It’s Not That Hard

It’s Not That Hard

“Honestly,” Hannah shook her head. “It isn’t that hard, is it?”

She knew she should be more patient – this was part of her job, after all – but it was difficult… After all, part of the reason she’d decided to work as the school nurse at high school, rather than elementary, was that she had assumed she wouldn’t have to deal with this sort of thing. And yet, here she was, helping this senior change her wet pants.

“I’m not doing it on purpose!” April whined. “The teacher wouldn’t give me a hall pass…”

Hannah had heard that excuse before, along with pretty much every other one in the book. She might have felt bad for the girl, except she had her charts, and could see that there was nothing wrong with her, no medical reason for any of this… She was, as far as Hannah could tell, just too immature or too lazy – or both – to make it to the bathroom on time consistently.

The former seemed the most likely; to keep from leaking all over the place, the girl wore training panties, ones made for actual children, and, honestly, they fit in with the rest of her wardrobe perfectly. All her shirts had cutesy designs or characters on them, she typically wore knee socks and plaid skirts, and her shoes were fastened with velcro, rather than laces. She looked, Hannah thought, for all intents and purposes, like she was just starting her school career, instead of being months away from finishing it.

“You’d think at this point, you’d be able to handle this by yourself,” Hannah rolled her eyes. “If you can’t stay dry, you could at least change your own diapers.”

“They aren’t diapers!” April fumed. “And it’s not like you were doing anything else… If it wasn’t for me, you’d just sit around all day and do nothing! You can just go to the bathroom whenever you want!”

Hannah glared, wanting to lecture the girl about how wrong she was… Except, really, she wasn’t that far off. There was, typically, not that much going on, other than the occasional injury during gym. Every now and then, something else would come up, but, on a normal, day to day basis, she had it pretty easy.

She wasn’t about to concede that point to April, however. “You have no idea what it’s like to have a job,” she said, keeping things pretty general. “It’s a lot more difficult than you would think, and way harder than just not peeing yourself for an hour at a time.”

April scowled, crossing her arms and glaring up at the nurse until an idea struck her. “Why don’t you prove it?” she suggested.

“Huh?” Hannah frowned. “How would I do that?”

“Trade places with me for the rest of the day,” April said. “I’ll do your job, and you go to my classes… I mean, obviously, the teachers will know it isn’t me, but you can write me a note to excuse me… If you can stay dry until the end of the day, I’ll just take care of this on my own from now on, and leave you alone.”

It was stupid, the kind of thing, as one of the adults at the school, she should never have even given a second thought… It might be a good way to prove to April just how immature she was really being, however, and get her to learn to take care of herself, which could be a very valuable lesson. Plus, it would make Hannah’s job easier.

“All right,” Hannah shrugged. “Let’s do it.”

And so, for the first time, Hannah put herself into the training panties, rather than helping April into them, pulling on the girl’s clothes, which immediately made her feel a decade younger… Which, considering she was only a few years older than April, was not good. With her trainers crinkling under her skirt, and her velcroed tennis shoes, she could have sworn she was going out to elementary school.

Seeing April dressed in something other than her usual outfit was also a bit of a shock, making her feel even younger. With Hannah’s heels on, she was taller than the nurse, and her glasses now made her look sophisticated and a little more grown-up, rather than nerdy. And the dress… Hannah didn’t think it looked that good even on her.

“Umm, I-I don’t…” Hannah began to have second thoughts.

“Go on, you’re going to be late,” April shooed her out of the room with a pat on her padded bottom, shutting the door behind her, leaving her out in the hall, surrounded by teenagers. Any other day, she would have barely even thought about the way they saw her… Now, as ‘one of them’, she felt incredibly self-conscious, her hand constantly tugging on her skirt, which felt far too short.

She didn’t even make it through one class. An hour felt a lot longer, squirming in one of those hard, wooden desks, worried that, if she raised her hand and asked for a hall pass, the teacher, and everyone else, would know why… And, that they’d recognize her and wonder why she was here, rather than in her office. She did try, anyway, though, as the urge to pee grew stronger and stronger, and she wished she’d gone before all this had started, thinking that April was, probably, just too shy to even try.

“We’re almost finished,” the teacher sighed. “Can you just wait five more minutes?”

Hannah was sure she could; she was wrong, although she was pretty sure it was longer than just five minutes. Her fidgeting suddenly stopped as she felt the padding beneath her begin to warm, to soften, to grow squishy beneath her, and she realized, to her horror, what was happening. She started to raise her hand again, to try to make a mad dash to the bathroom, but it was too late.

There was no way she was going to admit she’d failed already, so, as gross as it was, she kept the training pants on. She tried hiding out, not wanting to face another teacher, or anyone else, but she was caught by a hall monitor, who, when she refused to tell him where she was supposed to be in, claimed to recognize her and dragged her off to, humiliatingly, a classroom full of freshmen.

That, somehow, wasn’t even the worst of it. When she tried to go to the bathroom once that was over, she ran into a group of bullies who refused to let her into any of the stalls unless she paid their toll fee. She rolled her eyes, turning to leave and go to one of the other bathrooms, only for one of them to block the door, sniffing the air dramatically. “I think she already went,” the girl chuckled.

Hannah gasped as she felt her skirt being lifted from behind, twirling around and slapping the hand of the girl who had grabbed it, aghast. “Oh, feisty, huh?” the girl grinned. “I’ll let you get away with that this time, but we’d better not catch you in here again, or you’ll regret it, diaper girl.”

“I’m not wearing a diaper!” Hannah insisted, stomping her foot, blushing as she realized how similar that was to something April had said.

“Then prove it,” the bully smirked; Hannah, of course, didn’t. “That’s what I thought…”

There was no time to make it to another bathroom, and her teacher refused to give her a hall pass so soon after class began, which meant another accident, this one leaving her on edge the rest of the period, afraid she’d gone too much, that she had leaked. Thankfully, the school day was over after that, although it was hard to be too excited, rushing back to her office, knowing the state of her training pants.

April looked even more grown-up and intimidating; maybe it was that she’d unzipped a bit of her dress, revealing a little more cleavage than most school nurses would ever think of, or perhaps it was just the soaked pull-up under Hannah’s skirt. When the girl ordered her to take off the skirt and sit on the exam table, however, Hannah couldn’t even bring herself to argue…

She did, however, begin spouting out excuses, even before April reached out for her training panties to check her. “I-I couldn’t get a pass, and then…”

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” April told her. “Staying dry isn’t that hard, is it? I have to say, it really is, when I have a bathroom right here in my office that I can use whenever I want… Look, I’m perfectly dry.” She lifted her skirt, making Hannah blush – and feel a little annoyed – as she saw her old panties on the girl’s hips, not a single wet spot on them. “Now, let’s see how you did…”

The answer was, of course, not that well. “You’re practically leaking!” April shook her head. “It’s a good thing I found these…” She walked to one of the shelves, which now held a stack of diapers. Hannah vaguely recognized them from one of the dusty cupboards in the office, a relic from an earlier nurse… She’d forgotten they were even there, or she might have threatened April with them.

Now, however, she was the one who was about to be put into them. April even brought over a jar of suppositories, a silent threat to keep the nurse quiet as she worked. “Your job, on the other hand, really isn’t that hard… It’s pretty nice in here, actually. I think it would be fun to hang out in here sometimes… So, whenever I want, you’re going to let me have your office… You’re going to write me notes, so I don’t get in trouble, and you’re going to leave me alone, and go see what high school is really like, in whatever I choose to make you wear, which is definitely going to include these,” she gave the diaper a crinkly squeeze, “since I don’t want you leaking all over my clothes. And if I hear one complaint out of you, I’ll tell the principal that you’ve been forcing me to wear Pull-Ups all this time because you’re a creepy perv, which is only going to get easier to believe when he finds out you’ve been dressing like that, and pretending to be a student.”

Hannah opened her mouth to protest, but, what could she do? There was no medical reason April should be wearing those, no notes from her parents about it, nothing to prove that it wasn’t Hannah’s idea… There was a chance the principal could run into her out in the hall and blow all this, anyway, but, judging by how different April looked – and the fact she’d been mistaken for a freshman earlier – hopefully her own clothes were different enough she wouldn’t be recognized.

“Good,” April nodded, seeing the resignation in the nurse’s eyes. “See, that wasn’t so hard, was it? Now, let’s get you all diapered up for your drive home… I want you to get used to them, because I’m going to make sure you spend plenty of time in them from now on…”


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The Surprise

The Surprise

It was technically lying, but, since it was for a good cause, Claire was pretty sure it didn’t count. “I’m developing photos in there,” she told her boyfriend. “You can’t go in there.”

It wasn’t a perfect lie, though she’d done her best by blocking out the windows, and the top of bottom of the door, and making sure not to go in anytime he was around. She knew most people who developed their own pictures at home used a bathroom, or somewhere else small, with no windows to begin with, but she hoped Brandon wasn’t aware of that, or that he thought she wasn’t.

Luckily, he never asked her about it, just accepted it; and why not, really? It was a spare room, one they never used, despite constantly coming up with ideas for it. He’d thought about making it into a home gym, she mentioned a library, to get the bookshelves out of the living room and make more space in there, and neither had done anything to make either idea, or any other that sprang to mind, a reality.

Until now. It was a bit surprising to Claire that she was the one that was finally doing something, as she’d always assumed Brandon would get motivated more quickly, though, really, she was doing it for him. While it would have been cool to have her own darkroom, she’d decided, for Father’s Day that year, to give Brandon something she knew he’d always wanted.

She wanted to start small, to make sure he was going to like it first before diving in completely. There were plenty of things she could have gotten to begin, but she thought a changing table would make the most sense… She was sure he would have enjoyed a crib, too, though, really, would he want her sleeping somewhere else? It would probably be mostly for show, or just playing… A changing table was something she could see being more useful during that play, and, if he really liked it, they could always put in a crib, and whatever else he wanted.

From there, she went to work decorating the room, adding in some stuffed animals, and cute, childish wall art, and stocking the shelves under, and by, the changing table with supplies. She’d never really indulged him much, so she didn’t know how often he’d want to use this stuff, but she wanted this to last for a while without him having to worry about getting anything else.

Once all of that was ready, it was time to set the groundwork. She didn’t want to make it too obvious what she was doing, so she kept the accidents small at first, trying to make sure he got a glimpse before she rushed off to the bathroom, returning in different pants. Then, she hid, badly, but intentionally, a package of Goodnites in her dresser, even wearing them around him in the evenings, waiting for him to comment.

He did, finally, though not at all in the way she expected. One day, he came home from work, another woman, with a doctor’s coat and stethoscope on, in tow. “H-Hello,” Claire blushed, suddenly feeling very conscious of the Goodnite she’d already changed into as she rounded the corner into the living room and found a stranger there.

“I know you’ve been having some problems lately,” Brandon told her, “and that you seemed to be pretty embarrassed about them, so I thought I’d bring someone to make sure you were all right.”

On one hand, Claire was glad he actually had noticed; on the other, she didn’t particularly want to be given an exam, especially when there was nothing for it to show, and every chance it would blow her little story. Before she could think of what to say, Brandon was heading down the hall. “We can do it in here,” he announced, waving Claire and the strange woman on.

Claire wasn’t sure where he was going at first, until his hand closed around the nursery’s doorknob. “Wait…” she began to say, too late. He pushed it open and stepped inside, making way for the doctor and giving no indication that he was shocked at how Claire had changed it, or that it wasn’t set up for developing photos after all. Claire stepped sheepishly inside, wondering if she should yell, “Surprise!” and give her explanation, even though it wasn’t Father’s Day yet.

Instead, the other woman ordered, “Strip,” glaring at Claire in a way that made it obvious she wasn’t going to tolerate any delays. Almost without thinking, Claire did as she was told, slipping out of her clothes, blushing and trying to keep as much of herself covered as possible. “That’s enough,” the doctor stopped her when she was down to her Goodnite. “Here, maybe this will help you feel more comfortable…” she said, tying a bib around the girl’s neck, one that did not at all do that, since it covered none of her. “Now, up on the table…”

Claire took a step closer to the changing table, then turned back to Brandon. “I’m not really sick,” she told him. “I was just…”

“All right,” the woman shook her head, grabbing Claire’s hands and shoving thick, pink mittens over them before pulling her over to the table, “if you’re not going to cooperate, we can do this the hard way, young lady.”

“Hey!” Claire squealed as she was yanked onto the changing table, her hands held above her head. To her shock, the woman grabbed something from the corner of the table, fastening it around her wrist and locking it into place before doing the same with the other wrist. Claire frowned, tugging experimentally, then squirming, heart beating a little faster at the realization that she’d just been tied to the table, held down by something she was sure hadn’t been there the last time she’d worked on this room. If the table came with these restraints, she’d somehow not noticed them until now, despite this stranger, who had never been in the house before, let alone this room, knowing exactly where they were.

Then, the exam began, with the doctor running her cold stethoscope over Claire’s naked, vulnerable body, following it up with poking, latex-glove-clad fingers, while Brandon watched the whole thing, bemused. Claire blushed, trying to look away, only to start noticing more things here that she was positive she hadn’t put there, like an enema bag, a paddle, a Hitachi…

Slowly, it dawned on her what had happened, that Brandon must have snuck into this room, despite her telling him not to, realized what it was for, and decided to add some things of his own… This ‘doctor’, if she really even was one, was just another addition.

“Well, I think I’ve found the reason for her wetting problems,” she spoke up, turning to Brandon, as if Claire wasn’t still lying on the table in front of her – or, more appropriately, like she was just a child, so her opinion on the matter didn’t count. “I’m afraid there’s no cure… It’s a good thing you’re prepared to deal with it.”

She pulled out a pair of scissors and began slicing into the sides of the Goodnite, while Claire watched nervously. On one hand, Claire was glad Brandon liked his gift, that he was already ‘playing’ with it… On the other, she’d assumed he would be the one to do this, to put her in her first diaper, to treat her like a little girl… Then again, she supposed it made sense, given what she’d been doing lately to try to get him ready for the ‘surprise’.

“Now, pay attention,” the doctor told Brandon, pulling a diaper from beneath the table, Claire’s heart thumping as she saw it, knowing that it was about to go on her. It looked much thicker than it had when she’d put it there, now that it was moments away from getting taped around her waist. “You’re going to have to be doing this for a very long time, I think…”


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“Night-night,” Aliza grinned, sliding the side of the crib up, as if there had been any chance Odina would get out of it anyway. “Don’t worry, sweetie… You’ll get used to it.”

Odina grumbled behind the pacifier gag that had been shoved, and fastened, into her mouth, leaving her mostly silent, as well as mostly restrained by the cuffs built into the corners of the crib, holding her limbs in place. It didn’t seem like she was going to have much of a choice in the matter… This was clearly what Aliza wanted, so, yes, Odina was going to have to get used to it…

That was just the way it was. Odina felt sorry for herself, as Aliza sauntered out of the room, flipping on a nightlight and then turning off the main lights, making the still bright sunlight filtering through the window even more obvious, despite knowing she shouldn’t. She’d asked for this, after all…

Well, not this, specifically. She would never have even thought about any of this, especially the thirsty, padded diaper between her legs… She had to admit, being threatened by it had been thrilling, in a way, and having Aliza tear her skirt and panties off to tape the thing on had been hot… Even being told she was no longer allowed to use the bathroom without asking permission was fun in theory; when she realized Aliza had no intention of ever granting her that permission, however, the game got less appealing.

Now, stuck in a crib wearing a soggy diaper until Aliza decided to let her out, she was officially tired of it, but there was no way for her to say the safeword and bring it to an end. She doubted that was a coincidence, that her companion hadn’t thought of that… This was very obviously what she wanted, and what Aliza wanted, Aliza got. That was why she was the dom in the relationship, after all, and why Odina was the one spending the night in a nursery.

She had no doubt Aliza was sprawled out in their bed with her vibrator, thinking of how uncomfortable and frustrated Odina was, knowing the other woman likely couldn’t have masturbated through that thick, crackling diaper even if her hands were free, not without taking it off and risking ‘the spanking of a lifetime’, as she’d been threatened with earlier, before getting strapped down.

Odina was not amused by any of this, and, while there was definitely a part of her that was glad Aliza was probably enjoying it, that wasn’t enough for her, not this time. It was almost impossible to get to sleep, trussed up like she was, and not long after she had, she’d woken herself up, having to pee again. She obviously couldn’t get out of the crib, or call for Aliza to let her out – Aliza would probably have denied her permission for the bathroom anyway – and she knew she couldn’t wait until morning, seeing as it was just then starting the get really dark looking outside. She groaned, cheeks warming as she felt her diaper doing the same around her crotch, hoping morning would get there soon.


“My, my,” Aliza cooed, pressing a hand to Odina’s diaper as the girl slowly woke. “Looks like we have a little bedwetter here, don’t we? Such a naughty girl… I ought to punish you for not telling me about that before. What if you’d pee-peed all over our big girl bed?”

Odina glared at her from behind the pacifier gag, knowing Aliza just wanted to rile her up, even before she’d had a chance to really wake up. It was definitely working.

“Maybe I’d better put you in these for work, too,” Aliza teased, unstrapping the girl and helping her up and out of the crib, taking her over to the changing table. “I’d hate for you to have to run home for a change of clothes in the middle of the day because you had an accident.”

Odina was fully aware that Aliza was only saying that to get a reaction, but she couldn’t help complying anyway; there was always a chance Aliza would take silence as compliance. She shook her head, mumbling angry words that she was probably glad the pacifier rendered indecipherable.

“What’s that? You agree?” Aliza smirked. “I bet you’d look adorable, with your little Pampers under one of those suits of yours…”

Finally, she unfastened the strap holding the gag in place, letting Odina speak. As soon as she could, the girl squeaked, “Kaleidoscope!”

Aliza’s face fell at the sound of their safeword. “Aww, are you not having any fun?”

Odina chewed her bottom lip, immediately almost missing the pacifier, to her surprise. “It’s just… a lot, all at once,” she told her. “Maybe we can…”

“Well, that’s too bad,” Aliza shrugged, untaping Odina’s diaper, starting to wipe her clean. “I bought all this stuff already… Somebody’s going to use it.”

Odina stared up at her, in shock. She’d let Aliza talk her back into things after she’d safeworded out of them before, but was she really just denying her this time? “B-But…” she stammered.

“Hush,” Aliza shook her head. “Or I really will send you to work in diapers.”


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Proving A Point

Proving A Point

“And what exactly is this?” Cheshire asked, holding up the diaper.

“I-I dunno…” her charge, Amelia, shrugged.

Cheshire knew that was a lie. She’d been playing dolls with the girl for hours now, despite Amelia really being much too old for that kind of thing. She was probably too old for a babysitter at all, actually – especially Cheshire, who wasn’t that much older than her – but if her mom was willing to pay, Cheshire was willing to show up and do what needed to be done.

As a matter of fact, Cheshire realized, this was definitely not true… “That’s funny,” she mused, “because I just saw you put one of your dolls into one of these, didn’t I? It was smaller, of course, but…”

“Okay, okay,” Amelia rolled her eyes. “It’s a diaper, okay?” she sulked.

Cheshire wasn’t sure why she was so upset about it… After all, the girl seemed to have an obsession with babies, like she was one of those kids who, when they were younger, begged their parents to have a younger sibling for them to play with. Usually, they got over that, but apparently Amelia never had, since Cheshire had not only seen her diaper a doll, Amelia also had a toy high chair for her toys.

So, why would she care if Cheshire found this diaper? It was awfully big… Looking around, Cheshire didn’t immediately spot any stuffed animals that it would fit on. Amelia, on the other hand… “Sweetie, do you have something to tell me?” she asked, giving the girl a meaningful glance. She could definitely wear it… Could she be a bedwetter? Her mother hadn’t mentioned anything about that to Cheshire, but maybe Amelia took care of it on her own; maybe her mom didn’t even know herself.

“No!” Amelia pouted, blushing as she grabbed for the diaper. “Give it back!”

“Now, now,” Cheshire shook her head. “Calm down… It’s okay… I understand if you need a little extra protection, it’s all right…”

“I don’t!” Amelia insisted, stomping her foot.

“Amelia, calm down,” Cheshire reprimanded. “There’s no need to throw a tantrum… If you need your diapers, you need your diapers… I’m just glad I know before tonight, so I can make sure you’re ready to go before bed.”

Amelia glared at her, arms crossed, looking none too pleased, though at least she didn’t bother denying it anymore. “I wanna do something else,” she said after a few moments. “Let’s go to the living room…”


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“It’s been so long!” Jaiden gave her cousin a hug, somehow shocked to see how much the girl had changed, even though it should have been pretty obvious… After all, Aria had driven to Jaiden’s place on her own, which definitely wouldn’t have been possible the last time Jaiden had seen her; the girl might even have still had to sit in a booster seat then! “You’ve really grown up, haven’t you?”

“So have you!” Aria replied, even though Jaiden knew that was, if not a lie, at least nowhere near as true for her as it was for her cousin. She’d been a teen the last time they’d seen one another, and things hadn’t really changed all that much for her since then, at least physically; Aria was the one in her teens now, and it had made a world of difference from the cute little girl Jaiden was used to.

They’d been talking online recently, saying how much both of them thought they should get together, until, finally, Aria had declared she was making the trip, on a day that Jaiden had realized only a few hours earlier was the girl’s birthday, as she looked a little closer at her profile. She felt bad about not having offered to travel to her instead, and forgetting about that, so she’d hurried out and bought some presents…

Unfortunately, Aria’s parents were very protective about what the girl posted online, so there hadn’t been any pictures of her on her profile, and, even looking at her new age, next to the birthday indicator, it hadn’t really sunken in how old she was now, not until seeing her in person. It was a bit unfair, Jaiden thought, since there were plenty of photos of her and her boyfriend up, so Aria was able to prepare herself for this much more than Jaiden had.

“Oh, are all these for me?” Aria’s eyes lit up as they walked into the house and spotted the little pile of presents, heading right over to them before Jaiden could respond.

“Umm…” Jaiden blushed, remembering what she’d just bought, and hurriedly wrapped, not sure how to say no in a way that would make sense, seeing as it was Aria’s birthday. Before she could think of something, the girl spotted her name on the tag anyway, and, with a grin, tore into the paper.

“Uh, thanks!” Aria said, sounding a little confused as she looked at the toy ponies she’d unwrapped.

Jaiden winced. “I-I just thought… Remember when we used to play with those at family reunions?” That had been her reasoning, yes, although she should have known Aria was far too old for that sort of thing now.

“Of course!” Aria nodded, thankfully seeming to accept that. “It was always so nice, having somebody to play with… It was nice, having somebody to play with, since all the other cousins were older, and didn’t want anything to do with me.”

“It’s tough being the youngest,” Jaiden nodded sagely, though now she was mentally combing back through her conversations with Aria, trying to remember if she’d mentioned the word ‘babysitting’ while they were talking, since, really, that’s what those reunions had been for her. She would much rather have been hanging out with those older cousins, but Aria’s parents would always slip her a little money to spend some time with Aria instead, so she wasn’t lonely.

“Speaking of that…” Aria said, “Remember when we would play dress-up? Wasn’t that so much fun?”

“Yeah!” Jaiden lied enthusiastically, figuring this wasn’t the best time for honesty. The reunions had always been held at their grandmother’s house, and she had a huge chest full of old dress-up clothes… Playing had consisted of Aria telling Jaiden a color, and a number, then seeing if her older cousin picked the combination she’d had in mind, out of all the things in there, and giggling at how silly she looked in them. “It was great…”

“I know it’s silly,” Aria admitted, “but since you were obviously reminiscing about those reunions, too,” she held up the ponies, “and it is my birthday… Could we play?”

Jaiden was surprised to see how enthusiastic the girl seemed about it, and, really, it was harmless, so she couldn’t help but shrug. “Sure, I guess, but I don’t have all that stuff like Grandma used to have…”

“I’m sure I’ll find something!” Aria exclaimed. “Where’s your room?” Jaiden pointed her in the right direction, then let herself get pushed out while Aria prepared the game, having a feeling that this was just a ploy for the girl to peek into her closet and see if there was anything she could borrow in there, though she was a decent bit taller than Jaiden, so there wouldn’t be much. “All right!” Aria declared as she opened the bedroom door again, a few minutes later. “We’ll start out nice and easy… Two pink.”

“Okay,” Aria nodded. That would be easy… Off the top of her head, she couldn’t think of two pink things that she owned, so they ought to stand out. And, as she looked over the outfits laid out neatly on their hangers across her bed, those two pink things definitely did… But they had certainly not come from her closet! “What..?!” she blushed, looking over at Aria.

“You said you would play the game!” Aria pouted. “It’s my birthday!” That was true… And Jaiden knew the rest of her presents were just as lame as those ponies, so she ought to make it up to her somehow. With a sigh, she slipped out of her jeans, unfolding the first pink item and sitting on it, before Aria butted in with a, “You have to wear it right!” Jaiden gave her a disbelieving look, only to see that she seemed serious. She turned away from the girl with a sigh, pulled down her panties, and clumsily taped the bulky, crinkly, pink diaper in place, before sticking the rather large pink pacifier into her mouth.

“Happy?” she tried to ask, only to find that the huge bulb made it almost impossible to speak.

But Aria wasn’t. “This isn’t pink!” she declared, grabbing Jaiden’s shirt and yanking it off. “And neither is this!” She undid Jaiden’s bra, tossing it aside as well, leaving her older cousin half-naked, blushing just as pink as her diaper. “Now, let’s see… I’ll wear black… And purple…” Jaiden squirmed in place, feeling the unfamiliar bulk between her legs, hearing it rustle with every, tiny movement, as Aria chose the sexiest outfit she could from Jaiden’s clothes, the size difference working out quite well, as the shirt rode up, showing off her fit stomach. Jaiden felt absolutely ridiculous in comparison. “All right, I think I’m done with this game!” Aria said, taking Jaiden’s hand and pulling her back to the living room. “You know what? Why don’t you play with these? I think they’re much more suited to you…” She handed Jaiden the ponies, then shooed her off of the sofa. “No, no, play on the floor… Furniture is for big girls, like me, who can wear real panties.”

“Aria, this is my house!” Jaiden reminded her, though, unfortunately, she forgot to take the pacifier out first, so it came out rather garbled. Aria rose to her feet, staring down at Jaiden pointedly, then easily shoved her down to the floor, demonstrating that it was no problem at all for her to do such a thing. While Jaiden knelt there, ‘playing’, she opened the rest of her presents, passing them off to Jaiden to play with as she looked at them.

Just when Jaiden thought it couldn’t get any worse, she heard a single knock on the door, and then the sound of it opening. Her boyfriend was here! She’d forgotten all about him coming over today to meet Aria… She gasped, looking down at herself, not wanting him to see her this way, but, by then, he was already walking through the doorway, and all she had time to do was turn away.

“Hello,” Aria hopped off the couch. “Nice to meet you… You must be Tanner.”

“Yeah…” Jaiden could hear the confusion in his voice. “Are you… Aria?”

“Yes! I’m Jaiden’s older cousin… I’ve seen pictures of you online, but it’s so nice to meet you!”

“Older? I thought Jaiden said…”

“Oh,” Aria giggled. “Well, technically, she’s older, but she’s just so immature, we always just thought of her as the youngest. Her parents would pay me to look after her, take her to the potty, put her in diapers if she needed them… And she needed them a lot.”

“That’s not…!” Jaiden fumed from behind her pacifier, turning without thinking.

“Jaiden?!” Tanner looked at her, shocked. She blushed, turning away quickly.

“Did you not know? I’m sorry,” Aria lied. “I just thought… When she showed me those cute diapers of hers, and I saw she had so many, I assumed… Well, I suppose it’s better for you to know. I’m sure you would have figured it out sooner or later, when she peed her pants at the store or something; I’ve heard her bladder control still isn’t that good. But, enough about her… Tell me about you…”

Jaiden watched, aghast, as they sat on the couch and started to talk, fumbling awkwardly with the pacifier to try to take it out, to defend herself. Had Aria orchestrated this whole thing to have an excuse to come here and try to steal Jaiden’s boyfriend?! She almost couldn’t let herself believe it, until she recalled celebrating Aria’s birthday at one of those reunions… The dates always changed around a little, but the reunions were always in the summer, and this definitely wasn’t the summer… Had Aria changed her birthday online, to try to trick her, to butter her up and get her to agree to her little game? Either way, Aria was the one sitting on the couch, scooting closer and closer to Tanner, looking quite pretty in Jaiden’s clothes, while Jaiden was fidgeting on the floor in her diaper, feeling her bladder getting more and more full…


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Full Service

Full Service

“‘Feel all your cares drift away as you are transported back to a time when you didn’t have any’,” Sophie read, raising an eyebrow. “‘We’ll take care of everything, so all you have to do is relax.’ Those are some lofty promises…”

“Trust me,” Gwen promised, “they live up to it.”

“It’s just a bed and breakfast,” Sophie rolled her eyes. “How great can it be? I don’t know, I think I might be better off at a regular hotel closer to the conference center…”

Gwen gave a shrug. “It’s up to you. I know what I’d choose, though…”

Sophie was skeptical, but, as the trip approached, she found herself leaning more and more towards the bed and breakfast… After all, preparing for this conference was incredibly stressful, and she would need all the help she could get to chill out the night before her presentation. This was her big chance, her opportunity to prove herself, show she had what it took, and that she deserved a promotion.

Finally, she decided to do it, calling ahead and booking her room with the coupon code Gwen had told her about; after all, if the place turned out to look iffy, it shouldn’t be that hard to find a room in a bigger hotel somewhere in the city. “I look forward to having you!” the woman on the other end of the phone told her. “And when is your flight, dear? I want to make sure everything is ready when you arrive.”

The question struck Sophie as a little strange, but not enough for her to bother lying, or ducking it entirely. By the time the trip came around, she’d almost forgotten about it until she stepped off the plane and saw someone carrying a sign with her name on it. Had the company hired her a driver? That didn’t seem likely, considering they’d made sure to go over the procedure for getting reimbursed for renting a car…

“I’m from the bed and breakfast,” the woman with the sign smiled, and instantly Sophie recognized her voice from the phone. “We pride ourselves in being full service… I’m here to take you there, and I’ll be happy to take you anywhere else you need to go while you’re here.”

Sophie wasn’t a huge fan of driving normally, especially in an unfamiliar city, so she was perfectly happy to accept that. “Shouldn’t we wait and get my luggage?” she asked as she was led out of the airport.

“I’ve already taken care of that,” the woman grinned. “I have connections here, so your suitcase is already waiting in the trunk of my car.”

That seemed awfully quick, but Sophie had been one of the last passengers to get off the plane, and she knew the woman had her name, since she’d reserved her room with it… And it was on the sign she was holding. If she’d wound up with the wrong luggage, Sophie would just make her drive back to the airport.

The woman’s car was nice, though nothing fancy, and as they approached, she quickened her pace, opening one of the back doors for Sophie. “Can’t I..?” the girl nodded towards the front door.

“It’s a bit of a mess, I’m afraid,” the woman chuckled. “Don’t worry, the back is more comfortable, anyway.” Sophie shrugged and climbed in, surprised when the woman reached over her and buckled her in before climbing into the front seat and starting the car.

The drive was longer than Sophie had expected, though she chalked that up to not being used to being a passenger anymore. The house, like the car, was on the large size, and well-maintained, but Sophie wouldn’t have guessed it was anything special from the outside. The woman quickly turned off the car and hurried around to Sophie’s door to unbuckle her before the girl could do it herself, leading her into the house, then straight to the dining room.

“After such a long flight, you must be starving,” she declared. “Don’t worry… I’ll fill that little belly of yours right up!”

Sophie’s mind hadn’t really registered the high chair sitting at the table, certainly not enough to notice its size, not until the woman led her not to one of the normal seats, but to it. Staring up at it, Sophie could tell right away that it was more than big enough for her, although she didn’t even consider that it might be meant for her until the woman easily grabbed her, hoisting her up onto the seat and snapping the tray into place in front of her.

“What are you doing?!” Sophie demanded, but the woman ignored her, bustling off to the kitchen, leaving her to try her hardest to pull the tray free. It refused to budge. “Let me out of here!” she said, once the woman returned.

The woman ignored her, plunking down a huge bowl of mush and an equally large bottle of milk onto the tray. “Don’t worry,” she told Sophie. “I’m here to take care of everything…”

“What the hell are…?!” Sophie’s words were muffled by a spoonful of mush, which she nearly gagged on, trying to spit out as soon as it touched her tongue. The woman refused to be stopped by her apparent distaste, however, shovelling in more and more of the stuff, not giving the girl time to get another protest out, not until she had finished the entire thing and moved on to the bottle. Sophie was already feeling incredibly full by then, and she didn’t want anything else… Especially not milk. “No!” she shook her head. “I’m lactose intol…”

The next time she was able to speak, she’d been forced to drain the bottle, and was standing in the bathroom, stripped naked, watching the tub fill. “Why are you doing this?!” she stomped her foot, tears in her eyes.

“I’m just giving you what you wanted,” the woman said. “I’m taking care of everything for you, little girl. Now, stop whining, it’s almost your bedtime.”

Sophie tried to tell her that she didn’t have a bedtime, that she was an adult, but she found herself scrubbed clean anyway, her teeth and hair brushed before being marched – still naked – down the hall into a bedroom. There, waiting on the bed, were a pair of neatly folded pajamas… And a huge, bulky, plastic diaper. “N-No!” she whimpered at the sight. “I-I’m not a bedwetter… I don’t…”

“I don’t want you to have to worry about anything,” the woman told her, grabbed her again and setting her down in the center of the crinkly garment. “Not even getting up in the night to use the potty…”

Sophie promised she didn’t mind that, that she’d prefer it… She was diapered anyway, dressed in the childish PJs, and closed up in the room, hints of daylight still shining in around the curtains.



She found out quickly that the door had been locked, and no matter how many times she knocked, there was no answer. She paced the floor for a while, feeling her tummy grow more and more agitated from the milk she’d been forced to drink, and the giant amount of baby food. As much as she hated to admit it, she knew this diaper was going to turn out to be very useful, indeed…

Sure enough, by the time the woman opened the door the next morning, Sophie’s diaper was loaded, the poor girl barely managing to get any sleep, even after she’d stopped messing herself, unable to find a comfortable position in the filthy garment. Despite knowing it was the woman’s fault for ignoring her, then keeping her from getting to the bathroom, it was still hard to argue that she didn’t need the new diaper that she pulled out to replace the old.

At least, not until she remembered why she was here in the first place. “Wait, where’s my luggage?” she asked. “I need to get dressed, the conference is in…”

“There’s no need to worry about that,” the woman assured her. “I have everything you need right here. Let me just get your bed made first.”

“No, we need to hurry!” Sophie insisted, standing behind her in just a diaper, stomping her foot in annoyance as she was ignored… “I can’t be late for this…”

“You won’t be,” the woman promised, finishing up the bed and walking over to the closet. “Now, let’s see… Yes, this ought to look nice.” She pulled out what was clearly a school uniform, a stark contrast to the mature – and slightly sexy, if she did say so herself – suit Sophie had picked out for the day.

“I’m not gonna wear that!” Sophie shook her head. “I have…” She yelped as the woman grabbed her by the wrist, dragging her over her lap as she sat down on the bed, sliding the diaper down and delivering a heavy swat to Sophie’s wriggling bottom. “Ouch! What do you…?!”

“I’ve heard enough from you, young lady!” the woman said, spanking her again. “What you wear, what you do, what you eat… All of that is up to me now, do you understand? I am in charge of everything, and you are going to relax, whether you like it nor not!”

“St-stop!” Sophie sniffled. “Th-this isn’t what I meant!”

“This is exactly what you asked for,” the woman replied.

For a moment, Sophie had no idea what she meant – she’d never asked for any of this! – but then she remembered the ‘coupon’ Gwen had told her about… Had it not really been for discount after all, but to signal that she wanted… this?! “I-I take it back!” she wailed.

“Sorry, sweetie,” the woman grinned. “No early check-out, and no refunds.”

Sophie was blubbering by the time the spanking ended, in no condition to stop the woman from pulling the diaper back up and getting her ready for school. At first, she thought it was just an outfit, but there was a backpack to go with it, and, as she finished, she could see, through the window, a bus heading down the street.

“Be a good girl in school for me today,” the woman instructed, “and maybe you can have a nice treat after dinner. Make sure to stop by the nurse’s office to give her the spare diapers in your backpack, so she can change you.”

Sophie had little choice other than to let herself be led out of the room and down to meet the bus, where she quickly took the nearest empty seat. She should have been worrying about making sure her presentation went well; instead, she was praying that nobody noticed the diaper under her skirt. By the time she got to the school, it would probably already be too late to make it to the conference center… Even if it wasn’t, would she really be able to convince anyone there that she didn’t belong there, and that they ought to drive her into the city, looking the way she did?

As she squirmed in the seat, diaper crinkling rather noisily, she wondered if the company would send someone to look for her when she didn’t show up at the conference… Did she even want them to? It would be great to get out of that bed and breakfast before the end of the week, when her reservations ended, but she didn’t want anyone to see her this way… Then again, Gwen surely already knew what was happening, since she’d orchestrated the whole thing. Maybe she was already there, doing the presentation in her place, hogging all the glory for herself. Was that why she’d set this up in the first place?

There was no way to know for sure, not now… The only thing Sophie knew, as she bounced along in the bus, hugging her backpack to her chest, was that this was going to be a very long week…


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Public Urination

Public Urination

“Hmm… I don’t know,” Brook mused as she stared at herself in the mirror, experimentally lifting her sweater to see that, indeed, the top of her diaper was very visible. It wouldn’t take much dancing at all to expose that, and show everyone at the club her shameful secret.

It was like a cruel joke… She was finally off on her own, an adult, independent, but she was scared to celebrate it, at least in the way she wanted to. The few parties she’d been to at school, and drank at, had all ended the same way, with her in wet pants, humiliated, which, of course, nobody at school would let her forget about.

She didn’t know anybody here in this city, and, while there was no guarantee she’d see anybody at the club tonight ever again, since there were plenty of other places she could go to hang out if she wanted, she didn’t want her life here to start like that… She wanted things to be different from school. Part of her hoped that, magically, the issue had solved itself now that she was officially a grown-up, but the last time it had happened was at a graduation party, almost a year ago.

So, she’d come up with another solution… Or so she’d thought. She’d known that adult diapers existed, although not enough to have any idea which ones she ought to use. They were all pretty much the same, she’d assumed, so she’d just grabbed what looked good to her at the store, in the few seconds she gave herself to stare at the packages, since she didn’t want to be caught in that aisle.

They were thicker than she’d imagined, and bigger in general; she’d imagined something closer to a pair of underwear, only designed to hold in accidents… These were, unmistakably, diapers, more like what a baby would wear. They were so thick, bulging there, between her legs, and loud… But the club was going to be loud, too, she reasoned, so surely nobody would hear. It would probably also be dark, which made her feel a little better about how puffy her pants looked with them on underneath.

The waistband issue… That was another story. She was already dressing much more conservatively than she had imagined her first clubbing outfit would be, just to keep her diaper this well hidden. She couldn’t go any further than that, and yet, if she got too into dancing, there was a good chance her shirt might rise a little too much, and everyone would see anyway. Would it really be worse to be the girl who wet herself in the club, rather than the one wearing a diaper, so that everyone would assume she peed herself, probably on a regular basis?

Was it worth the risk? She definitely wanted to go out, to dance, to drink, to celebrate… She didn’t want to be trapped here, afraid of what might happen…

So what if somebody saw her diaper? This wasn’t school any more… Surely, people could be grown-up about it, and if they really thought she had a problem, they could come up and ask her about it, instead of calling her names and talking about her behind her back.

Besides, what was the worst that could happen?


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