Love Your Enemy

Love Your Enemy

“I have to write a Valentine to who?!” Angel stared up from the floor in shock, unable to believe what she’d just heard.

While she’d like to say it was bad enough having to fill out boxes of these childish Valentines, even without making some of them out to… them… she had to admit, it was actually kind of fun, and definitely nostalgic, reminding her of being in elementary school. Of course, the diaper certainly helped with that, considering she’d been a bedwetter through those years, and had usually procrastinated about doing her cards until the night before, so her mother would get her ready for bed so she could go straight there once she was done.

The cards were a nice walk down memory lane; the diaper, not so much. She hadn’t actually needed them in nearly a decade, but, unfortunately, when she got to college, she decided to pledge a sorority that some girls she’d went to elementary school with were also in. Even worse, one of them had once invited her to a sleepover, and her mother had insisted Angel go, despite her issues, saying that nobody would notice.

They, of course, had, almost instantly. It had taken years for the other students to stop teasing her about it, once the story started getting around… Angel had done her best to avoid everyone who had gone to that party from then on, and had done a relatively good job, until waltzing right into their midst. At first, they seemed nice enough, like maybe they’d finally forgotten….

She’d taken a gap year after high school, which now seemed like a huge mistake. All the girls she knew were already in the sorority, all eager to take her ‘under their wing’ as a little sister… And, once Angel had officially pledged, all too happy to manage her hazing themselves. At first, Angel had been naive enough to believe they were going to go easy on her… Then, they’d pulled out the diapers.

“We can’t have the reputation of our sorority tarnished by allowing in an immature little bedwetter,” they teased. “So, you’re going to have to prove you’re over that.”

“That was a long time ago!” she’d pouted, but, of course, they didn’t care. Since she lived close enough to the college to still be living at home to save a little money, they couldn’t confirm her nighttime progress, so, instead, they made her wear them during the day. It had been awful, shuffling around to her classes in the crinkly thing; then, they’d refused to give her panties back before she left for home.

She was required to ask a sorority sister for permission to use the bathroom before she went, which, unsurprisingly, she hadn’t been exactly eager to do, so she’d held it, thinking she could make it until she got home. Maybe, if she hadn’t gotten caught in a traffic jam, she would have been right… And, to make matters worse, her mother had recognized the bulge instantly, and had been none to happy to find her nearly twenty year old daughter in a wet diaper.

Angel tried to explain, but that hadn’t stopped her mother from buying her diapers, and insisting she wear them to bed, and then to school the next day. Her ‘big sisters’ had, of course, noticed immediately that she was in a different brand of diaper than the one they’d bought for her.

“Oh, my God,” one of them had giggled. “She actually does still need them!”

Things had only gotten worse from there… Now, when she tried to ask for permission to use the bathroom, she was told no, and followed to make sure she didn’t try to go on her own. Most days, she got sent home in a wet diaper, which ensured her mother would keep her in them that evening. She’d tried taking the diaper off in the car, but her mother had still checked her as soon as she walked in the door, and been even more angry at finding that; she attempted to sneak a change out of the house in the morning, to change into before returning, only to get caught, and have her backpack searched every morning.

She was in diapers full time, even worse than it had been in elementary school, where she’d only ever worn them at night. Fed up, she’d dropped her pledge, sure that getting away from the girls would help… Yet, when she went home that day, her mother had emptied all her real panties from her underwear drawer and hidden them, replacing them with diapers. Her ‘big sisters’ hadn’t been happy about her quitting, and she saw at least one of them staking out the bathrooms in between her classes, making sure she couldn’t get in…

But, as the cherry on top of all of this, one day during lunch in the cafeteria, Angel had gotten up to put her tray up, only to feel a sudden breeze on her legs. For a long moment, she was confused, uncertain what could possibly be happening… Then, she’d heard the laughter. As quickly as she could, she grabbed for her baggy pants, yanking them back up, her cheeks burning as she saw the ‘big sisters’ standing behind her, giggling. She didn’t know which one had pantsed her, though she knew it had to have been one of them. And now, once again, just like in elementary school, she was the diaper girl of the school.

And her mother expected her to write Valentines to each of those ‘big sisters’, along with everyone in each of her classes. “And they’d all better be nice,” she warned. “I’ll be reading all of them tonight to make sure, and if I don’t approve of any of them, you’ll be getting a spanking for each one tomorrow before you leave.”

Angel knew she wasn’t joking; her mother was taking this opportunity to ‘re-do’ a few mistakes she thought she’d made with her parenting so far, turning Angel into a sweet, polite young lady, whether that’s what she wanted to be or not. Angel had a feeling those Valentines to her ‘big sisters’ were really coming from her mother, as a way to thank the girls for giving her that opportunity. Either way, she could already hear the Cupid jokes that were sure to be thrown around as she delivered all of these the next day… But, since she didn’t dare risk throwing them away, and having her mother somehow find out, like she always seemed to, she knew she was going to do it anyway.


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Growing Up Too Fast

Growing Up Too Fast

A baby was what she wanted… And a baby was what she was going to get.

She made no efforts to hide it, either; as soon as Angel got to her aunt’s house, the guest room was already decorated like a nursery, piles of baby toys and stacks of diapers awaiting her. Her aunt had sent her on ahead, telling her she’d carry her suitcase for her, since it had been such a long flight… That suitcase was gone when her aunt appeared in the bedroom door, and Angel was starting to think she wasn’t going to see it again until she left, if then.

“Is there… some other guest room?” she asked. It had been quite a while since she’d been to visit her aunt, and while she’d thought she remembered the layout, she could have been wrong. After all, there was no way she could be expected to stay here… The obvious question of why her childless aunt would even have such a room could be set aside for now, answered later, once Angel was settled into her real room.

“No, this one is perfect for you,” her aunt told her. “Now, we’d better get you changed before you make a mess all over everything… You obviously aren’t properly dressed.”

“What the hell are you talking about?!” Angel demanded; as an answer, she was pushed down onto the waiting bed, the side rails already lowered and waiting for this, as was the changing pad spread out over top of the bubblegum pink bedspread. In a matter of moments, Angel’s shorts and panties had been ripped off, replaced by a thick, puffy diaper, with a liberal amount of baby lotion and powder inside.

“What is wrong with you?!” Angel asked, for what felt like the hundredth time, since she’d been practically screaming it throughout the whole, humiliating ordeal. This time, just like all the others, she got no answer. Her aunt just helped her to her feet, leading her by the hand to the living room, where more baby toys were waiting, spread out on a blanket.

“This is insane…” Angel told the woman. “I’m here to look at colleges, not… Whatever this is!”

“No, you’re much too young for that,” her aunt told her. “I didn’t get the chance to experience so much of you growing up, since your parents live so far away… So, we’re going to go back and do them again now that we have some time together.”

“No, we aren’t!” Angel stomped her foot. “That’s crazy! I’m not a baby now, I’m an adult, you can’t…”

“You’re growing up too fast,” she said. The words echoed around Angel’s skull for a moment, almost seeming to get louder each time, until they were all she could hear. The bulky diaper had already forced her into an awkward stance, but now she felt her knees growing weak, shaking slightly before giving out altogether, dropping her onto her padded backside.

“Good girl,” Auntie cooed down at her. “You listened to the playlist I sent you.”

It was true, they hadn’t spent much time together, but Angel had always looked up to her aunt, because the few times they had met, she seemed so cool. Whenever she recommended a movie, a book, a song, Angel always tried to read, listen, or watch it; when she’d offered up a whole playlist for the trip here, she hadn’t thought twice about loading it onto her phone and spending most of the flight with her earbuds in. At first, it had seemed strange, and she wasn’t sure she liked it, but the most she heard, the more it grew on her.

But why was she bringing that up now? Angel, herself, was much more concerned with her sudden loss of balance, and her inability to stand now that she’d fallen. She struggled a couple times, attempting to get her feet under her, yet nothing seemed to work. “Just play,” Auntie urged. “That’s all you have to worry about, sweetie.”

She tried to snap back with a snarky comment; the only thing that came out of her mouth was senseless babbling. She gave standing up a few more token shots, then laid down, feeling even more exhausted than she had after that long plane ride. The toys were all stupid, of course, far too simple to keep a nineteen, almost twenty, year old like her entertained, and yet, now that she was closer to them, getting a better look, she couldn’t help reaching out for them curiously, and, before she knew it, she was playing.

She got lost in it… Time passed, but she had no idea how long. The only thing that snapped her out of it was noticing a weird feeling around her bottom. It wasn’t bad, necessarily, just strange; she’d felt a little warmth earlier, a couple times, and ignored it, but now, it was different, more substantial… She wiggled her rear, attempting to work out what was happening, and something pressed harder against her sensitive skin, squishing and spreading out further down there. A giggle escaped her lips as she fidgeted some more, the mushy mass continuing to move, covering more and more of her almost like it was growing…

“Someone’s all grown up,” her aunt said with a chuckle.

In a flash, everything was back to ‘normal’, or as close as it could be, given her situation. The smell hit Angel’s nose first, the realization following moments later. She tried to tell herself she was wrong, it had to be something else, but as her hand tentatively reached behind herself, she felt a definite lumpy presence in the seat of her diaper.


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It was very strange, especially in this day and age, but Lydia couldn’t say she minded too much… It seemed obvious that some of the other teachers had, because the principal had asked, several times, if she was all right with it.

“We do use spankings here,” he’d told her. “We find it really helps… Does that bother you?”

Lydia had told him no, and she mostly meant it… She was sure she wasn’t ever going to use that form of punishment – most schools had stopped doing that before she’d been a student, and she couldn’t imagine any of her teachers spanking her – but she could see it being a useful threat, with her pupils knowing she could carry through with it, if she wanted.

It wasn’t until she actually began teaching there that she started to change her mind. Most of the students were all right, certainly no worse than anywhere she’d student-taught while getting her degree, but there was one girl, Tracy, who was an absolute terror. Interrupting, using her phone in class, showing up late… Worst of all, she was a terrible bully, not even bothering to be subtle about it, even in front of her teacher. And every time Lydia tried to talk to her about it, she just blew her off.

Finally, Lydia had had enough. After the bell rang, and her class was starting to gather their things up for lunch, she announced, “Tracy, could you stay after? I need to talk to you.” She was sure most of the students knew what that meant, and hoped Tracy would change her attitude with that alone… She didn’t.

“I have stuff to do,” the girl sighed, rolling her eyes dramatically. “Can we hurry this up?”

Lydia had been trying to think of the right thing to say; instead, annoyed, she reached into her desk and pulled out the paddle she’d been given to carry out this type of punishment, holding it threateningly. “I know you aren’t new here, young lady,” she said. “You should be well aware that…”

“What do you think you’re doing?” Tracy smirked. “You can’t spank me!”

“Yes, I can,” Lydia stepped out from behind the desk, advancing on the student. “If you apologize for your behavior, and promise not to do it again, then maybe I won’t… Hey!” She gasped as Tracy leapt forward, snatching the paddle from her hands before she could react. In the moment it took to look down and see her now empty hand, Tracy had grabbed her, shoving her against her desk, bending her down over it. “What do you think you’re… Ow!” Lydia gasped, eyes widening as she felt the hard, wooden paddle slam against her backside, the shock and pain of it making her lose control of her bladder temporarily, a trickle of liquid soaking into her panties, making the whole affair even more humiliating.

“Stop that!” she demanded. “You can’t… Ouch! Tracy, stop it right… Ow!” She thrashed and flinched as the girl pinned her in place and spanked her, sure that this couldn’t get any worse… Until Tracy reached for her pants. “Wh-What are you doing?” Lydia asked, reaching up to wipe the tears out of her eyes. “What do… No!” she gasped as Tracy began to unbutton her pants and pull them down, weakly reaching back to try to stop her. “Don’t you dare, you little bitch! This has gone too far!”

Even after everything that had happened, she still felt a little bad, calling a student that… It didn’t last long, however, especially once Tracy had yanked her pants down, giggling at the sight of Lydia’s wet panties. “Such a naughty girl… Don’t worry, I have just the thing for you, after I finish your spanking.”

Lydia wasn’t sure why Tracy had that adult diaper in her backpack – she certainly didn’t wear them, considering the tiny, well out of dress code, skirt she had on – and by the time Tracy was taping it onto her, she couldn’t bring herself to ask. She collapsed onto the floor, rubbing her bottom through the thick, crinkly plastic as she sniffled, listening to Tracy pull out her phone.

“Daddy?” she said sweetly, sounding far more innocent than Lydia had ever heard her, “You won’t believe what my teacher just did! And said! She’s awful!”

Lydia listened, trying to get herself under control as the girl dragged her chair up to the front of the room to watch her. This girl’s father was going to be in for a big surprise when he got here… Maybe he hadn’t read the rules, either, but she was sure the principal was going to set him straight about what his teachers were allowed to do to his precious daughter… Although, she definitely hoped she would be able to put her actual underwear and pants back on before that confrontation.


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Not Porn

Not Porn

“This isn’t some porn shoot, is it?” Mari fretted again as she looked down at the costume she’d been given.

“No, no, of course not,” the photographer promised. “You’ll be fully clothed for every shot… You’re perfectly safe.”

Mari hoped so… She’d felt suspicious of this modelling job ever since she’d seen the posting for it, read how much they were paying for such a short period of time. It had taken them a while, and quite a few pictures of her, before they approved her, and it had taken her almost as long to build up the courage to ask the question the first time, though, after that, she was sure she’d asked it much too often, and they were probably getting tired of it by now. They had to expect that, however, considering they refused to tell her what company this was for.

On the other hand, it was hard not to wonder about that, especially after seeing the clothes she’d been handed. She’d never been given specific panties to wear before, although she’d also never been expected to wear a dress this short; at first, she’d been certain it was a shirt instead, but there were no pants, or even shorts, to go under it. There was every chance, if she wasn’t careful, that her underwear would be visible, that somebody might be able to see Cinderella on them in some of the photos.

“All right,” Mari replied skeptically, heading off to her dressing room, checking it for hidden cameras before changing into the outfit. She almost felt bad for being so suspicious, since everybody had been quite nice so far, and not sketchy or creepy at all, but this whole thing felt too good to be true…

Finally, after gathering the courage to step back out of the dressing room in her costume, walking carefully to try to keep from flashing anybody, she was led to the set. It was very nicely built, looking just like a little girl’s bedroom, but that made her even more nervous, especially once the photographer started snapped candid shots of her looking around.

“Umm… What should I do?” she asked, refraining from asking the question again. There wasn’t much else she could do, anyway, at this point… She was already there, in costume… She needed the money… She could only hope that they’d been telling her the truth all this time. Even if they weren’t, she’d had to sign paper after paper before starting the shoot today, so anything they’d already shot of her they could already use.

“Sit down on the bed,” the photographer instructed. “Pick up that journal and write in it.”

Mari did as she was told, perching as carefully as possible on the edge of the bed, hoping the dress was long enough as she flipped through the journal. Like everything else, it was an impeccably made prop, and there was quite a bit of writing she had to turn past to get to a blank page. She didn’t want to waste anybody’s time – or stay here longer than she had to – so she didn’t read much, but she noticed ‘It happened again’ at the start of a lot of passages. It seemed strange, ominous… She certainly couldn’t bring herself to write that herself, once she got to an empty page. She wasn’t sure what to write, in fact, so she just scribbled for a few seconds, until she’d heard the camera go off a few times, then set the diary back down.

“Look around the room,” the photographer told her; an easy order to follow, as she was sure she would have loved this place years ago. Obviously, she was much too old for it now, but back when she was a kid, this was exactly the room she would have wanted. “Look under the bed.”

That was a little weirder, especially since, with how low the bed was, it meant Mari would have to get down on her hands and knees. She hesitated, chewing on her bottom lip – which, to her surprise, the photographer also took some pictures of – before lowering herself to the floor. She was still clothed, after all… She flinched each time she heard the camera click behind her as she bent forward, positive it had to be seeing her panties… She was so concerned with that, she barely paid any attention to the package in front of her, under the bed, even after the photographer told her to bring it out.

She looked closer then, her cheeks starting to redden under the bed, although she didn’t want to stay in her current position, either, so, feeling flustered, she grabbed the package, hugging it to her chest, and stood as quickly as she could, not noticing that, in her rush, she’d caught the hem of her dress as well.

“Lower your hands a little,” the photographer said. “We need to see the logo.”

“Wh-why?” Mari gulped, even though – or, rather, mostly because – she was pretty sure she knew the answer.

“We can’t sell the product if you can’t tell what it is.”

Mari gulped, not daring to look down at the package. “A-Am I selling diapers?”

“You aren’t just selling them… You’re the new face of them!” the photographer told her, sounding far more excited about it than Mari felt. “They’re doing a complete rebranding… You’re going to be in ads, on billboards, on the package… Whenever anybody thinks about our brand, they’re going to think of you! Now, let’s try a few with your dress down… It’s cute, but it might be a little too risque for some magazines.”

Mari gasped, blushing deeper as she realized how she’d been standing all that time, childish underwear on display, clutching a package of diapers as if she was about to put one on for bed… Which, after these ads came out, everyone was going to think she did! She could just imagine herself at a convenience store, with some little kid who needed them looking from the package in their parent’s cart to her, recognizing her, thinking she had the same problem as them…

“Great! Now, let’s get you back to your dressing room to put one on… Do you need any help?”

Mari shook her head vehemently. “No! I’m not gonna wear that! I won’t!” She threw the package onto the floor, then started to stomp her feet. “I’m not a baby! I won’t wear your dumb diapers!”

She was so angry, she didn’t even hear the photographer still taking pictures, couldn’t register the sound until afterwards, when she was told, “Nice ad lib… We’ll say that’s you being asked to wear any other brand. Now, go get changed.”

Mari gulped, looking around at the rest of the crew, realizing she had no choice. She’d already signed the papers, after all, and agreed to this… Like it or not, she was the new face of this diaper brand. Sniffling, defeated, she picked the package up off the floor and trudged back to the dressing room, telling herself, ‘At least it isn’t porn…’


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The Other End of the Rainbow – Chapter 5

The Other End of the Rainbow – Chapter 5

“I-I feel a lot better now!” Lucy insisted, squirming in the doll’s grasp. “W-We should keep going!”

The doll looked at her for a few moments, holding her up next to the wall, and the grasping leaves that brushed against her skin, making it crawl at the contact, then nodded. “All right,” she agreed, setting her back on the ground. “If you think you can keep going, I suppose we’d better.”

“I can!” Lucy nodded, unsure why she was feeling so anxious, why the sight of those leaves had made her so scared… As the doll had just reminded her, she had no reason not to trust it, yet, somehow, she felt like something was wrong, even beyond the massive mess squelching in between her legs with every step.

“Here we go!” the doll declared, taking another turn. “This is definitely it!”

Lucy knew she should trust it, and follow at around the corner… But, at the same time, her fear began to escalate, her thumb sliding into her mouth as she looked at the place the doll had gone. It was the big girl, the one who didn’t need diapers, who looked so tall and pretty and mature in a way that Lucy, in her little dress and huge diaper, never could… Lucy ought to be a good girl, and do as she was told…

“Are you coming, cutie?” the doll called. “Are you sure you don’t want to stop for a rest?”

Lucy whimpered, sucking harder on her thumb, caught between not wanting to let down the big girl looking after her, and her fear of what was on the other side of the corner. Tears began to sting her eyes as she stared down at her feet, then, blushing at the sight of the full, bulky diaper there, tilted her head upwards instead.

It was there that she saw the rainbow… She stared into the nearly glowing arc, the colors almost searing into her eyes, they looked so bright, compared to the dull world of cornstalks and mud she was surrounded by. She wasn’t sure why, but the idea of following the doll began to make her even more anxious.

“What are you doing?” the doll asked. “We’re supposed to go this way!”

“I-I did,” Lucy mumbled a lie from behind her thumb. “I went thewe, but I got scawed and came back out hewe.”

“Aww, poor thing,” the doll bent down, patting her on the head. Lucy froze, praying it would buy her story, that it wouldn’t make her go there anyway. “Well, I’m sure we can find a less spooky route.”

“Fank you,” Lucy sniffled.

“Sure thing,” the doll chuckled, patting the back of her diaper again. “I wouldn’t want you having another accident, after all… I’m not sure your diaper could handle it!”

Lucy’s cheeks reddened as she was reminded anew of what she’d done, how babyish that meant she really was… Any doubts she had about the doll began to fade again, looking up at her in her clearly non-infantile attire. She followed after the doll obediently, waddling and sucking her thumb like the little toddler she was, telling herself that this time, she wasn’t going to be too much of a chicken to follow wherever the doll led.

When they reached another fork in the path, however, Lucy still hesitated. Curiously, she glanced up at the sky, seeking out the rainbow… She wasn’t sure why, exactly, but she felt like she should try the other path, and, despite feeling naughty for not following the bigger girl’s example, she did just that.

Almost instantly, some of the fog that filled her mind blew away. She gulped as she looked down at herself again, finally recognizing the dress she was wearing now as the same thing the doll had been wearing when she first saw it… And, as the doll stepped back out from around the corner, she realized it was wearing the same thing she had when she’d come into this maze – or, rather, at one point it had been wearing the same thing… It had then gone beyond that, transforming those clothes into less childish versions.

In embarrassment, she started to yank her thumb out of her mouth, then stopped herself. Whether the doll had started doing it on purpose or not, there was no way it wouldn’t have noticed the same transformation… Most likely, she thought, it knew exactly what it was doing, and it was looking to replace her, leave her trapped here in the maze. It was bigger than her, and from how easily it had picked her up a few minutes ago, clearly stronger than her, so she couldn’t let it know that she had figured at least part of its scheme out.

“Where are you?!” the doll called out. Lucy looked down the long corridor of corn stretching out ahead of her, wondering if she could run fast enough to get out of sight in it before the doll figured out she’d gone down this path instead. Before she could decide, it was too late, the doll stepping into the entrance and glaring at her. Instantly, Lucy noticed that its shirt was a little longer, no longer showing off the thing’s midriff, and the shorts were a bit bigger as well. It no longer looked quite as cool and confident…

“What are you doing in here?” it asked.

“I-I forgot which way you went,” Lucy claimed with a shrug. “I-I thought it was this way… I’m sowwy…”

The doll walked closer, eyeing her suspiciously before grabbing her hand. “I suppose that’s what I get for letting a baby like you walk on her own… I guess I need to keep you right by my side, huh?”

Lucy nodded weakly. “Uh-huh.”

That wasn’t at all what Lucy had wanted, though, after the doll took her down the next corridor, she couldn’t quite recall why. She didn’t dare try to pull away from the doll’s hand, so, instead, she’d just gone along with it, staring up at the rainbow as she saw the dead end and felt the jolt that came with it.

After another couple of them, the doll asked, “How are you feeling?”

Lucy wasn’t really sure how to respond to that… The words barely registered in her mind, and when she opened her thumb-filled mouth to reply, the syllables that came out barely made sense one at a time, much less combined. “That’s what I thought,” the doll patted her on the head. Its clothes barely even counted as that anymore, the shirt having shortened enough to show off most of its well-toned stomach, the shorts almost looking more like panties, which she had to assume it wasn’t even bothering to wear underneath anymore.

When the doll turned around and started to head back the way they’d came, it almost didn’t register in Lucy’s mind, and while something about it felt wrong, she had no idea why. It was hard enough remembering how to walk, especially with her big, thick, full diaper between her legs… She really wanted to crawl instead, but then she couldn’t hold the doll’s hand.

“Do you remember this place?” the doll asked as they finally stepped out into a large, open room, with open doorways into many other parts of the maze. Lucy shook her head. “Of course not,” the doll chuckled, reaching down and wiping a little drool from the girl’s chin. “I should have expected as much from a brainless baby like you… Well, sweetie, that’s your home, right over there.” It pointed across the room, to a wall that Lucy had to admit did seem familiar. “That’s where you wanted to go, right? Home?”

Lucy nodded and babbled behind her thumb. Home did sound right… The doll smiled and nodded, starting to lead her across the room, only to stop partway through. “I’m sure you don’t remember how to get across here, either,” she said, and Lucy shook her head. “We have to be very careful here… You stay right here, sweetie, and I’ll show you how to do it, and then I’ll come back over and we’ll do it together… Then we’ll get you right where you belong, and I can go home, too. Won’t that be great?”

Lucy nodded, and the doll let go of her hand, taking a few steps forward. “We definitely don’t want to go any further than this,” it lectured. “It might look safe, but… Hey!”

Lucy bumbled forward, as quickly as she could manage, and shoved the doll with all of her might. It wobbled, glaring down at her. “And what do you think you’re doing, young lady?!” it demanded. “Do you need a spanking?!” Lucy frowned, pushing it again, hoping she had enough strength to make this work.

The doll had been right… For the most part. Most of her mind felt completely useless, making her at least feel brainless, and helpless… But, with the help of the rainbow, she’d been able to hold on to a few things. First, that she wasn’t meant to be dressed like this, in this frilly little pink dress, and that her companion wasn’t meant to be dressed as it was, either.

“You little brat!” the doll gasped as its foot slipped to the edge of the mud puddle, and, instantly, it began to be pulled under. Lucy stumbled, nearly falling in herself before she managed to stop herself, falling to the ground instead, diaper squishing beneath her.

Maybe that should have made her more scared, watching the doll struggling to pull itself back out of the mud that was sucking it in, that reminder that she was just a silly baby, stuck here on her own… Except, that was the second thing that she remembered. She hadn’t had an accident in her diaper after all, no matter how many times the doll tried to make her thing she had – successfully, for a while. That had been something else, and, while she couldn’t always remember what, she knew it wasn’t her fault, which made it all the more suspicious that the doll wanted her to think it was… Then, when they returned to this room, it helped her recall just enough to know how to get rid of the doll.

“You help me right now!” the doll demanded, reaching out, grabbing for Lucy. The girl scrambled backwards, away from the grasping hands… She didn’t have to go far, since, with every passing second, they seemed to grow shorter and shorter as the doll sank further and further into the puddle. “You stupid baby! You’ll never get out of here!” it screamed. “You’re going to be stuck here anyway… You could have at least let me go free!”

And, with that, it sank under the surface, and silence filled the maze. Lucy had a hard time fully comprehending everything the doll had said, though it did make her shiver, anyway, for some reason. She really wasn’t sure where she was supposed to go, or where she wanted to wind up; she did know she didn’t like the mud, however.

She turned back towards the corridor they’d just emerged from, trying to remember how to get back up on her feet. She was sure she knew how, but it seemed so complicated now… Eventually, she decided to crawl instead, making her way into the maze. The walls felt so much higher now, stretching up far above her head, and so long ahead of her… Had she made a mistake? Had the doll really been trying to help her after all?

She really began to fret over that once she hit a split in the path. Without the doll there to hold her hand, to tell her which way to go, she had no idea what to choose. She sat there for a few moments, tears streaming down her cheeks, wanting to suck her thumb, only to see how filthy her hands had gotten from crawling. Just as she was about to start bawling, she glanced upwards, finding the rainbow there.

She no longer remembered the difference between right and left, but she felt a slight tug, leading her towards one of the two halls. With nothing else to go on, she followed it, and then again at the next choice, and the next… Slowly, her mind began clearing itself, each path reminding her of something else she’d known for a long time, yet somehow completely forgotten in this place. After a couple, she awkwardly climbed to her feet, then, after that, her hair began to darken again, her clothes transforming, splitting back to a shirt and shorts from the dress they had become.

They never went beyond where they’d started, never evolved to something that didn’t look like they’d come from a five year old’s closet, but it was still a comfort to be back in them, to be able to remember picking them out herself. There was even a small comfort in feeling how tight the shorts were against her diaper, even with the load of mud in them, making her feel filthy – though, to be fair, she likely would have anyway, since her knees and hands were now also covered in mud from crawling.

Had it really been this simple from the start? She could remember coming into the cornfield now, thinking how she could use the rainbow overhead to guide her way, despite how unusually tall the corn seemed to be today… Somehow, she’d forgotten all about that, and gotten herself hopelessly lost. If she’d just trusted it from the start, it apparently would have been quite simple.

As if to prove that, she glanced up at the sky one last time, took one more turn, and, at last, she stepped out of the maze to the other side of the field. She turned around, but as soon as she’d stepped out, the corn had began to grow again, blocking out the entrance, turning into a solid wall of green. She couldn’t even see through it to her house on the other side…

Part of her was scared by that, but mostly, she was glad. Even though she should probably turn back – it had taken her far, far longer than it should have to get through the field – she didn’t really have a choice now. She couldn’t get back through, so she’d just have to go forward, into the forest… At least the hardest part was over now… Wasn’t it?


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A New Year’s Wedding

A New Year’s Wedding

Some people said Sophie had a drinking problem… She said she just liked to celebrate. It wasn’t that often, anyway, not really; when she did drink, however, she definitely drank, especially considering her tiny size. And the one time she definitely did that was New Year’s Eve.

But everyone partied on New Year’s Eve! Why shouldn’t she? She’d had a pretty good year, getting a promotion, a new house,a new car – plenty of reasons to celebrate. Before she even got to her friends’ New Year’s party, she was buzzed, and she wasted no time building on that when she arrived, until her buzzkill friends decided they needed to talk to her about it.

“This is bullshit,” she shook her head, stumbling away, frustrated that they would choose now to confront her.

“Yeah.” Sophie looked up, surprised to hear somebody agreeing with her. “This party is lame… You want to come to a better one?”

Sophie had never seen the other woman before, but at the moment, she didn’t care that much. “Sure!” she nodded, letting herself get led out of her friend’s house and to the woman’s car. She nodded off partway through the ride, so she wasn’t sure how far they went, or where exactly they were, just that they were out, away from the city, since, when she woke up as the woman pulled into a driveway, they were surrounded by trees.

The party inside the large house she’d been brought to was, indeed, better, though, with nobody bothering her about how much she was drinking. For a moment, she thought they were, when one of them walked up to her, tapped her on the shoulder; instead, they leaned over and asked, “Hey, we need a New Year’s baby… Do you think you could do it?”

Sophie was all too happy to help. After all, what was a New Year’s party without a New Year’s baby?! The outfit was minimalistic, though she supposed she could have kept some of her old clothes on as well… But it was New Year’s Eve, and she was feeling nice and warm and tingly… The biggest surprise was that the diaper, rather than being essentially a bikini bottom with oversized diaper pins, like she usually saw, was big and thick, bulging between her legs and crinkling with every step she took.

She was the center of attention now, which made the party even better than before. Despite the strange sensation of the diaper, she still strutted through the crowds of people, happily chatting with anyone who told her how cute she looked, until, finally, as the countdown to midnight neared, she came across the house’s Christmas tree, still standing, with a giant teddy bear sitting underneath it.

At the moment, she would have been fine kissing just about anyone when the ball dropped, despite not really knowing any of the people at this party, but she hadn’t actually found anyone yet. Most people there seemed to be paired off already, and more interested in telling her she was adorable than giving her a New Year’s kiss. She giggled as a silly idea entered her head, and, as she was given her last glass of champagne for that year, she plopped herself down on the teddy bear, straddling it.

It was much harder to time than a kiss, but also, so much better, especially as she saw the other guests watching her as she sipped her champagne and rubbed her diaper against the bear, feeling it grow damper and damper between her legs, encouraging her to ride faster and faster, until, as the ball finally dropped, her back arched, fireworks exploding behind her eyes and between her legs, before she slumped over the bear, happy and exhausted.


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A Naughty Girl

A Naughty Girl

“And what do you want for Christmas, little girl?” Santa ho-ho-ho’ed, with, Samantha liked to think, a special twinkle in his eye as she lowered herself onto his lap, wriggling her bottom to perch just right on his leg.

“Hmm…” Samantha mused, biting her bottom lip, twirling her immaculately curled hair around one finger. “I don’t know… What do you think I should ask for, Santa?” She wiggled again, making sure her dress rode up just enough to let the old man catch a glimpse of the panties underneath.

It was an act she’d pulled off many times… She knew it was wrong, teasing these guys like that, but she always did her best to make sure she was at the end of their lines, at the end of the day, or at least right before a break, when there were no more kids around; there was just something about it, tempting these people dressed up as such a pure character, that excited her. Watching them break character and turn into the pervy old men she knew they actually were was an absolute delight.

“Hmm,” Santa thought out loud. “I’m not sure, little girl… Maybe you shouldn’t get a gift this year after all.”

“What?” Samantha blinked, briefly plucked out of her reverie. She’d never heard that before… Usually, they either played along, generally with some rather inappropriate suggestions, which made the game all the more amusing to her. It was Christmas Eve, so this would be the last visit of the year; for it to end this way would be quite the let down. “No presents?”

“I think somebody’s been an awfully naughty girl, hasn’t she?” he asked.

Samantha couldn’t help but giggle. Of course… He was playing the game after all, just going a different way. “Me? Naughty?” she opened her eyes wide, full of faux innocence. “Not me, Santa! I’ve been such a good girl this year…”

She tried to straddle his leg, but he calmly, easily held her in place, which just made her more giddy, especially when he spoke again, his tone deadly serious. “Yes, you… You’ve been a naughty girl for quite some time, haven’t you?” She shook her head, though he didn’t buy it. “I think somebody deserves a lump of coal this Christmas.”

“No!” she pouted. “I want a nice, big present from Santa!” she bounced on his lap. “Pleeease?”

“I’m afraid not,” Santa shook his head. “If you can’t even admit the truth, then I can’t give you any presents, young lady.”

“All right,” Samantha sighed dramatically. “I’m a very naughty girl, Santa… And the truth is…” She squirmed closer to him, leaning next to his ear – noticing, to her surprise, that his hair and beard, which looked so big and pure white, and exactly like she imagined Santa having, that she’d been sure right away were fake, actually appeared to be real, or just attached extremely well to his skin – before whispering, “My panties are so wet right now.”

She giggled again, positive that would shake him out of character, get a real response out of him. The mall was about to close, anyway, and there were only a few other people milling about, so who cared? “Well, in that case, I have a special present for you.” Samantha grinned, prepared for him to whisper something himself… Instead, he leaned over, reaching into the crumpled, red bag on the floor beside him, and pulled out a small teddy bear, handing it to her, then, with surprising strength, lifting her off his lap. “Have a Merry Christmas, Samantha.”


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