The Inevitable

The Inevitable

Lydia supposed it had been inevitable… Ever since she’d become a partner at the firm, and had to drive past the daycare every morning, her heart had skipped a beat every time she saw it. It had been hard enough earning enough respect to make it through college, let alone law school, and then to actually maintain a career as a lawyer as a little… It wasn’t unheard of, but it was still quite rare.

And then came that fateful day. Her alarm hadn’t gone off that morning, so she was already running late as she rushed out the door, too pre-occupied to notice one tire looking a little lower than usual, or the ride getting bumpier and bumpier until, at last, there had been a loud bang.

Lydia had cursed out loud, scowling as she looked at the time. There was an important meeting, and she was almost at the office… It would be quicker just to walk than to wait on a tow truck, but that meant passing… that place.

She was still new enough that she doubted the rest of the firm would be happy to postpone the meeting just for her, especially if they heard that she could have made it if it wasn’t for her being a little scared, so she sighed and grabbed her things, walking quickly down the sidewalk, keeping her head down and practically breaking into a run as she approached the daycare.

Unfortunately, that caused her to run right into an Amazon as she made her way inside. Lydia yelped, falling flat on her backside, her briefcase landing beside her and clattering open, scattering files everywhere as Lydia was forcefully pulled to her feet.

“What are you doing out here, cutie?” the Amazon asked with a smile. “Are you playing dress-up?” Before Lydia could protest, her tight skirt had been hiked up, exposing her underwear, which were given a quick check… Revealing, unluckily, the small accident she’d had at the loud bang of her tire blowing out. “Even when you’re playing at being a big girl, you should have proper protection,” the giant scolded her. “Come on, let’s get you cleaned up.”

Lydia was dragged into the daycare, kicking and screaming about how she wasn’t a child, how she didn’t need or want their help, her expensive business suit stripped away and replaced with a thick, disposable diaper. “Didn’t your Mommy send you any other clothes to change into?” the Amazon asked condescendingly.

“I don’t have a Mommy!” Lydia practically spat, squirming in her new, padded prison. “I don’t need any other clothes!”

“All right then,” the huge woman shrugged. “You can just stay in your diaper, then.”

It was a long, humiliating morning… Her first couple escape attempts were easily thwarted, then solved altogether by plopping her into a playpen. Her diaper was checked at least every half hour, with a worried look when it hadn’t been used, despite her telling the workers how she obviously didn’t need them. Instead, after a while, they began force-feeding her bottles, followed by several jars of baby food at lunch.

By the time recess came around, she was stuffed. She wandered the playground in a daze, trying to work out how she had been reduced to this, and how she could get away… And how her diaper had gotten so warm, and heavy. She frowned, poking at it, then gasping as she realized the truth. Her poor, overloaded bladder had given up, and she’d wet herself without even realizing it. Even worse, her stomach was beginning to rumble ominously, making her sure there had been more than just milk in those bottles.

She had to get out of here… She had to! She looked around even more desperately, trying to find some weak spot in the daycare’s defenses, somewhere she could get away… Her best bet was the jungle gym. It was by the edge of the playground, and if she climbed it right, maybe she could get to the top, then climb down the other side and out to freedom. By the time she worked that out, and made her way over there, however, the workers were starting to gather up the children to go inside for nap time. She had to move fast…

As she got to her destination, however, she heard a familiar voice approaching. Her heart began to pound even harder as the voice approached, growing louder, forcing her to glance over and make sure it really was who she thought. Sure enough, it was her assistant, walking down the sidewalk, no doubt on her way to the little deli just down the road where she usually ate lunch. And there Lydia was, in just a diaper, “playing” on the daycare’s playground, just inches away from where the woman would be passing any moment now.

“Come on, now, sweetie, playtime is over,” a daycare worker cooed at her. “Come out of there.” Lydia backed up against the jungle gym’s ropes, still contemplating whether there was time to climb up there or not before the giant could reach her and pull her back inside… Or should she call out for her assistant and hope she would help her out, either tell the workers who Lydia really was to get her clothes back from where Lydia had seen the workers shove them into the dress-up chest, or offer to take her home for a fresh outfit instead of dragging her back to the office in just her wet diaper.

As she stood there, pressing her padding against the ropes and trying to work out what to do, she let out a gasp as her bowels began to contract, starting to fill her diaper with warm mush, adding insult to injury. “If you make me come in there to fetch you, you’ll be sorry, little one!” the worker said sternly. “It’s time for your nap!”

At the sound, Lydia’s assistant turned her head. Lydia quickly turned away from where she’d been watching her, but had she been fast enough? Had her assistant seen her? And, if she had, would she help, or leave her there to her fate? With her diaper pressing out, bulging between the ropes out towards the sidewalk, and rapidly filling, Lydia knew it had to look like she belonged in there…

But she didn’t! She was an adult, and she had a career…. If she just called out, or turned around now, there was no way her assistant wouldn’t know it was her – if she didn’t already. But would the other woman help her, or make things worse? Did she really want to go back to the office now, after not showing up for the meeting because she’d spent all morning at daycare? Would her co-workers ever respect her again if they found out? Would her assistant tell them, or would she hold it over Lydia’s head from then on – maybe even forcing her to wear the diapers it so looked like she needed under her suits from then on?

What should she do? She had thought she knew the meaning of the phrase, “caught between a rock and a hard place” before, but this was taking it to a whole other level.





Who cared if he was married? Natalia had certainly noticed the ring on his hand, but that hadn’t stopped her from flirting, nor him from flirting back…  It was perfectly harmless. It didn’t hurt that he was her boss, and that, while she was flirting, he wouldn’t stop her, or tell her to get back to work, so she could just sit in his office, the rest of the staff having to pick up her slack.

She didn’t like to think that she was taking advantage of their relationship, whatever it was – her co-workers liked to accuse her of that, but it didn’t make it true. She did like him, although the bonus of him always taking her side, or letting her leave early, was certainly a nice bonus. She was pretty sure he wanted to take it to the next level, too, with whatever additional benefits that might bring with it, if not for that pesky ring on his finger.

But who really cared about that? Natalia could work around it. One day, he stepped out of his office, leaving his personal cell phone behind, unlocked… Natalia knew an opportunity when she saw it. She grabbed it, scrolling through the settings until she found the phone’s number, and put it into her own phone.

She left it at that for a few days, pondering how best to use it – should she start out innocently, should she try some sexting, or should she go all out and send him a few pictures to really show him what he was missing out on?  Eventually, she went for the latter… She’d talked to him plenty at work, and she was pretty sure he was attracted to her; why not go all out?

Having decided that, however, she thought it might be more fun to tease him a little first… Rather than stripping down completely, she found her sexiest lingerie and slipped into that, getting into a sexy pose and snapping a few shots, looking for the best one before sending it off.

At first, there was no response, for just long enough to make her worry she’d completely misread him. That could make for an awkward time at work the next day, as she tried to convince him that she’d simply sent it to the wrong person, and had never intended for him to see it… Then, at last, the text chime went off on her phone. She opened it up, palms feeling a little sweaty as she waited that long second for it to load, unsure how he was going to react.

“Nice,” the text read. “Got any more?” Then, a moment later, “Have you tried the new filter in the camera app? Its super hot.”

Natalia smiled; she’d been right after all. Curious, she launched the camera app on her phone again, going into the options and tapping on the Filters. There were a ton of them, and it took her a few seconds to figure out which one she hadn’t noticed before. Finally, she noticed one called ‘Reduce’. Curious, she pulled it up and looked at the preview image.

She looked amazing. Somehow, in the image, she looked even hotter, thinner; her lingerie came even closer to exposing her completely to the lens. She had no clue how it worked, yet the evidence that it did was right in front of her. Feeling extra confident, she snapped a picture. For a split second, as the photo was captured, she saw it; it looked even better than she’d hoped. When it appeared in her pictures, however, it looked completely different. She looked younger, somehow, her figure not quite filling up her sexy outfit, making her look like a teenager playing dress-up in things she clearly wasn’t ready for.

Frowning, she switched back to the camera, where, with the filter still on, she looked even more stunning than ever. Feeling certain that it had to be some kind of glitch, she snapped another shot. This time, the resulting picture was even more confusing – she was in a completely different set of underwear. It looked so realistic, she had to glance down at herself, gasping as she saw that she truly was wearing it… She was in a pair of childish, pink panties, a little pink bow at the front, tiny hearts dotting the fabric. On her chest, she had on a matching bra – or, rather, it was pretty obviously a training bra.

She nearly dropped her phone at the sight of herself, both on-screen and in real life. What had happened? How was she wearing something totally different from what she had been a moment ago? That was impossible…

Back in the camera’s lens, she was even hotter still. Compared to what she’d just seen, it was almost like a completely different person, one far more adult, far more in charge of her own sexuality… She just had to take another picture, to try to wash away the feeling of what she’d just seen; this time, the app had to capture what it was actually seeing, surely!

No, the picture was even worse. She knew right away that the change was active on her actual body as well, feeling the slight chill on her now bare chest, feeling the slight bulk between her legs, hearing a small crinkling when she fidgeted, heart pounding. In the picture, she looked like a confused toddler, one in just a pair of Goodnites, like she was about to be sent off to a bed she couldn’t be trusted to keep dry.

She was ready to take that filter off forever, never use it again, but when she went back to the main camera app, she could barely remember how to open the options, and when she had, all the words there had somehow been replaced with gobbledy-gook that she coyldn’t make heads or tails of. Frustrated, she closed the menu, figuring she would just back out of the app completely. She tried not to pay attention to herself on the screen, wanting to ignore how she looked…

But she couldn’t. The woman on the screen was still recognizably her, but barely. Natalia was sure she’d never seen anybody, not even a model, that looked as sexy and confident as she did… She just couldn’t resist the chance to show that version of herself off, especially after the way she actually looked now…

Across town, her boss’s wife smilled as the final picture came through, showing the girl sitting there on her couch, thickly diapered, a small wet spot already appearing on the padding. She saved the pictures to a folder on his phone, one that had several sets just like it… Sometime she wondered if he led these girls on, wanting to see her use her magic to do this to them. To be honest, even if he did, she didn’t really mind; it was too much fun, watching as the girls reduced themselves into overgrown toddlers, trying to impress her husband… And it seemed like there was a never-ending supply of them.