Sometimes, she just couldn’t help herself… When she looked cute, she looked cute.

Adriana was a serious businesswoman, one who had worked hard, clawed her way to the top… But, every now and then, she’d catch a glimpse of herself in the mirror and realized just how good she was looking that day. Technically, her and her employees weren’t even supposed to have their personal phones with them at the office – and they definitely weren’t allowed to use the camera – since they dealt with some rather confidential information, though she knew she wasn’t the only one who snuck hers in. Her work phone was so boring, with not just no camera, but barely anything else, either.

Of course, there was little point in taking the photos if she couldn’t show them to somebody, and she knew the higher-ups were aware of her Facebook page, so it was too risky to put them there. Instead, she made an Instagram account, making sure not to link it to any of her other social media, telling her outside friends, but not her co-workers, about it. It worked just fine, for a while…

Then, one day, she got a message on her work e-mail, with an attachment of one of her pictures. To somebody who knew the office well, it was obvious where she’d taken it, though – she hoped, in case somebody screened the message – to a person who worked at the main headquarters and only visited every once in a while, it could have been from anywhere. There was no denying what the meaning was, however… Whoever this was had found her Instagram.

Sure enough, she felt her private phone buzz, checked it to find a direct message there. “It’s fun playing dress-up, isn’t it? If you don’t want your bosses to find out about this page, come here.” A second message appeared a moment later, with a link to a location on Google Maps.

Adriana returned to her work e-mail, heart pounding as she looked up the sender. He didn’t look familiar, but he was in the IT department, and she didn’t have much reason to go over there… The thought of going over to what she assumed was his house made her a little queasy, though so did the idea of somebody sending those pictures out to her superiors. She considered closing her account… If he had that picture, however, it seemed likely he’d already grabbed the rest as well, and she knew there were quite a few in more recognizable spots around the office.

Briefly, she wondered if she would get some mercy by turning the photos over herself, just to get ahead of this thing, but the rules were quite clear… If she wasn’t fired immediately, she’d at least be demoted, which, after all the work she’d put in to get where she was, would be just as bad. She sighed, staring at the messages for another moment before deleting the one on her work e-mail, and replying to the one on Instagram, “When?”


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“Yeah, of course I like that,” Misako giggled at Jin, barely even listening to what he’d said. “I love all of that stuff…”

Really, she was just lucky that her sister, Chika, was into it… She’d made fun of the younger girl for years, telling her she was way too old to be so interested in all the cutesy, kawaii crap she adored so much; she never expected all the secondhand knowledge she’d picked up from having a sister who was a fan to come in handy!

Then again, she also would never have expected someone like Jin to be interested in the same things as her little sister; at first, she’d wondered if it was a joke, but he seemed to know a lot about all of it. For a lot of other boys, that might have been a deal-breaker, and yet, with Jin, she was pretty sure she could work around it, learn to live with it… She could put up with a lot for a chance to date him.

Just being in her house with him, alone, was almost enough, making her heart pound as she stared at him, eyeing Chika’s collection of DVDs, seeming to get more excited with every new title. She wished he would pay more attention to her, but this was a start, anyway… If that was what it took to get him here, and make him stay, then fine. In fact…

“I have more in my room,” she offered. “Do you… want to see it?” It probably sounded a bit forward… They were both adults, though, and she thought it sounded like a pretty legitimate reason.

“Sure!” Jin agreed, almost instantly. They got up, Misako leading him down the hall, past her own closed bedroom door, with its conservative, mature decorations, to her sister’s, feeling a touch of guilt as she pushed the door open. How many times had she mocked Chika for her room and how childish it looked, and now, she was taking advantage of it? She was just glad Chika was sleeping over at a friend, Aya’s, house, and gone for the rest of the day… She’d never live it down if she saw her doing this!

“Oh, wow!” Jin looked around, seemingly overwhelmed by the explosion of bright colors splashed across the wall. “You really are a fan, aren’t you?” Misako giggled and shrugged, watching him walk around the room, examining everything until he came to Chika’s bed. “What’s this?” he asked teasingly, pointing at something halfway under the covers.

Misako didn’t even know, or she might have tried to stop him – all she saw was a bit of the piece of cloth. Sure it was just one of Chika’s many adorable pairs of pajamas, she suggested, “Why don’t you take a look and find out?” As soon as he pulled the covers up, however, she was mortified. The shirt did look like it came from a PJ set, sure, yet the other piece certainly didn’t… There was no doubt that it was a diaper, accompanied by a pacifier. Her face turned bright red as she stared at it all, thinking back a few seconds to her urging Jin to look at it, then wondering why Chika would even have it.

Jin, for his part, didn’t seem embarrassed by having uncovered it, perhaps because Misako had asked him to… He didn’t even seem all that surprised. “Does someone have a little problem?” he teased, standing up and walking over to her. “Do you need those?”

Misako shook her head instinctively, although, from what she’d told him, it was hard to really deny it. “Don’t be ashamed,” he told her, “I like that, too… Do you need some help getting ready for your nap, Misa?”

She started to shake her head again, then slowly, bashfully, began to nod. Her heart was beating so fast, with him standing right there, so close to her… If this really was what he wanted, then… She started to slide her skirt down, but he took over, gently pushing her hand aside and undressing her, before putting her into the shirt and diaper, much to her chagrin. He’d had her there, naked… Was that really all he wanted to do to her?

“Can you show me what a good girl you are?” he asked. She looked up at him, confused until he clarified, “Use your diaper for me… Prove to me that you really do like them…”

She gulped and looked away, not able to meet his eyes. There was no way… She couldn’t do that… Could she? But, if it was what he wanted, and it kept him interested… She closed her eyes, trying to pretend she was on the toilet, gasping as it started, and she felt the warm urine begin trickling out through the padding, leaving her utterly soaked.

When she was done, she was too humiliated to look back up at him, not until he bent forward, extending his mouth towards hers. She bent towards him, expecting a kiss – a good start, at least, for going through all that – but, instead, as she opened her mouth expectantly, he pushed the pacifier into it.

Her eyes widened as she glanced at him, only to see his phone in his hands as he recorded all of it. “What a good girl you are,” he said. “Now, say night-night to our sisters and take your nap… That’s right… Did you even know Aya was my sister? Chika has told me all about the way you treat her, and I thought it was just awful, so I agreed to help out… Now, if you don’t want anyone other than me, Aya, and Chika to see this, you’re going to lie down and think about what you’ve done… And, when Chika gets home tomorrow, you’re going to do whatever she likes. If I were you, I’d get used to those diapers… After seeing how cute you are in them, I would bet she’d want to keep you in them for a while. After all, you know how much she likes cute things, don’t you?”


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The Babysitter’s Helper

The Babysitter’s Helper

“All right, you little brat,” Cheshire smirked down at her charge, “You could have just listened to me, but no… This is all on you.”

To be fair, Isla was really too old for a babysitter… Cheshire wasn’t that much older than her, but for whatever reason, her parents still hired Cheshire, and, as long as they paid her, she would do the job. It was usually pretty easy, since Isla preferred to stay in her room and read, or do whatever it was she did, yet that didn’t mean Cheshire was just going to allow herself to be ignored.

“I’m in the middle of something,” Isla had whined when Cheshire had told her it was time to get ready for bed. “Besides, it’s the weekend, so it doesn’t matter.”

“Your parents told me this is your bedtime,” Cheshire had shrugged. Sure, they’d told her that ages ago, when she’d first started this job, but she wasn’t about to admit she was wrong now, not while Isla had that attitude. “So you’re going to bed.”

Isla had rolled her eyes, which only made Cheshire more annoyed, and finally prompted her to pull out her last trick; she wasn’t even sure it was going to work, and if it didn’t, she’d just look ridiculous, but from everything she’d read online, it ought to. She reached into her pocket, pulled out a pacifier on a leash – it would work with most anything, that was simply what she’d had at hand while practicing at home, feeling silly the whole while – and began swinging it like a pendulum, saying a few, certain words…

At first, Isla gave her a look like she thought her babysitter had gone crazy… A moment later, her eyes began to glaze over, and then she was staring up at Cheshire, docile and obedient. The older girl gave her a smirk as she looked down, shrugging away any remaining guilt at using such a trick on her charge. After all, it was her job to make sure the girl went to bed at a reasonable hour….


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“No arguments, young lady… You know you need your diapers, and that’s just where your little bottom is going, unless it wants a spanking!” Lucy smiled, watching the freshly bathed other woman scramble up onto the changing table, her pouty defiance quickly dissolving in the face of the threat. Lucy wasn’t the tallest woman out there, so it was always empowering, watching people scramble to do as she told them.

“B-But I haven’t had an accident all day,” Violet whimpered, wiggling as Lucy slid a fresh diaper under her and started to powder her up.

“Oh, really?” Lucy raised an eyebrow. “That’s funny, because I remember changing your diapie more than once…”

Violet blushed. “Y-Yeah, but only because you wouldn’t let me use the potty in time!”

“If you couldn’t hold it that long, that basically counts as an accident,” Lucy shrugged, taping the diaper shut. “Now, do you want to play a little before I put you down for your nap, or do you want to argue with me some more? I assure you, the former is going to be much more fun… For you, anyway.”

Violet scrambled down from the changing table with a squeak. “I-I’ll be good! I’ll play!”

“Good girl,” Lucy smiled at her. “I’d hate to have to tell your Mommy that you were naughty…” She hid a chuckle as Violet’s expression turned fearful – she had several AB girls and boys as clients, and while she often had to spank them, or discipline them in other ways, it was always the threat of telling on them to their caretakers that was the most effective… She only looked after them for a few hours, typically, after all, while their Mommies and Daddies could enact real, long-term punishments at her urging. “What would you like to play?”

Violet thought about it for a moment, then announced, “Dress-up!”

“That’s a lovely game,” Lucy nodded, walking over to the closet she kept for just such an occasion. “What would you like to wear? I have a lovely princess dress, and…” She stopped, realizing Violet was right behind her, holding something. She turned, saw that the girl had a baby diaper. “Oh, do you want to dress one of the stuffed animals up?”

Violet shook her head, giggling. “No… I want to dress you up!”

Lucy smirked, looking down at the diaper. “Sweetie, I don’t think that’s going to work,” she told her. “Would you like to put on a tutu? I’m sure you’d make an adorable ballerina…” Violet shook her head, pushing the diaper towards Lucy again. “Violet, I really don’t think…”

“Then why can’t I try?” Violet whined. “You said I could play!”

“Fine,” Lucy rolled her eyes. “You can give it a try, but I already told you, it isn’t going to fit.” Feeling ridiculous, she climbed up onto the changing table, pushing her skirt aside and tugging her panties down. She felt very vulnerable, and silly; was this how her clients felt? She did as she was told, lifting her backside so Violet could slide the diaper under her, watching bemusedly while the girl fumbled with the baby powder, then lying back and waiting for her to be disappointed.

She got a little worried as she felt the first side being taped up, reminded herself that didn’t mean much – the sides were stretchy, but just because one of them fastened, that didn’t mean the other would. And yet, while she laid there, she felt Violet tug on the other side, pull it up, closer to the front, and then…

“There!” the girl chirped. Lucy sat up, in shock, looking down at herself to make sure it was actually on, that Violet hadn’t switched it for one of the adult diapers somehow… But there it was, a baby diaper, wrapped securely around her waist. Violet giggled at the look on her face, grabbing the underwear from Lucy’s legs and yanking them off, clumsily pulling them onto herself.

“H-Hey! Those are mine!” Lucy protested, watching the girl stretch them out over her bulging diaper.

“Anybody who can fit into real baby diapers is much too little to wear panties,” Violet informed her, taking her hand and tugging her up off the table. Lucy hoped the diaper would fall off, or the sides would pop, but it stayed on perfectly, while Violet began to undress her, putting the clothes onto herself as she removed them from Lucy. They were a little tighter, a little shorter, yet that somehow just made them look better. In a matter of moments, their roles had reversed, with Violet dressed up like an adult – albeit, an adult with a diaper under her skirt – and Lucy in nothing but a diaper.

“You are so cute!” Violet squealed, giving Lucy a squeeze. “All right, now, why don’t you play a little before your nap?”

Lucy shook her head, trying to regain her composure. “No, I’m the one in charge, and…” She gulped as she saw Violet pick up her paddle, something her clients were only allowed to do if they’d been instructed to bring it to her so she could use it on them. “A-Are you asking for a spanking?” she asked, with as much composure as she could muster in her current condition.

In a flash, she was in the spanking chair, a place she was quite used to – however, this time, she was the one over someone else’s knee, a position made all the more humiliating by the sound of Violet’s diaper crinkling under her bare tummy as she squirmed and squealed, begging for mercy even before the first swat of the paddle. Violet only spanked her a few times, but that was enough to get a few tears out of her, and show her that she was in the girl’s control.

She was left, rubbing her bottom, to play with her stuffed animals on the floor. She pouted for a few moments, contemplating how she was going to get control back, and then she heard the sound of a camera shutter behind her. She turned bashfully to see that Violet had gone to retrieve her cell phone – which she always had to leave in the foyer when she visited since it was a reminder of what little adult life she had – and was snapping pictures.

“So cute!” Violet grinned. “Come on, smile! No, be a good girl so we can get this over with and get you into your crib, so I can get some photos of you in there, too, and you can take your nap. If you’re a good girl, I’ll give you your clothes back before Mommy comes to pick me up, though you’re going to be keeping that diaper on… If you’re really good, I won’t show Mommy these pictures. And, if you’re a very, very good girl, and promise me we can play dress-up like this whenever I come over from now on, I won’t send these to all the other little boys and girls you look after to show them you’re an even bigger baby than any of them.”

Lucy gulped, staring up at the other girl, squirming as she saw that she seemed serious. What choice did she have? She could either submit to this girl, or risk having all of her babies do this to her, or at least know that she’d let it happen, which would be damaging enough to her authority… She nodded meekly, smiling for another couple pictures before taking the girl’s outstretched hand, and starting to toddle over to her crib. “Y-Yes, ma’am,” she mumbled, praying she could somehow contain her already quite full bladder until naptime was over, or this was going to get even more humiliating.


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A Helping Hand

A Helping Hand

Adriana shouldn’t really complain too much… Steve had warned her, after all.

“My family can be a little… strange,” he’d told her when she’d agreed to go home with him for Thanksgiving. “They’re…”

He hadn’t been able to find the right word for it, so he’d drifted off, leaving Adriana hanging, waiting for a better description of what she should expect once they got there. After all, pretty much everybody thought their family was weird, so him telling her that wasn’t exactly surprising, and certainly not enough to change her mind.

“I’m sure it’ll be just fine,” she’d said, giving him a kiss. “You’ll be there, right?”

“Well, yeah,” he’d chuckled. “But still, I don’t know how much I can…”

“I’ll be fine,” she’d assured him. “Don’t worry about it!”

Apparently, he should have worried about it a little; as should she. It was a long drive there, so Adriana was hardly in the greatest of moods when they finally stepped into Steve’s parents’ house, letting him introduce her, then take their bags to their room. She’d intended to follow, but Steve’s mother intercepted her with a smile, pulling her over to the table.

“It’s so nice to finally meet you!” his mother told her. “And I’m so glad you guys got here today, before all the craziness tomorrow… Now, Steven has told me you used to be a cheerleader, is that right?”

Adriana blushed, curious why he would have mentioned that to his mother. “Yeah, back in high school,” she shrugged.

“How fun!” the older woman smiled. “Now, we all get very into the football game after dinner… It would be so great to have our own little cheerleader! Would you mind doing that? We have an outfit and everything, and…”

“Umm… No, thanks,” Adriana shook her head. Steve’s mother looked crestfallen, and she felt bad for a moment, but she hadn’t cheered in years… In front of her boyfriend’s family on Thanksgiving was hardly the time to start again.

“Well…” Steve’s mom backpedalled, clearly not expecting that answer. “Well, that’s all right. I’m sure you’ll be a big help in the kitchen!”

Adriana wrinkled her nose. “Yeah, I’m not really much of a cook,” she admitted, starting to feel a little uncomfortable, so she pulled out her cell to distract herself. “It would probably be better if…”

The woman’s pleasant demeanor was rapidly wearing off. “How about dishes, then? Surely you’re capable of helping with that?” she asked, lips pressing tightly together afterwards.

So, Adriana thought, the word Steve had been searching for to describe his family was, likely, ‘old-fashioned’. The women belonged in the kitchen, slaving away over the ovens for their men, then cleaning up, like obedient little robots… Steve had never struck her as thinking that way, so it was a surprise, but that was definitely the vibe she was starting to get.

“Don’t you have a dishwasher?” Adriana rolled her eyes. She wasn’t the biggest fan of washing dishes, no, though this was really more about the principle of the thing… Or maybe just her bad mood after spending all day in the car…

Either way, it was the wrong response. “So, you’re planning on coming into my house, eating my food, and contributing absolutely nothing? And you won’t even give me the courtesy of paying attention when I speak?!” the woman asked, snatching Adriana’s phone out of her hand, any pleasantness in her expression now completely gone. “There’s only one kind of person I accept that from, young lady, and I didn’t think you were one of those… If you are, then you aren’t dressed appropriately at all. Let’s go take care of that.”

Adriana had no idea what she meant, and before she could ask, or reply any other way, the woman reached out, grabbed her ear, and dragged her down the hall to show her.


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The Other End of the Rainbow – Chapter 4

The Other End of the Rainbow – Chapter 4

Lucy stared at the doll, wishing there was somebody else there to talk to, to get their opinion… She looked behind herself, even though she knew there was nobody there – if she had seen anyone, it likely would have just made her more nervous – then turned back to the corn, and the doll stuck in it.

It didn’t look dangerous in the slightest, which made her feel even sillier for her reluctance. Clearly, as strange as this whole thing was, the doll was alive in some way, and in distress… Why wouldn’t she help it out? She was a good bit bigger than it, if something went wrong. Even if it didn’t help her, like it had promised, she doubted it could hinder her all that much.

“Okay,” she nodded, making her decision, stepping back towards the corn stalks. She grabbed for one of the leaves, wrapped around the doll’s leg. A small shock ran through her, making her yelp, but almost instantly the leaf uncurled itself, pulling back into the wall of corn. She pulled her hand back, too, surprised by the movement, then hesitantly touched the leaf around the other leg as well. This time, thankfully, there was no spark or sting, the leaf just shuddered and slid away.

In no time, the doll was free, the leaves that had held it captive putting up no resistance. Lucy easily caught the doll after the last leaf retreated, letting it hop down out of her arms and onto the ground, kneeling down to see it more easily.

“Fank yew so much!” the doll gave her a hug, its tiny arms barely wrapping around her leg. “I thought I’d be stuck thewe fowevew!”

“You’re welcome,” Lucy told it, deciding it was best to be polite. “Y-You can help me, can’t you? So that I’m not in this place forever? I’m not really supposed to be here, and I’m lost, and…”

“Oh, you poow baby,” the doll patted her knee condescendingly.

“I’m not a baby!” Lucy insisted, despite the damp diaper lurking, barely hidden, under her shorts.

“Sowwy, just an expwession,” the doll told her. “It’s a good thing you hewped me when you did… Neither of these paths lead out.”

“Really?” Lucy blushed, looking at the two openings she’d been running through over and over again. She wasn’t sure why she was surprised at this stage, considering she’d seen no evidence in her previous trips that either way was correct. “Then, what am I supposed to do?!”

“We hafta go thewe,” the doll pointed at the passages on the other side of the mud puddle.

Lucy squirmed, remembering watching the leaf get sucked down into the muck. “D-Do we have to?” she gulped.

“Don’t wowwy,” the doll smiled at her. “I know the way!”

It trotted off, Lucy trailing behind, heading towards the right side of the mud puddle, then hopping right in. Lucy gasped, half expecting it to sink instantly, despite how confident it had sounded; instead, it remained exactly where it had stepped, at least until it turned and beckoned to her. “Come on!”

Lucy bit down on her bottom lip, inching closer to the edge of the puddle, then stretching one foot out, gingerly lowering it right by the doll, half expecting the mud to come to life and rip it off her foot – maybe taking her whole leg with it. Instead, the ground felt solid, just as much as the rest of this maze. Holding her breath, she settled her weight down on that foot, following it with her other.

“Good job!” the doll complimented her. “Now, pay attention!” It hopped diagonally away, landing and staying on the surface in another spot. Lucy was still unsure, taking her time with that one, but when it didn’t dump her into the puddle, she began getting more and more confident, taking less time to step into the dirty abyss after the doll as it jumped to the side, forward, sometimes even backwards. Lucy felt sure they had to have crossed the whole thing at least once over, but the doll kept going… So, she followed. She had no clue what was happening, how this was working, so that seemed like the safest thing to do.

Finally, the doll hopped over to visibly solid ground on the other side, declaring, “Ta-da! That’s it!”

Lucy, glad to be done with this, did the same – too much so, it turned out. Instead of just stepping, she decided to jump as well, only for her foot to slip as it landed. With a gasp, she waved her arms, trying to regain her balance for a split second before falling backwards, right on her diapered backside.

It didn’t hurt – the diaper likely would have prevented most of that anyway – but that only made her worry more. There was very little impact when she hit the ground, as it seemed to ripple beneath her, and then try to suck her down, pulling her deeper into the puddle. Instantly, her slightly wet diaper flooded as she started to flail, her desperation growing all the worse when she felt warm mud flowing into her shorts, then past the legbands of her diaper, pouring inside, making her sink faster and faster.

“Help me!” she yelped, as if that little doll had any chance of doing anything for her.

It turned out, luckily enough, that she could. When Lucy’s panicked eyes turned to it, it was running back to her, a stalk of corn in its hands. Lucy grabbed at it, not even thinking that the most likely result of that would be her pulling the doll in with her, not until the exact opposite happened.

It wasn’t possible that something as small as the doll could be so brave – though, it wasn’t really any less possible than any of the other things that had occurred since she’d gone chasing after that rainbow. For a few moments, nothing happened, then she felt her body’s movement change direction. The mud resisted, trying to hold her tight, but, after a few tugs, Lucy nearly shot out of the puddle, tumbling forward, stumbling and falling onto her stomach with the sound of ripping.

She laid there, heart thumping, for a few minutes before daring to get back to her feet. She gasped when, while slowly standing, a couple scraps of pink slid down her legs, reaching for her shorts. She grabbed for what should have been the middle of them; however, that part of them was gone, no doubt sucked into the depths of the mud. Parts of the legs fluttered to the ground, streaked with mud, leaving her with nothing to cover a diaper that now had quite the sag to it, since it had also collected an awful lot of mud.

“Gross!” she squealed, wriggling in place. How was she supposed to deal with this?! Her diaper had already been pretty obvious, and – if she had any shred of good luck – she wouldn’t be running into anyone other than the doll in this maze, but she didn’t want to have to walk around like this! She didn’t trust the tapes on her diaper to hold up to a retaping, however, and the one thing she wanted less than to waddle around with her pants full of squishy mud was running around in just a t-shirt.

“Awe you okay?” the doll fretted, pacing in front of her.

“No,” Lucy pouted, grabbing at the remains of her shorts. There was no way to fashion anything useful out of them, so, instead, she tried to wipe the mud off the outside of her diaper as well as she could, then tossed the scraps to the puddle, watching them get almost instantly sucked under. “Where to?” she asked with a sigh.

The doll turned to the right, then the left, before pointing back in the first direction. “This way!” it declared. “Come on!” Lucy followed, wrinkling her nose as she waddled through the entryway.

“What… Who are you?” Lucy asked, finally. It didn’t make as much of a difference now, since she’d already trusted the doll, and it had saved her from the mud; the path seemed to stretch on for quite a ways, though, and it would be nice to have something to talk about.

“I’m not suwe,” the doll replied. “It’s hawd to think stwaight in hewe.”

Lucy nodded in agreement for a moment before the implications of that hit her. “But… You do know the way out, don’t you?”

“Of couwse!” the doll nodded. “That’s the onwy thing I was thinking about whiwe I was stuck, getting out of hewe!”

“So, you came from the other side of the field?” Lucy surmised. “Is the forest still there? I mean, it should be, but this field isn’t supposed to be this big, and…” They turned a corner, only to find a blank wall of corn. “A-And…” Lucy shook her head, trying to keep talking and pretend nothing was wrong, until the cloud of fog washed over her mind, making it go blank for a long moment.

“Awe you all wight?” the doll asked, snapping her out of it. “I’m sowwy, maybe my memowy isn’t as good as I thought…”

“I-I’m fine,” Lucy nodded, looking down at the thing – though, maybe, not quite as far down? Or was that her imagination? “We know it isn’t this way now, at least…” She felt a little better, having someone else with her, especially someone who didn’t seem to be affected by whatever was happening to Lucy. She didn’t have to worry about trying to remember which way she’d been anymore, so hopefully that would allow her to find her way out of here…

Lucy opened her mouth as they started walking again, wanting to continue her conversation before they’d been stopped, but she couldn’t recall what they’d been speaking about, and was too embarrassed to ask her companion. Instead, she chose a different question: “How long have you been here?”

“I weally don’t know,” the doll said. “Too long. Oh, wait, this is it!”

She turned, and Lucy trailed behind, waiting to see if she heard anything that would indicate the doll had made another mistake. She felt a bit bad, but the doll didn’t seem to be any worse for the wear after that last dead end, so hopefully, if there was another one, she’d just let Lucy know, then turn around.

After a couple seconds, Lucy followed, taking the corner, and finding another corridor of corn, with the doll already halfway down it. “Hold on!” Lucy called, trying to walk a little faster – it was hard, with her already thick diaper, now full of mud. “Sorry, I just… had to rest…”

“Don’t you want out of hewe?” the doll asked, sounding somewhat annoyed for the first time.

“Sorry,” Lucy repeated, blushing. “Do you not get tired? You have such little legs, I would think…”

They turned again, just as Lucy caught up with the doll. This time, almost immediately, Lucy saw the end of the path, trying to duck away, pretend she hadn’t intended to go that way. She squeezed her eyes shut, leaning against the wall of corn as her brain seemed to scramble inside her skull again.

“This place is confusing, isn’t it?” the doll stepped out from the short, pointless branch it had chosen, shaking its head. “I didn’t remember all of this… But don’t you worry, I’ll get us out!”

“O-Okay,” Lucy nodded, turning as the doll marched past her, then kept going. Lucy glanced back, in the direction she’d been facing which seemed to keep going… Wasn’t that the way they’d been headed? It was all starting to look the same to her… Probably, she’d just gotten mixed up when she backed out of that dead end…

She caught back up with the doll, thinking again that it seemed bigger. When she’d seen it hanging up, it had looked like a regular doll, hadn’t it? Her memory wasn’t so great anymore, yet surely she would have noticed if it was something that reached up to her waist… Maybe even a little higher. She also could have sworn that the diaper under the doll’s shorts had been pushing out against the pink fabric more, filling them with a lot more bulk…

She shook head head; that was silly. She’d just been projecting, seeing a doll that had a similar outfit to her, then assuming that it must also have been just as thickly diapered as she was… That was all there was to it.

“Here we go!” the doll announced. “This is definitely it!”

Lucy wasn’t sure how the doll knew that, since the opening looked just the same as every other one they passed, but she was willing to believe her guide… Only to find herself face to face with another dead end once they actually went in. She gasped, quivering as her knees threatened to give out.

“Silly girl,” the doll scolded her, taking her hand and guiding her back onto the main path. “Why did you go that way?”

“I… I-I just…” Lucy pouted, sniffling. Something about that accusation seemed wrong, but she couldn’t place what. “Sowwy…” she stared down at her feet, embarrassed.

“Just listen to me,” the doll urged. “I’ll get you where you need to be. Trust me.”

“Okay,” Lucy nodded, toddling after it. That had been what she was doing all along, hadn’t it? Why had she gone ahead and chosen a path herself? That was pretty dumb of her… She stared up at the doll, admiring it… It seemed so big and strong… It was really no taller than her, yet it seemed larger, somehow, more competent… Why would she ever want to go in front of it? This place was so huge and scary, and the doll was definitely big enough to protect her from anything she might run into inside…

Lucy shook her head, flipping a few strands of brown hair out of her face. For a moment, she thought nothing of it, then she reached up and grabbed it, pulling it back around where she could see it. Her hair hadn’t always been that color… Had it? Her mind was so mixed up at this point, she honestly couldn’t recall, but it didn’t seem right…

“This wooks famiwiaw,” Lucy looked around at the walls of corn, frowning, both at them and at the trouble she was having controlling her own tongue.

“Doesn’t it all, though?” the doll asked, and Lucy had to nod.

“B-But that weawwy does,” Lucy whined, watching the doll choose a path.

“Don’t be a scaredy-cat,” the doll urged. “You’ll never get out of here like that…”

“I’m not!” Lucy insisted, stomping forward. A moment later, she stumbled back, reaching a hand up to wipe her suddenly wet chin, only to feel it dampen again after another second. Was she… drooling? She shook head head, shivering as she watched the doll, staring up at it.

“No time for dawdling,” it told her. A wave of relief washed over Lucy – she’d been so sure she was going to get in trouble, somehow, that she was happy to just trot after the doll when it wasn’t mad. She reached up, taking the doll’s hand, though it was a struggle to keep up with its longer pace, especially when, after every few steps, she had to wipe her mouth with her free hand.

“This ought to do it,” the doll declared. “I think once we go through here, we’ll both be exactly where we need to be…”

Lucy gulped, her confidence in her companion not exactly waning, despite her bravery doing just that. She didn’t like those dead ends, the way they made her feel, and she didn’t want to have to do that again. She stared down at her feet and asked quietly, “C-Could you go ahead fiwst and check? I just… My feet awe huwting, so I thought I’d…” She shrugged sheepishly.

“Don’t you trust me?” the doll looked down at her with its shiny black eyes, which somehow looked hurt despite not having actually changed. “Sure, I made a couple wrong turns, but this place is huge, and I’m trying my best, and…”

“I do!” Lucy promised. “I just need to west.”

“Poor baby,” the doll shook its head.

“I’m not a baby!” Lucy let go of the doll’s hand to cross her arms.

“Oh, no?” the doll smirked. “You’re wearing a diaper, sweetie.”

“S-So are you!” Lucy blushed.

“Such an imagination…” the doll shook its head. It turned to Lucy, and, for the first time in a while, Lucy really looked at it. Its shirt was yellow, tied at the bottom right under the thing’s breasts, which seemed much bigger than any toy’s should be, exposing the doll’s belly button. The shorts were pink, though a darker shade than Lucy thought they should have been, and even smaller and tighter, to the point where, even before the doll unbuttoned them and pulled them down, exposing the lacy, black panties beneath, it was obvious there was no diaper there.

“Big girls don’t wear diapers,” the doll told her. “And they definitely don’t make poopies in them.” She reached behind Lucy, giving the diaper a pat. Lucy whimpered and wiggled, wanting to argue, positive that it wasn’t her fault, but unable to think of what else could have caused that huge mass in her pants.

“Don’t look so sad,” the doll said, reaching to Lucy’s shoulder, pulling a blonde pigtail from behind her back and setting it gently agaist her chest. “That’s just what babies do…”

“B-But…” Lucy sniffled. “I-I’m not…”

“You know what?” the doll said, reaching down and easily scooping Lucy up. Lucy squealed in surprise, looking down at herself, noticing only then that her shirt seemed to have grown, somehow, stretching out – though just barely – into a dress, albeit one that left her diaper quite visible underneath. Or had she been wearing this all along? It was so cute and frilly, it certainly seemed like something a baby like her would wear, and the sight of it, along with her blonde hair, were ringing a bell somewhere deep in her mind, making her sure she’d seen that combination somewhere… “Maybe you are ready…”

The doll stepped closer to the wall of corn, then extended her arms, with Lucy in them, towards the stalks. “Don’t you worry,” the doll cooed. “It’s time to rest…”

Lucy didn’t give it much thought, just let her eyes start drifting closed obediently, until she saw four large leaves extending outwards, reaching for her arms and her legs…


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The Distraction

The Distraction

“Nicola!” The girl turned around from speaking with her friends, for a moment having forgotten that she was still in school. “Can you repeat back what I just said, young lady?” the teacher asked impatiently.

“Well, you were just talking about… umm…” Nicola squirmed, having hoped the confidence from her opening words would somehow carry her through the rest of the speech, only to have it sputter out as she had to admit that, in fact, she had no clue.

“That’s what I thought,” the teacher sighed. “Sit down and be quiet, please… And stay after class to talk to me.”

A series of snickers and, “Ooo”s rose from her classmates, though Nicola wasn’t too worried… After all, what could the woman really do to her? She was 18 now, a senior, an adult… Not that Nicola had ever had a huge respect for school, but now, it seemed even more pointless, just one more hurdle to jump through before joining the adult world.

Her lack of worry didn’t stop her from trying to sneak out after class, however; whatever her teacher had to say was, no doubt, going to be boring and stupid, and she was sure she didn’t really need to hear it. The woman grabbed her by the wrist as she tried to walk past, fixing her with an icy glare as she escorted her back to one of the desks, directly in front of her own.

“I’ve had just about enough of you, young lady,” she informed Nicola. “Believe it or not, there are some students still trying to learn here, and your constant distractions…”

“I’m sorry, okay?” Nicola rolled her eyes. “There… Can I go now?”

“No, you may not!” the teacher said sternly. “But you may stand up!” Nicola was thrown off briefly, although a pointed glare got her scrambling out from the desk. “Just as I thought,” the teacher shook her head. “That skirt is much shorter than school standards allow for…”

“Whatever,” Nicola huffed. “I’m an adult… I can wear what I want.”

“Not here,” the teacher countered. “There are rules, and as long as you’re a student here, you’re expected to follow them!”

“I’m fine with not being a student, then,” Nicola shrugged. “I’ve learned all I need to know…”

“Oh?” the teacher raised an eyebrow. “Do you really think you’re ready to go out and support yourself, and your little, if you can manage to find one? Because it seems like all you’ve learned is how to be a distraction, and attract attention to yourself… Which sounds more like something a little would need to know than an Amazon.”

Nicola’s eyes narrowed. “I am nothing like those little brats!”

“We’ll see,” the teacher told her cryptically. “You have a choice, young lady… You can either prove to me, right now, that you really have learned something from your time at school, and if you can, I’ll excuse you from this class for the rest of the year… Or I can escort you to the principal right now. I’m sure you know his stance on those who break the uniform rules…”

Nicola hesitated, just slightly. “Fine,” she gave in.

“Good,” the teacher smiled, reaching behind her desk. “Now, put this on…”

“But…” Nicola’s eyes widened. “I might as well just go to the principal, then!”

“You’ve already agreed,” the teacher’s smile morphed into a grin, and Nicola began, for the first time, to really worry. “Besides, this test is to punish you for distracting your classmates… Your uniform violation needs to be punished as well, and I happen to agree with the principal – the only one who need to wear skirts that short are littles who need to have their diapers easily accessible. You’re just lucky I’m not going to spank you first, like he does… Unless you waste any more of my time. Get moving!”


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