and her mind. Finally, the world snapped back into focus properly, and Sierra was instantly taken aback by what she saw. “Wow,” she said out loud, “This is gorgeous…”

“Why, thank you,” the woman grinned. “I’ve worked hard to get it all fixed up.”

That much was quite obvious. The tiled floor was spotless, along with the marble counter-tops, and the brightly colored walls. Everything was very nice, very fancy, and it was almost hard to believe it could exist in the same house as that dirty, broken-down foyer.

“Speaking of fixing up… Let’s get your cute little outfit fixed up, shall we? You’re feeling better, right?” Sierra nodded. “Good. Can you take your socks off for me?”

She could, quite easily, slipping off her shoes, then peeling the socks off, bashfully handing them to the woman. “Now, stand up,” the woman ordered, Sierra complying. “And lift your arms for me!”

Sierra probably should have hesitated for a moment first, realizing what that would mean, but she found herself moving without thinking, raising her arms, which, of course, allowed the woman to pull her dress off, leaving her only in her muddy panties, which the woman had down around her ankles in no time, leaving the girl with little choice, other than to step out of them, leaving her standing there in this strange house, in front of someone she’d never met before, completely naked.

“Now, you wait here,” the woman told Sierra, who was blushing, trying to cover herself, “and I’ll get these into the washer.”

“Th-Thank you,” Sierra stammered, watching her go.

“Oh, no problem, dear,” the woman turned in the doorway, smiling. “And don’t worry, I think I have some clothes that will fit you…”

“Thank you!” Sierra repeated, although, the more she thought about it, the more she had to wonder about that… The woman was quite a bit taller than the petite girl, and significantly more developed, which made her nudity even more embarrassing. What would she have that wouldn’t make Sierra look like a little kid playing dress-up?

When she found the answer, Sierra was less than pleased. “N-Not to sound ungrateful, but… umm… Don’t you have something else I could borrow?”

“I’m so sorry,” the woman shrugged. “These are my niece’s, and she just happened to leave them here… If you want to walk around like that, I don’t mind, I just thought you’d be more comfortable…”

Sierra stifled a sigh, not wanting to seem ungrateful. No, this wasn’t what she wanted to wear, but she could make do with it, for now, while she waited for her real clothes to get washed. “No, it’s fine,” she forced herself to smile. “Thank you.”

She took the dress first, hoping that it was long enough that, maybe, she could get away with wearing just that. It was pink, and even shorter than the one she’d just taken off, barely covering her crotch at all, meaning she didn’t really have a choice, other than to accept the other garment the woman had brought with her.

“I’m sorry,” the woman said. “But she’s not ready for big girl panties, not like you, so she didn’t have any to bring with her, much less to leave behind…”

“I-It’s okay,” Sierra told her, grimacing as she stepped into the Pull-Ups, sliding them up her legs. As she knew they would – since she’d worn them plenty of times before – they fit perfectly, the hem of the dress making sure she, and the woman, and anyone else, could easily see the princesses on the front, and the design, waiting to fade if she had the slightest accident.

“Perfect!” the woman declared, giving Sierra a hug. The girl was surprised by the sudden show of affection, although she didn’t mind it. She did let out a tiny yelp as she felt another poke at her neck, however, quickly followed by the woman brushing something away. “Oh, those pesky bugs!” she fumed. “I’m so sorry, dear… Now, why don’t we go to the living room and relax while we wait?”

Sierra nodded, starting to follow the woman as she led her out of the kitchen, only to stumble, tripping over her own feet with her very first step, almost falling, if not for the woman’s quick reflexes, turning to catch her. “My, my,” she chuckled. “Maybe I’d better hold your hand.”

Sierra knew she didn’t need that, but it was hard to protest too hard, since, even with that, she still almost fell a couple times on the short journey. Like the kitchen, the living room was also quite nice, well furnished and maintained, completely the opposite of what she would have expected from outside.

“Come, sit next to me,” the woman told her, sinking into the couch and patting the cushion next to her. “Tell me about yourself.”

Sierra wasn’t sure what to say – after being found in that outfit, and now wearing this, she hardly wanted to admit her real age – so, instead of answering, she countered, “Why don’t you tell me about you? I had no idea anybody had even bought this place, and you’ve already done so much with it…”

Thankfully, the woman was happy to oblige, weaving her story, as Sierra listened with rapt attention, hanging on her every word, although, strangely, once she stopped, she couldn’t recall any of it, possibly because she had something more pressing on her mind after the woman finished with, “Do you need to use the potty?”

Sierra said, “No,” without even thinking about it, not having noticed anything beforehand that would indicate she did… A moment later, however, she realized she was fidgeting on the couch, that there was, indeed, a pressure growing in her bladder… By the time she squeaked out a bashful, “Maybe,” she’d already felt a squirt of warm wetness gushing out into her training panties, and, to her horror, when she looked down, the stars on the front were already faded.

“I think that’s more than a maybe,” the woman told her, shaking her head. Sierra glanced up at her, biting her bottom lip as she saw that the lady was looking the same place she’d just been.

“N-No, it was just a little…” she protested, gulping as another trickle of urine escaped out of her, rendering her statement incorrect before she could even finish it. “I-I can still…” She pushed her hands to her crotch desperately, but it wasn’t enough to stop herself from leaking a little more.

“It’s all right,” the woman reassured her. “Little girls have accidents sometimes… I should have known better than to put you in Pull-Ups after that accident… Don’t worry, I have something more appropriate for you.”

Sierra knew, right away, what it was – even without having lived through it several times before, she was pretty sure she would have – and whimpered, squirming in her seat. “No, please… I-It won’t happen again, I promise, I…”

The woman scooped her up, easily carrying her away from the living room, ignoring her protests as the girl continued to slowly, helplessly wet herself, proving more with every step that she didn’t deserve to be in trainers. Sure enough, her suspicions were confirmed when the woman carried her into a nursery, fully stocked and waiting for an occupant.

“N-No!” Sierra squealed. “I swear, it won’t happen again!”

“But, sweetie, this is twice today,” the woman told her, heading for the changing table. “Remember? You had an even worse accident in your big girl panties, didn’t you?”

“I-I fell,” Sierra replied. “Y-You saw, right? I just fell in the mud, I didn’t…”

“Yes, I did see,” she said. “I saw you bend over and poop your panties… Are you trying to tell me that wasn’t an accident? Did you do that on purpose?”

“No!” Sierra shook her head vehemently. “I-I mean, I didn’t do it at all! I tripped, and…” She gasped as she was lowered down onto the crinkling surface of the changing table, her dress pushed aside – it barely had to move at all – so the woman could rip the sides, quickly distracted from the fact that her memory of exactly what had happened was a little fuzzy. “Please, no!”

But there was no stopping it now… The woman moved quickly, almost as if she had more than just two hands, cleaning Sierra up, tossing the wet Pull-Up, replacing it with what was, unmistakably, a fresh Pamper, taping it shut after a blast of baby powder and lotion, sealing Sierra into the very thing she’d been trying to avoid that day.

It didn’t help that she burst into tears as soon as it was closed around her, making it hard to argue that she wasn’t a baby, that she didn’t need it. The woman gave her another hug, and Sierra was so upset, she barely even noticed as another mosquito bit her. “It’s all right, baby girl,” the woman said. “Nobody can be mad at a baby for using her diapers… That’s what they’re there for, after all!”

Sierra whimpered, but nodded her head weakly, happy to be picked up again and taken back to the living room. She wasn’t put on the couch this time, though… She was deposited on the floor, with a coloring book and a pat on the padded bottom, clearly too immature to be trusted on the furniture now, as the woman sat on the sofa and watched her.

There was definitely something wrong, although Sierra couldn’t put her finger on what, exactly, it was. She pouted, sitting up, almost getting to her feet to rejoin the lady on the couch, but one pointed finger was enough to remind her of her place. It was just as well, really… Her legs were feeling even weaker than they had before, and she was afraid of what might happen if she tried to stand.

This was humiliating, yes, but all she had to do was wait a little longer, and she could be on her way… Unfortunately, what exactly she was waiting for was another thing, like how her panties had wound up so dirty, that she couldn’t quite recall. It was important, though, a way for her to stay out of diapers… Yet, she was already in them, so had whatever it was already failed?

The harder she tried to think about it all, the more difficult it was to pinpoint anything, so, finally, she decided she would just continue to wait, concentrating on the coloring book in front of her instead, her legs popping up behind her, kicking back and forth as she worked on her picture, nearly forgetting anybody else was even there until the woman stepped over her, batting aside another biting mosquito, and cooing, “That is so precious! Oh, I could just eat you up…”

Sierra giggled, surveying her work proudly. She’d stayed, mostly, in the lines, and used lots of pretty colors, so she thought she’d done a good job, too. She had no idea how long it had taken, either, having lost herself in it quite quickly, but maybe by now whatever she was waiting for would be finished.

Before she could ask, however, the woman attacked, rolling her over onto her back and striking at her tummy with wriggling fingers, sending the girl into fits of squirming laughter, as she tried, in vain, to wiggle free. She didn’t notice that she’d peed herself again until it was over, and she was lying there, trying to catch her breath, slowly noticing the now squishy padding between her legs. She blushed, although if the woman noticed – and, from how wet it was, Sierra was sure it had to be pretty obvious – she didn’t give any indication that she minded.

“Is Mommy’s little girl hungry?” she asked, after giving the witch a few more moments to recover.

Sierra knew there was something wrong about that, but, clueless about what it could be, or how to figure it out, she nodded instead. “Yes, Mommy.” That was definitely who the woman was, after all… Who else would she be?

“Well, come on, then!” Mommy smiled. “Let’s go to the dining room!”

Sierra gave one, futile attempt to stand, before deciding that she must have seen Mommy doing it, and that was why she thought she could, too. She definitely wasn’t big enough to do it on her own yet… She couldn’t even get into her high chair on her own, though she could be a good girl and sit patiently beside it while Mommy fetched her bottle.

“Once we get your tummy nice and full, and Mommy has her snack, I think we’d better put you down for a nap,” Mommy told her, lifting her up into the seat and pulling the tray down, snapping it into place. “Are you feeling sleepy?” Sierra pouted and shook her head. “Well, I think we’ll try, anyway.”

The milk was strange, and thick, and slightly sweet; Sierra almost thought it wasn’t what she was used to, although, of course it was. Where else would she get her milk, except from Mommy? And, once she got over her initial reluctance, it tasted wonderful, leaving her with a soft, warm feeling that spread slowly throughout her whole body, making her eyelids grow heavy, and ready for a nap, just as Mommy had known.

“Now,” Mommy told her gently, taking away the empty bottle, “Mommy needs to eat, too… And you have something you don’t need, so I’m just going to take a little. You don’t mind, do you?”

Sierra, drowsy, head fuzzy and uncertain, just nodded dumbly. If Mommy needed something from her, then Mommy should have it… Mommy did so much for her, after all…

“Good girl,” Mommy grinned, stepping in closer, right next to the high chair. “Don’t worry, this won’t hurt…”

Sierra let out a tiny whimper, feeling another of those meanie mosquitoes, although this time, the pricking sensation didn’t go away immediately, and Mommy didn’t seem to notice to try to swat it away. “It’s all right,” Mommy told her. “Just go to sleep, I’ll take you in to your crib…”

Sierra tried to do as she was told, finding it easier by the second, but, before she could drift off completely, she spotted something on the tray of her high chair. She let out a frightened squeal, trying to fidget backwards in her seat away from it, too scared to even bat it away, despite how much smaller than her it was.

“What’s wrong?” Mommy asked. “Are you okay?”

“S-Spider…” Sierra pointed, sniffling in fear. She wasn’t sure, but she thought her diaper might be a bit wetter than it was before, not that it mattered – Mommy would take care of it either way.

“Oh, don’t be silly,” Mommy relaxed immediately. “Spiders aren’t scary, sweetie… They’re our friends.”

“B-But…” Sierra protested, staring at the tiny thing, skittering in front of her. Just the way it moved, all those legs working at once, and the many segments of the eyes… It made her stomach, previously so full and happy, tense up inside her, and she couldn’t take her own, two, eyes off of it.

“Shh, it’s okay,” Mommy promised, leaning it closer to her again. “It won’t hurt you… It knows Mommy will protect you.”

Sierra gulped, barely feeling the prick on her neck, too distracted now by the spider. Thankfully, if it noticed her, it didn’t pay her any mind, and, finally, crawled off her tray and out of sight… Though, that was almost worse. She wriggled in her seat, imagining where the arachnid was now, still, in her mind’s eye, seeing it, positive that it was planning to attack, despite what Mommy had told her…

“There, all done!” Mommy declared, straightening back up. “Now, let’s get you tucked in!”

“Okay, Mo…” Sierra started to say, happy to get out of here, away from the spider, only to freeze when she actually turned to look at the woman. Instantly, the milk curdled in her tummy, and she nearly threw up, her eyes widening at the sight before her.

It was as if the spider from her tray had grown exponentially in size, becoming even taller than Sierra – as if that was saying much – with two large, fuzzy arms reaching out for her. As soon as she saw that, the surroundings began to change, too, the beautiful, perfectly painted walls melting away, turning dingy, and covered in graffiti. The high chair was still beneath her, but looked nearly ready to fall to pieces, giving her something else to worry about as she worried it was going to snap under her weight.

The spider, of course, noticed something was wrong – Sierra wasn’t sure how it could miss anything, with that cluster of staring, black eyes – but, fortunately, misinterpreted it. “Uh-oh!” she giggled. “Is somebody making Mommy a present?”

Just the idea of this thing pretending to be her mother made Sierra feel sick all over again… It didn’t seem to know that Sierra had broken through the illusion it had been using on her, however, and Sierra’s mind – which was slowly, but surely, kicking back into gear now – was quick enough to know that might be the only advantage she currently had, so, despite herself, she nodded, and began to push.

After fighting for so long to be allowed back into panties, it was very difficult to force herself to intentionally mess herself now, although, once it began, and she felt the warm mush begin creeping out into her diaper, it was just as hard to stop it. Her muscles felt weak, unresponsive; she supposed she should be happy she hadn’t accidentally messed her diaper already, as little control as she had over the growing load in her pants after it started.

“Good girl,” the spider told her, patting her on the head, making the girl shudder, seeing the furry, arachnid limb so close to her. “We’ll get you all cleaned up…”

The spider lifted her out of the high chair and carried her into the nursery. By the time they got there, passing by the living room on the way, it was no surprise that, like everything else, the room wasn’t nearly as nice as she’d initially thought. The changing table and crib were both in bad shape, the changing table missing the door that should have slid in front of the stockpile of diapers and supplies it held – which looked brand new, compared to their surroundings – and several of the crib’s bars looking as if they were going to fall free at any moment.

The closet door was also worse for the wear, having fallen off its track, revealing the contents within. Like the diapers, they looked nicer than most of the rest of the house, almost as if they had been put there more recently, and with more care. The clothes were all white, like Sierra’s dress, now that she looked at it again, and, giving that another glance, she had a feeling that it, and those other outfits waiting in the closet, were made from the spider’s silk. All except the clothes she’d come here in, which she now saw in a pile on the floor of the closet.

The spider used all of its legs, getting Sierra cleaned up and re-diapered in no time before setting her down in the crib. It was too small for her, really, and while she could lie down, it wasn’t exactly comfortable; she couldn’t help but wonder how the illusion would have dealt with that discrepancy. Then again, if it hadn’t been for that spider, maybe she would have fallen asleep before now anyway.

After a kiss on the forehead, that Sierra had to fight not to shudder at, the spider left her alone, giving Sierra some time to breathe, and try to reason out what was happening. Obviously, the spider had drawn her in, was trying to get her to stay, to think that she belonged here so that she wouldn’t think to leave, to make her weak so that, even if she wanted to, she couldn’t… And that was working quite well, to be fair. Her legs and arms still felt like limp noodles, her mind, despite the recent clarity she’d gained, still fuzzier than she would have liked.

Judging by the illusion, Sierra guessed the spider had some sort of magic on its own… That, or it was just using hers. She reached up to her neck, to all those ‘mosquito’ bites, feeling a series of small bumps there. Before that first one, she’d seen the foyer of the house, and it had looked like what she now knew the rest of the building looked like… Had the spider taken her magic, along with her blood, and used it to create all this, to trap her here? Was that what it had been referring to, the thing Sierra ‘didn’t need’?

And why did it have all those clothes, and diapers? The fact that a magic-eating spider happened to be in her neighborhood seemed like an awfully big coincidence… Unless, of course, it was here because it knew about her, and had been waiting for its chance to attack…

Without asking it directly, something Sierra was not about to attempt, she couldn’t know for sure, but she had a feeling that, if she hadn’t been shocked into the truth by that spider, she would have been trapped here, getting taken care of as a baby, and periodically drained of her magic to keep the spider powerful, and her helpless. And, even knowing what was happening, that still could happen… She could see that a few of the bars in her crib were weak, though there wasn’t much she could do about it, with all the strength sapped out of her. She had to get free, to get out of here… To do that, however, she needed to rest, to recover a bit. So, as much as she hated to do it, she curled up in the tiny crib and let herself drift off.

She was feeling better once she woke up, but, before she could do anything about it, the spider was at the door. “Are you up, cutie pie?” She closed her eyes, trying to pretend to be asleep, still, only for the spider to chuckle, “Come on, sleepyhead, if you sleep all afternoon, you won’t be able to get to sleep tonight. Why don’t you color me another picture?” The spider picked her up, then gave her diaper a check. “After I change you, of course.”

Unfortunately, as it carried her back to the living room, it bit her again, undoing a lot of what the nap had done for her. She laid on her stomach, coloring, making sure to miss the lines as much as she could, wanting to make sure her captor didn’t know anything had changed, just biding her time, waiting for her chance…

Finally, it came, as the spider announced, “I’m going to go start getting supper ready. You keep playing, sweetie, and I’ll get you when I’m finished, okay?”

“Yes, Mommy,” Sierra nodded, watching it go, then springing into action.

‘Spring’ was probably not the right word… Lurching was more like it, as she crawled over to the window, legs still too weak to hold her up, without something else to lean on. Slowly, she pulled herself up, supporting herself with the wall, until she could reach the latch, locking the window shut. It took both hands, since it was rusted shut, and she nearly fell over more than once, but she eventually got it open.

The window itself was a different story. She had something bigger to hold onto, so her balance was better, but, like the latch, time and weather had rendered it extremely difficult to use. Even with both hands on the trim, pushing up with all her might – and glad she’d already emptied her bowels – it took what felt like an eternity before the thing budged. When it did, it was only an inch or so, and was accompanied by a loud, painful sounding shriek of metal.

“What’s going on in there?” the spider called.

Instantly, Sierra fell to the floor, crawling over to her coloring book, making it just in time to snatch up a crayon and look back at the monster with as innocent an expression as she could muster. “I dunno,” she shrugged.

The spider eyed her with what could have been suspicion – it was hard to read – then said, “I’m almost done,” and left again.

The window, obviously, was not going to work… So, she would just have to use the front door. She made sure the spider was gone, and not just waiting to see what she was going to do, then began to crawl that way, pausing as she reached the hallway.

Her real clothes were right in the nursery… Obviously, the spider didn’t have a washing machine, and hadn’t bothered to clean her stuff up, but if she could just get them, she might be in less trouble if she got back home with them, even in this state, rather than in a strange outfit, and Pampers, with the clothes she’d been sent outside in completely gone.

So, as quickly as she could move her arms and legs, she went the other way down the hall, back into the nursery, snatching them up before heading towards the front door again. She considered trying the window in there, but, judging by her difficulty with the one in the living room, she doubted it would be worth it, or be any faster than her current plan.

“I hope you’re hungry!” the spider yelled from the kitchen. “I have lots of good things for you to eat! We need to plump you up a little, I think!”

Sierra gulped, and kept crawling, finally turning the corner and making it to the foyer, looking just as worn down and rough as she remembered. The door, on the other hand, looked a little different… It was covered in a white, stringy substance that, when she reached out to touch it, was still slightly sticky. Her heart started thumping more loudly in her chest – did the spider know she was trying to escape? Or was this just a precaution? If her captor found out that she’d broken through the illusion, she’d either try to put her back under, or make things even worse for her… She shuddered as she imagined herself wrapped up in webbing, hung from the ceiling where the spider could feed her, and feed from her, when she wanted, with no need to try to trick her, or make her feel comfortable, and no fear of her trying to run off again…

The back door was in the kitchen, with the spider, so that was out of the question, and very possibly webbed shut anyway. She was just going to have to get out here, and quick. Gritting her teeth, she reached up, grabbing a handful of the white stuff from over the knob, telling herself it was string, or cotton candy… Anything but spider webs. It took a good tug to get it to tear loose, and clung to her skin afterwards, leaving her to frantically wipe it off on the grimy floor before going in for another pull.

“All right, dinner’s ready!” she heard the spider say, urging her to move faster. “Where’d you get off to, silly girl? I thought you were coloring me another picture…”

Sierra swallowed, her throat dry with panic. She gave the doorknob a try, and was able to turn it, after unlocking it, but there were too many webs for her to pull the door open. What should she do?! The spider knew she was gone, and would be looking for her when she didn’t answer… Would it come this way immediately, or try the nursery first? Maybe Sierra could try the back door, though she’d have to travel down the same hallway the spider would be taking if it came to check the front door…

“We can play hide and go seek later, dear, you need to eat now!” the spider called. “Come on out!”

Sierra kept tearing away at the webbing, unsealing as much of the door as she could with each swipe before trying to open it again, managing to get it open a little further each time, though not enough to squeeze through. “Mommy is getting impatient!” the spider shouted. “Don’t make me come find you, little one…”

The voice was definitely in a different place… It was already looking for her. Sierra couldn’t tell, exactly, where it was, just that it wasn’t coming from the same direction as the last time she’d spoke. It felt like the spider was getting closer, but she didn’t know if that was true, or if it was simply her nerves.

She didn’t dare speak, or make any sound, other than the light ripping noise the silk made as it peeled from the doorframe. There were only two ways out of this room… One was this door, and the other was the path the spider would be coming down, if it searched for her here. She either had to get out now, or she probably never would…

“Okay, baby girl,” the spider said, voice different than Sierra had heard it before, harder, less loving, and somehow less human as well. “No more Miss Nice Mommy… Get your diapered butt in here now, or you’ll be sorry!”

That was definitely closer. Palms sweating into the latest handful of webbing, Sierra gave one more, mighty tug, then reached up for the doorknob again, pulled the door towards her… It stopped, like it had each earlier time, but, when she yanked on it, she felt the rest of the webbing give, just a hair.

She swallowed the excited, “Yes!” that threatened to explode from her, and let go of the knob, plopping down on her bottom and slipping her fingers around the door itself, now that she could actually get them into the crack. In her current condition, it was easier to pull when she could sit, rather than having to be on her knees to reach the doorknob, and she could tell the difference instantly; the door didn’t open right away, but she made far more progress in that first try than she had in the five previous.

“Where do you think you’re going?” The voice was practically a hiss now, no need to disguise itself anymore. Sierra turned just in time to see the spider bearing down on her, skittering across the ceiling, then threw herself at the door. She wasn’t sure if she’d gotten it open enough or not, but this was it, the moment of truth…

For a moment, she thought she’d failed, that she wasn’t going to make it through; thankfully, a wiggle or two later, and she was tumbling out onto the porch, crawling across it to the front lawn. If she could just make it out to the sidewalk, or maybe just out of the shadow of the house, she’d be fine… There was no way the spider would show itself to the world at large… Why else would it be hiding in this place?

The same plank of wood as before gave way, just a bit, as she crossed it, but remained intact, letting her get closer and closer to the steps, to freedom… Then, she felt a tug. It was, thinking back, similar to what she’d felt, back when she’d fallen into the mud puddle, only stronger, yanking her down, making her lose her balance – and her grasp on the clothes she was carrying – and dragging her backwards on her stomach, her hands desperately searching for something to grab onto and stop, or at least slow, her movement.

They managed to slide into a gap between two boards, giving her enough time to look behind herself and see the spider in the foyer, tugging on the silk it had stuck to her leg, staring at her with its numerous, black eyes. Sierra knew she couldn’t hang on forever… Even if she hadn’t been drugged, the spider was bigger than her, and no doubt stronger. If it came down to a tug of war, with her as both the rope and one team, she was definitely going to lose. Which meant she couldn’t let that happen. Her mind raced, searching for another possibility, some other way to get herself out of this mess…

She stopping pushing with her free leg, putting all her weight on her arms, quivering as she pushed them to their rather diminished limit, and raised her knee, slamming it down against the wood beneath her. She gasped, nearly losing her grip as pain shot through her leg, not doing much else. Biting her bottom lip, she briefly let her grip slip, getting pulled backwards towards the door before latching onto another gap. Hoping this was the right spot, she tried it again, smashing her knee into the porch below.

This time, it worked; she’d found the right board, and the impact was enough to split it, sending her leg down through it for a moment before she could scramble and get it up. Twisting her body, she pushed her other leg into the hole she’d made, letting it, and the webbing attached to it, fall in. As carefully as she could, in the short amount of time she had, she positioned herself so that the rope of silk was dangling past a sharp shard of the wood, so that, when the spider gave it another tug, she could kick out her foot, pushing the webbing – helpfully held taut by the spider – against the makeshift, wooden knife jabbing outwards.

The silk snapped, and, as quickly as she could, Sierra pulled her foot out of the hole and started crawling again, grabbing her clothes as she passed them and tumbling down the porch steps, into the tall grass. She wasn’t sure how long the spider chased her, if it did at all… By the time she turned back, the house was far behind her, although she was positive she could still see the glint of the spider’s black eyes, staring out from the slightly open door, watching her.

Exhausted, she crawled into the backyard of a neighbor she was pretty sure was away on vacation, quickly changing into her real clothes, throwing the webbing dress, and her diaper – which was, somewhat unsurprisingly after what she’d been through, even if she didn’t recall doing it, wet – into their outside garbage can and resting on their porch, waiting for the strength to return to her limbs so she could go home.

“So,” she explained, blushing as she stared up at the woman she recognized as the owner of the house, even if she couldn’t entirely recall her name, “that’s why I was there… And why I’d really, really appreciate it if you could let me wash my clothes before I go back.”

“How old are you?” Sierra stared down at her Mary Jane clad feet. “That’s what I thought… Old enough that you shouldn’t have needed any kind of test to see if you didn’t need diapers… Which you certainly seemed to use a lot in that story, for someone who claims not to need them…”

“But that isn’t my fault!” Sierra insisted. “It was the spider’s venom, but I think it’s out of my system now… I feel much better, and…”

“All right, all right,” the woman rolled her eyes. “You don’t think anyone would actually believe that, do you?”

“I-I know it’s strange, but…” Sierra squirmed in place, nibbling on her bottom lip.

“Don’t worry, I’m still going to help you,” the woman said. “Come on inside and strip, and I’ll get your things into the washing machine… But know that you are going into some of my daughter’s old clothes, which includes her training pants, and if you have any more accidents, whether you blame them on ‘venom’ or not, I’ll make sure to report that once I take you back home, when your things are done.”

Sierra gulped, examining the woman closely. This WAS what her neighbor looked like, wasn’t it? Or could this be a spider in disguise, having taken over the house while they were away? Suddenly, she wasn’t so sure it was worth getting her clothes cleaned… But, before she could decide, before she could figure out if this was another trap, the woman rolled her eyes, grabbed her by the arm, and yanked her inside, shutting the door behind her with an ominous click.